OLTL Recaps: The week of May 20, 2013 on One Life to Live
Matthew claimed that he cared about Dani like a sister. Dani indulged in a steamy fantasy about Matthew. Rama agreed to be a part of David's reality show. Todd received a cryptic message bearing the symbol that matched Victor's tattoo.
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Monday, May 20, 2013

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hidden cameras watched Dani, Matthew, and Jeffrey's apartment, the Llanfair living room, Téa's nursery, and the La Boulaie living room.

Dorian was on the phone, making sure that "the material" had been sent to the SEC. She commented that she was happy to see justice served and hung up the phone. Jack entered, and Dorian told him that she was going to take him out to dinner. He didn't want to go, but she wasn't listening. David and Blair entered, and Dorian wanted to make it a family dinner. Jack yelled that he didn't want to go and that no one ever listened to him. Dorian, Blair, and David looked at Jack, open-mouthed.

While Dani had dinner cooking, she poured Matthew and Jeffrey a glass of her own concoction. Jeffrey and Dani teased Matthew, who had been trying all day to call Michelle, the girl from Facebook. Matthew admitted that he was worried about her, but Jeffrey insisted that Matthew hardly knew anything about the girl. Jeffrey informed Matthew that, as a reporter, Jeffrey didn't believe anything he heard without confirmation. Jeffrey pressed Matthew for one verifiable fact about Michelle.

Matthew related that he knew Michelle lived in Toronto because her phone number had a Toronto area code. Thinking again, Matthew refused to take advice from "two single losers." Dani wondered what Matthew liked about Michelle. Matthew told them that he'd had an "instant connection" with Michelle. Jeffrey didn't think Michelle was who she said she was, but Dani hoped what Matthew and Michelle had was real.

Dani went to the kitchen to work on dinner. Jeffrey asked Matthew why he was going after a girl he didn't know when Dani was available. Matthew insisted that, even though they had once dated, Dani was like his sister, and she was also close with Destiny. Matthew joked that Jeffrey should worry about his own "pathetic sex life." Dani carried some pasta over to the couch but tripped and spilled it all over.

At Shelter, Cutter gave instructions to Rama on how much they needed to sell that night. Natalie and Destiny entered the club and went straight to the bar. Natalie reminded Destiny that she had to work later. They agreed that they would only have one drink so they wouldn't get into trouble.

David and his cameraman sat at the bar. David wanted to find a sidekick who looked good but wouldn't "steal the spotlight." Rama walked up to the bar and was very star-struck when she saw David. She gushed to him about how many times she had seen The Boy with the Chipmunk Tattoo and asked him question after question about the movie. She turned for a quick conversation with the bartender. David took the opportunity to tell his cameraman to start shooting.

When Rama returned, David asked her to be an unpaid part of his reality show. Ecstatic, she accepted. The cameraman began shooting, and David announced that he was standing with his new best friend, the VIP hostess of Shelter. She related that her favorite part of her job was making small talk with customers. She wondered what his favorite part of his job was. He replied that it was meeting his fans and that they made the years of rejection worthwhile. He cut the take and gave Rama some notes about her performance.

Later, Natalie and Destiny went back to the bar after dancing for a while. Rama had two martinis ready for the women. Cutter complimented Natalie's moves on the dance floor and asked her to save him a dance. When he was gone, Destiny noticed the flirtation between Natalie and Cutter. "My work here is done," she joked and left to go to work.

Rama warned Natalie to be careful around Cutter. Natalie assured Rama that she could take care of herself and left to sit down. Cutter had heard what Rama had said to Natalie and asked what Natalie thought. Natalie replied that she was old enough to make her own decisions. Cutter joked that Rama had good taste in men as he watched her talk to David. Natalie had to get home to Liam. Before Natalie left, she and Cutter agreed to a date.

Todd identified a picture on Bo's desk as the tattoo he'd seen on Victor. Bo informed Todd that Todd's accusations were starting to add up because the stopper on the decanter had tested positive for arsenic. However, Bo couldn't be sure that Victor had been the one to put the arsenic there because he didn't consider Todd very reliable.

Téa entered wielding a file folder and told Bo that there was something he needed to see. Bo told Todd to leave and promised to call if Bo needed anything. Todd left, and Téa said that Todd hadn't been lying. In the folder were pages printed from her computer's browser history: "500 Ways to Kill" and research about arsenic.

Téa told Bo that he needed to find Victor, and he assured her that he had his best detectives on it. Téa didn't want to believe that Victor had tried to kill Todd, but she knew that he had plenty of motive. She confided that Victor had been different and reluctant to tell Téa anything about where he'd been. She believed that he'd been held and tortured. Bo warned her that, when they found Victor, he would be arrested. She accepted that because it would at least keep him safe until they figured out what was going on.

Viki angrily crumpled up a piece of paper and threw it away. "So I guess Paris is out of the question?" Clint asked as he entered the living room. Viki replied that the family was falling apart, and she didn't want her wedding to Clint to be rushed. Clint pulled the crumpled paper out of the trash can and discovered that it was a list of recommended cuts at the Banner. Viki refused to fire all those people, but Clint told her that she might have to.

Clint reminded Viki that she'd fired people before, but she replied that the recommendation had included major layoffs. Clint went through part of the list with Viki, but she had reasons to keep every person mentioned. He informed her that, if the paper had to be shut down, no one would have a job. Clint still wanted to invest in the paper, but Viki didn't want to mix business and personal life. He suggested that Buchanan Enterprises give the Banner a loan. Viki wanted lawyers to draw up the contract, so Clint left to make the phone call.

Todd entered, and Viki related her shock that he'd told Jack that Victor had tried to kill Todd. Viki told him that Jack needed a father and wanted to believe in Todd, but Todd needed to give Jack a reason to trust Todd.

Later, Viki expressed her worry about Todd and Jack to Clint. "Like father, like son," he replied. Viki insisted that Jack was innocent and hurting. Clint believed that Jack was trouble and had the "deck stacked against him" with father figures like Todd and Victor. Viki was determined to help Jack "overcome his DNA" and expected Clint to help. Clint responded that he had his hands full with making Matthew into a "standup guy."

Todd returned to his hotel room and found an envelope on the desk with the symbol like Victor's tattoo. He took a note out of the envelope that read, "Victor is alive. Finish what you started...or else."

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New episodes of One Life to Live now air Tuesday and Thursday on Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes. The most-recent episode will be available for free online viewing right here on soapcentral.com.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chapter 4, Part 2 (Episode 17)

A new day dawned in Llanview. Dani watched a shirtless Matthew bench press and daydreamed of kissing him passionately. She snapped out of it and announced that coffee was ready. Jeffrey was on his way out to work, though not at the office.

Matthew's laptop rang, and Matthew jumped up and ran over to it. He was disappointed to find the electric bill, and Dani teased him about moving so quickly. She also taunted him that perhaps Michelle had dumped him, since he hadn't heard from her in several minutes.

Matthew went to shower, and Dani hastily opened the closed laptop. She found conversations between Matthew and Michelle, and she noted that Matthew had lied about some of his hobbies. He had professed his love for running and rock climbing.

Matthew returned dressed and ready to head out. Dani slammed the laptop closed and advised him that she'd been trying to go after a bug. She suggested that they go running after work, as she hated to go so late by herself. Matthew looked suspicious but agreed.

Nora handed Drew a bowl of dry cereal for breakfast, and she and Bo talked about Drew's coughing during the night. Bo wondered when they might expect Matthew to act like Drew's father.

Bo played with Drew and advised Nora that while he loved his grandson, Drew needed his father. Nora reminded Bo that Matthew had made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with Drew. She noted that Matthew had backed himself into a corner, and they would have to figure out a way to get him out. Nora thought that they'd have to get Matthew and Destiny to be friends again first.

Destiny met with Viki in the Banner office to discuss work. Viki vowed to give Destiny a better schedule due to being a single mother, though Destiny advised Viki that she had several sitters to help out, including Bo and Nora. Viki wondered where Matthew fit into the picture.

Shortly after Viki had talked with Destiny, Clint arrived with coffee. Viki mentioned that while she'd appreciated Clint's attempts at reorganization of the newspaper, it was her name that appeared on the office door. Clint declared that Viki would have to get more aggressive with her methods.

Cutter spoke to his friend in the coffee shop and advised him that additional security would be needed at the club due to an impending secret event. Natalie walked in and over to Cutter, who realized he'd have to cancel their date because of work. The two joked around and settled on another day. Cutter promised not to cancel again.

Todd showed up at La Boulaie with breakfast in hand to speak to Jack. Blair was irritated, but Todd found Jack sitting with his laptop in the study. As Todd attempted to hand Jack a breakfast sandwich, Jack advised his father that he no longer ate meat because it killed, a topic that Todd was probably familiar with.

Todd attempted to talk to Jack about Victor. "There are things I could tell you..." Todd began. Jack interrupted. "Like how he screams when he's shot?" Jack shouted. Sarcastically, Todd noted that Victor's left hand had been stronger than the right one when he'd attempted to strangle Todd.

Furious, Jack advised Todd that he thought of Victor, not Todd, as his father. He didn't want to listen to anything that Todd had to say. Todd insisted on sitting and eating his breakfast, even if Jack didn't want to talk. Todd finally left and found Blair eavesdropping outside of the study door. He wanted her help.

Blair went to her son and advised him that Todd had been trying to make a "fresh start," but Jack still refused to enter the conversation. Jack loved Victor, and he was upset that there was nothing he could do to get Victor back. He threw a glass and ordered Todd to leave.

Once Todd was gone, Blair attempted to talk to Jack herself. Jack put on his headphones and ignored his mother. "I'm so sorry," a tearful Blair said repeatedly. Jack continued to ignore Blair until she left. Once she was gone, Jack removed his headphones.

Clint bumped into Jeffrey at the coffee shop, and the men got into a discussion about the newspaper and new methods that could be used in the digital age. Clint praised Jeffrey on the work he'd done so far.

Destiny arrived to pick up Drew at the loft, and Nora convinced her to stay for breakfast. The young woman agreed reluctantly, and the Buchanans reminded her that they were family. "Not really," Destiny reminded them. She thought it was way more complicated than that. Destiny admitted that she had always loved Matthew, but he didn't love her, so she would have to accept it and move on. She was doing fine on her own.

Jeffrey met with Viki, and the newspaper editor admitted that she loved his ideas, but she had to cut costs. She refused to lay off her various longtime workers, even if they weren't familiar with the digital aspects of the newspaper business. Jeffrey noted that Clint had had lots of good ideas, and Viki's demeanor changed.

Obviously aggravated, she asked Jeffrey to leave when Clint appeared. She was furious that Clint had taken it upon himself to have a private meeting with one of her employees. Viki noted that Jeffrey really wasn't even an employee. Clint insisted it had been a "chance meeting" at the coffee shop. "I run the Banner. This is my newspaper," Viki spat.

Viki continued angrily. If Clint didn't like it, she would be happy to give him his money back. She thought that perhaps the loan had been a bad idea.

Natalie received a call from her mother. Viki asked her to dinner, and Natalie accepted. She told Viki about her cancelled date with a guy she thought was cute. Natalie hadn't heard from John. "Go for it," Viki urged.

Leaving the coffee shop with her arms full of dry cleaning and coffee, Natalie missed a phone call. She put her items down and stopped to pull the phone from her purse. She was surprised to see that John had tried to call her.

Friday, May 24, 2013

New episodes of One Life to Live now air Tuesday and Thursday on Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes. The most-recent episode will be available for free online viewing right here on soapcentral.com.

The ten most-recent episodes will always be available for on-demand viewing on Hulu. For additional viewing options or to be able to view episodes that are older than the ten most-recent, you may want to subscribe to Hulu Plus. For information on how to watch episodes, please click here.

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