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Olivia/Cameron Wallace
Actor History
Bridget White
June 21, 1996 to January 1997
Personal assistant to Cord Roberts at Buchanan Enterprises
Spy for Dorian Lord
Resides At
A cottage in the woods owned by Dorian Lord
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Flings & Affairs
Joey Buchanan
Crimes Committed
  • Industrial espionage
  • Fraud
Brief Character History

Joey Buchanan was out jogging one day when he spotted a woman swimming in a pond in the woods, but she ran away before Joey could talk to her. When Joey spotted her again, he did talk to her, but she revealed little more than her name, Olivia. Olivia broke up Kelly Cramer and Joey's relationship for a time when Kelly saw Joey kissing Olivia at the country club. In the meantime, Cord wanted to buy some wooded property that Dorian owned, but her tennant, Cameron Wallace (Olivia, but dressed in a more sophisticated style) had an air-tight lease and refused to sell. After some persuading by Cord, Cameron did agree to sell the land to him, but only if he gave her a job, which he did, as his personal assistant.

Cameron began passing secret information on to Dorian, which she used to cause serious problems for Buchanan Enterprises. Cord eventually cought on and Kelly helped him prove that Dorian was behind the plot to have Cameron (Olivia) spy on him. Olivia learned that she'd been found out and skipped town, but Asa and Cord later tracked her to St. Maarten. With help from Max Holden and Maggie Carpenter, Cord was able to get a taped confession from her saying that Dorian was behind the whole thing. In return for her confession, Cord allowed her to leave instead of having her arrested and Olivia disappears, never to be heard from again, at least not so far.

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