Summer Lovin': Super kids from supercouples

by Tony and Laurisa
Posted Sunday, July 20, 2014 10:21:28 PM
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Summer Lovin': Super kids from supercouples

Our special Two Scoops Summer Series, Summer Lovin' continues. In the third installment, it's a look at some super offspring from some super couples.

When you're the offspring of a grand love story, you better be ready to entertain us. We're talking top hats, bowties, and jazz hands up and ready. Because, with your pedigree, we're expecting a high level of soapy charm and general greatness. And we anticipate you'll grow up and be part of a supercouple as well. No pressure, though. There are many, many kids that fell terribly short (looking at you, Stephanie Johnson!) But for those few that excelled, we salute you!

Supercouple parents: Shawn-Douglas Brady and Belle Black
Awww!!! Claire-Bear was the best! She was a real trouper through that whole "Philip might be my dad" thing and didn't get a big head from all the world traveling she did! Truth be told, her adorable conversations with Robo-John were some of the most adorable moments on DAYS. The fact that she brought her parents together during a plane crash scare puts her over the top.

Supercouple parents: Tom Horton and Alice Horton
In the interest of full disclosure, all of Tom and Alice's children could have made this list, but since there were five of them, we went with the baby of the family, Marie. When the show began in 1965, she was set to wed the boy next door -- until he left her before the wedding. Heartbroken, she moved on to marry his father, only to have a miscarriage and go a little insane. Said boy next door returned, his father stepped aside, but Marie was a new, stronger woman, and they didn't reunite. And then she moved on to a new man in town -- a handsome amnesiac who she fell for. Hard. Oh, and he turned out to be her long-lost, presumed-dead brother who'd had plastic surgery (he didn't remember, either, so it lessens the icky factor. Okay, not by much). That prompted Marie to become a nun, a nun who eventually had an affair (and child) with bad boy, Alex Marshall. Yep. Marie has paid her soap dues, and we couldn't love her more for it!

Supercouple parents: Doug Williams and Julie Williams...sorta
This story should have had tragedy written all over it. Hope and Julie have the same mother -- Addie. But due to a tragic accident when Hope was a baby and some scheming on the part of Julie, Hope was left to make a life of it with her ex-con dad and her half-sister turned stepmom. Miraculously, Hope's relationship with all three of her parents is truly one of the most beautiful things DAYS ever produced. Hope proudly champions her Horton roots, given to her by Addie. She reveres her dad as both a confidant and a reformed gentleman. And with Julie, Hope has formed a friendship that is the perfect blend of Horton siblings and maternal love.

Supercouple Parents: Shawn Brady and Caroline Brady
There are a lot of Brady kids -- a bunch of them *insert groan* -- that we could have selected, but we went with Frankie for three reasons. One, he's always been a great blend of Caroline's fierce love and Shawn's common sense. Two, we adore the fact that he's adopted. Three, like young Jennifer Horton and real-life Julie Pinson, we totally swoon for the fella. And now that Justin is M.I.A. in Dubai, Salem needs another lawyer, so maybe it's time for this fella to come home.

Supercouple Parents: Bo Brady and Hope Brady
Considering the demon spawn Ciara is turning out to be, Shawn gets the Bope spot on this list. There's really no contest. We watched him grown from plucky little Shawn-D/"Sailor Man" to moody teen Shawn to one half of give-me-my-daughter-back Shelle. And then he wanted to follow in his parents' footsteps to become a cop but sailed around the world instead, which meant he still kind of did!

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