OLTL Recaps: The week of June 10, 2013 on One Life to Live
Someone fired a shot at Todd and Blair. Blair agreed to help Todd find Victor so Todd could kill his twin to safeguard their family. Matthew confided to his roommates about Michelle. Natalie was served with an unexpected subpoena from John.
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Monday, June 10, 2013

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Natalie walked out of the coffee shop and accidentally bumped into a man. "Natalie Buchanan?" he asked. "You've been served," he said, handing her an envelope. She opened the envelope and was shocked to pull out a subpoena.

Natalie was practically hyperventilating by the time Téa arrived. Téa tried to calm Natalie down while she read the papers. She was surprised to learn that John was suing Natalie for custody of Liam. Téa wondered when the last time was that Natalie had heard from John. Natalie replied that she hadn't heard from John in a long time until the day before. John had left Natalie a message saying that he wanted to see Liam, and if Natalie stood in his way, he'd go through his lawyer.

Both Natalie and Téa remarked how unlike John the actions were. Téa promised to call John's lawyer and find out what was going on. She hugged Natalie.

Matthew set his full laundry basket on Bo and Nora's kitchen table. Nora jokingly wondered if he'd agreed to do the neighborhood's laundry. Nora was glad Matthew was there and told him that she'd made his favorite dinner. Bo entered while Matthew was on his way to put his laundry in the washing machine. Matthew asked his father if there were going to be other guests for dinner, because he'd heard Nora hoping there would be enough food for everyone. Bo just drank his beer.

Matthew went into the laundry room, and Nora frantically waved her arms at Bo. When Matthew returned, Bo tried to distract him by talking about the beer. Just then, there was a knock on the door. Nora opened the door to Destiny and wondered where Drew was. Destiny informed her that Drew was sick, so she had left him with a sitter.

Spotting Destiny, Matthew spat that he'd been told that the dinner would be "a family thing." Destiny had thought the same thing. "I hope everyone's hungry!" Nora said, running to the kitchen. Matthew slammed Destiny with questions about why she would leave Drew with a sitter if he were sick. She assured him that Drew would be fine and that she knew what she was doing.

Watching Matthew and Destiny argue, Bo quietly suggested to Nora that they should "hide the good china." Nora assured him that everything would be fine once they sat down to dinner. "Assuming we get that far," Bo added.

A short while later, Matthew stepped out on the balcony and called David. Matthew told David that Bo and Nora were having a family dinner but had forgotten to invite David. David informed Matthew that he would be "showing Dorian some moves I learned on the Internet" that night. Matthew cringed but continued begging David to show up. David finally agreed and told Dorian where they were going.

Later, Nora talked about how big and smart Drew was. She and Bo began to talk about what Matthew had been like when he was around Drew's age. She said that his first word was "uh-oh." Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Nora was confused when she opened it and saw David and Dorian. David forgave Bo and Nora for forgetting to invite him but was happy to attend when Matthew called. "Uh-oh," Matthew said, smiling gleefully.

Matthew and Destiny carried out some plates to the table. Destiny commented that the night couldn't get any more uncomfortable. She hoped that Matthew didn't think that the night had been her idea. He assured her that he knew Nora was behind it. The two continued to laugh and joke as Bo and Nora watched and smiled.

A short while later, Bo served the food. Destiny and Matthew shared a smile across the table. Just then, Matthew's phone rang. He looked at it and saw that he had two missed calls from Michelle. He told his parents that he had to go and promised to stop by later for his laundry. He thanked them for dinner and left.

Later, Nora sat at the table in front of a computer and a microphone. All she could feel was "overwhelming fear" for her first radio broadcast, but Bo reminded her that she had it all planned out. He knew that the listeners would love her. "It's time," Bo said. He pushed a button on the computer, and a speechless Nora was live on the air.

Blair showed Viki and Clint to a table at Shelter. As she walked away, she bumped into Cutter. He asked to use her office later to "interview some girls." She reminded Cutter that the club was not his own "personal playground." He insisted that he really was interviewing some new cocktail waitresses. She agreed, and he walked away.

Viki was preoccupied about her money still being in the Pellegrino Fund. Clint reminded her that they didn't even know if the Pellegrino Fund was the one being targeted by the SEC. He advised her that, until they knew for sure, she should just calm down. Just then, Jeffrey ran in to tell Viki that there was something wrong at the Banner but that he knew exactly what to do about it.

Jeffrey told Clint and Viki about a young man who wrote a blog for the Washington Post. He mostly wrote about finance but also touched on media, science, and politics. He had been named one of GQ's Fifty Most Powerful People in Washington. Jeffrey related that he was four years younger than the man, so by the time he was the man's age, he would be in the top ten of the most powerful people in Washington.

Jeffrey told Viki that he could start his blog immediately. She agreed, and he ran out.

A short while later, Natalie sat at the table with her parents and told them about the subpoena. Clint commented that nothing ever made sense when talking about John. He resented the way that John had broken Natalie's heart while she had been at home taking care of John's child. Natalie's phone rang, and she walked away to answer it.

Téa informed Natalie that John's lawyer had claimed that Natalie had taken out a restraining order on John. The lawyer had also mentioned a "harshly worded letter" which had told John to get out of Natalie's life. Natalie was confused, because she hadn't done either of those things. Natalie wanted to see the letter. Téa promised to get it for her and hung up.

Natalie returned to Viki and Clint's table and informed them of what Téa had told her. She had no idea why John would claim that she had done those things when she hadn't. Later, Viki made sure that Natalie didn't want company. Viki and Clint left, and Natalie sat at the bar. She ordered a drink.

Cutter walked up to the bar and told the bartender that Natalie was to drink free for the night. She thanked Cutter, but he told her that Shelter would be boring without her. She apologized for being distracted. He asked her to call him if she ever wanted to get "undistracted." He walked away to interview two girls. As he talked to them, he couldn't stop looking over at Natalie.

Blair took two bottles of wine to the bar, where Todd was sitting. He needed to talk to her, but she insisted that she was busy. She knew that proving he'd changed would take time, but it wasn't the place or time. He told her that, when the power had shut off, the electrical cables had been cut on purpose. She demanded to know if Todd had done it.

Todd was trying to protect all of his loved ones and had something to show Blair. "If you ever trusted me, you need to trust me now," he implored, walking her outside. She relented and asked how long it would take. He insisted that it was only a short drive.

Someone was watching the Todd and Blair, and Todd spotted a gun sticking through the bushes. He tackled Blair to the ground and covered her body with his own as a shot was fired.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Chapter 7, Part 2, Episode 25

David and Dorian stopped at the coffee shop for a bite to eat after having dinner at Nora and Bo's loft. Dorian criticized Nora's cooking and matchmaking skills. It was obvious to Dorian that the dinner was only an attempt to get Matthew and Destiny together. David gave his little brother props. He thought that Matthew had been trying his best and would eventually get back together with Destiny.

David declared that having kids always connected parents, but his statement left Dorian quiet and feeling sad. She noted that she and David would never have a child together. David assured her that their material possessions would suffice, and he would never leave her for a younger woman. He added that he wouldn't know what to do with a child anyway.

Matthew made plans to visit with Michelle in Toronto because her parents had her on lockdown after her brother's death. He found her house online, and it appeared to be a mansion. He informed Dani and Jeffrey that Michelle's father worked in pharmaceuticals. Jeffrey surprised the others when he tuned into Nora's first broadcast as the Nightbird.

Awkwardly, Nora began her first broadcast. She spoke of fear and her own experience with that emotion. When she finally received her first phone call, she was surprised but ready to give advice. The young woman, a newlywed, wanted help on ridding her residence of a houseguest who happened to be her husband's cousin.

"Families are like pets. They need to be trained," Nora said. She made suggestions, and the woman was satisfied. Nora couldn't believe that her second caller sounded like Matthew. He told her that his parents were too into his business, and he felt as though he were attached to them with "puppet strings."

Nora stated that his parents were trying to save him from mistakes and pain, and they cared very much. Matthew felt as though they didn't trust him. She advised him to tell his parents to "butt out," and to stop treating him like a baby. She hoped they would get his message to accept him on his own terms.

Matthew softened, and he confessed to the Nightbird that he didn't want to lose his parents. Before he ended the call, Matthew told the Nightbird that her kids were lucky to have her for a mother.

After the show was finished, and Nora had signed off, Bo was ecstatic over the apparent success of the show. Nora was upset over the advice that she'd given to Matthew, though she admitted she had been in the moment and really believed what she had told him. Bo agreed it had been the right advice, and they had to treat Matthew as an adult. Bo voiced his pride in Nora's debut.

Dani and Jeffrey felt that Matthew had handled his mom gently and kindly. Jeffrey confessed that he'd recorded the podcast, and he thought that Matthew was ready to visit Michelle. In fact, Jeffrey said, he thought that Matthew should drive up to Toronto immediately and ditch his plans to fly. It would show Matthew's spontaneity and daring to show up with flowers and latte in hand at Michelle's door.

After dodging bullets outside of the club, Blair and Todd slowly rose from the pavement. Blair saw the bullet hole in the newly painted façade of the club and dashed inside to call the police as Todd tried to stop her. Blair pulled Cutter aside and told him what had happened. Cutter was relieved that it hadn't happened to any of their customers.

Cutter was loath to call the police and preferred that the club's own security handle the issue. He and Blair argued about it, but Blair insisted on closing the club. Later, a cop arrived. Someone had reported the sound of gunshots.

Todd took Blair to his secure room and revealed all of the monitors hooked up in order to view family movements. "You've been spying on us?" she asked. She was appalled and sickened at the thought of Todd watching their every move. "I wouldn't call it spying," Todd replied. He insisted that it was for everyone's protection, and he wanted her to listen to what he had to say.

Todd explained that the cops might have been in on the shooting, and that had been why he hadn't wanted her to call them. He showed her the note card with the distinctive logo on the front and the names of his loved ones listed inside. He believed that Dani's overdose, the cutting of the club's wiring, and the shooting were connected. Someone was out to get his loved ones.

Todd pointed out that the bullets had not been for him though, as his own name was not on the list. He showed Blair the other note he'd received, advising him to finish the job with Victor. Todd noted that Victor had the same tattoo as the design on the stationary, as did the man whose body had been found in Llanview.

"I kill him, or I lose everyone that I love," Todd said. He had to kill Victor, and he thought that Téa knew more than she'd been letting on. He wouldn't be able to question Téa because "she hates my guts." "I'll handle that," Blair replied. She was convinced that Todd's theory might be right.

Friday, June 14, 2013

New episodes of One Life to Live now air Tuesday and Thursday on Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes. The most-recent episode will be available for free online viewing right here on soapcentral.com.

The ten most-recent episodes will always be available for on-demand viewing on Hulu. For additional viewing options or to be able to view episodes that are older than the ten most-recent, you may want to subscribe to Hulu Plus. For information on how to watch episodes, please click here.

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