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Hope and Brooke tried to persuade Liam and Bill to give Wyatt another chance, but Liam and Bill wouldn't budge on their positions. Wyatt became worried that he wouldn't see Hope again, but Hope asked Quinn's jewelry company to design accessories for HFTF.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 2, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, September 2, 2013

Due to the Labor Day holiday, CBS did not air a new episode of The Bold and the Beautiful today.

This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 3, and pick up where the Friday, August 30 episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

by Pam

At Spencer, Liam was alone in his office, and he recalled his conversation with Wyatt. Liam remembered that he had told Wyatt that Wyatt had shown no respect to the Spencers. Wyatt had shown his dad what Wyatt was really like -- ungrateful and disrespectful. Liam had ordered Wyatt to move out of the beach house by the time Liam had returned home.

Bill entered the office and wondered what Liam was thinking about. Liam admitted that he had told Wyatt to get out of his house. Bill reminded Liam that the house belonged to Bill. Liam said that Wyatt had blown his relationship with Bill. Liam said that Bill had given Wyatt everything, and Wyatt had been judgmental.

Bill agreed, and Bill acknowledged that he had welcomed Wyatt into the family. Bill added that he had not been as welcoming to Liam when he had discovered that Liam was Bill's son. Liam said that Wyatt didn't want to listen to anyone. Liam said that Wyatt lived on instinct, but Bill said that wasn't a bad trait.

Bill noted that Wyatt's disgust with Bill's treatment of Katie had been rooted in Bill's treatment of Wyatt's mom. Bill understood that Wyatt had felt Bill had abandoned Will and Wyatt as babies. Liam chimed in that Wyatt had lectured Liam about his own treatment of Hope. Wyatt had called Liam a bad boyfriend because Liam was still married to Steffy. Liam said that Liam and Bill's relationships were none of Wyatt's business.

At Liam's, Wyatt packed his clothes, and Hope had asked where he was going. Wyatt confessed that Liam and Bill had thrown him out of Spencer and out of Liam's home. Wyatt said he was no longer a Spencer. Wyatt said that Liam was more like dear old dad than Wyatt had thought.

Hope insisted on an explanation, and Wyatt admitted that he could not tolerate that Bill had left his wife and baby for Hope's mom. Hope agreed that she hated what Bill and Brooke had done to Will and Katie, but Hope refused to shut her mother out of her life.

Wyatt recalled that his mother had warned him about Bill. Hope tried to get Wyatt to calm down. She said that she didn't like Bill, but he was Wyatt's father. Wyatt complained that Liam had defended Bill. Hope defended Liam. Hope begged Wyatt to stay because she would miss him.

Wyatt teased that if he were gone, Hope and Liam would have the entire beach house to themselves -- the way it should have been. Hope didn't want Wyatt to leave Liam's house, and she worried that he would leave Los Angeles.

Wyatt was touched that Hope would miss him. He encouraged her to leave Liam and join him on an adventure. He suggested that Hope knew there was something between them. He wanted her to do something crazy and leave with him. He kissed her.

At the Forrester mansion, Caroline and Rick hung out by the pool. Caroline was touched that Eric had congratulated her on a job well done with the HFTF line. Rick said that with Caroline, failure was never an option.

Caroline told Rick that she knew he had worried about Maya. Caroline promised that Maya's resignation would not affect the line. Caroline reminded Rick that Maya would not be alone after her resignation. Caroline added that Maya was not having nearly as much fun as Rick and Caroline.

Caroline told Rick that she wanted to start a life with him and always be by his side in business and his personal life. Caroline made Rick a drink, and they cuddled. They both agreed they had to leave for appointments.

Once he was alone, Rick remembered good times with Maya. He also recalled when Maya had returned the necklace that Rick had given her. Maya had told him that the next time he presented the necklace to a woman, perhaps he would care enough that an argument and a couple of drinks wouldn't get in the way. Rick looked pensive as he recalled his last conversation with Maya.

At Maya's, Carter entered and told Maya that he had heard she resigned from Forrester. Maya encouraged Carter to cheer her up, but Carter said he had been disappointed that she left Forrester. Carter promised to be a great listener, but Maya said she didn't want to talk about it. She tearfully admitted that she'd had to break up with Rick because Caroline had found her way into Rick's bed.

Carter suggested that Maya had made the right decision. Carter kissed Maya, and he left. Maya cried and recalled good times with Rick.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

by Pam

At Liam's house, Wyatt begged Hope to go with him, and Hope asked Wyatt to stay. Hope reminded Wyatt that she was engaged to Liam. Wyatt insisted that Hope knew that Wyatt and Hope had a connection. "You can't be serious," Hope said.

Wyatt said that he didn't have to twist Hope's arm because she knew there was something between them. He said it was his loss if he lost her, or maybe it was hers. Hope argued that she, Liam, and Wyatt needed to sit down and come up with a solution. Wyatt refused. He said he knew that Liam wanted him gone, and Hope didn't need the hassle of having Wyatt living with them.

Wyatt kissed Hope goodbye and wished her good luck. Wyatt called Liam "Yoga Boy." After Wyatt had left, Hope recalled his kiss. Liam arrived and interrupted her daydream. Hope and Liam argued about the Spencer family's treatment of Wyatt, but Liam said he agreed with his father. Hope couldn't believe Bill and Liam would cut Wyatt out of their lives.

Liam justified his and his father's actions. Hope defended Wyatt because he had called Bill out on his abandonment of Katie and Will. Liam said that Will didn't need any defending. Hope disagreed. Hope said that Bill should not have dumped Katie and his baby to be with Brooke. Liam said that it was not Liam's call or Hope's call. Liam contended that no matter what Wyatt thought, it didn't justify Wyatt's decision to grab and yell at Bill.

Liam said that Wyatt had behaved like the favorite son. He had been condescending and judgmental at home and at Spencer. "He's got a dark side," Liam said. Hope reminded Liam that Liam had punched Wyatt at one time. Liam said that had happened because Wyatt had kissed Hope. Hope reminded Liam that he had found a brother and Bill had found a son.

Hope felt responsible for all the drama because she had taken Wyatt into the Spencer family with the assumption that Liam and Bill would accept him. Liam said he was glad that Wyatt was gone because he and Hope were working on a new beginning. Liam said they had privacy again, and he started to kiss Hope. Hope reminded Liam that their new beginning would truly start when his divorce was final. They kissed and exchanged "I love yous."

At Spencer, Brooke and Bill kissed. Bill confessed that he had argued with Wyatt. Bill added that Wyatt had supported Katie, and Katie had gotten inside Wyatt's head. Brooke felt responsible, but Bill reminded Brooke that it didn't matter what anyone thought because Bill and Brooke loved each other.

Brooke defended Wyatt because he had grown up without a father and then discovered that his father had abandoned another son -- in Wyatt's eyes. Bill said his son had been judgmental. Bill promised that he would repair his relationship with Wyatt, but Wyatt needed time to cool off and earn forgiveness. Brooke worried that Wyatt's issue was with Brooke and not Bill.

Brooke wanted to make things right for their children. She added that it sounded like Wyatt was just like his father. Bill noted that Wyatt had kissed Hope. Brooke dismissed it and said it was innocent. Bill doubted that anything about Wyatt was innocent.

Brooke said that she had gotten what she had deserved from Katie. Bill said they didn't deserve the judgment. Bill said he and Brooke had fallen in love exactly the way Katie had planned. Brooke wanted Katie to find some happiness. "Enough about Katie," Bill said. They kissed.

At Quinn's, Wyatt returned. "How's life at the beach?" Quinn asked. Wyatt said he had been kicked out. Wyatt said he had spoken up about Bill -- who had left his wife and baby to fool around with his wife's sister. Quinn was shocked. "A lot of things you said about him were right," Wyatt said. Wyatt didn't want that kind of man as a father. Quinn was proud of Wyatt.

Wyatt said that Hope had wanted Wyatt to stay. Quinn reminded Wyatt that Hope was engaged to Liam. Quinn added that she was glad that Wyatt had returned.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

At Brooke's house, Bill was in bed, begrudgingly fielding calls from people who were upset about how Katie was running the business. He told Brooke that he got the calls several times a day, and it upset him that Katie was in his office, playing at being him. Kissing Brooke, he decided that the only benefit he got from it was sleeping in each day with a beautiful blonde beside him.

Bill lost his phone for a moment, and Brooke looked suspicious as he searched for it. When he found it, he was disappointed that Wyatt had yet to apologize. Brooke suggested that Bill reach out first, but Bill refused to contact Wyatt to ask him to apologize. She noted that Wyatt might think that Bill had meant it when he'd kicked Wyatt out of his life. Bill affirmed that he had meant it -- even though he'd been a little impressed by Wyatt standing up to him.

Brooke remarked that Bill had taught Wyatt not to stand up to his father, but Bill stood up to people all the time. She called it an attractive quality. Bill insisted that it was different with fathers and sons, and though his father had been an "S.O.B.," Bill had allotted the man a certain amount of respect.

Brooke said that Bill had hated his father; however, Wyatt might actually like Bill but had lashed out in disappointment. "He's arrogant and insubordinate," Bill decided. Brooke suspected that if Wyatt had stood up to someone else on Will's behalf, Bill would have cheered.

Bill said he couldn't have a kid erupting each time he did something the kid didn't like. Bill noted that Liam didn't fly into tirades over Bill's actions. Brooke giggled, saying that it hadn't always been so, and she recalled the rocky beginning Bill and Liam had experienced before getting to know each other.

Bill decided that Brooke was good for him, but he wanted her to tell Hope to stop digging up his lost sons because he really hated the getting acquainted stage. Brooke thought she'd talked Bill into calling Wyatt, but Bill insisted that he'd meant what he'd said to his son. "However..." Bill said. He admitted that Brooke had made him open to reconsidering his position -- eventually.

Bill repeated that Brooke was good for him, and Brooke replied that the son-finding Hope was good for him, too. Bill added that Hope seemed to make them fall for her. He felt sorry for Wyatt, who probably wouldn't see her again. Brooke said that Hope and Wyatt were friends, but Bill noted that Liam and Wyatt were not. Bill felt it was best if Hope kept her distance from Wyatt.

"If you say so," Brooke responded as she fiddled with her phone. Bill replied that he did say so. He remarked that he liked it that Brooke made things easy, and even while they disagreed with each other, things remained peaceful.

Brooke agreed that she made things easy, and Bill jumped with a start when he heard neighing from his cell phone. Laughing, Brooke said she'd made it easy for him to know when she was calling him. Bill called her insane in the best way possible, and they kissed.

At Forrester, Hope thought about Wyatt. Rick entered and guessed she was reviewing their new orders. Hope beamed that it was cool to be getting so much attention. He said she should get accustomed to it, because the rebranding had been a success.

Rick revealed that he and Caroline had reconciled, and Maya had left him and HFTF. He admitted that he had feelings for each woman, and while Maya could be right about him belonging with Caroline, he felt that he'd blown the great connection he'd had with Maya. Rick likened his relationship with Caroline to Hope's with Liam and said Hope had never given up through everything with Steffy.

Hope thoughtfully agreed, and Rick inquired about how things were going with her life. She informed him that she and Liam were ready -- but waiting for the wedding. Rick asked about the half-brother who'd moved in. Hope stated that he'd moved back out, and integration into the Spencer family hadn't been smooth for Wyatt.

The irritated Pam entered because Rick hadn't told her to expect Thomas, who, along with Marcus, waited with models in the corridor. Rick explained that they were meeting about HFTF accessories. Once the meeting started, Hope was excited by the jewelry pallets Marcus displayed.

Thomas figured that they should use a signature designer, and Hope gasped upon finding an intriguing pallet of jewelry amongst the others. "This is it!" she exclaimed. Rick observed that the pieces were rugged but exotic and sophisticated enough to compliment the line. When Marcus stated that it was from Quinn Artisan Jewelers, Hope suddenly decided that she had to leave the office.

At Wyatt's place, Quinn was excited to have Wyatt home. She just wished it was under better circumstances. Wyatt lamented his lost dream of a new life with his father and brothers as Spencer moguls. He guessed it was over, and he was back to just being Wyatt.

Quinn was sorry about her son's disappointment, but she knew how much Bill hated being told that he was wrong. Wyatt asserted that his father was wrong, and even though he might have gone about expressing himself in the wrong way, Wyatt wasn't sorry for standing up for Will. Wyatt wasn't one to hide his feelings, and he intended to live with it if Bill disowned him for it.

Though Wyatt admired Bill's business savvy, Wyatt decided that money didn't matter if one was a womanizing jerk. Wyatt declared that he didn't fit in with the Spencer men, and he didn't want to after seeing what Bill was about. Quinn empathized with her son, who'd wanted a father. Wyatt replied that he'd gained a father and two brothers only to lose them. What was worse for Wyatt, though, was the idea of losing Hope, too.

Quinn said that Wyatt didn't have to let the turn of events affect his relationship with Hope. Hope's nosiness and relationship to Bill bothered Quinn, but she couldn't ignore Hope's effect on Wyatt, who'd become less serious and more jovial. "You're smiling again," she remarked, touching his cheek. Wyatt squirmed a little and said he had high school pictures to prove that he'd smiled before.

Wyatt admitted that he'd fallen for Hope hard. To him, Hope was beautiful, intelligent, and fun, but she was engaged to Liam. Wyatt's smile faded. He said he could live with never speaking to Bill and Liam again; however, he wondered if he'd lose contact with the beautiful woman who'd changed his life.

Just then, Hope arrived, and Wyatt anxiously hopped from his seat. She said she was there to place an order, and she wanted Quinn Artisan Jewelers to be the exclusive designers for her jewelry line. "Is that something you'd be interested in, Mr. Fuller?" she asked.

Grinning again, Wyatt responded that he'd be happy to accommodate Miss Logan.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today. This programmimng changing was anticipated, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, September 9, and pick up where the Thursday, September 5 episode concluded.

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