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Were you glad to go to heaven? Were you glad to see Nick there? And of all the people left in Salem, who is most likely to gain an audience with the devil? Let's discuss it all in this edition of Two Scoops!

I have to admit that I skipped through a lot of the death scenes. I'm sure they were well acted, but in light of some real-life things as well as the heaven previews, I didn't have the appetite for them. I was waiting for the second act.

And now we're here!

As soon as we got to heaven and the particular blend of ridiculata only DAYS can bring, I was in. Blake Berris is a soap treasure. I'll take him on my screen any way I can get him. It makes total sense that Nick Fallon is the devil's Iago. I adored him taking Charlie's Angels through the steps.

I love that for these women, death is but a technicality. They're still friends and going to band together. I can't want to see what other otherworldly adventures are in store, or what other guest stars we may see!

With the Charlie's Angels in heaven, that meant Salem was left to some decent sinners.

Alex apologized to Steph, and she accepted. I think both were sincere. This is a case where all parties were somewhat wrong, so, I'm not finding fault in the outcome. Did it stink that Alex silenced Steph's phone at all? 100 percent. Could he have known that Kayla was dying? No. Could Chad have done more to contact Steph before going to the K Mansion? Yup. Was Alex right to be suspicious of Steph and Chad starting something emotionally prior to them officially dating? He sure was. Did any of these people have malicious intent in their actions? Absolutely not. That last point is kind of where I land here.

In all the will-they/won't-they drama of Tripp, Wendy, Johnny, Chanel, Allie, and Alex, only one couple ended up in bed.

Don't hate me for saying this, but I didn't entirely mind the idea of Alex and Allie together! I joked with Tony this week that the two of them are basically Salem's version of the Two A-holes from Saturday Night Live, and that's not entirely a bad thing. Not only did I find them funny, but Alex is the first person I've ever seen truly call Allie on her Allie-ness and Allie actually listened.

Loose Ends

Gabi continued her quest to barge into inappropriate places and demand things. This time, it was the police station. Considering she's already thrown this fit at the hospital, I suspect the poor cooks at Brady's Pub are due to have her barge in next week during chowder prep.

Dude, Rex. By all accounts, you are a smart fella. So, let's stop telling people that Philip is still alive without checking with Victor first. I'm pretty sure that's not common knowledge.

I'm not at all one to put a timeline on grief, but Johnny yelling at Xander seems pretty delayed. And his stance that anyone other than himself is to blame for Ava being allowed into the DiMera roost is downright laughable. I'm honestly shocked that lightning didn't strike him dead on the spot when he snarled to Xander, "You could have turned Ava down, but you didn't." Oh, holy lack of self-awareness. I get why he's putting blame on other people. I don't get why no one is calling him on it. Get this kid a session with Aunt Anna immediately.

I really hope Li Venmo-ed Sloan a retainer fee because that dude just dumped a truckload of secrets and criminal confessions on her approximately seven seconds after she said hello. I'm not necessarily mad at Sloan. She's an ambulance chaser lawyer, but instead of ambulances, her legal radar perks up when there is a gorgeous man in trouble. Li and Sloan could be a delightful pair.

John, Steve, Roman, and now Lucas are all teamed up to get Orpheus. Though I don't know why they're bothering to plan a crime within the jail. If we know anything about Orpheus, it's that he'll be free again in no time.

The Brady and Eric scene gave me a ton of feels. From Eric telling Brady that, yes, Marlena was Brady's mom to Brady telling Eric that Nicole is the love of Eric's life, I loved these two stepbrothers bonding.

Nicole's look of disbelief when Stefan announced he was in love with both Gabi and Chloe spoke for all of us.

Extra Scoops

I must profess my personal praise to the DAYS wardrobe department for dressing all six gals -- Kate, Kayla, Marlena, Adrienne, Jordan (Hi there, Crystal! Nice to see you!), and Susan -- in all-white ensembles that perfectly kept their style going. I want to see this group go to Elsa's ice castle so they are in all blue. Then, they can head to a Prince tribute concert in all purple.

If Alex and Allie are the SNL A-holes, Gwen and Xander are just regular A-holes. At least in the past, the pain over not having a proper place in their respective families gave some explanation to their schemes. But now, as far as I can gather, they're so mad at their loved ones for holding them accountable for things they actually did that they're going to make those loved ones pay. We're basically in "villain gonna villain" territory with these two. I'm not here for it. Regardless of who the loved one is or what said loved one has done in their past, it's utterly exhausting to watch them claim both "I'll never do this again" and "You know what kind of person I am, why are you surprised?" with the same loved ones. Pick. A. Lane.

Chad (to Julie about Doug): "That one's a keeper."
Julie: "Yeah, I think the marriage is going to work out."

Honorable mention:
Nicole: "A fire? That's something I'm familiar with -- especially the Dumpster version."


I want Gabi and Jada to be friends. Both need gal pals, and both are strong women. Let's make this happen.

There is zero chance Chanel naps in a leather minidress and lace-up heels. Zero.

Why was Wendy dressed up as a My Buddy Doll?

Probably for the same reason Sarah was dressed up as a Matrix parachute.

I loved Gwen and Leo in their twin beds. It was Lucy and Ricky Ricardo in all the best ways.

"Blackmailed by my own daughter and best mate" could be the title of any soap character's autobiography.

Xander isn't right about too many things, but calling him "Rex the ex" and accusing Dr. Brady of working for "Doctors Without Brains" made me giggle.

This week reminded me that Chanel hit the million-dollar jackpot in the stepdad department.

Thomas and Charlotte are adorable.

Again, Anna is the smartest person in the room. Roman should have those ashes checked.

Anyone else looking forward to Paulina vs. Allie once Paulina finds out that Allie cheated on Channel? #TeamPaulina

Joey is a fantastic wingman. How do you say no after someone says they're planning a funeral?

I so love the idea of someone bringing me tea and toast on a silver tray when I'm sick.

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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