Sophia Pelligrino
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Actor History
February 1999 to 2003


Police officer

Rae Cummings' assistant

Dorian Lord Hayes' personal secretary

Waitress at Crossroads

Resides At


Marital Status

Single/Never Married

Past Marriages



Freddie Pelligrino (brother; deceased)



Flings & Affairs

Joey Buchanan

Crimes Committed

Broke into Viki's house with Dorian

Brief Character History

Sophia was first introduced as a waitress for Ben Davidson at the Crossroads bar. She knew what was happening there and why Viki Buchanan Carpenter always was stopping by. Dorian found out about Viki going into the bar all the time to see Ben. Dorian wanted to know what was going on, so she hired Sophia to watch them for her. Sophia did it for Dorian for about a month. Ben was thought to be a criminal, so Dorian thought she could get something dirty on Viki to blackmail her, since Vicki was secretly seeing Ben. Dorian talked Sophia into to sneaking into Viki's house to find something incriminating and they found Ben's bloody and knew he was there. Ben was really in the attic, shot and wounded, Viki was taking care of him. Dorian's plan was ruined when they found out Ben was not a criminal. He was really an ex-mob doctor and the mob was trying to kill him. Sophia saw a guy in the bar, Joey Buchanan, and she seduced him into sleeping with her. Joey was Kelly Crammer's old boyfriend, but since Kelly was getting married to Max Holden, Joey thought his and Kelly's relationship was over. Sophia and Joey's little love affair didn't last long, though, when Kelly broke the wedding off and she realized she loved Joey. Kelly and Joey got back together. Kelly didn't know that Joey had slept with Sophia. Sophia told Kelly about it, and Kelly was very mad. Kelly ran out on Joey at Jessica Buchanan's party. Kelly realized that Joey and she weren't together when it happen so she forgave him and they got back together.

On that same night, Dorian hit Jessica with her car. Jessica's baby died, but Jessica lived. Dorian ran away and no one knew that Dorian did it. A few days later, Sophia went to Dorian's and when she got there, Dorian thought it was Jessica haunting her. Dorian told Sophia (not knowing it was her) that she was sorry for hitting her with the car. When Sophia heard this, she knew she could blackmail Dorian and she did. She said she would tell if Dorian didn't let her stay with Dorian. Dorian had to say yes. Kelly also lives with Dorian though, and Kelly hates Sophia. Sophia was making Kelly very mad staying with her, especially because of her past relationship with Joey. Sophia lost her free ride when the whole town learned that Dorian had hit Jessica.

Sophia worked for Rae Cummings as her assistant at the Banner for a while and the two of them became close, but when Rae left town to search for her daughter, Sophia went to work at the Llanview Police Station as their receptionist and then decided she wanted to be a police officer. She enrolled in the academy and Antonio Vega helped her make it through. After they graduated, Sophia and Antonio were made partners. But Sophia was beginning to have feelings for Antonio and eventually Roseanne, who was seeing Antonio, told him about Sophia's feelings for him. Antonio and Sophia decided that they could no longer be partners, but are still good friends and have been working together to try to get some proof against R.J. in some recent truck hijackings.

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