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Monday, February 4, 2008

At St. Ann's, Jessica continues to question Allison about the secret she claims to know about the Buchanan family. When Jessica expresses her hatred for Mitch Laurence, Allison states, "The sins of the father, shall be visited upon the child." Jessica is disgusted by Allison's constant chatter, but at the same time intrigued. When Jessica offers to pay Allison for the information, Allison reveals she wants her freedom. Allison tells Jessica the secret is huge, and demands Jessica help her escape from St. Ann's.

At John's apartment, Adriana is stunned to learn Gigi has a son. When Shane asks Adriana if she knew his father, Adriana begins questioning the child about his age. Gigi immediately excuses her son from the room, and asks Adriana for the reason behind her visit. Without hesitation, Adriana asks Gigi if Shane is Rex's son. Gigi is surprised by Adriana's question, and tells her that Shane is a product of a previous relationship with someone other than Rex. Adriana continues to express her disbelief, and asks Gigi specific questions concerning the time period Shane was conceived. When Adriana states that Rex never mentioned Shane, Gigi informs her that Rex has no knowledge that Shane exists, and expresses her concern for that information to remain private. Doubtful that Gigi is being truthful, Adriana questions why Gigi came to Llanview and is requesting to keep Shane a secret from Rex. Gigi explains she came to town in order to help Marcie's case, and says Shane could be in danger if anyone knew of their whereabouts. When Gigi suggests Adriana should be making wedding plans instead of inquiring about her life, Adriana tells Gigi she and Rex don't keep secrets. In a smug voice, Adriana asks Gigi if she has a problem with her engagement to Rex. Gigi flatly denies any concern about Rex's life, and suggests Adriana forget about her and Shane. After Adriana leaves, Gigi breathes a sigh of relief.

Rex arrives at Bo's office to discuss his father. Bo is caught off guard when Rex reveals he believes Charlie "Balsom" is his real father. Rex explains Roxy's confession about a one-night stand with Charlie, and wants Bo's advice regarding whether or not he should tell Charlie about Roxy's claims. Bo commends Rex on the way he has turned his life around, and suggests he doesn't allow the need to connect with his real father define who he really is. Rex admits he would like to have a relationship with his own father, similar to the one Bo shares with Matthew. Bo tells Rex how proud he is of Rex, and congratulates him on his recent engagement. Once the conversation turns to the upcoming wedding, Rex asks Bo to be his best man. After expressing how important Rex has become to him throughout the years, Bo surprises Rex by declining his request. Bo doesn't want to commit to being Rex's best man. He feels Rex may develop a relationship with Charlie, and later decide he wants his father to be by his side on his wedding day. Rex tells Bo that he has made such a positive impact on his life that there is no one else he would consider. Bo is touched and accepts. When Rex wonders how he will purchase a ring for Adriana with limited funds, Bo offers him Gabrielle's ring.

At the Buchanan mansion, Dorian attempts to persuade Jared to establish a relationship with Charlie. When Jared refuses, Dorian threatens to reveal to the world that Jared is Charlie Banks' son. Immediately, Jared begins to blame Charlie for telling Dorian his secret, but Dorian informs him that she learned of the information directly from Jared himself. Despite learning that Charlie kept his secret, Jared continues to criticize his father. Jared questions whether Dorian has developed feelings for Charlie and offers her money for her silence. Insulted by Jared's offer, Dorian informs Jared of her wealth and tells him Charlie is a good man who deserves a second chance with his son. Realizing that Jared has no desire to mend his relationship with Charlie, Dorian demands that Jared returns to La Boulaie with her, and welcome Charlie into his life. Dorian tells him if he refuses, she will reveal his secret. When Jared questions Dorian's motives, she informs him that perhaps he will learn of them later. Cornered, Jared succumbs and heads to La Boulaie with Dorian.

At La Boulaie, Charlie and Viki are both shocked to see one another. Charlie is elated to see Viki; he immediately grabs Viki and gives her a loving hug. Viki has questions for Charlie. She wants to know his reasons for not returning her calls, and why he is answering the door at La Boulaie. Charlie tells Viki he thought by contacting her, he may complicate her life. He then reveals that he is living at La Boulaie. Astonished, Viki questions whether he has had a drink and wonders about his relationship with Dorian. Charlie says he has remained sober and explains that he and Dorian are friends. Relieved to learn that Charlie is not involved with Dorian, Viki then asks how they met. Charlie deflects questions concerning how he first encountered Dorian, but tells Viki that Dorian admitted knowing Viki after seeing the photo of the two of them. Viki is pleased to learn Charlie still carries her picture, but is appalled by the revelation that Dorian told him that she and Viki were the best of friends. As Viki begins to explain the real relationship that exists between her and Dorian, a surprised Dorian enters the room with Jared.

When Viki sees Jared, she immediately lashes out at him for having Jessica committed to St. Ann's. Viki is surprised when Jared reveals that Tess seduced him and was responsible for him being falsely imprisoned for two years. Viki apologizes to Jared but reminds him of Jessica's illness. After Jared leaves, Viki asks Charlie to come and stay with her at Llanfair. As Dorian looks on, Viki tells Charlie she would love for him to be a part of her life. Happily, Charlie accepts Viki's offer. Disgusted with Dorian, Viki tells Charlie she will wait for him in the car. After Viki leaves, Dorian apologizes for bringing Jared over. She tells him she had no idea Viki would be there. Charlie understands and doesn't blame Dorian. Dorian tells Charlie that she convinced Jared to attempt to mend their relationship, but is unsure how Jared feels after having Viki tear into him over Jessica. Charlie says that although he loves Jared, Viki is justified for feeling the way she does. Before heading upstairs to pack, Charlie tells Dorian he needs to be with Viki, but would like to continue trusting her. Dorian assures Charlie she will never reveal his secret to anyone. Charlie states that he will never forget Dorian for all she has done. Left alone, Dorian remarks that she will never let him forget.

At the penthouse, Todd tells Ramsey he will allow him to stay there until they figure out a way to handle the situation concerning John and Gigi. Both men discuss what they have at stake; Ramsey's concern is his career, while Todd considers prison time. Todd tells Ramsey of John's promise to keep Gigi silent, if he convinces the DA's office to be lenient with Marcie. Ramsey is skeptical of John's ability to prevent Gigi from revealing the kidnapping to the authorities. Ramsey tells Todd that Gigi will want revenge for what they did to her and Shane. He further states that Todd will certainly end up in Statesville if he continues to believe John's false promises. Meanwhile, John is approaching Todd's door. Todd allows John to enter, and John gives Todd an ultimatum. As Ramsey looks on, unnoticed by John, John asks Todd if he is ready to help Marcie or go to prison for what he and Ramsey did to Gigi. Todd questions whether John will also grant Ramsey a pass. Todd tells John that he realizes John still blames Ramsey for Marty's death. Todd expresses concern that John's desire to hold Ramsey accountable may result in Todd's own demise. John suggests Todd worry about himself, not Ramsey. John tells Todd he will deal with Ramsey in his own way, and promises Todd will not receive any repercussions for his part in Gigi's kidnapping, provided he help Marcie. Ramsey continues to listen to the conversation.

Frustrated with Todd's uncooperative attitude, John demands that Todd give him an answer by the next day, or John will notify Bo of Todd's crime. After John leaves, Ramsey comes out of hiding. When Ramsey tells Todd to ignore John's threats, Todd states he has no other choice but to cooperate with John. Ramsey says the authorities cannot send Todd to prison if there is no one to testify against him. Horrified to discover Ramsey would consider killing Gigi and her son, Todd tells Ramsey he is insane. Walking away, Todd says he refuses to hurt Gigi and Shane. He offers Ramsey the penthouse for the night, and tells him they will talk in the morning. Ramsey suggests Todd reconsider the idea.

When Rex returns home, Adriana greets him and attempts to tell him about her meeting with Gigi. Before she can give him any details, Rex gets down on one knee and proposes. He presents her with Gabrielle's ring, and Adriana happily accepts.

Later, Jared is upset when Dorian calls him. He demands to know why Viki was at La Boulaie with Charlie. Dorian tells him not to worry, and informs Jared that neither she nor Charlie will reveal the truth to Viki. Dorian tells him she will contact him later, concerning their earlier meeting.

Charlie and Viki are happy to be together at Llanfair. Viki tells Charlie that she thought she would never see him again, and Charlie tells her that he believes they were meant to be. When Viki begins to explain any negative statements Dorian may have made regarding her past, Charlie says they can discuss it in the morning, and passionately kisses her.