OLTL Recaps: The week of June 3, 2013 on One Life to Live
Viki learned some unsettling news about the Pellegrino Fund. Snoop Lion offered Matthew advice about fatherhood. Victor reached out to Téa. Todd received a card, which was embossed with a familiar symbol, that contained a list of Todd's family members.
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Monday, June 3, 2013

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Clint looked at the online edition of the Banner and expressed how much he liked the redesigned webpage. Viki, who was reading the newspaper, reiterated her preference for turning real pages. Just then, Nigel led Jeffrey into the room. Jeffrey claimed to have "the next big story."

Jeffrey explained that the SEC was shutting down a huge hedge fund. He handed Viki a piece of paper and told her that it was one of the four companies listed on the paper. Viki was shocked to see that the Pellegrino Fund was on the list. Jeffrey assured her that there was only a 25% chance that it could be the Pellegrino Fund. He continued that there was a whole list of crimes that the hedge fund had committed.

Viki demanded to know if Jeffrey's source was reliable. He responded that the source had called him because of his story about Dorian. She told him that they needed to be sure about the story before printing it, because she didn't want to be responsible for a financial panic. Jeffrey left, and Viki asked Clint what she was supposed to do.

Clint advised that Viki take her money out of the Pellegrino Fund immediately. Otherwise, he wondered if she were ready to gamble with the future of the Banner. Viki picked up the phone and dialed her financial planner. A short while later, Viki threw her papers about the Pellegrino Fund in anger. Clint tried to comfort her.

Téa was on her computer when she received an instant message. "Are you there? I'm sorry about the giraffe," the message said. She realized it was Victor. She asked if he was all right and where he was. He replied that he was "on the move." She assured him that the police would protect him and asked him to turn himself in. After several moments with no reply, she got up.

A short while later, Téa sat in Bo's office and told him about the conversation. On the phone, Bo asked for the station's best Internet forensics technician. He suggested that someone was posing as Victor, but she assured him that no one else knew about the giraffe. The technician entered, and Bo handed the computer to the man.

Bo continued that someone could be forcing Victor to make contact with Téa as a trap. Bo wondered what the "giraffe" meant. Téa said that Victor had been calm when she'd told him about their son but had secretly destroyed the stuffed toy in anger. She worried about the two vastly different sides of Victor.

The technician returned with the computer and told Bo that the IP address that had been used was untraceable. Bo wanted Téa to leave the computer with him so that he could monitor Victor's communication, but she objected. She insisted that she could handle Victor and get information out of him. She took her computer and left.

A short while later, Téa returned to Victor's message, and there was a new one. "I love you, always," it said. She asked if Victor was still there. When she received no response for a few moments, she added, "I love you."

At the coffee shop, Matthew was yelling on the phone about a delivery of Clint's. He hung up and looked at a long to-do list. "Where's my latte?" read a text from Clint. Just then, Destiny entered with Drew but quickly went back out the door when she spotted Matthew. He stopped her and asked her and Drew to sit with him.

A short while later, Matthew walked up to the table with coffee for Destiny and juice for Drew, the "little man." She warned him that Drew's drink needed a lid. "He'll be fine," he said, just as Drew spilled the juice all over an angry Matthew. The two argued about Matthew not taking responsibility for Drew, and Destiny ended with, "Who's really the little man?"

Matthew told Destiny that his life was none of her business. She informed him that his life would not involve her son. Matthew changed his tune and asked Destiny if they could start over and sit and talk. She reluctantly agreed, and Matthew got up to get Drew another juice "with a lid."

Just then, Nora entered. She was about to say hello to a miserable-looking Destiny but was surprised to see Matthew sit down at the table and pull Drew onto his lap. Nora quickly exited the shop and happily watched for a moment.

Destiny asked Matthew about Jeffrey and admitted that she wanted his number. Sighing, he took out his phone to get the number for her, but she said she only wanted to ask him to babysit. Destiny invited Matthew over for dinner sometime, but he didn't think that it was a good idea. He got a text from Clint and left. A while later, Destiny had fallen asleep, and Drew woke her up.

David was sitting in the La Boulaie living room when Dorian entered. She wondered what he thought of her new blog. "It's nasty," he responded, "and I love it!" Dorian wanted to celebrate, but David had to start editing his reality show footage. Dorian had a desire to reinvent herself. She took a purple wig, a blonde wig, and a brunette wig out of a bag. She decided to treat herself to "a day of beauty at a public spa."

Blair argued with Cutter that the power outage at the club had not been an accident, but Cutter thought she was being paranoid. Todd entered and agreed with Blair. He informed them that the power had purposely been cut. Blair wanted to call the cops. Cutter told her not to because he and Bruce would handle it.

A short while later, Todd called Dani. He wanted to meet up with her and promised to go wherever she wanted. The two ended up at a nail salon, both getting their nails done. Cutting to the chase, Todd asked if Dani had any more of the drugs she had supposedly overdosed on so that he could get it tested. She was pleasantly surprised that someone believed her but informed Todd that after Matthew had taken them from her, Bo had found them.

Dani asked Todd which color she should pick for her nails as Dorian entered. He put his head down, but Dorian saw him anyway. She joked about him being "metrosexual," and he asked if she were there to get her "claws professionally sharpened." Dani returned with a lime green color for Todd's nails.

A short while later, Todd called Bo. He asked what Bo had done with the drugs he'd found on Matthew, because Todd wanted to have them tested. Bo replied that he'd thrown them away, to Todd's disappointment. Bo hung up the phone and opened one of his desk drawers to reveal the bag of pills.

Dani was proud of her nails, and Todd and Dorian argued about what men liked about women and their beauty "tricks." Todd told Dorian to leave his and Dani's "father-daughter day" alone. Dorian spat that she saw no father there. "Hey!" Dani yelled defensively. Todd and Dorian agreed that Dani had natural beauty.

Later, Matthew arrived at his apartment and found Jeffrey hard at work. Matthew was looking for Dani so they could go for a jog. There was a knock on the door, and Matthew expected Dani. However, he opened the door and was surprised to find Snoop Lion. Obviously starstruck, Jeffrey asked if he could interview Snoop for a story, but Snoop related that he hated reporters.

Abandoning the interview question, Jeffrey introduced himself and shook Snoop's hand. Just then, Dani burst through the door, talking excitedly about how she'd seen someone downtown that looked like Snoop Lion, when she spotted Snoop in her living room.

Todd arrived in his hotel room and looked around the place. He sat down and looked across the room. He saw a card in his fireplace with the same picture of Victor's tattoo on the front.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New episodes of One Life to Live now air Tuesday and Thursday on Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes. The most-recent episode will be available for free online viewing right here on soapcentral.com.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chapter 6, Part 2, Episode 23

Jack, Sam, and David gathered around a laptop at La Boulaie as they viewed the film that had been taken at the club for David's reality show. Jack paused at the sight of Rama, who David called the "full package." Dorian found them and took a peek. She wondered about the woman standing with David. "Full package," Sam repeated.

Dorian suggested that David hire Jack to do editing work during the summer, in order for her to spend more time with David herself. David reminded her that he was busy with his show, but Dorian offered to help too. She figured that she could be his leading lady. David was less than thrilled with Dorian's offer.

Dorian assured her husband that every project needed a big name associated with it, though David reminded her that he was famous in his own right. He stated that things were different with a reality show, and he didn't think she'd be happy.

"People love a phoenix rising from the ashes story," Dorian pointed out. David replied that the story was about Vickerman and that was him, though Dorian said that she was Mrs. Vickerman. David decided that he would have to think about it, even as an excited Dorian declared that they would have a lot of fun. David could only groan through his frozen smile.

Vimal got ready for his date as a disappointed Rama explained that she had been longing to spend the evening with him herself. It was her first evening off in quite some time. Vimal reminded her that the open marriage had been Rama's idea, and he had been looking forward to his first date, especially since Rama had already been out twice.

Vimal was tired of waiting around alone for Rama, and he wanted advice on his outfit. They discussed family, and he noted that his own parents had been very happy with their own arranged marriage. Rama thought that they had nothing to compare to, so of course they were happy.

Rama was disappointed that Vimal hadn't even noticed her preparations for the evening or the outfit she was wearing. She wore the outfit she'd had on during their wedding ceremony. She admitted that she'd never forgotten what he'd told her the night of their wedding. He'd stated that he'd never known that he'd had a broken heart until he had met her.

"I'll remember that all night," Vimal retorted as he left for his date. Within seconds, he returned, announcing that he'd forgotten something. It was Rama. Shortly after, Vimal cancelled his date, and the couple had the whole evening to enjoy each other's company. Vimal assured his wife that he was quite happy.

Nora barged into Bo's office. She was agitated because of a flyer with her photo plastered on the front advertising "Ask Nora." She shouted that she was the District Attorney and couldn't have her face all over town. She didn't have any plans for a show beyond the one time, and she was supposed to be anonymous.

An enthusiastic Bo took credit for having someone create the flyer as well as social media for the show. "Are you trying to get me fired?" Nora asked. Bo admitted that he was, because he hadn't seen her so happy in years. "It's so public," Nora complained. She wanted to be a character and not herself. Nora stressed that she only wanted to help people.

Bo pointed to the disclaimer in small print on the flyer. It stated that no legal advice would be provided and that the advice was only an opinion. Nora agreed to think about subsequent shows; however, she thought of a name for herself. She thought the Nightbird sounded appropriate.

Bo assured her that she gave great advice, and people would have to realize that they were only receiving her opinion. He was certain that people would love her. "If they don't, screw 'em," he told her.

Matthew invited Snoop Lion inside. The star advised the young man that he was there to give some advice. Before they could chat, Dani arrived home and was in awe when she saw their visitor. She asked for a photo, and Snoop snapped his fingers. One of his associates walked in with a poster that Snoop immediately autographed.

Jeffrey emerged from his bedroom, took the scene in, and began to argue with Dani over where the poster might go. The pair headed to Dani's room so that Snoop could have a chat with Matthew.

"Word on the street says you're a daddy now," Snoop said. Matthew wanted to know how Snoop knew, but Snoop confessed that he was aggravated. Snoop explained that he had seen firsthand what happened after young guys messed around with young girls who ended up having babies. "A real man don't run, and a real man don't reject his blood," Snoop professed.

Matthew would regret not being a man and raising his son, Snoop added. He mentioned that Matthew still had plenty of time. Matthew thought about it briefly and agreed that Snoop was right.

The star was sure that Matthew would do the right thing, but the choice was solely up to Matthew. Snoop offered Matthew a cigarette twice but pulled it away gleefully both times. "Psych!" Snoop shouted once. He knew that Matthew's parents would kill him if he allowed Matthew to smoke. Snoop danced out the door.

Dani and Jeffrey walked back into the living room. They were still arguing over the poster. Matthew grabbed it and held it up against the living room wall. Once they got it framed, they could place it in that spot, he suggested. His roommates agreed.

Todd stared at the envelope with the familiar tattoo that was sitting in his fireplace. He looked around. Gingerly, he picked it up and opened it. The names of all of his family members were listed on a small sheet of paper.

Friday, June 7, 2013

New episodes of One Life to Live now air Tuesday and Thursday on Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes. The most-recent episode will be available for free online viewing right here on soapcentral.com.

The ten most-recent episodes will always be available for on-demand viewing on Hulu. For additional viewing options or to be able to view episodes that are older than the ten most-recent, you may want to subscribe to Hulu Plus. For information on how to watch episodes, please click here.

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