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Monday, June 6, 2011

At the diner, Blair was surprised to see Jack. She remembered telling Jack to go straight to Todd's after school. Jack replied that there had been cops all over the house, so he'd decided to stay away. Blair wondered what had happened. Jack related that he would never go into a house full of cops. Blair picked up her phone to find out what was going on.

At Todd's, Brody was on the phone with Natalie. He told her to get some rest, as Téa walked in. Livid, she asked if the cops were performing another illegal search. Brody showed Téa the search warrant. Téa's phone rang, and she answered it to Blair. Blair wondered what was going on at Todd's. Téa told Blair that the police thought Marty and Liam were at the house, even though Téa knew they wouldn't find anything.

John kicked open the door of the pool house, and found Tomas holding Liam. Tomas gave the baby to John, who demanded to know where Marty and Todd were. Tomas claimed he had gone outside for air, and heard a baby crying. He had gone into the pool house and found Liam alone. He didn't know the whereabouts of Todd or Marty. John left an officer with Tomas, and instructed the officer to shoot Tomas if Tomas moved. John left the pool house with Liam. Tomas wondered if he could get a phone call.

In the house, Téa wondered how long it would take for the police to admit that they were wrong. Brody found a baby toy, and asked her to explain it. Just then, John entered the house with Liam, to Téa's surprise. John announced where he'd found Liam, and handed the baby to Brody. Happy to see his child, Brody wanted details, but John claimed to have things under control. John suggested that Brody take Liam to the hospital. Brody thanked John for finding Liam, and left.

Téa asked John if Marty had been found along with Liam. John responded that Tomas could tell them, since he had been found holding Liam. Stunned, Téa followed John out to the pool house. She was horrified to see that an officer had been holding a gun on her brother. John shot question after question at Tomas. Tomas claimed not to know where Marty was. He was annoyed to be treated like a criminal, even though he'd been the one to find Liam.

Tomas explained his story again, and repeated that he didn't know where Marty or Todd were. John suggested that Tomas tell the truth before Marty could hurt someone else. John received a phone call, and had a quick conversation. He announced that he had gotten a lead on Marty, and instructed the officers to bag everything in the pool house as evidence. He informed Tomas that he would be back to question Tomas, and left.

Téa told Tomas that, since they were alone, she wanted the truth from him. Tomas stood by his story. Téa wondered how Marty could have hid in the pool house without anyone knowing. Tomas wanted to survey the damage that the cops had done to the house, so he walked away. As the cops left the pool house, Téa walked in. Suddenly, she remembered the night before, when she had wanted to go swimming, but Todd hadn't let her.

Tomas called Claude, and updated him on what had happened. He told Claude that Marty was gone for good.

At the gym, Cristian looked at the intense workout routine that Ford had written up for Shane. Gigi hoped it wasn't too intense, and reminded Cristian that Shane had asthma. Cristian gave Shane directions on how to start, so the boy walked away. Gigi thanked Cristian for helping, because it was the first thing she'd seen Shane excited about in a long time. She told Cristian that she owed him, and left for work.

Shane returned to Cristian, awaiting his next task. Cristian handed Shane an exercise ball, and demonstrated the movements that he wanted Shane to do. Cristian lauded Shane for wanting to start working out. Cristian wished he had done it when he was a kid, because he had grown up in a tough neighborhood. However, he informed Shane that all of the guys that had made him feel small were dead, or in jail.

Cristian noticed a crying Rama enter, so he excused himself. Cristian wondered how Vimal had taken the news about the baby. She admitted that she hadn't told Vimal, because her marriage would have ended if she had. She called herself a coward, but Cristian disagreed. He reminded her that the longer she took to tell Vimal, the harder it would be to tell him.

Cristian assured Rama that Vimal wouldn't reject her. He thought that Vimal would know that she'd had "pure motives." She disagreed, and said that if Vimal left her, both of their families would be disgraced. Cristian thought that Vimal would be grateful to be out of prison. Vimal wouldn't be able to be angry once he looked at Rama's "beautiful face." Cristian's compliment clearly pleased Rama.

As Jack was served a piece of cake at the diner, Blair expressed her concern that Jack didn't care about anyone but himself. Just then, Gigi walked over and took Jack's cake. "We don't serve bullies here," she said. Blair argued that Gigi couldn't deny Jack service. Jack mentioned that he hadn't even gone anywhere near Shane. Gigi shot back that it was only because they had taken Shane out of school, and off of MyFace.

Jack got a phone call, and answered it to Brad. Brad told Jack to get to the gym, because Shane was there, working out. Jack lied to Blair that some of his friends were studying at the library. Although Blair was suspicious, she let him go. Blair wondered if Gigi was happy that she had run Jack out of the diner. Blair understood that Gigi was upset about what had happened between Jack and Shane, but Gigi couldn't humiliate Jack in public. Gigi knew that no one liked to see the worst in their own children, but she believed that Jack was a problem.

Shane was working out at the gym when Jack entered. Jack taunted Shane about using light weights, because Shane was "a lightweight." He continued and made fun of Rex and Gigi. Shane became angry when Jack refused to stop talking about Rex and Gigi. Interrupting Jack, Shane told Jack that Jack had been right about the weights. Shane said that he couldn't hold the heavy weights anymore, and dropped one on Jack's foot.

Hearing the loud noise, Cristian ran back to Shane. He called Blair, and told her to get to the gym. A short while later, Cristian got a tearful Jack some ice. Shane taunted Jack about crying, and Brad laughed. Blair and Gigi entered the gym. Jack accused Shane of throwing a weight onto Jack's toe. Blair wondered why Jack was at the gym, and not at the library like he'd said. Jack lied that Brad had needed a ride to the library.

Gigi knew that Jack had gone to the gym to harass Shane. Gigi told Cristian that they'd work out another time for him to help Shane, and the two left. Blair recognized that Jack had gone to the gym to make trouble. She told her son that he'd be grounded for a long time. When he whined about being the victim, Blair told him that he would live. Jack told his mother that Shane was "a violent psycho like his dad." Ignoring the comment, Blair told Jack that the driver was there, so Jack was to go home and stay there.

Cristian returned to Rama. She apologized to him for possibly giving him the wrong idea earlier. She only thought of him as a good friend. She kissed him on the cheek, but both leaned in further to share a passionate kiss on the lips.

Back at the diner, Gigi gave Shane the piece of cake that was supposed to have been Jack's. Gigi was glad that Shane was standing up for himself, but she advised him to be careful. She left, and Shane received a text message from Jack that said, "You're gonna regret that, Wheezy!" Shane replied to Jack and dared him to "Bring it."

Roxy picked up the recorder to play some music for Natalie, but the doctor entered. The doctor said that Natalie was lucky not to have re-broken anything. Natalie would only consider herself lucky if she had her son. The doctor warned her to stay put if she wanted to recover. Natalie didn't care what happened to her, as long her son was all right.

Natalie wondered how Marty could take care of Liam. Roxy tried to comfort Natalie, and urged her to be optimistic. Just then, Brody entered with Liam. He wanted a doctor to check Liam out, but everyone agreed that Liam looked great. He handed Liam to a tearful Natalie. She wanted details, but Brody admitted that he didn't have any, because John had everything under control. "John found him?" a surprised Natalie asked.

Roxy wanted to give Natalie and Brody privacy with Liam, so she left. Natalie and Brody agreed that Marty seemed to have taken good care of Liam. Brody didn't know what he would have done if he'd lost Liam or Natalie. Natalie promised that she and Liam weren't going anywhere, and Brody kissed her.

Roxy entered the diner and found Gigi. She excitedly informed Gigi that Liam was back with Natalie, and was in good condition. Roxy sat down and took the recorder out of her purse. She realized that it had been running while in her purse, so the batteries were dead.

On the plane, the guard told Patrick that he would go get Patrick's wife. The guard left, and Patrick got up to walk around. The man with Todd's original face peeked out from the back of the plane.

Todd thought that Marty was crazy, but she insisted that John was Liam's father. Todd said that the plane had arrived, so he needed to get her to Patrick. Marty needed to tell John the truth herself. The guard entered to take Marty to the plane, but Todd asked for another minute. The guard reminded Todd that the plane was flying "under the radar," so he couldn't stay all day.

Todd reminded Marty that Vimal had only switched Jessica's paternity test. Marty replied that she'd been the one to switch Natalie's paternity test, and she'd even seen Vimal in the lab. She continued that Natalie had found out after listening to Marty's therapy session tape, so Marty had been forced to push Natalie off of the roof. However, she admitted that she'd lost track of the tape.

Marty had recognized that she could never be with John while Natalie was alive, and Todd thought Marty would never get back together with John at all. Todd showed Marty the picture of Patrick, and urged her to get on the plane. Marty countered that, after all the terrible things she'd done, she had to try to make one thing right.

Since Todd still didn't believe Marty about Liam's paternity, Marty handed him a piece of paper. She told him that Natalie had ripped up a copy, but Marty had kept the original copy of Natalie's paternity results. She asked who would care if she didn't get on the plane, because Todd would have the disc that he wanted anyway. She wanted to go to John, but Todd informed her that John would put her in jail immediately.

Todd told her to forget about John and think about Patrick. She didn't know how to face Patrick after everything she'd done, but Todd assured her that Patrick would love her no matter what. The guard returned, but Todd wanted five more minutes. The guard reminded him that, if the guard got caught, Todd would be in trouble too.

On the plane, the guard told Patrick that Marty would be a few more minutes, because she was saying goodbye to Todd Manning. The man with Todd's original face looked confused. The guard assured Patrick that Todd and Marty would never see each other again, because he knew how Patrick felt about Todd.

Marty told Todd that the woman Patrick had loved was long gone. Todd advised her not to blow her second chance with Patrick. She still wanted to tell John the truth. Todd told her that she couldn't turn herself in. She informed Todd that she didn't know what was on the disc, so he was safe. He promised that he wasn't being selfish. He didn't think that Marty turning herself in would make anything right.

Todd told her that she deserved happiness. She had hurt a lot of people, but she'd also been hurt a lot. Todd recognized his part in her mental issues, and remembered the night that he had raped her. He told her to go be with the love of her life, as the guard returned. He said that Marty could either get on the plane, or he would leave. Marty agreed to go.

Marty demanded that Todd promise to tell Cole that she and Patrick would return, and to tell John the truth about Liam. Todd promised, so Marty left with the guard. Marty caught sight of Patrick, and ran toward the plane. Todd watched her go. "So long, Marty Saybrooke. Out of my life at last," Todd said. The man with Todd's original face peeked out from around a corner at Todd.