General Hospital Comings and Goings: Nicholas Alexander Chavez breaks his silence about his GH exit

Posted Friday, May 03, 2024 3:58:16 PM
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Nicholas Alexander Chavez is grateful for what General Hospital has given him over the last three years.

General Hospital fans have been speculating for weeks about whether Nicholas Alexander Chavez would return to the role of Spencer Cassasdine after he finishes filming Netflix's Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story. Now, Chavez has confirmed he is indeed off GH...although things could always change in the future.

"I'm so appreciative of the opportunity that GH gave me, and I wouldn't be as busy as I am professionally if it weren't for the talented producers, writers, directors and fellow actors," Chavez tweeted on May 3.

"Frank Valentini is a mentor and a friend, and we've had some pretty extensive conversations about my future on the show. While there are no current plans for me to return, we are still talking very openly about future possibilities for Spencer in Port Charles.

"Beyond the people I've already mentioned, I want to take some time to thank and honor the GH fan base... especially the Sprina fans... who must be THE most loyal and kind fan base in the universe of entertainment.

"Words fail to show the depth of my gratitude, thank you, I love you all very, very much."

Chavez has not been seen on-screen since January 31, when Spencer plunged into the Seine after being attacked by Esme Prince on what appeared to be a French version of the Haunted Star. He was presumed dead, and now it seems he will remain that way. Chavez issued his statement the day Spencer's love, Trina, said she was ready to move on with her life. There is no word on whether GH will recast the role.

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