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Are Allie and Johnny in for the biggest reveal of their lives? Can Nicole and Rafe really pull this off? And should Chloe dump the chumps for a dating app?

We have to start with the biggest reveal of the week. (year? decade?) When Chanel asked how Allie and Johnny have different fathers, Allie replied, "You'd have to know my mom."

Record scratch. WHAT?!?

Regardless if you believe E.J. raped Sami (and I do...he held a gun to her), it's clear that Johnny and Allie have been led to believe Sami slept with both men willingly, resulting in twins that have different fathers. E.J. and Sami have agreed to lie to their son this whole time. (And apparently, Lucas went along with it, too -- which makes sense, since the whole thing should be Sami's call. I'm not faulting Lucas in any way.)

But the point is that there's no way Allie, a rape survivor herself, would have made that comment about Sami if Allie knew the truth. And after Johnny's denouncement of Charlie a few weeks ago, I doubt he'd be so cordial (yes, this is cordial for the DiMeras) with his dad as he has been the past few weeks. This is a bomb Ron and the writing team are setting the stage to drop. I don't know how it will come out, but it will. Chekhov's crime has been put on the table.

In the meantime, we're playing out the love quad of Johnny, Allie, Tripp, and Chanel. I enjoy all four actors in this quad, but I'm least thrilled with the character of Allie. Either she wants Tripp, or she wants Chanel. I don't like how she's toying with either of their emotions. And despite how much I like Allie, I don't love how she's judging her brother today for his behavior five years ago. There's a lifetime between the ages of 19 and 24. Allie, of all people, should know that! She seems very petty right now.

(Side note to Johnny -- I'm theoretically on your side here. But I'm going to ask you to refrain from making cringe-worthy comments about the appeal of your girlfriend kissing your sister. Mmmkay?)

Moving on, Ava gave Tripp amazingly good advice -- wake up and smell the rejection. First, I adore the chemistry between Tamara Braun and Lucas Adams. They haven't worked too much together but still manage to be instantly endearing. So much of Ava's character has been a lack of genuine connection with a family member. Ava's connection with Tripp is her true north. I'm glad to see it's still in place.

Second, Ava knows what she's talking about here. She's been a second choice all her life. I know Rafe said he wanted to focus on their relationship....but...I don't believe him. In Rafe's defense, I'm sure he wants to love Ava. I'm sure he likes parts of Ava a whole lot. But he's clearly romantically into Nicole. That's why Rafe and Nicole "took a break." If there's no risk there, you don't need to take steps to mitigate it.

Loose Ends

If I was a Bonnie fan, I'd be all in on this Calista Flockhart/Harrison fun. It's very tongue-in-cheek, and references to Star Wars are the clear way to my heart. I try to remind myself that it could be a way to finally split up Bonnie and Justin for good. But I'm still very worried. In the category of "information I hope I'm wrong about it," I worry that Justin will see Bonnie's past murder/manslaughter as part of her past. It's fine. She's said she's sorry and is a redeemed woman now. I know she's caught up in the McMillions controversy now. But considering all Justin's forgiven her for in the past, this seems like small potatoes. Again, I sincerely wish to be wrong here.

I have to laugh anytime Gabi comments that someone else is "drunk with power." Does this gal own a mirror? Also, it's very hard to imagine Gabi and Jake as anything other than Eleanor and Raymond Shaw from the Manchurian Candidate for this year's Halloween costume column.

Chad asked Jack if Abigail is ever coming home. In real life, Marci Miller is enjoying her well-deserved maternity leave, but the writing team is doing Abigail no favors. Writing Abigail as someone who won't even Facetime with her kids is a tough beat. It would be better if she talked to and saw her kids all the time but still kept her distance from Chad. It's a small change but one that could make a difference for fans (like me!) who have always believed Abigail to be extremely selfish.

Gwen was on the cusp of confessing to Jack. I had to think about what I wanted from that scene. Here's the thing -- Gwen confessing to Jack would be the least she could do. That would get her to a place where I could think about rooting for her, least of all cheering for her as a person. But right now, she's gotten rewarded with a man who will do anything for her and a father who loves her. I fail to see what she's learned.

Heading to Peacock

I'll be interested to see how NBC ties up the shows in two weeks for those who don't watch the Peacock series. Here's where those cats are headed:

Shane (Shane!!) called John for a top-secret mission in Zurich. Steve can't go because he needs to witness Justin's (hopefully non) wedding. But Marlena is in! And really, what good espionage attempt doesn't involve a doctor?

Anna tried to tell Roman he had to go butt his nose into Carrie's business. Roman was having none of it. Tony, however, was completely down. So, off to Zurich they go. I hope we learn Noah's official age.

Paulina wanted to take everyone to lunch in Miami. Eventually, it was decided that Julie and Doug would love to spend the weekend with the twins because if there's anything that great-grandparents need, it's keeping up with infants. (Oh, Eli and Lani...)

After some petty sparring with Gabi, Chad called Sonny to see if he can visit the guys for a weekend. Yes. I'm all in. My bags are packed.

Ciara and Ben are camping their way to New Orleans. First, cool for the Bo and Hope nostalgia! Second, err...I can't think of anything less fun than camping. I do not understand it. I work very hard to enjoy utilities. Why would I give that up? Third, this is unfortunate timing right after Ida. It's a terrible time for all of our soap friends in the storm's path.

Extra Scoops


Abe is one of the most progressive bosses in the US. Lani's twins were born on Christmas Day. Her maternity leave for the Salem PD ends just after Labor Day. That's eight and a half months. I got five weeks (from my day job, not the delightful Soap Central family -- who supported me as long as I needed to be gone), and that's only because that's what deemed me eligible for short-term disability. (Yup, childbirth is considered a "disability." Cool.)


Am I the only one hoping Chloe would dump both Brady and Philip and stand on her glorious own? Philip is an insecure child. Brady needs briefing with his HR department, at best, or needs a good scolding from Aunt Maggie, at least. I feel like my gal is having to play referee in the most exhausting game of "I called it!" ever. I felt her when she told Brady that he had his chance and blew it. And then she had to hand-hold Philip through a confession of trust. Surely, there has to be someone better for our Chloemeister. #ChloeForBachlorette (Wrong network, but you get it...)


Jack (about Xander): "He's compounded his deceit!"

Jack's whole editorial about Xander was full of zingers, but I'm going to keep this in my pocket for all those cases where people remarkably offend me.


No way a woman who just birthed twins has a bikini she's been dying to wear.

Melinda hasn't lost a step in hating the DiMeras. Though I think she'd have softened on people calling in favors, considering what she did for her own daughter.

I wonder if they'll ever finish that white dress at Basic Black.

That's it this week! Tony will be back next to cover all the Salem shenanigans! Have a great week!

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