OLTL Recaps: The week of July 22, 2013 on One Life to Live
Jack was furious when he realized that Todd and Blair had rekindled things. Arturo gave Dani an extravagant gift. David confided that his marriage was on the rocks, so Jo proposed a new reality show centered on his divorce.
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Monday, July 22, 2013

New episodes of One Life to Live now air on Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes. Each week's new episodes are made available on Mondays. In an effort to keep the recaps as consistent as possible, we will continue to post the recaps under Tuesday and Thursday, as they had originally been posted.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Episode 42

Dorian tossed David's things down the stairs and into the foyer at La Boulaie as she left him a voicemail. "No hard feelings," she told him. She was leaving his left-behind items in the foyer in order for him to pick them up. She kicked the pile of clothing.

Michelle began to dress for work after spending the night with Matthew in a room at the Palace Hotel. She gasped as she remembered that she'd left her maid's cart in the hallway all night. She thanked Matthew for making her first time memorable. They shared a kiss, and Michelle's departure was delayed as the couple returned to bed.

Jack saw Kate outside of the coffee shop, but she refused to stop to speak with him. She suggested he find her in class as she eyed Shaun lurking nearby. She raced off, and Jack shared a look with his bodyguard. "Your job is ruining my life," Jack yelled as he attempted to poke Shaun in the chest. Shaun suggested that Jack take it up with Todd instead, as he grabbed Jack's hand and forced him to his knees.

"Last night was a mistake," Blair advised Todd as the morning dawned. She informed him that they were over each other, and it could never happen again. The couple proceeded to list Todd's less-than-desirable traits, and Blair began to cry. "I'm afraid of losing you again," she sobbed. Todd assured her that that wouldn't happen.

Todd and Blair discussed feelings being the same between them after their crisis was over and things went back to normal. Blair couldn't see that happening. "We don't do normal," she said sadly. The two embraced passionately and made love again.

Later, Jack dashed into the room angrily to speak to Todd about Shaun. He was surprised and then livid to see his mother adjusting her clothing. Jack informed Blair that she made him sick, and he stormed back out.

Dani visited Téa and agreed that boot camp probably hadn't been the proper method for stress reduction. Téa assured her daughter that she was fine, and she didn't want to discuss her problems. She had only had a panic attack, Téa added. Dani was persistent, and she suggested that Téa lean on her if needed. "Even the strongest woman in the world needs help sometimes," Dani added.

Téa agreed that she wasn't the type to meditate while a candle was burning. As Dani rose to head to school, Téa noticed the scarf that her daughter was wearing and began to pepper her with questions. Dani was flustered and finally told her mother that it had been a gift from Briana's family.

Bo summoned Arturo to the police station for more questioning. Arturo stated that he'd met Briana at Shelter, and they'd had a very romantic relationship. Bo thought it odd that it had been romantic while Arturo had been paying for sex. Arturo thought the statement was crude and that he and Bo had different ideas about things.

Bo admitted that he was traditional, but he thought there was a difference between buying something for one's girlfriend and paying for all of her expenses. At Bo's request, Arturo recounted the evening that he'd met Briana and fallen in love. Bo wondered if Briana had shared love with other men at the same time and wondered how Arturo had been "reeled in."

Arturo admitted that he was heartbroken to hear his girlfriend spoken about in such harsh words, but he advised Bo that he wanted justice for her and was willing to help.

Matthew arrived at Clint's office and found his uncle disheveled and sitting with a bottle of scotch. Matthew offered him some coffee. "Viki and I are finished," Clint announced. Matthew offered to listen to Clint, and the older man confided how he'd secretly covered Viki's losses.

Both men agreed that they thought the move had been romantic not devious as Viki had viewed it. Clint explained that he'd kept it a secret because of Viki's pride. Matthew removed the liquor bottle from the desk as Clint continued to talk. He reminded Clint that a photographer was on the way for Clint's Llanview Man of the Year photo, and Clint would have to get cleaned up.

Clint only wanted to cancel the appointment, but Matthew wouldn't hear of it. They were up against a deadline. Clint finally showered and changed his clothing. "I'm not a bad man," he said to his nephew as he looked for his scotch. Matthew agreed and reminded him, "Buchanan men don't quit." Clint knew that lots of women would want him, but not the woman he treasured.

Dorian showed up at Llanfair for a steering committee meeting for the Llanview Man of the Year award. Viki admitted that she'd forgotten about it, and Dorian said how sorry she was that things weren't going too well for Viki and Clint.

Dorian noted that Clint had cancelled the photographer's visit several times, but Viki suggested that she call Clint's office. Dorian also mentioned that she had noticed that Viki's engagement ring was missing.

The women sat on the sofa and discussed the program for their event. Dorian kept changing the subject to ask about Viki's affairs, but Viki was loath to discuss any of her personal business. Finally, Dorian spoke up and informed Viki that she knew all about "broken hearts." She admitted to throwing David out of La Boulaie.

"You and I are in exactly the same boat," Dorian added. There was one difference though, Dorian continued. She wasn't out of funds. "Neither am I," Viki retorted. Dorian was shocked and confused, and Viki felt that Dorian was not very happy with Viki's news, though Dorian claimed that she was.

Viki insisted that she still had enough money to sue Dorian if she had to. She was certain that Dorian was somehow behind the whole situation that revolved around the Pellegrino fund. Viki left it at that and announced that they should finish the program and sell some tickets for their event.

Blair returned home and found a sullen Jack. She attempted to explain that she cared about Jack, though he disagreed. He didn't think his mother would have been with Todd if that were true. Jack determined that his mother was insane after she confessed that she still loved Todd.

Blair and Todd were getting back together, Blair informed her son. Todd was not only her soul mate but Jack's father. She was aware that Todd had hurt them in the past, but she had seen a different side to him. She and Jack shouted at each other, and Jack declared that he would never accept Todd or his relationship with Blair.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New episodes of One Life to Live now air on Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes. Each week's new episodes are made available on Mondays. In an effort to keep the recaps as consistent as possible, we will continue to post the recaps under Tuesday and Thursday, as they had originally been posted.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

David walked around the soundstage at the network as an assistant explained everything to him. David gushed to Leo that the studio was his church. He gasped when he saw a folding director's chair and immediately sat down in it. He was pretending to be on the phone, accepting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, when Jo entered.

David went on and on to Jo about how the soundstage inspired him to create. Jo understood how people were drawn to David. She explained, however, that the show couldn't be about him every single week and suggested that Dorian be a part of it too. David admitted that he and Dorian had hit a rough patch and that Dorian would most likely not be willing to participate.

Jo wondered if there would be a reconciliation, but David believed that divorce was inevitable. Becoming excited, Jo told David about her dream reality show, Anatomy of Divorce, which would show both sides of a breakup. However, Jo offered to only sell the show from his perspective. She wondered if it were too personal. "I like it!" he exclaimed.

At Llanfair, Viki filled Natalie in on Clint's actions involving Viki's lost money. Natalie thought it sounded like an act of kindness, but Viki reminded her daughter that Clint had also believed getting a restraining order against John in Natalie's name had been an act of kindness. Natalie understood but believed that Viki would forgive Clint just like Natalie had. Viki showed a shocked Natalie her engagement ring-less hand.

Viki explained that she no longer trusted Clint. Natalie asked where Viki would go. Viki disclosed that she would stay at Llanfair because she'd given back the ring but kept the money. She maintained that she couldn't let all the employees at the Banner lose their jobs. Natalie wondered how Viki and Clint would coexist at the Veterans' Gala. Viki thought that they were adults, so they could work together.

Natalie was meeting "someone" for drinks, so she had to go. She liked the guy and the distraction he provided for her. Viki suggested that the man could turn into more than just a distraction. Natalie told her mother that they were taking things "very slow." Natalie was ready to move on. She hugged her mother and left.

Matthew, Michelle, and Jeffrey dug into a pizza at the apartment. Dani entered all dressed up, and Jeffrey wondered if she were going on a date. She insisted that it wasn't a date and left. A short while later, while the three ate pizza, Matthew and Jeffrey reminisced about London. Michelle felt left out because she'd "never left Llanview." "I thought you were from Toronto," Jeffrey said.

Jeffrey accused Michelle of not being able to keep her story straight. "Screw you," she said and walked away. Matthew defended her to Jeffrey. He then told Michelle that Jeffrey had only been joking. Matthew offered to take Michelle out for a beer. She was only too happy to accept, and the two left.

Arturo arrived at Shelter, and Rama handed him a menu. Later, he sat at a table with Dani. She admitted that she'd been surprised to hear from him. She was wearing Briana's scarf but almost hadn't, because she hadn't wanted to remind Arturo of Briana. He told her that he didn't want to forget about Briana.

On the phone with Todd, Blair wondered about "the plan." She demanded that Todd call her once he knew anything. As Blair hung up, Dorian entered. Rama attempted to talk to Dorian, but Dorian refused and went right over to Blair. She told Blair that it had been a difficult decision to show up at Shelter "after what I saw on the dance floor." Dorian insisted that Blair needed to fire Rama.

Cutter entered the club and Rama immediately engaged him. She informed him that Dorian was present and that Rama was not Dorian's favorite person. She directed him to the bar. "Be on my side!" she pleaded.

Cutter asked Dorian about her problem with Rama, who he had hired. Dorian wanted her fired, and she tried to use her name as influence. He informed her that Rama would sue him for wrongful termination, and he would sue Dorian in turn. He didn't think she could stand any more bad publicity. He instructed her not to return until she accepted that she couldn't tell Cutter how to run his business. Relenting, Dorian agreed that Rama could stay as long as she stayed away from Dorian.

Téa entered the club, and Dani spotted her immediately. Dani hid behind her menu and informed Arturo that she needed to leave before Téa saw her. Arturo wondered if the two of them sharing dinner was wrong. Dani explained that Téa had been "wound up tight lately" and that she didn't want her mother to "freak out." As Arturo paid the check, Dani slunk out of the club.

Téa sat by Blair and Dorian at the bar. After exchanging pleasantries, Dorian excused herself. Blair told Téa that she'd heard from Todd and that "the plan is a go." According to her, there was nothing left to do but wait. "And drink," Téa added.

Later, Dorian was back sitting with Blair and Téa when Dean walked up to them. "Three beautiful women in a row?" he greeted them. Blair introduced Dorian and Dean, who told Dorian that her voice was missed in the Senate. Dorian wondered how he knew Blair and Téa. "Small town," he replied. Blair told Dorian that he was a regular at Shelter, and he added that Téa was his lawyer. Dorian wondered if he was going to the Veterans' Gala and offered to sell him a ticket.

Later, Blair was on the phone with Todd. "Victor dies tonight," he said.

Outside the club, Dani explained to Arturo about Téa's panic attack. He suggested that she'd just been worrying about Dani. He related that his mother had always said that she hadn't had a good night's sleep since Arturo had been born. "Still at your age?" Dani asked. "I'm not that old," he countered. "Ancient," she joked, and the two walked away pretending that Arturo was an elderly man.

Dani and Arturo, who had his arm around Dani, sat at an outside table at a café, and he got the attention of a waitress from inside. He had a question for her, and he thought it was "too bad" if it sounded strange. He'd bought tickets to the Veterans' Gala for himself and Briana. Since he had an extra ticket, he wondered if Dani would go with him. She accepted, but he wondered what she would do if Téa showed up. "You're Briana's uncle straight from Italy!" she suggested.

Dani thought that the waitress had forgotten about her and Arturo, so she got up to get menus. He stopped her, and she sat back down. He informed her that he'd gotten her a gift so that she could have something of her own and as a token of his appreciation for all of her support. He handed her a small box. She opened it and found diamond earrings.

Dani told Arturo that the gift was too much and that she couldn't accept it. "No strings attached," he promised. He insisted that it was just a gift from one friend to another, and that he would be offended if she didn't accept it. She didn't know what to say. He grabbed her hands and told her to say that she understood he'd needed a friend and that she was as happy as he was that they were getting to know each other. She agreed, and he went inside the café to get the waitress. She looked at the earrings and smiled.

Natalie and Cutter sat at a table in Shelter and shared a bottle of wine. She talked about her upbringing in a trailer park in Atlantic City. He related that they were similar -- "two kids from the wrong side of the tracks." Natalie admitted that Roxy hadn't always been the best mother, but she'd occasionally had decent advice: "In life, you just play the hand that you're dealt."

Cutter didn't agree with the advice and countered that one should "deal your own hand." "And throw one up your sleeve every once in a while?" Natalie asked. Cutter saw that Natalie thought he was a cheater. He added that it depended on the game. She warned him not to try it if he was playing with her. He promised to keep it in mind. The two clinked glasses and took a drink.

Friday, July 26, 2013

New episodes of One Life to Live now air on Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes. Each week's new episodes are made available on Mondays. In an effort to keep the recaps as consistent as possible, we will continue to post the recaps under Tuesday and Thursday, as they had originally been posted.

For additional viewing options or to be able to view episodes that are older than the ten most-recent, you may want to subscribe to Hulu Plus. For information on how to watch episodes, please click here.

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