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Farah Fath
Episode 3: Friends in low places
For the episode airing October 9, 2011

Once again, I settled into my sofa with a glass of red wine and my fuzzy blanket to watch my new favorite guilty pleasure. Man, am I glad I make time for this thing! You see, it's not just that this show gives us a glimpse behind the soap curtain. Oh, no. Maybe your average docusoap would stop at fashion. But this one gives advice on friendship and a guide for how to give the perfect gift. Let's review what we learned.

Brandon continued his campaign for Best Boyfriend Ever as he planned Nadia's birthday. First, he got her an iPad and set it up for her. I didn't like that Nadia wanted something more personal. I thought that was a great gift, especially if he loaded it with some of her favorite books and songs. (I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that he did.) But just to be safe, Brandon packed Nadia up, put her on a private jet, and took her to Napa Valley. Gentlemen, I hope you're all taking notes.

Sure, there was the little drama when Nadia realized that she didn't have a change of clothes for dinner. But that was short-lived. They spent the day drinking wine, golfing, eating dinner, and sleeping in the largest and best hotel that I've ever seen.

Jenna and Galen went along as well because, really, who would turn down a private jet to Napa? I loved that Jenna stayed in her same outfit for dinner, since Nadia didn't have a change of clothes. I tried for at least 20 minutes, and I couldn't get my husband to understand how nice that was of Jenna.

You know the old western movies when the guy in white has a showdown with the guy in black? There's dramatic music and a gunfight to the death. This confrontation was pretty much just like that. Only, instead of cowboys, there were two mean girls and, rather than engage in a shoot-off, they went rounds of, "I know you are, but what am I?"

The only thing I know for sure is that Kirsten and J.P. shot a promo together, which, for the record, was well-acted and pretty cute, but royally pissed off Farah. I assume that there was bad blood for a while, but I have no idea why. In the interest of full disclosure, that could be because my ears shut off (defense mechanism) after I heard Farah say, "She stops talking to me and then I stopped talking to her and then we never talked again." Oh, okay. I feel much better now that you explained everything, Farah!

If these gals would have asked Aunt Laurisa to explain it, I could have saved them both a ton of time. It all comes down to the fact that most people aren't the same person at 25 that they were at 15. It's not a character flaw. It just happens. And some people know how to deal with it, but others have confrontations that result in tears, curse words, and poor Kelly having to pick up a fork and use it as a gavel.

And here's the thing, "ladies" (and I use that word loosely right now), this all went down at Nadia's birthday party. That's right. It was her night. Shame on both of them for causing a scene and making Nadia facilitate their brand of drama. Not. Cool. At. All.

I remember my first real breakup in college. I may have skipped a class or two to be the guest of honor at my own pity party. (Couldn't start without me!) I can't imagine if one of my classes was "Wedding Dress Fittings 101." I felt horrible for Kelly. And normally I think that Vegas is where trashy people go to be their real selves, but this trip -- ziplining, planking, and nudity -- was worth it. Kelly's group of friends seemed genuinely fun. If they can inspire her to do a front walkover in stiletto heels, they can get her through this breakup.

Nadia mentioned Jay! As in Jay Kenneth Johnson, or, he who should make an appearance on this show right away.

Thanks to this show, we got some behind-the-scenes looks at the rehearsal for Jason and Sam's wedding. I liked watching Steve Burton crack jokes, as Jason Morgan is hardly a barrel of laughs.

Really, Farah? You're going with a Chris Brown/Rihanna comparison for Kirsten and you. I sincerely hope that neither of you committed an actual crime against the other one.

I love the way the bar scene with Kirsten and Kelly was shot. It looked very Social Network.

Kudos to Farah for being on-camera with zero makeup and wet hair. The gal looked beautiful too!

Farah's friends, Danny and Nathaniel, are deeply catty and judgmental. But, I sorta like them. They're like the gay Statler and Waldorf and totally crack me up.

I came to the conclusion that should The Powers That Be over at DAYS decide to recast Taylor again, Jenna should audition. The tall, beautiful blonde would be a shoo-in to play Arianne Zucker's sister.

That's it for this week, fellow TV junkies. Before we all go out to be fashionable golf shoes with magical powers, I just have one question for you: Which of the following is more unbelievable?
A) Nadia's shoe closet
B) The idea that guys really talk about when they're going to get engaged over beer and pool

I'd love to hear what you think so click here to share your answers with me!

Happy viewing,

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