OLTL Recaps: The week of October 2, 2006 on One Life to Live
Asa arrived home. Kelly visited Hugh in the hospital. Nash was surprised to learn that Jessica had given Claudia a right-hook to the face. Cristian intended to pursue the boxing fiasco with the commission. Blair proposed marriage to Todd. Natalie refused to attend John's funeral until Roxy slapped some sense into her. John was buried in a touching ceremony.
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Monday, October 2, 2006

Nash is stunned when he Claudia on the floor nursing the wound from Jessica's right hook to her face. Nash wonder what set Jessica off and Claudia insists that Jessica struck out in jealousy after discovering that they slept together. Jessica denies hitting Claudia because she was jealous but when Nash once again tries to get an explanation, Jessica defers the question to Claudia saying she knows what she said that led to their violent confrontation. Nash asks Jessica to leave but before she does, she throws Nash some advice that the next time he decided to get into bed with Claudia he should settle for a cold shower instead. She also tells Claudia that anytime she wants a rematch she'll be waiting. After Jessica leaves, Nash asks Claudia what she said. Claudia denies setting off Jessica and even if she did there was no reason for her violent reaction. When she threatens to press charges, Nash steps in saying that she will never see him again if she does.

Adriana and Rex run into Michael and Marcie in the hallway of the joint that Roxy manages. They are just about to look at a room for Adriana to rent when Michael asks them if they have seen Natalie. Rex wonders why they seem so concerned about Natalie until Michael fills them in on the accident and John's death. They also tell Rex how they thought that telling Natalie that John was going to propose to her might bring her some joy in this tragic time but instead Natalie freaked and ran off. They then tell Eve about their encounter with Natalie, who begins to feel responsible for springing too much on Natalie too soon. Michael and Marcie comfort Eve and insist that she not blame herself for trying to give Natalie the engagement ring that John would have wanted her to have.

Cris finds Natalie in Angel Square and when he reveals that he knows about John's death, Natalie breaks down in his arms. She tells Cris that she can't believe that John is dead after all they've been through and how happy he was before he left to visit his father's grave. Natalie shares with Cris how John had a special evening planned for her that was going to end with him asking her to marry him, which she just found out from Michael and Marcie. Cris believes that Natalie should be happy to know that she was loved by the man who she loved so much and knowing how much she touched him should bring some comfort to her. Cris doesn't want Natalie to be alone and asks her if she would like him to take her home but Natalie insists on going to John's place. They run into Eve, who takes over where Cris left off by telling Natalie how excited John was about spending the rest of his life with Natalie.

Evangeline goes to the station and encounters Antonio working. She presents him with a book of John's that she thinks he might like. When Antonio wonders if she would like to keep it, Evangeline tells him that she has other things of John's. Antonio gives her a shoulder to cry on as she remembers the good times and the bad times with John. When she begins to wonder if she was too hard on him, Antonio tells her that John knew how much she loved him so Evangeline decides to remember only the good times that they shared. Nash interrupts their talk and Evangeline leaves. Antonio who is irritated that Nash is there becomes even more irritated when Nash reveals that Jessica punched Claudia in the face because she discovered that they slept together and wasn't happy about it.

Clint looks for Natalie at the coffee shop and shares the bad news with Carlotta who is stunned that such a good man has passed. A jealous Dorian spies them together and lays into Clint for moving on so soon after they broke up. Clint tells Dorian to shut up and wonders if she has seen Natalie since he is desperate to find her and help her deal with her grief over losing John. Dorian apologizes for her outburst and asks Clint to let her help him deal with this like she helped him deal with Jessica's ordeal. Adriana overhears Dorian and tells Mr. Buchanan that he should stay away from someone as cold and calculating as her mother. She reminds him how Dorian almost got her and Rex killed when she hired a man to stalk her. Clint tells Adriana that she needn't worry because he has no intention of getting back with Dorian. Dorian can't believe that Adriana could be so cold but Adriana learned from the best. After Dorian leaves Adriana becomes more determined than ever to exact revenge on by Dorian by ensuring that Dorian is never happy again and decides that she and Rex need to come up with a plan to get Viki and Clint back together.

Clint runs into Jessica while searching for Natalie. Jessica fills him in on her fight with Claudia and her fear that she is becoming more like Tess everyday. Clint assures her that what she is experiencing is all part of the integration and eventually things will calm down. After Jessica fills him in on what led to her altercation with Claudia, Clint tells her that it seems like a case of jealousy to him.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Roxy and Rex try to cheer up Natalie as they share stories about John. They toast John with beers and cheese puffs until Roxy wonders if John would mind. Natalie assures them both that John had a sense of humor and that he wouldn't mind. At the mention of John's name, the wind blows leaving Natalie to believe that John is with them in the room. The thought of John being around concerns Roxy who is eager to rent out the "deceased" cop's room. Rex scolds Roxy on her lack of tact and compassion but Natalie decides that it is time to gather John's things together since she can't see staying there without him. Roxy helps her pack up John's things and Natalie decides to give them to his mother and brother. When Roxy asks her if she wants to keep anything, Natalie holds up the engagement ring declaring that she has all she needs. Natalie takes one final look at John's apartment before handing over the key and departing.

Paige's concern for "her son" turns to anger at Spencer when he shows up at the hospital to check on Hugh. Paige tells him that Hugh doesn't want anything to do with him but Spencer insists that he has a right to be with his son and produces a court order stating that fact. Nora apologizes for going behind her back and informing Spencer about Hugh's condition. Paige tells Nora that she has told too many lies and she's not upset by Nora's revelation. Paige backs off and Spencer goes in the room to visit with Hugh. He tells him that he hopes that he will be able to tell him one day why he did all the things he did. When Spencer refers to himself as Hugh's father, Hugh becomes very agitated and Spencer is escorted out. Paige yells at Spencer that the last thing Hugh needs is aggravation and that since the mere mention of his name gets Hugh agitated, Spencer needs to leave him alone. Spencer is escorted back to jail while Paige stays behind until Hugh's adoptive parents show up.

Layla and Adriana decide to set some ground rules while they are living together such as: will they share food, no men sleeping over. Adriana is thrown by that last rule until Layla breaks into a smile. Rex meets up with Adriana at the diner and is thrilled when they discuss their apartment hunting misfortunes. His smile quickly changes when Layla and Adriana reveal that they have put down a deposit on an apartment. Rex tells Adriana that he will miss waking up with her but Adriana says the only difference is whether it will be her place or his that they wake up in.

Evangeline tries to calm Cris down while they await word on the boxing commission's decision regarding Cris' latest bout. Evangeline talks about pressing criminal charges against whoever is responsible for getting Cris into this mess. Cris starts to become anxious and decides to wait for the decision at the coffee shop instead. Shaun approaches Vincent with his suspicions regarding Ted. He informs Vincent how Ted seems to have come into a lot of money right around the time of Cris' loss due to a death in the family. Vincent swears his right hand man to secrecy but asks him to let him know if he hears anything else. Vincent finds Cris and Evangeline and delivers the bad news that the boxing commission has ruled that Cris took a dive.

Kelly is nervous as she talks to her doctor about family illnesses. She gives all the information she can about the Buchanan history and then tells the doctor that if she needs any more information then she will have to contact the baby's grandfather which will be very awkward for her. Her doctor assures her that they will only need more information if there is a problem which at the moment there isn't. Blair walks in and offers Kelly her support. Kelly asks Blair if she will be her coach for child birth classes and an honored Blair agrees until Jack needs her help with a homework assignment so she calls Kevin in to take her place with Kelly. Kevin, who has just finished discussing with Antonio the difficulties and joys of raising another man's baby, meets up with Kelly at the doctor's office offering himself as a friend so that Kelly will not have to face things alone. He also offers to be Kelly's coach during child birth. A touched Kelly agrees to think about it and gets ready to have her ultrasound.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Cris vows to prove that he was set up and he intends to get his license back. He will fight again to win the title. Vincent tells him he's finished. He lost out too, his manager declares. Abbott's gloves were checked and found to be fine. He wants their contract dissolved. Evangeline assures Cris that she will stick by him no matter what. The first step will be to talk to all of Abbott's people, Cris decides. Todd stops by and sarcastically wishes him luck. Whoever bet against him won lots of money, he says. Later, Evangeline stops Cris from tossing out all of his paints. He's down, not being able to fight or paint any longer due to his hand. She angrily tells him that his life isn't over and she will help him rebuild that life. Cris in turn tries to get her to talk about John but it seems weird to her. She understands when Cris tells her he offered his support to Natalie.

Natalie finally shows up at Llanview much to everyone's relief. She listens to everyone extend their sympathy and understanding and knows that her family has been through lots of pain too. But she can't accept that her pain will ever go away and is sure it will be with her forever. She explains that she spent time with Rex and Roxy and it's also been difficult trying to juggle two families; each has a different way of showing support. She affirms that she will never feel alive again. Kevin and Kelly show up together, seemingly at peace with each other. They show everyone the baby's ultrasound picture and promise to tell the baby all about Duke. The young children in the family will also hear about John, Natalie promises. She tells everyone of the wedding proposal that almost happened.

Starr's teacher asks Todd to speak to her class about the legal system but he declines. Starr is harassed at school by Brittany and her friends but when she announces that she is just like her dad and will not put up with any nonsense, the girls pull back. When Starr and her friend spot the football hunks who hang out with their foes, they make a plan to get back at the girls. Flirting with the boys and mentioning who Starr's dad happens to be, the girls are invited to what promises to be a wild party.

Adriana and Layla move into their new place, aided by an exhausted Rex who carts their belongings up the four flights of stairs. They both need new jobs but decline on Rex's offer to work at Ultraviolet. Adriana couldn't possibly have him as a boss and Layla just can't work at two different clubs. Rex voices his disappointment on Adriana not moving in with him but she promises to think about it after she gets her own life in order. She needs to know who Adriana is before she figures out who Rex and Adriana are together. She agrees to leave a toothbrush at Rex's place. They christen the new apartment after Layla leaves to pick up some coffee.

At the diner, Vincent laments his reputation being trashed along with Cris. His bodyguard feels bad about the situation. When Todd arrives and accuses Vincent of being the person who set up Cris the mobster is indignant. He overheard Vincent's own man Ted, talking about it, Todd retorts. Vincent insists that Todd has nothing on him and instead changes the subject. Todd is hot for Evangeline, he shouts. Before they can go any further, they are interrupted by Layla and have to quickly make up a story. She informs Vincent of Hugh's being in the accident. When Todd states matter of factly that he hopes the D.A. dies slowly with lots of pain, Vincent comes back bashing John. The men start to argue but are broken up by Layla. Todd can see that Vincent has a thing for Layla and she would be unhappy to know what he did. They come to an uneasy agreement. Todd won't squeal on Vincent for setting Cris up and Vincent won't relate the fact that Todd is after Evangeline.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Michael, Eve and Marcie were meeting with the funeral home director when Natalie showed up. "Do I count as family?" she asked. Michael assured Natalie that she was family, but they didn't want to upset her. Eve asked her to please stay. Natalie asked what they were planning for the funeral. Michael said there would be an honor guard from the LPD and bagpipes. After choosing the casket, which was very difficult, she exited and ran into Cris in Angel Square. She then sat on a park bench and tried not to cry as Vince almost interrupted her reverie.

In ICU, Kelly visited Hugh as Paige watched from afar. Kelly started to cry to when she talked to Paige about how successful Hugh had become. "I wish I had told him (I was his mother) sooner," Paige said wistfully. Kelly assured Paige that Hugh would pull through. Kelly told Paige how Hugh had helped her get through the beginning of her pregnancy. "You son is a beautiful, beautiful man," Kelly said through the tears.

Vince tried to convince Cristian to stop trying to get the boxing commission to change its mind. Cris reminded Vincent that his reputation was now ruined. "The last thing I need from you is bad PR," barked Vincent. Vincent told Cris he needed to accept the situation and move on. Cris wasn't that sure and stormed out of his own apartment. Vincent pounded the door after Cris left.

Evangeline loved the story Todd published about John McBain. "John is one of the reasons I'm sitting here," Todd said, but added, "he wasn't an easy guy to like." "Like you," Evangeline smiled. Evangeline grabbed Todd's hand when Blair slithered in and smirked. Evangeline told Blair she and Todd were having a private conversation. Blair said she had come to talk to Todd about their children. Evangeline left and Blair slipped into her seat. They needed to figure out where Jack and Starr were going to live. Todd wondered if Blair would sue for custody, but then sniped she could always just sleep with the judge. Blair stated that she wanted to move back into the penthouse and she wanted their lives to be the way they were two years ago, the way they were supposed to be. "Marry me, Todd," she said bluntly.

Antonio and Bo were overwhelmed with the amount of flowers that were being delivered for John. Antonio and Bo talked about John, "one of the best cops I ever met," Antonio said. Bo pointed out that John was gone while Spencer Truman was sitting in a cell trying to get away with murder. Bo and Antonio vowed that wouldn't happen. Evangeline headed to the police station and asked Bo if he would go through John's office with her. Evangeline had just been retained as the lawyer for the McBain family, and apparently John had not left a will. Evangeline was hoping that they might find something in his office but she felt awkward going through the office alone. Bo and Evangeline decided to start with the file cabinet together. Later, a grief-stricken Bo sat in John's office as Evangeline ran into Cris' arms.

Friday, October 6, 2006

Asa was warmly welcomed back surrounded by a happy band of Buchanans. Asa congratulated Clint for having dumped Dorian. Bo shared that David Vickers thought Spencer had been behind the mishaps that happened on and around New Year's Eve to the Buchanans. Bo reminded them that Spencer had been up at the cabin on New Year's. Asa clearly didn't want to talk about it at that moment. Nigel called Asa on that mysterious black and white photo that he had hidden in the drawer. Asa didn't spill any details, but he was uneasy.

David ran into Dorian in a public park. Dorian was horrified to realize that David spent the night on a park bench. David asked Dorian to accompany him to the funeral. David felt responsible for John's death, in that he had been involved, though not responsible for, Thomas McBain's death as well. David went to the funeral and spoke directly to Mrs. McBain. David told her that John had given him a second chance and he thanked her. The McBains were not too responsive, but Bo told David that it took guts for him to show up today.

Rex arrived at John's funeral and wondered where Natalie was. At Viki's, Roxy slapped Natalie when Natalie, still dressed in her robe, said she didn't see the point in going to John's funeral. Viki encouraged Natalie to go, adding that she'd regret it for the rest of her life if she didn't. Natalie went with her family. She was eager "to get this thing over with." She (and we) watched as the flag-draped coffin was carried in by the police guard to the music from a bagpipe. With deep emotion Bo gave the eulogy and spoke movingly about John being a true hero. The priest prayed and Michael thanked everyone for coming. Natalie sat and touched her engagement ring. The graveside service was beautifully directly and scripted. Each mourner had a few words as they left a flower in the grave. Evangeline sang "Oh Danny Boy." A tearful Natalie had been given the flag, and was the last one left sitting.

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