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Monday, August 3, 2009

Téa For Two

At Rex's loft, Stacy returned home and was pleased to find Rex waiting for her. Stacy was surprised when Rex demanded that she move out of the loft immediately. Insisting that she had nowhere else to live, Stacy questioned how Rex could consider tossing her and their unborn child out on the street. Rex accused Stacy of having sexual relations with Fish, Kyle, and Schuyler. He stated that it was possible that any of Stacy's former flames might be the father of her child. In an attempt to make Rex feel guilty, Stacy cautioned Rex that his decision to abandon her might place their child in danger. Rex threw the keys to the loft on the floor and stormed out of the loft.

Schuyler paid Gigi a visit at the cottage. Schuyler listened as Gigi complained that Stacy had ruined Gigi's life once again. A curious Schuyler wondered if Gigi and Rex had ended their relationship due to Stacy's pregnancy. Gigi related to a disappointed Schuyler that she and Rex were still a couple. Gigi expressed her fear that Stacy would remain in their lives because of the baby.

As Gigi discussed her domestic problems with Schuyler, Rex entered the cottage and interrupted the conversation. Gigi was furious when she learned that Rex had agreed to allow Stacy to continue to reside at his loft. Gigi argued that Stacy was using her pregnancy to trap him, but Rex appeared conflicted. Frustrated, Gigi announced that she would attend Viki's wedding alone, and left the cottage. Rex informed Schuyler that he wanted to have a word with him. Schuyler was shocked when Rex ordered him to stay away from Gigi. Rex made it clear that he and Gigi were a couple, and suggested that Schuyler refrain from interfering in their relationship. Refusing to end his friendship with Gigi, Schuyler cautioned Rex to consider Gigi's feelings concerning Stacy's pregnancy. Before leaving, Schuyler warned Rex that Gigi was miserable.

Back at the loft, Stacy rubbed her stomach and spoke to her unborn child. Stacy promised her baby that Rex would end his relationship with Gigi and they would be a family. Moments later, Gigi arrived at the loft and announced that she had the solution to their problem. Gigi offered Stacy three hundred dollars and suggested that she terminate the pregnancy.

OLTL Recap Photo 090803 At St. James Church, the guests gathered for Viki and Charlie, and Nora and Clint's double wedding ceremony. Standing at the altar with Clint, Bo informed his brother that he needed to discuss a situation that had occurred between Bo and Nora. Refusing to hear any bad news on his wedding day, Clint stated that he loved Nora and intended to marry her.

At the Buchanan Mansion, while preparing for the ceremony, Viki told Nora that she wanted to discuss the strange occurrences that had taken place at the lodge. After citing the mistake that the printer had made on the banner, Viki told Nora about the wedding gift from Asa that Viki and Clint had discovered. Reminding Nora that Asa had always believed that Viki belonged with Clint and that Nora belonged with Bo, Viki was convinced that Asa was behind the mischief at the lodge. Nora wondered if Viki was having second thoughts about the wedding. Proclaiming her love for Charlie, Viki told Nora that memories belonged in the past. A nervous Nora listened as Viki exclaimed, "Charlie is my future and Clint is yours!"

While waiting for the ceremony to begin, Jessica mentioned to Natalie that she planned to light a candle for Nash. Realizing that Natalie was still consumed with guilt, Jessica told Natalie that she didn't blame her for Nash's death. Jessica was adamant that Nash's death was an accident and that no one was responsible.

Meanwhile, at Nash's gravesite, someone approached Nash's grave. The unknown person bent down and touched Nash's headstone.

OLTL Recap Photo 090803 At the church, Brody observed Jessica lighting a candle for both Nash and Chloe. Certain that her claims of "seeing" Nash had frightened Brody, Jessica apologized for her behavior. Brody told Jessica that he believed that she saw someone who reminded her of Nash. Insisting that he understood how her mother's wedding and the anniversary of her own wedding could remind her of Nash, Brody promised to help her through the difficult time. Thanking Brody for his support, Jessica acknowledged how fortunate she was to have him in her life. As Brody walked away, Jessica stared at the lit candles and mumbled to herself, "Why am I seeing you Nash? I know you're at peace."

Back at Nash's gravesite, the unknown person kneeled at the grave and held a news article that detailed his death at Jared's hands. In anger, the unknown person balled up the news clip.

Clint was concerned when he realized that Nora hadn't arrived at the church. As Bo attempted to tell Clint about the intimate moment that Bo had shared with Nora at the lodge, the minister interrupted his confession and asked to speak to Clint. Bo was frustrated as he watched his brother walk away.

Charlie and Clint were both thrilled when the ceremony finally began. Charlie beamed with delight as Viki marched down the aisle, while Clint wondered why Nora wasn't by her side. Certain that he knew the reason for Nora's absence, Bo attempted to speak up. Before Bo could utter a sound, Nora emerged. While Clint let out a sigh of relief, Bo appeared devastated.

After Charlie and Viki exchanged loving vows, Clint was emotional as he recited his pledge to Nora. Following Clint's heartfelt declaration of love, the minister suggested that Nora recite her own vows. Relating that she hadn't prepared her vows, a nervous Nora looked at Clint and said, "The only thing I know is that I love you! Well that's it, that's all I got!" As a skeptical Bo stared at her, Nora appeared concerned as she returned his stare.

At La Boulaie, while drowning their sorrows in alcohol, Dorian and Blair agreed that they didn't need men in their lives. As a drunken Dorian tended to an abandoned cat, Blair envisioned their future. In her daydream, Blair pictured her and Dorian as poor, lonely, old women living in squalor.

Dressed in rags, Dorian and Blair sang and danced to old show tunes. Blair's daydream turned into a nightmare when she envisioned Todd and Téa in her future. As Blair and Dorian enjoyed life in their dilapidated mansion, Todd and Téa paid them a visit. The happy couple was horrified to discover Blair and Dorian's living conditions. Enraged when Téa teased her about her wonderful life with Todd, Blair ordered Téa out of the house.

Alone with Todd, Blair flirted with Todd and urged him to leave Téa. Refusing to leave Téa, Todd told Blair that she gave up any opportunity that she ever had of rekindling their relationship. When Blair questioned what he was talking about, Todd stated that Blair gave up after they had sex in the cabana. Todd related that Blair had decided to bury herself at La Boulaie along with Dorian.

Startled by Todd's revelation, Blair awoke from her nightmare and regained her composure. As Dorian continued to play with the abandoned kitten, Blair grabbed her and escorted her upstairs. Dorian wondered what was going on. Instructing Dorian that they were going to get dressed, Blair declared that she wouldn't allow them to ruin their lives.