Summer Lovin': Super kids from supercouples (Part 2)

by Tony and Laurisa
Posted Sunday, July 20, 2014 10:21:28 PM
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Summer Lovin': Super kids from supercouples

Our special Two Scoops Summer Series, Summer Lovin' continues. In the third installment, it's a look at some super offspring from some super couples.

When you're the offspring of a grand love story, you better be ready to entertain us. We're talking top hats, bowties, and jazz hands up and ready. Because, with your pedigree, we're expecting a high level of soapy charm and general greatness. And we anticipate you'll grow up and be part of a supercouple as well. No pressure, though. There are many, many kids that fell terribly short (looking at you, Stephanie Johnson!) But for those few that excelled, we salute you!

Supercouple parents: It's complicated
DNA-wise, Belle is John and Marlena's kid. However, we wanted to include her on this list because she's named after John's first wife, Isabella, and for a while believed that Roman was her father, continuing that special relationship with Roman even as an adult. It's a very odd combination of basically three couples that we loved -- John/Marlena, John/Isabella, and Roman/Marlena.

Supercouple Parents: E.J. DiMera and Sami Brady
Let's face it, being the third in line to assume the DiMera Throne of Doom isn't exactly a happy lot in life. We don't even need Celeste to tell us that one. But darn it if Johnny doesn't provide adorable comic relief every time he's on-screen. The kid lost an eye to cancer, and he's still one of the happiest people in Salem! His charm is infectious and even manages to upstage his mega-star parents.

Supercouple parents: Abe Carver and Lexie Carver
Abe and Lexie went through many of the same struggles that other couples go through when trying to have a child -- infertility, infidelity, stealing your best friends' baby... But finally, Lexie and Abe got a little bundle of joy all their own. And Theo solidified their status as a supercouple with a touching storyline about raising an autistic child. Not only was it one of the few well-executed PSA storylines (let's face it, soaps aren't exactly known for accuracy when it comes to these things), but it gave us delightful side stories like Theo's special friendship with Chelsea Brady. We just adore this little guy!

Supercouple Parents: Justin Kiriakis and Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis
We loved Justin and Adrienne long before a grown-up Sonny returned to Salem. But in what can only be attributed to Sonny's magical powers of awesome, this trio is even stronger than the sum of its individual parts. Sonny inherited his dad's cool, calm demeanor -- which has come in handy with his mother, mother-in-law, and husband on more than one occasion. From Adrienne, he inherited her compassion and fearlessness. And, well, Sonny has one hell of a great relationship with his Great Uncle Victor that rounds out his awesomeness. Did we mention he's climbed mountains, opened businesses, and delivered a baby? Yep, this guy is too good to be true.

Supercouple parents: Bill Horton and Laura Horton
Remember how we said Belle's parentage was complicated? Well, Mike's makes hers look simple. He's biologically the son of Bill and Laura, though his Uncle Mickey Horton was believed to be his father until Mike was a teen, was in an accident, and needed blood. And then the truth bomb exploded (well over a decade after Mike was conceived -- current storylines aren't looking so slow now, are they?). Here it goes: Bill and Laura were in love. Bill left Laura and Salem because he had issues. Laura married his brother, Mickey. Laura was still in love with Bill, and Bill with her. Consumed with lust, Bill raped Laura. She became pregnant. Tom Horton discovered Mickey was sterile, but he and Laura kept it a secret. Years later, it all came out, Mickey went cray-cray, and Bill and Laura reunited. And that was just the beginning of Mike's journey. He's had a long list of A-list lovers, he's a widower, thought he might be gay at one point, was seduced by an older woman obsessed with his dad, saved a tons of lives, was a jokester, was a brilliant doctor, and even got to make love on a floating round bed! Sans producing a Touch the Sky-high D-bag son like Jeremy, that tryst with a married Carrie, and 14 recasts later, it's a little amazing that Mike turned out to be such a beloved pillar of Salem society.

Now it's your turn. Who are some of your favorite super kids? (Note -- No advantage is given for actual super powers. Put your hand down, Psychic Bo.)

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