OLTL Recaps: The week of October 23, 2006 on One Life to Live
Natalie turned to Viki for advice after John's death. Both women removed their engagement rings to symbolize letting go of their grief. Kelly went into premature labor. Natalie kissed Vincent. Cole and Starr grew closer. Rex continued to search for Todd and Margaret's son. Dorian confessed that she had fallen in love with Clint.
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Monday, October 23, 2006

Starr and Langston shared a coffee and talked about Starr's growing friendship with Cole. Cole walked in and Britney playfully hopped on his back. But when Cole saw Starr he waved at her and walked away from Britney. Britney sauntered over to Starr to ask her if she's going to the Backwards dance. Starr said she doubted it. Britney pointed out that for this dance, the girl asks the boy.

Marcie tried on different outfits in preparation for a presentation she was doing for a high school English class. Michael encouraged her by saying she looked beautiful. "You look too good," he said. "Stay away from those high school boys." After Marcie left, Michael took Tommy out for a bite to eat. At the school, Marcie saw that Starr (along with Langston and Britney) was in the class she was speaking to. Marcie started talking to the class about writing. Britney blurted out that Starr was an "ugly loser." Starr retorted that Britney was a "total bitch." The teacher told them both that they'll have time to sort things out in a week's detention. When Marcie asked the students if they picked a topic for their upcoming term paper, Britney said she might choose rape as her topic and then suggested aloud that she could speak with Todd, seeing as he was accused of rape. The teacher told Britney that she will not be allowed to attend the Halloween dance. After class, Langston told Starr that to get back at Britney she should ask Cole to the dance. Starr approached Cole in the hall and said she wanted to ask him something.

Evangeline and Nora met to go over the case against Spencer. Nora asked Evangeline to take over prosecuting the case. She said she wasn't yet 100 percent recovered and that it's too important a case for her to cut her teeth on. Spencer's lawyer walked over to the ladies and asked Nora how her head was doing. Evangeline asked the lawyer how he can possibly represent a monster like Spencer. "Be warned, D.A. Hanen," he told Nora. "I don't play nice, even with the physically challenged." Evangeline got up in the lawyer's face, questioning his integrity. He made a couple of sexist comments, which angered both Nora and Vangie. Michael walked in to hear the lawyer saying that Spencer was going to walk and said, "No way in hell. Not if I have anything to say about it." The lawyer got scared off and left. Michael told Evangeline that she should take on the case. He even suggested that John would've liked to see it. Later, Cristian came by and Evangeline told him how Nora asked her to take the case. Cris said she should. Evangeline called Nora on her cell and said she'd take the case.

Marcie went home and told Michael about the bullies picking on Starr. She remembered her own tough high school days and hoped that Tommy never has to deal with that type of thing.

Antonio asked Cristian if he thinks it was sticking it to Nash to ask him to be in the wedding. Cristian was shocked to hear that Antonio even asked Nash. Antonio told Cristian that he did it for Bree. "I don't want her growing up with a drunk for a father," he said. Cristian asked how he could ask some "drunk" who took a swing at his own brother to be in his wedding without asking his brother to be his best man. Antonio then did ask him and Cristian said "no," but he was only teasing. They shared a very manly, back-slapping embrace.

Jessica dropped by the winery to talk to a shirtless Nash. She asked him to not be in her wedding because it makes her uncomfortable. Nash asked Jessica if it would be too confusing for her if he were at the altar beside her. Jessica said, no, she is marrying Antonio because she is totally and completely in love with him. Nash said if it means that much to her he'll decline Antonio's offer, but he said that maybe Jessica shouldn't be marrying anyone until she better sorts out the Tess and Jessica parts of her. Jessica admitted that she's afraid that Tess will come out some day the moment she lets her guard down. Nash said that is what he wants because he loves Tess. "Please, find something else to do the day I marry Nash — I mean Antonio," Jessica said. She then said fine, that Nash can feel free to attend, but that he better not cause any disruptions. Before she left she looked around the winery and said that it is really coming together. Jessica went home and Antonio told her that he asked Cristian to be his best man. Jessica gave Antonio a hug but flashed back to talking to Nash.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rex tries to get as much information as she can from Paige who shares with him her account of the night Margaret and Todd's baby was born. She laments the fact that she should have gone to Bo as soon as she found out Margaret was alive. Rex tries to get Paige to not beat up on herself so much since they all know how manipulative Spencer can be. When Rex brings up the possibility of Spencer harming Todd's son, Paige assures him that although Spencer may be a lot of things, he is no baby killer. Paige apologizes for not being able to provide Rex with more information, but Rex feels that Paige can help him more than she realizes. After meeting with Paige, Rex meets with another informant who describes for Rex in detail the description of the car Spencer was driving the night he gave away the baby. He informs Rex that Spencer got in the car with the baby, pulled up in front a building, and then got out of the car without Todd's son.

Adriana tries to "discreetly" pry information out of Viki about her relationship with Clint. She goes on and on about what a wonderful man Clint is and when the last time he and Viki crossed paths. Viki guesses that it was Adriana who set up the dinner that she and Clint shared the night before. After a few protests, Adriana confesses that she found out about Dorian's plans to have a romantic dinner with Clint and decided that she could not let her mother and Clint reunite. She tells Viki that she locked Dorian in a closet and then set it up so that Clint would end up having dinner with Dorian's worst enemy. After thanking Adriana for such a lovely compliment, Viki tells her that if Clint and Dorian decide to get back together then it is their choice and neither she nor Adriana should interfere. She also warns Adriana that in seeking revenge against Dorian, she may end up being just like her in the end. Adriana disagrees and then leaves with Rex. She ignores Dorian on the way out which leads Dorian to confront Viki about trying to take her daughter away.

Blair ends up in Todd's office at the Sun hoping to be able to stab Spencer. When Todd presses further, Blair clarifies her statement saying that she thinks they should stab Spencer with the might pen and do as much damage to his character in writing in an attempt to ensure his conviction. Todd agrees with Blair and then kicks her out of his office. Blair refuses to leave knowing that she and Todd made such a good team at the Sun that he should let her have her job back. Todd doesn't agree and then decides that the new prosecutor should grace the cover of the next edition of their newspaper. Blair agrees until she finds out that Evangeline is taking over Nora's case against Spencer. Blair is horrified to think that Evangeline could possibly blow Spencer's conviction the same way she blew Todd's defense. Todd defends Evangeline and decides that he is going to personally interview Evangeline for the newspaper and ask her the tough questions that Blair is wondering about. Blair finally gets Todd to agree that he should hire her back bringing them one step closer to a possible reconciliation.

David enjoys a bowl of cereal while going over the details of his plan to blackmail the Buchanan's after Spencer is put to death. Dorian wonders what David's ammunition could be now that Spencer has declared in court that Asa is his father. David takes heed of Dorian's advice and then goes back to his original plan of getting a chunk of Spencer's inheritance. Dorian reminds David that Spencer is leaving everything to Hugh and David reminds her that Hugh signed off on Spencer's money. Dorian doesn't believe that the signature of a partially comatose burn victim will hold much weight in court so David decides that he needs to kill Spencer before he has a chance to change his will. Dorian changes the subject and describes in detail her plan to get Clint to a romantic dinner and how they went awry after Adriana locked her in the closet. David is appalled that Adriana would do that knowing how claustrophobic Dorian is but Dorian explains that Adriana wanted to hurt her no matter how she had to do it. When Dorian confesses that she was starting to fall in love with Clint before they broke up, a jealous David douses her with a pitcher of water.

Asa refuses to submit to a DNA test to prove whether or not Spencer is his son until Renee gives him an ultimatum. She reminds him how he kept telling her that she was his only love and how she needs to know once and for all the truth about Spencer's parentage. Asa tries to deny that he had any feelings for Spencer's mother which Renee questions since he has kept a picture of her for all these years. After Renee threatens to walk, Asa agrees to have the test done. David interrupts their family meeting to have a chat with Clint. He informs Clint that Dorian had set up the dinner at Capricorn for the two of them but Adriana made it so that Dorian couldn't show up and that Viki would be there instead. David also shares with Clint that Dorian saw Viki and Clint together and how hurt she was since she is falling in love with Clint.

Starr asks Cole to be her date for the Halloween dance but he declines saying that he has already agreed to be Britney's date for the evening. He explains to Starr that since he is new and doesn't know that many people, he accepted Britney's invitation because she asked first. Britney taunts Starr telling her that she doesn't know why Starr would think that she had a chance with Cole anyway. Starr becomes hopeful when Britney gets into trouble and is told that she cannot attend the dance. Britney tells her that she will figure out a way but when Cole finds out that Britney will be unable to attend the dance, he accepts Starr's invitation instead leaving Britney fuming.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dorian mentions that she saw Viki with Clint at Capricorn; she accuses her of trying to keep both Clint and Adriana away from her. Clint happens to show up as Dorian's voice is raised and he listens to both of them as they relate totally different details of their latest disagreement. Dorian claims that Adriana hates her and Viki is laughing at her behind her back. Viki suggests that Adriana is becoming too much like Dorian, which sets Dorian off again. Clint lectures Dorian, stating that it's her own fault. She's further annoyed when Clint sides with Viki. He attempts to leave but Dorian wants to explain the motive behind her romantic dinner. He agrees to accompany her to a more private place.

Rex bolts into Bo's office without knocking and gets a lesson in etiquette, but soon has the commissioner chuckling over his reasoning. He requests that an automobile be tracked down and is forced to explain that Spencer was seen with Todd's kid. He further must explain where he obtained the information though refuses to divulge his source's name. The man is a car thief, which is why he accepted Rex's payment and would never accept the same from the police. Bo refers him to Antonio. Rex brings up Spencer's claim of being a Buchanan and how weird it would be that Bo could be related to Hugh and David as well. Bo just doesn't want to discuss it. Natalie returns to work and stops short at John's old office, thinking she still sees his name engraved there. Antonio is occupying it now and he doesn't think she should be there; it's too soon to return and John wouldn't want it. Nat is enraged that Antonio would presume to know what John could be thinking. She doesn't need Antonio's help or anyone else's and can see Dr. Jamison if she thought she needed help, she continues. Antonio thinks that's a good idea but Nat is quick to remind him how much he himself enjoyed speaking to the doctor. Her feelings are her own. Antonio responds that John would want her to be good to herself and take the time for that. Rex walks in just then and agrees with Antonio. He tells her to go home. She begins to cry as she explains that she needs to work, get her certification and be something rather than nothing, in case something were to happen to her tomorrow. She'll feel horrible no matter where she is. Rex is empathetic after going through Jen's death. Nat feels that she shouldn't have let John go to the cemetery alone, but Rex can't listen to that. She'd be dead then too and he's not ready for that. He convinces her to go home. She realizes that the guys are right.

Clint and Dorian end up at her place. She claims that she wanted to surprise him with the dinner even though the two of them weren't speaking then. She wanted to support him after he heard about Spencer's claim. Clint is confused, thinking that she had to have arranged the big dinner before Spencer's announcement. She admits that she heard about it before him, from David, and wanted to be the one to break the news. She didn't want him to think that she was involved in a conspiracy with David. He believes her since the whole thing sounds too illogical to be anything but true. He agrees to consider a new dinner date.

Paige tells "Hugh" the latest on Spencer and overhears Michael tell Marcie that she is the one responsible for his father's death. Marcie believes that it's not the right place and Paige feels that she's already apologized, there's not much else she can do. When Paige mentions that she hopes Todd's son can be as happy as Tommy, Michael is curious as to why she's speaking of him. Rex was around asking questions, she replies. No one will ever take his son away from him again, Michael emphatically states. Michael then acknowledges that they were friends once so he offers his help if she needs anything from him. Marcie talks to "Hugh" and is sure the patient mutters her name. Shrieking for her husband's help, Michael is unable to get any response from the man. When Michael begins to speak of past events and how John won't get to see Spencer put away, the patient again moans. He says, "Michael, it's me," but then is silent once more. Bo and Nora visit Paige with some news. It's been confirmed by Eugene Snyder and others that Paige was very much alert and focused the night that McBain was killed. She did her job well. Apparently Spencer went into the recovery room and damaged the sutures, which eventually caused the death. Snyder actually took the fall for Spencer, not Paige. She really didn't drink as much as she was led to believe. Spencer could now be tried for first-degree murder and receive the death penalty!

Nat gets home and is gently chided by Viki for attempting to go back to work. She needs to keep John in her heart and find a way to cherish him without living in the past, an experienced Viki explains. She thinks that Nat should remove her engagement ring as a symbol of an ending and beginning. Ben and John would want them both to move on. Nat wonders why Viki still has her own rings on and her answer is that she doesn't know. She offers to remove them first and does. Nat follows suit.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jessica, Adriana and Kelly went back to Llanfair after dress shopping. They walked in on Natalie trying on Jessica's veil. She took it off and pretended like everything was okay, but later had a fantasy about marrying John and blurted out "NO!" when he disappeared. The other girls were concerned by this bout of dementia and asked Nat if she was really okay. Natalie completely broke down and took off. Jessica told Kelly she should have postponed the wedding, but Kelly said it'll be okay if they can all stop pitying Natalie. Jessica informed Adriana and Kelly that Nash is in the wedding because Antonio asked him. Jess noted that with Tess gone for good, her relationship with Nash is different. When asked how different, she shrugged, "I dunno, just different."

Kevin dropped by Llanview and told Kelly she looked beautiful. Kelly was happy, but then she panicked and said there was something wrong with the baby.

Nash showed up at the tuxedo fitting. Clint asked him what he gets out of being in the wedding and Nash replied that he's doing it for Bree. Nash assured Clint he would be a guest at the wedding and that is all. Clint said he wishes he believed that. Nash claimed that he realizes Tess is gone forever.

Antonio handed Cristian a list of the companies that manufacture the drug which was used on him in the fixed fight and told him to get Rex to help track it back to Vincent. Antonio mentioned to Cristian that maybe soon he'll be the best man at Cristian's wedding. Cris told Antonio he and Evangeline haven't talked about the future much, "but maybe it's about time we did."

Todd sat down with Evangeline, who said she was so busy working on the Spencer case she hasn't had time to buy a wedding dress. Todd asked if she was getting married to Cristian, and Evangeline said no, she meant for Jessica's wedding. She added that it's too soon for her to be marrying Cristian. She switched the subject to Todd's future with Blair. Todd said things are over, but Evangeline bet him two dinners that he'd wind up back with Blair. Todd shook on the wager. Evangeline told Todd that if Spencer is found guilty for Thomas McBain's murder, he'll probably never stand trial for what he did to Margaret Cochran or her baby. Todd said it's fine, so long as he gets what's coming to him.

Vincent ran into Layla and said he wanted to talk. Layla responded that all she wants from him is the truth. Vincent wouldn't admit he set Cristian up and then gave a sob story about how hard things have been on him and how he fights dirty when he has to. "I'm a different man now," he insisted. "Sorry," Layla answered as she walked away. "It's over." Layla went to talk to Evangeline about Vincent. Evangeline said she needs to decide if Vincent has crossed a line. Cristian came by and wanted to talk about the future with Evangeline. Layla left when they got all kissy, quipping that she was afraid she would go into insulin shock.

Natalie was walking the streets aimlessly. She ran up to a stranger, who looked like John from behind, grabbed him and said, "John!" He turned around and Natalie snapped back to reality. Vincent saw the whole thing happen. He followed Natalie up to the roof, where the sobbing redhead seemed to start hyperventilating. She turned and without even taking a moment to see who was standing next to her planted a big kiss on Vincent.

Blair heard Starr talking to Langston about a "date" with Cole. Starr denied that she had an actual date. Blair offered to help Starr find a costume for the Halloween dance. Blair suggested that they tweak a kitty cat costume and pointed out a photo from Craze to show how sexy it could be. They had a lot of fun putting it together. Blair asked Starr if she is going to start forgiving her now. Starr said it hurt that Blair didn't believe in Todd or her, but that she understands why she did it and isn't angry any more. Blair was very happy to hear it. When Starr went upstairs to change, Blair saw an invitation to the dance and took notice that it read "Chaperones Needed."

Some high school football player guy walked up to Cole and pointed out that Todd was in the coffee shop with them. He said to be careful dating Todd's daughter because Todd is "Gangsta." The guy also said that their team was sure to win the next game with Cole in the lineup. Cole commented on the pressure being put on him. "You're the top-rated wide received in the division," the guy told him. "You ought to start acting like it." He offered Cole some unorthodox help with his homework, but Cole said he could handle it himself. Todd walked by on his way out and Cole tried to introduce himself, but Todd dismissed him, saying, "Whatever you're selling, kid, I ain't buying."

Starr put on the costume went out to meet Cole. She ran into him in the hall. He was dressed as a pirate. He asked to go inside and talk to Starr's parents, but she rushed him out and narrowly missed Todd, who had just come home after they left. He went inside and Blair told him she wanted to chaperone the Halloween dance.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Vincent follows Natalie to the rooftop after witnessing Natalie having a mini breakdown in the park. Natalie shares with Vincent the fact that she has come to the realization that John is truly gone and that she will never see him again. Vincent tries to assure her that she will be all right but Natalie shrugs him off wondering how he could be so sure since he doesn't really know her. Vincent tells her that he misjudged her when he first met her and likened her to a spoiled heiress. He now realizes that she is made of tougher stuff and he knows that she will be ok. Vincent also tells her that he has been where she is and he made it. While letting his guard down with Natalie, Vincent reveals his part in Cris' untimely and disgraceful exit from the boxing world. When Natalie wonders why he would do such a thing to someone who trusted him like Cris did, Vincent reveals that it all came down to money. A disgusted Natalie goes off on Vincent but he justifies himself by saying that nothing ever came easy for him and he has had to fight for everything he has.

Kelly ends up in the emergency room with Kevin by her side when she starts having contractions. As Viki, Clint, and Kevin rally around her, Michael tries to calm Kelly down for fear that her history combined with the fact that Kelly has only been carrying the baby for 24 weeks may cause her to lose her unborn child. Kevin shares his fears with Viki and Clint that if Kelly loses the baby it will be like losing Duke all over again. Michael gives Kelly medicine to stop the contractions but unfortunately she continues to be in premature labor and asks for Kevin to be by her side. Dorian arrives at the hospital and is incensed that no one informed her that her niece was in labor. Viki and Clint apologize saying that in the urgency of the moment they weren't thinking. Dorian quizzes Michael about all that has been done to prevent Kelly from having to deliver her premature baby while Kevin does his best to be there for Kelly and his grandson.

Cris is feeling a little neglected as Evangeline prepares for her big trial against Spencer. Evangeline tries to make him feel better by telling him all her fears about this case and how many people including John are counting on her to make sure that Spencer pays for everything that he has done. Cris decides that he is going to put the time he now has to good use as he struggles to decide his next course of action. Evangeline questions whether Cris is still determined to make Vincent pay for ruining his boxing career and although Cris does not want to see Vincent get away with what he did, he also can't forget the look in Evangeline's eyes when she caught him beating up on Ted. However, since he paints with his injured right hand he can't see himself going back to that profession either. Evangeline is confident that Cris will find himself eventually. After giving Cris words of encouragement, a frustrated Evangeline leaves to go find her own inspiration.

Spencer's lawyer shows a slight bit of concern when he informs Spencer that Evangeline will now be handling the case against Spencer. A confident Spencer feels that he has nothing to worry about since Evangeline was unable to keep Todd from being convicted of a crime he didn't commit. He warns his attorney that he is paying him too much money to be let down but his lawyer assures him that he is ready for anything Evangeline throws at him. Paige shows up gloating about the fact that she is ready to get her medical license reinstated since she is not the one who botched Thomas McBain's surgery. Spencer wonders how Paige can be sure of anything since she was too drunk to know any different. Paige agrees but tells him that Nora has found proof of her innocence and she is coming after Spencer so she hopes he has enough reading materials for his long prison stay. When Spencer inquires as to what really brought Paige there, she informs him of Kelly's predicament and wants to know what Spencer did or didn't do so that they save Kelly's baby. Spencer warns that the only way they will find out how to save Kelly and her baby is to get him out of jail so that he can treat her.

Blair cons Todd into helping chaperone Starr's school dance. Unfortunately Starr is not as thrilled when she sees her father the grim reaper and her mother the frisky feline. Langston warns Britney to keep her claws in since Starr and Cole seem to be enjoying their time together at the dance. Todd scowls at Cole playing the protective father role to the max while Blair tries to get him to loosen up and dance. As Todd tries to throw another insult Blair's way, she fights it off and manages to get Todd to dance with her. Britney tries to disgrace Starr by having a slide show presentation of show of the not so proud moments of the Manning family including Todd's arrest for rape and Starr's hysteria on the night of Todd's execution. While Todd wants to know where the ***** is who did this, Cole decides to step up to the plate and defend Starr's honor much to her parents' amazement and approval.

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