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Monday, July 17, 2006

David doesn't react well to the news that the gun he was carrying on the night he "killed" Thomas McBain had blanks in it. He bemoans the fact that the last 25 years of his life have been defined by that one moment where he may or may not have taken a man's life. He even destroyed Dorian's love for him because of what happened that night. John and Natalie let David know that they are still waiting on confirmation through fingerprints that they gun they found is indeed the gun David used. They ask him if he remembers hearing any other shots that night or anyone else being in the alley with him. They also inform him that they have a witness who may also be able to verify the owner of the gun they found. John tells David that even though he may not have killed his father, he still meant to do it and that he should look at the possible turn of events as another chance to do right in his life. When John and Natalie leave, David asks the guard to let him make one phone call to his brother.

Spencer is called into a meeting by the hospital board to discuss the article that was written about him in the paper. He bids Todd adieu in the hallway only to find out that due to a generous donation to the ICU wing, Todd has become the newest member on the board. Spencer starts off by saying that the picture was taken illegally in the privacy of his suite. He tells the board members that he was enjoying a night with he special lady friend and accidentally knocked over a table which prompted a concern neighbor to make a complaint. The board seems satisfied with his explanation until Todd tells them that they need to uphold the reputation of the hospital before they start to lose money. They decide to vote and the decision is made to put Spencer on probation. A seething Spencer warns Todd that it isn't over and Todd agrees. Spencer then tells Todd that he has to go home now and make love to Todd's ex wife.

Kelly notices that Blair has something on her mind and tries to pry it out of her. Blair tells Kelly that there is nothing going on but Kelly doesn't believe her so Blair tells her that the less she knows the better. Kelly believes that if Todd had been honest with Blair about Margaret's pregnancy than they all could have avoided the events that took place after. Blair senses that Kelly isn't really talking about her and Todd and asks her what's wrong. Kelly confesses to Blair that she is pregnant with Duke's baby and is afraid of what that might do to Kevin. Blair advises Kelly to worry about taking care of herself and her baby and not worry about Kevin but Kelly can't see how Kevin would ever be able to accept her pregnancy. Blair tells her that eventually she will have to tell Kevin but for right now she shouldn't think about Kevin or Duke since the baby is what matters most especially since having a baby has been the most important thing to Kelly. Kevin interrupts their baby talk when he comes to talk to Kelly.

A remorseful Kevin shares with Clint how he has been unable to let go of the pain of Duke's death. He tells him how he feels he has lost everything because of his anger. Kevin wants to know if Clint will give him another chance and Clint tells him that he is his son and he will always be deserving of second chances. He also advises Kevin to let it go so that he can move on with his life. Dorian stops by to visit Clint and overhears some of their conversation. When Clint steps out for a moment, Dorian furiously lays into Kevin for causing her family so much pain and then thinking he can just pick up his happy life and go on. Kevin apologizes to Dorian and informs her that his life has not been a picnic and may never be but he is trying to do the best he can. Dorian still doesn't let up about how the Buchanan men are always causing her girls pain and tells Kevin that he is a despicable drunk. Clint comes in and tells Dorian that she is out of line. Kevin leaves and Dorian tells Clint that they shouldn't let a little thing like their differing opinions of his son come between them. An angry Clint doesn't agree and throws Dorian out of his office and his life.

Cris takes Evangeline to a Puerto Rican festival in Angel Square. He describes to her all the sights of the festival and they enjoy a concert together. While Cris is getting them some food, Evangeline gets a call from her doctor letting her know that she is a candidate for a procedure that may restore her eyesight but it comes with a high price tag. She shares her good news with Cris as well as the fact that the procedure is costly but she isn't worried about the cost since she now has hope that she will be able to see again. Cris excuses himself and makes a phone call to Vince asking him to secure a fight for him since he needs the money. Before making the call, Cris bumps into his doctor who informs him that the test results concerning his hand were not good and he advises Cris against getting in the ring again.

Starr finds out that her new friend, Ricky and her best friend, Langston, have started hanging out.