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Monday, November 9, 2009

Skin and Bones

Inside Schuyler's apartment, a drunken Gigi tried her best to seduce Schuyler, but he managed to resist the temptation. When Schuyler argued that she would regret betraying Rex, Gigi wondered if Rex was the man meant for her. Convinced that Gigi loved Rex, Schuyler insisted that Gigi was upset over Rex's sudden business trip. Gigi shocked Schuyler when she revealed that Rex had been her only sexual partner. Admitting her love for Rex, Gigi explained that once her relationship with Rex had ended, she had been unable to have a sexual relationship with any other man -- including Brody. Gigi confessed that she had never stopped loving her son's father.

A sympathetic Schuyler listened as Gigi related the events that had transpired the day she had planned to tell Rex that she was pregnant with his child. Gigi explained that Rex had lived with his Aunt Corrine during their high school days. When Gigi learned that she was pregnant, she showed up at Corrine's doorstep to tell Rex the news. Refusing to give Gigi any details, an uncaring Corrine simply told her that Rex had left town and had no plans to ever return to Michigan. In tears, Gigi confessed that she still felt the way she did that day on Corrine's doorstep -- alone in the world.

After regaining her composure, Gigi asked Schuyler if she could remain at his apartment until the effects of the alcohol wore off. Once Schuyler agreed, a fully dressed Gigi lay on top of Schuyler's bed and asked him to hold her. When Schuyler innocently placed his arms around Gigi, she admitted that she felt safe.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Kyle confided in Roxy that he was excited about his first date with Oliver. Roxy wished Kyle well as he headed off to pick up Oliver for their date.

At the apartment, Layla kidded Oliver about the outfit he planned to wear on his first date with Kyle. Layla was thrilled that Oliver had reunited with the love of his life. Oliver mentioned that he had witnessed Layla's tears the previous night. Stating that Layla had helped him find his way to the person that he loved, Oliver insisted that he wanted to help Layla do the same.

At the Llanview Cemetery, Viki was horrified when she discovered that someone had dug up Nash's grave and his body was missing. Upon hearing the news, Charlie rushed to be by Viki's side. The couple couldn't believe that someone would do such a thing.

Back at Layla and Oliver's apartment, Layla was relieved when Kyle arrived and interrupted her conversation with Oliver. As the two men discussed their plans for the evening, Oliver received a work-related phone call. Oliver explained that he had to handle a police matter, but asked Kyle to remain at the apartment and wait for him to return. Declaring that he had waited a long time to spend an evening with Oliver, Kyle promised to wait.

Once Oliver had left, Layla and Kyle discussed Oliver's decision to reveal his sexuality to the world. Although thrilled that he had rekindled his relationship with Oliver, Kyle expressed the regret he felt over hurting Nick in the process. When Layla advised Kyle that he could always make things right with Nick, Kyle insisted that she could do the same with Evangeline. Startled by Kyle's knowledge of the circumstances surrounding her relationship with Cristian, Layla tried to explain, but Kyle insisted that Layla be honest about her feelings for Cristian. Heading for the door, Layla asked Kyle if he would mind waiting alone for Oliver to return.

At the Buenos Dias Café, a helpless Carlotta watched as Cristian sulked. Handing Cristian the phone, Carlotta urged her son to fight for Layla. Aware that Cristian was in love with Layla, Carlotta begged Cristian not to give up on Layla. Frustrated by Carlotta's interference, Cristian asked to be left alone. Once Carlotta had left, Cristian was consumed with thoughts of Layla. He was shocked to turn around and find Layla standing in the doorway.

Back at the cemetery, Viki and Charlie were relieved when Oliver arrived to investigate Nash's missing body. Upon learning that no other graves had been tampered with, Viki realized that the act was directed at her family. While Charlie blamed himself for Jared's predicament, Viki hoped the police would find Nash's body before Jessica learned of the crime.

In Niles, Michigan, Corrine promised to reveal the identity of Rex's father if Rex agreed not to press charges against her. After dropping the charges, Rex demanded that Corrine provide him with proof. Handing Rex an envelope, Corrine explained that the mysterious man had sent it to her. Corrine related that the stranger had advised her to present the evidence to Rex once the caller's scheme had played out. Corrine said that the mystery man had revealed that the contents of the envelope belonged to Rex's real father. Rex became nervous once he realized that the envelope had been mailed from the clinic where Roxy had obtained Shane's stem cells. Insisting that she only wanted to protect him, Corrine warned, "Once you see what is in that envelope, there is no going back!"

On a flight to California, John and Brody attempted to develop a list of possible culprits who might have lured Jessica and Natalie to Napa. Brody acknowledged that Nadine was capable of plotting against him, but was surprised that Corrine would lure Rex into a trap. Brody stated that Rex had spoken about his love for Corrine and that the woman had raised Rex. Brody's thoughts regarding Corrine caused John to wonder who could possibly frighten Corrine enough to betray Rex.

John explained that Corrine had raised Rex because she believed Roxy was an unfit mother. Brody wondered why Corrine hadn't taken custody of Natalie, also. Relating that Corrine had believed that Rex was Walter's child, John stated that Corrine had a stake in Rex's well-being. After a brief hesitation, John wondered if Corrine had actually known that Walter wasn't Rex's father.

John told Brody about Natalie and Jessica's birth. John recalled how Walter Balsom had kidnapped Natalie at birth. When Brody questioned what would cause a doctor to commit such a crime, John told Brody that Walter hadn't acted alone-- he had the help of a religious cult leader. John received a text message from Oliver. In a sarcastic tone, Brody asked "Don't tell me, he thinks Nash is back from the dead!" A composed John replied, "No but apparently someone else could be!"

Later, Oliver returned home and was pleased to find Kyle waiting for him.

In Napa, after escaping from Jared, Jessica sought shelter in a nearby cabin. Inside the cabin, Jessica spotted someone with blond hair sitting in a rocking chair. Calling out to Nash, Jessica raced toward the person in the chair. As she approached, Jessica was horrified to discover a fully clothed skeleton with a long blond wig. A terrified Jessica crawled into a corner of the room and let out a bloodcurdling scream. At that moment, Jared appeared at the door and pleaded with Jessica to let him in. Refusing to allow Jared entry, Jessica yelled at him through the window and accused him of digging up Nash's grave. Pleading his innocence, Jared begged Jessica to open the door.

As Jared observed though the window, Jessica heard a strange noise in a nearby closet. Jared warned Jessica that it might be another trap. Ignoring Jared's pleas, Jessica opened the door. She screamed when an unconscious Natalie fell at her feet. After regaining consciousness, Natalie spotted Jared at the window and raced to let him in the cabin. Insisting that Jared had dug up Nash's grave and accusing him of being a crazed maniac, Jessica begged her sister not to open the door. Pushing Jessica out of the way, Natalie opened the door and rushed into Jared's arms. A cautious Jessica picked up a shovel.

Brody asked John to reveal the name of the cult leader who had convinced Walter Balsom to kidnap Natalie. John told Brody the man was named Mitch Laurence.

Back in Michigan, Rex opened the envelope and appeared suspicious when he discovered a pair of monogrammed cufflinks. A nervous Corrine suggested that he read the birth certificate that was also in the envelope. After scanning the document, a horrified Rex exclaimed, "My father is Mitch Laurence!"

Back in Napa, Jared denied killing anyone or being responsible for digging up Nash's grave. Jessica screamed, "If you didn't do it, who did?" A familiar voice announced, "That would be me!" A look of terror crossed the faces of Jessica, Natalie, and Jared as Mitch Laurence stood before them.