Mortimer Bern
Actor History
1992 to 1993
Resides At
Unknown (possibly deceased)
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Wilma Bern (mother)
Carlo Hesser (brother; twin)
Johnny Dee Hesser (nephew; deceased)
Charlotte Hesser (niece)
Talia Sahid (niece; deceased)
Flings & Affairs
Renée Divine (1993)
Crimes Committed
  • Took over Carlo's crime empire while Carlo was presumed dead
Brief Character History

Alex Olanov became the kingpin of Carlo's mob empire after Carlo was presumed dead, but she soon found the power slipping away. To her luck, Alex found Mortimer Bern; an Egyptologist, Mortimer was the spitting image of Alex's late husband. Alex decided to transform Mortimer into Carlo, but she soon realized that wouldn't be an easy task considering they were total opposites. But Alex was determined and soon started to succeed and Mortimer slowly started to transform into Carlo. Mortimer did become Carlo, he was soon the spitting image of Carlo, he even became obsessed with one of Carlo's ex flames; Renée Divine.

Eventually Mortimer got out of control and there was nothing Alex could do to stop him, except have mommy dearest drop in for a visit. Mortimer's mother, Wilma Bern, arrived in town and revealed that Mortimer and Carlo, were actually twin brothers separated at birth. Mortimer finally came to his senses and realized he had become his brother. In order to correct his behavior, Mortimer said goodbye to Alex, Renee and Carlo's empire and left Llanview.

At a Llanview gathering, Carlo was found dead by Blair Cramer, with a bullet wound in his head. Everybody was a suspect, but it was Antonio who seemed to be heading up the list. Mortimer soon returned to town as a witness. It was then later reveled that Alex had been the one who shot Carlo and killed him, later Mortimer disappeared with Asa's 30 million dollars. A while later, Mortimer returned and lured Alex away, although many wondered if Mortimer was actually Carlo in disguise.

In 2001, Alex returned to town and said that Carlo had left her and disappeared with Asa's money. This would mean that the person who Alex killed was actually Mortimer Bern.

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