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Monday, April 21, 2008

At La Boulaie, Blair prepared to dress for her evening at Capricorn, but Todd was in the mood for romance. After making love, Blair asked Todd to reconsider his decision about having Starr under the watchful eye of a bodyguard. Blair believed Starr realized her mistake and could be trusted to do the right thing. Todd urged Blair to stay at home with him, but Blair reminded Todd that she was the new owner of the club and needed to be present. Aware that Todd was feeling lonely, Blair suggested that he spend some time with Starr.

Upon realizing he was in an abortion clinic, Cole began screaming Starr's name and banging on her examination room door. When the receptionist threatened to call the police, Starr appeared and asked for some time to speak with Cole. A worried Cole asked Starr if he were too late. Trembling, Starr told Cole that she hadn't begun the procedure yet. After apologizing to Cole, Starr explained the horror she had experienced the previous few weeks. As the nurse and doctor looked on, Cole asked Starr if she had thought her decision through. Cole was concerned that Starr might one day regret having the abortion. When Starr admitted that she decided to have the abortion because she feared Todd would kill Cole, Cole assured Starr that he could take care of himself and pleaded with Starr to do what was best for her. The nurse told Starr that she still had time to decide what she really wanted to do concerning her pregnancy. After listening to Cole's pleas, Starr announced that she wouldn't have the abortion at that time.

While enjoying a drink at Capricorn, Antonio was disgusted to see Talia and John enter the club. Antonio attempted to ignore the couple, but Cris wanted to toss them out. Antonio reminded Cris that Blair owned the club and Cris had no right to throw out paying customers. Cris granted Antonio's request, but complained to a surprised Sarah about Talia's new relationship with John. As Talia and John shared drinks, Antonio glared at the couple and told, his partner, Eddie, how glad he was to be rid of Talia. When John left Talia alone for a moment, Sarah approached her friend and suggested that she choose another location for her date with John. Talia informed Sarah that Antonio was the one who ended their relationship, and remarked that Sarah and Cris should not concern themselves with Talia's relationship with John. After Sarah left, John returned and asked Talia if she were okay with everything. Talia replied,"There's no going back now. Not that I want to." While Antonio exclaimed that he wanted nothing more to do with Talia, Cris stared angrily at Talia and John.

As Miles waited for Natalie in her office, Jared was aggravated to find him there. Claiming that Buchanan Enterprises had to be careful of any outside threats, Jared asked Miles to leave because vital information could be found in Nat's office. As Jared pleaded his case, an infuriated Natalie appeared and expressed her displeasure with Jared. After informing Jared that Miles was her friend, Natalie demanded that Jared leave her office at once.

After meeting Roxy at the diner, Rex was annoyed to discover she had called him there to discuss more wedding details. When Roxy learned that Rex had left Adriana alone with Gigi at the loft, she told him that the girls would probably become involved in a huge fight over him. Surprised by Roxy's remark, Rex was adamant that Gigi had no interest in him and that Adriana understood his friendship with Gigi. Unconvinced by Rex's claims, Roxy suggested that he be careful. At a nearby table, Langston (who was dressed as Starr) and Markko wondered how to give Shaun the slip. Markko pleaded with Langston to tell him why Starr would run off to Atlantic City, but Langston refused to reveal Starr's secret. Worried about Langston's safety, Markko reminded Langston about Todd's possible actions if he were to learn that Starr had fled. Meanwhile, Shaun kept his eyes on the teens. Believing Langston was actually Starr, Shaun contemplated taking her home as curfew approached. As Shaun approached Langston, Markko attempted to run interference. Before Shaun could come face-to-face with Langston, he received a call from Todd. When Shaun informed Todd that he was preparing to bring Starr home, Todd told him to keep Starr at the diner-he intended to spend some time with her. After overhearing that Todd was coming to the diner, Markko warned Langston.

As Starr and Cole drove home from the clinic, Starr worried about what to do next. Cole assured her that everything would be okay. When Starr asked Cole what she would tell her parents, Cole told her that they wouldn't tell her parents anything. After receiving a call from Markko warning him that Todd was due at the diner any moment, Cole appeared unconcerned and told Markko he would get there as soon as he could. When Starr asked what was wrong, Cole simply told her not to worry because he would take care of everything. Meanwhile, Todd entered the diner. Unnoticed, Langston ran into the restroom. When Todd demanded to know where Starr was, Markko told him that she was in the restroom. Sensing Markko was nervous, Todd pushed past him and entered the women's restroom. Upon barging into the restroom, Todd found Starr. Starr had switched clothing with Langston. As Langston and Cole hid in a bathroom stall, Starr chastised Todd for invading her privacy and escorted him back to the dining area. After Starr and Todd left the diner, Markko signaled to Langston and Cole that the coast was clear. When Markko asked Cole if everything was all right, Cole replied, "It will be."

At the loft, Adriana demanded that Gigi stay away from Rex. Aggravated, Gigi stated that she had no interest in Rex and wondered why Adriana was so insecure. Adriana announced that she realized Rex loved her, but didn't trust Gigi. As the two argued relentlessly, Rex returned home and wanted to know what was going on. Nervously, Adriana lied and told Rex that she had offered Gigi a dress to wear to the wedding, but Gigi was too proud to accept. Adriana implied Gigi couldn't afford a dress suitable for a formal wedding. Adriana suggested that Rex and Gigi finish their work. As Rex and Gigi completed their assignment, Adriana sat nearby with a look of disgust on her face. After Rex and Gigi wrapped up their business, Gigi was anxious to leave the apartment, but Rex wanted to discuss Shane. Upset by Rex's continuous questions about Shane, Adriana mentioned running into Shane at the diner and seeing the project he did on his father, the war hero. Realizing that she was upsetting Gigi, Adriana continued to make remarks about Shane's dad. Once Gigi left, Rex seemed bothered by Adriana's behavior and worried about Gigi. Adriana suggested that they not discuss Gigi and pulled Rex into an embrace.

When Gigi showed up at Buchanan Enterprises, Jared apologized for making her work overtime and asked her out. Stating that she didn't feel it was appropriate to date someone she worked with, Gigi turned Jared down. After much convincing, Jared talked Gigi into joining him for a "friendly" drink at Capricorn.

Back at Capricorn, Cris was beside himself as he watched Talia and John. When Blair arrived and asked about the situation between John and Talia, Cris seized the opportunity to inform her of Talia and John's betrayal of Antonio. Cris asked Blair for permission to throw John and Talia out of the club. When Blair refused, Cris lashed out at her and suggested she didn't want to interfere because John was her friend. Unmoved by Cristian's tantrum, Blair stated that she had a business to run and didn't want any trouble. Natalie and Miles entered the club and witnessed John and Talia's display of affection. Concerned for Natalie's feelings, Miles suggested they go elsewhere. When Natalie told Miles she wanted to stay, Miles commented on how soon John got over Marty. Sensing Miles was troubled, Natalie began reminding him of the new life he had started in Llanview. Appearing to have a lot on his mind, Miles told Natalie that he might be happy somewhere else. Before the discussion could go any further, Rex and Adriana entered the club and joined them. Moments later, Jared and Gigi arrived. As Natalie glared at Jared and Adriana "shot daggers" in Gigi's direction, tension filled the air. Annoyed at seeing Gigi with Jared, Rex complained to an aggravated Adriana. Adriana sighed when Rex stated that Gigi could do so much better than Jared. As Antonio listened, Sarah told Cris that she had to leave and conduct business with Nash. After Sarah left, Antonio looked disapprovingly at Cris. Natalie approached Jared and Gigi. After telling Gigi she had no problem with her, Natalie asked to speak with Jared alone. When Natalie suggested that Jared brought Gigi to the club hoping to make Natalie jealous, Jared teased Natalie about what a great catch Miles was. Meanwhile, Talia and John embraced and flirted with one another. As Jared teased Natalie about John's latest conquest, an angered Cris told Antonio he couldn't watch any longer and punched John. Talia screamed as John fell to the floor.