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A prince is dead, a wedding hangs in the balance, a nurse may go to jail, and a young couple wows us with their fire. So much excitement to discuss in this week's Two Scoops!

Dear readers, we have been led to believe that the mighty Prince Nikolas Mikhail Stavrosovich Cassadine was felled by the crack of a statue to the head. I, for one, am not buying it. I predict that he will be gone when Ava and Austin return to move the body.

But then the mystery will be this -- is he missing because he's alive, or is Nikolas missing because he's been taken? Perhaps Nikolas is like Peter August, who looked death in the face, shook it off, broke himself out of the freezer he was locked in, and went on about his evil life.

Or is Nikolas actually dead, and maybe creepy cousin Mason followed Austin to Spoon Island, saw the shenanigans, and stole Nik's body so he can blackmail Austin and Ava into doing the bidding of his mysterious mistress? We don't know.

My husband, who pretends he doesn't watch GH, said, "Did Ava just put Nikolas in the chupacabra room? Does Kevin Arnold's mom know he's out there?" (a.k.a. Alley Mills) Then I went on Twitter, and my co-scooper Liz tweeted about the chupacabra room, too! It made me laugh.

But I do know this: I'm unhappy with the downfall of my tortured, handsome prince. Nikolas Cassadine, when he was played by Tyler Christopher, was troubled but also tender. He was loyal and decent at his core. He fought against his dark Cassadine urges and clung to the Laura side of his heart as tightly as he could. When Helena came slinking around like Eden's serpent trying to tempt him with power, he never bit the apple.

But lately, the current writers have Nikolas in cahoots with his Uncle Victor and doing incredible things like locking Esme in his tower. Of course, no one wants their baby born in prison. Still, with Nikolas' money and influence, he could have bribed a judge to send Esme to some very posh mental hospital until she gave birth. He didn't have to imprison her and turn Liz into his accomplice. Even career criminal Sonny never let his family get involved in his illegal activities. So, is our favorite mobster the actual prince?

I don't know how this story will go, but I know what I wish for. I hope Nikolas is alive. I hope in a month or two, Nikolas shows up in town with Tyler Christopher's beautiful face and heart. I hope he begs Spencer for forgiveness with the soulful tears I know he will cry and that "Father" and Spencer reconcile. It must happen.

In addition, I hope GH does with Marcus Coloma what they did with both Sarah Joy Brown and Tamara Braun and finds another role for him to play down the line if he can forgive them for the abrupt firing.

Laura is Spencer's only hope right now -- his mother is dead and possibly his father, too, and heaven knows he should not be taking advice from his Uncle Victor. Aunt Alexis and Uncle Sonny love him, too, of course. Still, if he wants to become a man worthy of Trina, I'd advise him to listen to Laura over any of his other relatives.

Isn't it time for something good to happen to Laura? Bring Lulu out of her coma. Bring Lucky back from Ireland. Have Luke show up while she is shopping at Wyndham's and swirl her around the floor. I dislike that her entire family is missing or presumed dead.

Spencer is determined to get custody of his unborn half-sibling and is willing to partner up with Ava. Still, I don't think he foresaw that partnership would end with him losing his father. His truce with Ava will be short-lived if he finds out she killed his father.

Readers, I am so on board the Sprina train. I haven't been this excited about a couple in a very long time. If you follow me on Twitter, this line will look familiar to you, but in case you don't, I need to repeat it. I was so crushed when Sydney Mikayla left GH, but I love Tabyana Ali so much. We are incredibly fortunate to have had two fantastic actresses playing Trina Robinson. You are missing out if you don't follow Tabyana and Nicholas Chavez on social media! They post adorable videos together, which makes me love them even more. I can tell they are having the time of their lives playing Trina and Spencer.

In my 20s, I toured in a repertory theatre group, and when people asked for my autograph and wrote me fan letters, I was on top of the world. I grew up in a small town in Ohio, and suddenly I was in L.A., and people were writing me fan letters! It was surreal. When I see Tabyana and Nicholas together, they remind me of how that felt -- that sheer joy of feeling like all your dreams had come true. I'm delighted for them.

But I hope the writers don't turn them into insta-parents or have their entire relationship entail fighting Esme in court for custody. I hope they get at least a few months of pure joy and young love. Hey, GH, send Trina and Spencer to Disneyland or Coney Island, do an old-school location shoot, and let us see them frolicking on the beach or something. We need that.

And I absolutely mean that. Have you seen the news this week? The horrific earthquake in Turkey and Syria that's killed over 20,000 people, the Chinese spy balloon, an old WW2 bomb exploded in London out of the blue, the out-of-control inflation that has my preferred brand of eggs costing $9.00! And here in Florida, although the rest of the country has forgotten, we are still recovering from Hurricane Ian. We have had repair people here every day for months. Good heavens, do we all need an escape. I need a place to park my brain for an hour every day when I don't have to think about anything serious and can just watch pretty people and their pretend problems.

For instance, everyone at Portia and Curtis' wedding is beautiful. Brook Kerr is a gorgeous woman, and her wedding dress was stunning. Terry was gorgeous in her red gown, and Trina looked like an angel. Not to mention handsome men in their tuxedos! We also got to meet the family members of Portia, whom she had never discussed before unless I wasn't paying attention. The handsome Dr. Sterling Robinson and Portia's incredibly gorgeous brother Zeke. (Soap Central founder Dan will probably call me a hussy again, but I can live with that critique.) Since Britt died and Terry mentioned how hard the job is to do alone, maybe Dr. Robinson will stay in Port Charles to be the new co-chief of staff of GH?

Back to the wedding. Is it going to happen? Since Jordan showed up, I am a little suspicious that it may not occur. When Aunt Stella called off sick rather than show up and try to keep a secret, I thought, "Uh-oh." Side note, I love, love, love Vernee Watson. Stella used to drive me crazy when she meddled in Jordan and Curtis' marriage, but now I am rooting for her to bust up Portia and Curtis and to confess that it was her and not Jordan who lost the divorce papers. Jordan stopped by to try to appeal to Portia's conscience once more before she weds Curtis with a big secret hanging over them.

We already got a little foreshadowing when Curtis told Drew that he would not be able to forgive someone who lied and kept secrets from him. The big winner when this secret comes out will be Marshall, who already took Trina under his wing and started treating her like a grandpa. I predict he will turn out to be her real grandpa and strengthen the beautiful bond those two share. But I am worried that Marshall asked Drew to get him out of the wedding if he has an episode because that probably means he will have an attack. Soaps are not subtle.

Like when Molly and T.J. said they are never, ever, ever breaking up, it probably means they will break up. Maybe Nina's prediction will come true, and Willow and T.J. will have a fling. If she lives, that is.

I am struggling with this storyline. First, Willow didn't tell anyone about her cancer and didn't get treatment until after her cancer progressed to Stage 4. I honestly don't understand that decision. I will confess I have never been pregnant or had a baby, so maybe I just don't get it.

My impulse would have been to get the chemo to save my life and hope for the best with my pregnancy. I would have prioritized staying alive for the husband and child already on earth versus risking my life for a baby who hasn't been born.

If I am an idiot, please feel free to tell me. I am open to hearing all points of view. But I just never understood Willow's choice. I married a single dad, so I got two fully formed, already born kids. The mystery of pregnancy and childbirth is not something I have experienced.

It's hard for me to be sympathetic to Willow right now. She has forgiven Carly for lying to her for months. She has forgiven Harmony for pimping her out to a freaking cult leader! But Willow can find zero sympathy for Nina? Sure, Nina wasn't very nice to her. In fact, I would go so far as to call her a bully. But if you were the mother of two children and knew you were dying, wouldn't you want to have as many people as possible around them to shower them with love in your absence? I would think Willow would be rallying Carly, Sonny, Nina, Michael, Drew, and anyone else in the mix and begging them to all be at peace with one another for the sake of her children.

I am excited at the possibility that Dr. O will be the bone marrow hero for Willow. If Willow gets Liesl's bone marrow, she may become a badass like Britt and Liesl and not a whiny, pouty brat.

I love the name they chose, Amelia Grace Corinthos -- so pretty. But I don't know if it has any significance -- to the best of my knowledge, Willow has never mentioned great-grandma Amelia or anything. Did I miss it? Also, if Michael hates Sonny so much, why isn't the baby Amelia Grace Quartermaine? I am weary of the Michael and Sonny war. I want Michael to need something from Sonny and have to crawl to him on his knees and beg for forgiveness. That being said, Chad Duell has done some stunning and moving work this week. His tender scenes with a dying Willow and his new baby reminded me why I used to love Michael before the writers made him mean.

In other Quartermaine news, Brook Lynn got the rights to her songs back, but at a high price. She vowed her silence about creepy Linc sexually harassing women. Whenever I feel like Brook Lynn and Chase have a chance to reconcile, she does something else stupid that he won't be able to live with. Her fatal flaw is that she decides what is best for someone without talking to them and allowing them to weigh in. When Chase told her he wanted out, she did this thinking it would be good, and Chase could get out and go back to the PCPD. But Chase would not have wanted her to stay silent.

Readers, Rebecca Herbst has been fantastic this week. I loved the scene where she asked Finn to stop trying to be her hero and to trust her to save her own life and make her own choices. But honestly, I wish I had a hero who was always swooping in to try to help me not follow my own worst impulses. (Finn, if you're listening...) Liz is surrounded by advice. Ava, Finn, and Scott are all trying to talk Liz out of acting rashly, but she is determined to do the right thing regardless of the consequences. She might as well confess to locking Peter in a freezer while she's in a truth-telling mood.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Professor Gregory do his students a huge favor and go to work for Alexis instead of giving them boring lectures? Will anyone in town convince Liz not to turn herself in, or is her fate in the hands of the legal stylings of Scott Baldwin? Will Taggert and Jordan find comfort in one another after their exes tie the knot? (Assuming the wedding happens at all.) Will Deputy Mayor Ashby turn on Victor now that she thinks she is responsible for two deaths? (Has she Googled Victor Cassadine? Why would she believe him when he said no one would die?) Will Carly and Sonny bond over baby Amelia and get back together so Drew can remember Scout exists and Nina can be a live-in nanny for Michael?

Will precious baby Donna get more scenes because she's adorable and makes me happy? Will God answer Nina's query about how the universe would simultaneously give Willow a beautiful baby and Stage 4 cancer? (I'd really like to know the answer to that one myself.) Will the horses in the stables at Wyndemere smell the rotting corpse of their master and ride to his rescue? Will Nina make Willow put on the half-heart necklace before she lets Liesl give her bone marrow? Will Finn stop trying to be Liz's hero as she requested? Will Ava and Austin be the next supercouple? (I hope so!) Will Spencer kiss Trina at the wedding reception if there is ever a wedding?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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