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Monday, April 4, 2011

Gigi panicked as she read the goodbye note that Shane had written to her and Rex. Rex reread the note and suggested that Shane had run away as teenagers were prone to do, but Gigi was certain that the note alluded to something else. Rex wanted to remain calm, and repeated that Shane had probably just run away. He decided to call Bo, and Gigi tried once again to call Shane's cell phone. They were both unsuccessful, but Gigi agreed that Shane had probably just run off to talk to someone or had run away. She had no idea who Shane might talk to, but Rex recalled that Shane was close to his grandmother, and he quickly phoned Echo.

Viki walked into Echo's room at the Minute Man Motel and found Echo and Charlie in bed together. "Oh God," Viki uttered. She was visibly shaken, but she walked into the room and closed the door behind her. "How could you do this?" Viki asked. She noted that Tess had sent her a present, and it was a picture of Charlie kissing "that piece of trash." Echo wanted to talk to Viki, but Viki shouted for Echo to shut up. Viki yelled that she had known all along that it would happen, because Echo couldn't get a man of her own. First it was Clint, and then it was Charlie.

Viki called Echo a slut, but Echo stated that she'd had Charlie first. Viki retorted that she was the one whom Charlie had married. Echo claimed that she hadn't wanted to hurt Viki, but Viki was certain that Echo had planned to do so all along. "You pig," Viki snarled as she slapped Echo's face. Charlie quickly separated the women, but Echo's phone began to ring. She stepped away to answer it, and Charlie began to apologize to Viki.

He'd never meant for it to happen, Charlie pleaded. Viki replied that in that case, he shouldn't have slept with Echo. Viki had warned him. Echo returned and announced that she had to leave. Shane was missing, and there had been trouble at school. She began to say something to Charlie, but Viki interrupted. Charlie would not accompany Echo, Viki said adamantly. She knew that was what Echo had been about to ask.

In another room at the motel, James pulled away from Deanna as she began to kiss him. "I'm with someone," he told her. "What about us? You said you loved me," Deanna responded. James reminded Deanna that she had dumped him. He was happy, and he asked why Deanna was in Llanview. Before she could answer, James exclaimed that he didn't care, because he was with Starr. He wondered about the porn film that he'd found Deanna involved with, but Deanna declared that she'd made a mistake.

Starr arrived at the hospital and found Shaun sitting outside of Todd's room. Shaun could tell that something was wrong, and Starr explained that she had to talk to her mother about Jack. Inside of Todd's room, Blair urged Todd to wake up. She confided that Dani had suggested that Jack had done some awful things, and she wondered if their son could be so cruel. Starr wandered into the room and asked Blair what she was talking about, but she didn't wait for her mother to explain. Starr proclaimed that Jack was out of control, and Blair had to do something before Shane got hurt.

Starr admitted that she'd shown up at school to get Jack, and she'd found a naked Shane, while Jack and his friends had stood by and laughed at him. Starr also declared that Jack had posted some terrible things about Shane on MyFace, and Jack had even confessed to her. Blair casually replied that she was busy with Todd, but she'd have a talk with Jack when she could. Starr was hard on her mother, and she demanded that her mother find the time right away. Blair blamed Jack's behavior on Todd's shooting, but Starr clarified that it had all started before the shooting. Starr didn't find it useful that Jack looked to Todd as his hero.

Starr signed onto MyFace and showed her mother all of the awful things that Jack had written. Much of it was from several months in the past. As they read, a notice popped up that a new video was available to look at. Starr noted that she'd found Rex and Gigi yelling at Jack when she'd been at school, and she couldn't believe that her brother was so stupid that he'd post a video after that. The women decided to look at the video, and they were appalled as they watched Shane being made fun of as he stood without his clothing. Blair asked who might be able to view the video. "Everyone," Starr said.

The kids at school laughed and joked as they watched the video of a naked Shane outside of the gym. They were surprised when Shane walked in, and they quieted down. Shane urged them to keep on watching the video because it was hilarious. He had something for Jack, and he turned to reach into his backpack. The other teens scattered quickly.

Shane found what he was looking for, and he tossed his inhaler at Jack. Shane announced that he no longer needed it. Jack was curious. He thought that Shane needed the device to breathe. Shane replied that he did, and he turned and left the room.

Destiny found Matthew looking at his phone, and she wondered if he were watching the video of Shane. She was of the opinion that Jack had to pay for the mean pranks that he'd carried out. She hadn't seen the video, but she'd heard all about it. Matthew curtly advised her that he had other things on his mind, and he wasn't interested in the video. Destiny inquired as to why Matthew was so rude, because she was upset about Shane. Matthew explained that he was concerned about his uncle's arraignment, and he advised her that sometimes a video wasn't really what it appeared to be.

Destiny wanted an explanation from Matthew, but he merely stated, "It's not what you think." Destiny noted that Matthew had been "jumpy," and she wanted to know what he was nervous about. She wondered if it had been their kiss. She was his friend, and she wanted him to talk. Matthew advised her that he had not been thinking about the kiss at all. He couldn't talk to her or anyone else, for that matter, or they'd get in trouble, Matthew explained. He had to get over to the courthouse, and he was hopeful that the charges against Clint would be dropped.

Destiny ran into Shane, and she expressed her sympathy over the video. She explained that she knew exactly how he felt, as she'd been a target when she had been fat during her freshman year. Everyone had called her Density, she revealed. She was certain that Shane would get through it, but Shane responded that it would never go away, especially because of the online video. He stated that was something that Destiny hadn't had to deal with.

Destiny agreed, but she continued to praise Shane. She ticked off his many talents and told him how amazing he was, while the only talent Jack had was spending his father's money. She suggested that Shane talk to the principal or a guidance counselor, but Shane thought that would only make matters worse. Destiny promised him that it would stop the taunts from occurring. "Or not," Shane retorted. He left Destiny, found a doorway, and began to slowly climb the steps to the school's roof.

As they waited for the arraignment to begin, Clint advised Bo and Nora that their son was Eddie Ford's murderer. The couple took exception to Clint's words and denied that it could be true. "You bastard," Nora snapped at Clint. "And I can prove it," Clint claimed. Just then, Clint's attorney arrived and handed Clint the proof that he'd been waiting for. It was a recorder, and Clint hit play. They all listened to a phone call that Matthew had made to his uncle asking for help. He had been crying. "I just shot Eddie Ford. He's dead," Matthew's voice announced.

Clint explained that Matthew had called Buchanan Enterprises, and those calls were always recorded. Nora thought that Clint's timing was "suspect," while Bo looked at his brother in disbelief. He couldn't imagine why Clint had "sat on it," and Clint tried to justify his actions. He had wanted to protect everyone, same as always, and he'd begged them to drop the charges. He hadn't wanted to incriminate Matthew. The hearing was called to order as the judge arrived and sat down. He asked Clint about his plea, but Clint remained silent, as did Nora and Bo. The judge was annoyed, and after several moments, Clint finally began to speak.

Nora jumped up and announced that the commonwealth wanted to drop all charges. They had made a mistake with the evidence, she added. Bo spoke up and blamed himself. He admitted to being in a rush with the charges. The judge was angry and accused Bo of ruining the reputation of two men, because this was the second time a similar scenario had occurred. The first time had been with Nate. The judge advised Nora that she had better have the correct killer the next time, or both she and Bo would be looking for new jobs. He extended the court's apology to Clint.

Clint was not in a celebratory mood, as Matthew walked up behind him. The teen had arrived as the hearing had started. Matthew was glad that his uncle had gotten off, but he wondered why the charges had been dropped. Bo asked Clint to hand over the recorder, and told him to celebrate with his attorney somewhere else. Clint gently patted Matthew's shoulder and walked out. Matthew asked what was happening, and he declared how good it was that Clint had gotten off. Nora laid her head on Bo's shoulder and began to cry quietly.

Matthew asked what had happened. "I think you know," Bo stated. He wanted to go home so that they could talk about who had really shot Eddie.

Echo arrived at the carriage house, and read Shane's note. Rex signed onto Shane's MyFace page, and watched the video that was displayed. A despondent Gigi looked on. "Poor child," Echo uttered. Echo suggested that Shane might have gone to school to confront Jack, and Rex made a frantic phone call to Blair.

Jack arrived at the hospital and had words with Shaun about allowing James to be with them at the hospital. Jack entered Todd's room. Blair wanted to speak to him, and Jack accused Starr of "ratting me out." The siblings started to argue, but Blair quickly put an end to it. Blair announced that she'd seen Jack's postings on MyFace. Jack was rude to his mother, but when Blair's phone began to ring, she turned to answer it. It was a frantic Gigi, who inquired about Jack's location, because Shane had disappeared. Blair told Gigi how sorry she was for the video, and she turned to her son. Blair demanded to know if he'd seen Shane.

Jack denied any knowledge of Shane, but he finally admitted that he'd seen the teen at school. Blair verified that Gigi heard Jack's declaration, and she once again began to apologize for the video. Gigi hung up the phone as Blair spoke to her.

Starr stepped out of the room and voiced her concern about her father. Shaun assured her that Todd liked to "make people sweat." Starr thanked Shaun for not kicking James out of the hospital. She admitted that she'd had trouble reaching James on the phone, but she thought she'd try again.

James asked Deanna if she were in trouble, or if she needed money to get home. He knew the motel manager was looking for some money from her. Deanna assured James that she'd find somewhere else to stay. James's phone began to ring, and he turned away to answer it. "Where are you?" Starr asked him when he answered. James declared that he was in the "middle of something." Starr disclosed that Jack had gone off the "deep end," but James explained that he would have to call her back.

James turned around to Deanna and asked where she would stay. "Don't worry about it. Go see your new girlfriend," Deanna replied. James refused to leave Deanna to fend for herself, and he offered her the chance to stay at the apartment with him and his brother. She'd even get to know the baby, James told her. Deanna felt that she'd be in the way, and while James agreed, he thought it was a good idea. They could take the time to figure out how to get Deanna home.

Charlie wanted to leave the motel, but Viki wondered why. She declared that they were in the ideal place, a "pigsty." She had been trying to reach him, and she guessed she was lucky that he had even showed up briefly at Ryder's custody hearing to make his speech, Viki asserted. Charlie insisted that he loved Viki, but she thought he had a "funny way of showing it." She inquired how long his affair with Echo had been going on, and Charlie admitted that it had started the night of the failed double wedding. He had somehow ended up at the motel after hearing about the DNA tests.

Viki was incredulous as she recalled how worried she'd been about Charlie, who had been gone all night, and most of the following day. She had gone looking for him everywhere. She'd been to every A.A. meeting and bar she could think of, along with the morgue. She never thought he'd leave her to sleep with Echo. Charlie reached out to her, but Viki backed away. "Don't touch me," she shouted. "You stink of Echo."

Rex and Gigi decided to rush to the school. Rex asked Echo to remain behind in case Shane showed up.

Starr confided to Shaun that she'd been able to reach James, but something was strange. Her boyfriend had only stated that he was in the middle of something. Jack tried to run out of Todd's room, but the inhaler fell out of his pocket. Blair picked it up and accused her son of stealing it. Jack insisted that Shane had given it to him, because he wouldn't be needing it anymore. Blair stopped to ponder the meaning of Shane's words.

Rex and Gigi ran into the school and encountered Destiny. She revealed that she'd seen Shane, and she'd suggested that he speak to a guidance counselor. Upon prodding from Shane's parents, she pointed to the doorway that she'd seen Shane enter. She realized that there was a set of stairs on the other side of the door that led to the roof.

Shane reached the top of the stairs and climbed onto the roof. He imagined hearing the voices and laughs from the other kids. He walked up close to the railing at the edge and looked down to the street below.