OLTL Recaps: The week of May 15, 2006 on One Life to Live
Kevin blamed himself and Kelly for Duke's death. Evangeline learned that her blindness was permanent, but was determined to save Todd. Tess named her baby Brennan and named Jessica as the mother. Claudia begged Antonio to hire her as a singer in his club. David informed John that Margaret was still alive, and Natalie spotted Margaret in a restaurant.
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Monday, May 15, 2006

Kevin, Clint, and Viki stood by watching helplessly as Spencer unsuccessfully tried to resuscitate Duke after he flatlined. Kevin was devastated when Spencer declared Duke dead. Viki and Clint tried to console Kevin, who blamed himself for Duke's death. Kevin felt that he had played God when he had chosen to save Kelly before Duke. Before the body was taken to the morgue, Kevin asked for a few more minutes alone with Duke. Kevin held Duke in his arms and grieved for his son. After Duke's body was removed from the operating room, Kevin called Leeann to let her know that their son was dead.

Rex took Adriana to the hospital when they heard about Kelly and Duke. They bumped into Dorian, who was grateful that Adriana wasn't hurt but was dismissive to Rex, who informed Dorian how Adriana had almost been killed. Adriana left to check on Duke, and Dorian asked Rex to explain his statement. He covered by saying that he had meant that Adriana had almost been killed by the dangerous weather outside. Adriana found Viki and Clint in the hallway and learned the devastating news. She went back to where she had left Dorian and Rex and passed on the news of Duke's demise to them. Rex comforted her with a hug while Dorian left to share the news with Kelly and Blair.

Kelly pulled through her surgery with a relieved Dorian and Blair by her side. Alone with Blair, Kelly inquired about Duke, and Blair replied that Duke was still in surgery. Kelly was distraught as she told Blair that she didn't understand Blair's concern. Blair filled Kelly in about Kevin finding Kelly and Duke in the rectory, naked in each other's arms. Kelly explained to Blair that Kevin had said many hurtful things to her before taking her engagement ring back.

Kelly went on to tell Blair that Duke had found her devastated in the rectory and had been very nice to her. Blair told her cousin that she was not there to judge Kelly and that Kelly did not have to explain herself to Blair. Blair sat with Kelly for a while longer until Dorian showed up with the sad news that Duke had died. While Kelly was alone in her hospital room, Kevin showed up outside her door.

Layla could hardly hide her emotions when she visited a blind Evangeline in the hospital. She insisted that they call their mother to tell her what had happened, but Evangeline felt that they should wait until they knew more. She tried to keep a brave and hopeful face in front of Layla so that her sister would not worry about her. Outside in the hall, Cristian asked for the straight scoop on Evangeline's prognosis from her doctor. Cristian escorted the doctor back into Evangeline's room, where the doctor told her that the damage was so extensive that the chance was high that she would be permanently blind. An emotional Layla left Evangeline's room while Cristian vowed to do everything he could to help her get her sight back.

Layla ran into Blair in the corridor. Blair thought that Layla was upset because she had heard about Duke. When Blair realized that Layla didn't know about Duke, she broke the news to Layla that her boss and friend had died. Layla was devastated and confided in Blair how Evangeline had been hurt at the church and might be permanently blind. Blair wondered if anyone had gotten a chance to tell Todd about Evangeline's condition.

David was in Bangkok, trying to get Margaret to remember her past by showing her a newspaper article, when Denton walked in with a gun. Denton informed David that Spencer had put a contract out on them. David began to wrestle with Denton for the gun. Denton was knocked out when a statue fell and hit him in the head.

David answered Denton's phone when it started to ring and told a startled Spencer that he knew all about Spencer's plan to have him killed. David made a deal with Spencer that David would keep Spencer's secret in exchange for Spencer keeping David's involvement with Thomas McBain a secret. Spencer asked David if he was willing to risk Todd's life to keep his secret. After hanging up with Spencer, David discovered that Denton had escaped.

John was furious when he discovered that Natalie was accompanying him to Bangkok. She told John that she was there to make sure that John didn't throw his life away by seeking revenge on David. John told Natalie that he didn't need to be saved, but she was determined to make sure that he and David both made it back to Llanview alive. John started to tell her that if anything happened to her because of him -- but Natalie stopped him by telling him that nothing would happen because he would be there to protect her.

John told Natalie that she was on her own when they landed because she would only slow him down in his pursuit of David. John began to remember all the encounters that he'd had with David, smirking at how David had asked John to spot him at the gym one day. John wished that he had known then what he had since learned because things would have turned out differently that day.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A distraught Kevin visited Kelly and told her that his son was dead. Kelly began to cry while telling him that it was her fault that Duke was dead. Kevin said that there were two people to blame and then shared how angry he had been when he had found Duke and Kelly together. He had been so angry that in his son's final moments, he hadn't told Duke that he loved him. Kevin also revealed that Spencer had made him play God and decide whether Kelly or Duke should be operated on first, since there weren't enough doctors available to do two surgeries. After telling Kelly that he had chosen her, feeling Duke was strong enough to hold on, he forced her to look at a picture of the boy he had lost...his only son.

Dorian thanked Spencer for saving Kelly's life, but it was a loaded apology. She told Spencer how ironic it was that he had gotten a chance to really stick it to the Buchanans by forcing Kevin to make the choice of who should be operated on first. Because of Kevin's decision, the ultimate pain had been inflicted on the Buchanans, which played out in Spencer's favor with Duke dying.

Spencer was appalled that Dorian would think that he had wanted Duke to die, but Dorian stated he had caused pain, destruction, and divisions in families since his arrival in town. She said Duke's death had to be the icing on the cake for Spencer. He accused Dorian of being heartless, and Dorian countered that, although he might have a heart, he had no soul. A usually composed Spencer lost control after Dorian left.

The phone fell on the floor, and Evangeline reached over to pick it up while Cristian tried to help her. Evangeline told him that she had to learn how to do those things for herself, since her sight was gone. She informed him that although she might not be able to help herself, she was more determined than ever to help Todd. Cristian couldn't believe that she would put Todd's well-being over her own recovery, but she argued that despite her injuries, she was still alive, whereas, without her help, Todd's life would end. Cristian's frustration with Evangeline's stubbornness led him to leave, since Evangeline didn't seem to want to hear what he had to say. However, Evangeline asked him to stay.

Blair visited Todd in prison and advised him of the storm and the casualties and destruction it had left behind. She told him that Duke had been killed, and Todd asked how Viki was holding up. She hesitantly revealed that Evangeline had been hurt by glass and might be permanently blind, but he didn't believe her, stating that it was another one of Spencer's tricks. Blair eventually convinced him that it was the truth, leaving Todd feeling hopeless, since the one person who cared about him and believed in him could no longer help him.

Blair insisted that she, too, did not want Todd to die -- not because she still loved him but simply out of compassion. Todd accused her of lying about her feelings, even though she was sleeping with the enemy, and implored her to make things right between them, since they only had a few weeks left. Blair left and ran to Spencer, who was also in need of comfort after Dorian's hateful words.

Nash and Tess had to quickly thought up a name when a hospital representative had demanded to know the baby's name as well as the mother's so that she could issue the birth certificate. Tess decided to call the baby Brennan and named Jessica as the mother, since Tess was not legally a person. While Nash was escorting their "guest" out, Tess had another encounter with Jessica, who wanted the chance to hold her baby. Tess asked if Jessica were ready to face the truth about what had happened when she had been a child, which caused Jessica to retreat again.

Nash received a call from Mr. Reston, who issued a veiled threat against Brennan. Tess walked into the room as Nash was hanging up, and she inquired about who had been on the phone. Nash lied and said that it had been a telemarketer.

Claudia paid a recovering Antonio a visit in the hospital. She told Antonio that all she wanted was a chance to start over again. Antonio pointed out how coincidental it was that she had decided to start over in the same place that her ex was living. Claudia tried to cover by telling Antonio that she wanted a chance to give back and help others who might also be recovering from addiction and that it also gave her an opportunity to help Antonio protect Tess from Nash. Claudia also asked him for a job in his club, but not as a waitress -- as a singer. Antonio was suspicious, since Claudia didn't need the money, but Claudia told him that her therapist had recommended that she find a reason to get up in the morning -- something that didn't involve Nash or pills.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

John and Natalie arrived in Thailand. John immediately picked up the gun that he had made arrangements for. He was ready to search for David, no matter what the time was. Natalie was upset when she spotted the gun case. She pleaded with John not to ruin his life, telling him that she wanted him in her future. She was there to watch over him and keep control, she explained. She was also proud of him for not giving up.

John admitted that he just needed to make David face justice, but he couldn't worry about her being there even if she was worried about him. She demanded that he return to her. She also wanted him to watch his back. He went out but returned a little while later, after Natalie had fallen asleep. He had learned of David's whereabouts. He had found people who had seen David with a white woman. He wouldn't wait until morning.

Suddenly, as John headed out again, he spotted Denton on a closing elevator. Nearby, David and Margaret enjoyed a meal together, and David confided in her, telling her about the night that he had killed John's father. Margaret seemed to show signs of remembering her past but stated that she merely believed that both she and David had to be better people than they had been before.

Blair admitted to Spencer that she didn't want Todd to die, and she thought that Evangeline would pull through for him. Revealing that she had some errands to run, she asked Spencer to babysit for Jack until she returned.

Evangeline only wanted to work and delegated some chores to both Cristian and Layla. She had a few incidents like walking into a table and knocking over a drink but seemed to cope well. Cristian informed her that he'd be there for her. Blair paid Evangeline a visit and expressed her sympathy over Evangeline's sudden blindness. Blair revealed that Todd was upset also. The lawyer informed Blair that she was working for Todd and the kids, not Blair.

Rex recalled Jen's death about one year before. He helped Starr out after some other kids picked on her. Starr made a new friend, who encouraged her to steal some spray paint to express her feelings. Starr's friend Ricky berated her at first for being a follower, but he offered to help her. The police caught them rather quickly.

Viki paid Todd a visit and told him she had a new granddaughter. She was upset over his impending death and cried about the death of her grandson. Todd felt sorry for Kevin. Viki vowed she would keep working toward freeing Todd and could not cope with possibly burying both her brother and grandson in the same week. She wanted him to have faith.

Todd shared his plan of waiting for John to pull through and was surprised to hear that John was out of town. Hugh visited and suggested that Todd hire a new lawyer. He was looking out for Evangeline, and Todd needed to let her recuperate.

Kevin, Clint, and Bo headed up to Duke's room to choose burial clothes. Kevin was indifferent as to what he picked out. Bo tried to empathize with him, though the situation was different from when Drew had been killed. Viki arrived, and she and Clint both worried about Kevin, who blamed himself for Duke's death.

Drew had been murdered over time, Kevin ranted. Ever since Duke had been a boy, Kevin had never been there for him. Adriana stopped by to pay her respects and located a box that Duke had shown her previously. He had been sentimental and had kept lots of memories of the past and of his father in the box. It proved that Drew had loved Kevin. Kevin was touched, and he lovingly selected new clothes for Duke to be buried in -- clothes that had had meaning to Duke.

Blair returned to Spencer and expressed disbelief that even after being blinded, Evangeline was more determined than ever to help Todd. Evangeline had upset Blair because Evangeline had always believed in Todd while Blair hadn't. Todd's life would be ending in just a few days.

Bo stopped by to pick up the release forms for Duke's body. Spencer was curious when he heard that Natalie and John had taken off for Thailand. Bo wondered why Spencer seemed so interested.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

John sped after Denton through the lobby of the Bangkok hotel. John roughly ordered Denton to talk, but Natalie intervened to prevent him from going over the edge. Natalie told John she believed he'd do the right thing when the moment had arrived.

Meanwhile, Spencer became visibly rattled when Bo revealed that John had flown to Thailand. Spencer phoned David to warn him that John was hot on his trail. Spencer agreed to wire his brother some hush money.

Although touched when Evangeline insisted on putting aside her own troubles to fight for him, Todd told his attorney he was releasing her from her obligation. Evangeline went to the prison to convince Todd she could still work on his case.

The cops caught Starr and Ricky while the kids were trying to cover up their graffiti. Blair headed to the precinct house to collect her daughter and was exasperated to learn that Starr had also been charged with shoplifting. Bo advised Blair to cut Starr some slack, since the girl was on the verge of losing her father. Later, Blair warned an agitated Starr that Starr wouldn't be allowed to see Ricky again.

As Paige tendered her resignation from the hospital, a seething Michael read his former friend the riot act for her role in his father's death. Paige tried to offer her condolences to Bo on the death of his great-nephew.

Friday, May 19, 2006

At Asa's mansion, the family prepared for Duke's funeral. Members of the press circled the front entrance, and Viki provided them with a short but graceful statement. Back inside, Tess finally seemed to feel for the Buchanans, and she shared her fears and concerns with Nash as they sat on the steps in the foyer. Nash wanted to know what had happened to her, and Tess said that seeing Duke die so young made her scared that she would lose everything she loved. Nash assured her that it would not happen.

In the living room, Kevin fell apart in front of Viki. She sensed that her son was blaming himself for Duke's death, which was what she had been afraid of from the moment Spencer had forced him to choose between his son and the love of his life. Viki pleaded with Kevin not to torment himself in that way, and she reassured him that all parents fought with their children. Kevin couldn't see past the fact that he had hated his son too much to forgive him for sleeping with Kelly. He told Viki that Duke had apologized to him before he had died, and Kevin also shared his shock over the box of mementos that Adriana had shown him. Viki told Kevin that those mementos were proof of how much Duke had loved his father.

At the hospital, Bo and Clint lent each other comfort as they prepared to tell a sick and weakened Asa that his great-grandson was dead. The brothers agreed that Asa had to learn the truth from them, but after a brief visit to his bedside, neither was able to tell him the devastating news. Clint and Bo returned to the Buchanan mansion, where they joined Viki at Kevin's side, trying to comfort him in his grief.

Meanwhile, Nash told Tess that there was a way she could help her brother, and they went to retrieve baby Brennan from her sleep. Tess entered the living room to offer Kevin a chance to hold his niece, warming everyone's heart in the process. Kevin smiled down at the baby, who didn't cry or make any noise; he recalled that Duke had behaved similarly as an infant. After handing Brennan back to Tess, Kevin announced that it was time to bury his son.

Blair visited Kelly in the hospital, doing her best to cheer up her cousin. Kelly's depression in the wake of the tragedy had deepened, and Blair became scared when Kelly said that she made herself sick. Spencer joined the Cramer cousins and told Kelly that Jack had been asking about her that morning. Blair offered to visit with the kids, but Kelly said that Blair should keep them away from Kelly if she wanted them to be safe.

Blair reminded Kelly that Kevin had broken her heart, but Kelly realized the extent of her actions, and she told her cousin that she had betrayed Kevin in the worst possible way. Outside Kelly's room, Blair expressed her concerns to Spencer. Spencer made the mistake of telling Blair that everything would go back to normal once Todd was executed, and Blair snapped at him, telling her boyfriend that it wouldn't be that easy.

Across town, Todd and Evangeline put their heads together in the hopes of finding one small clue that would get Todd a stay of execution. Evangeline mentioned the night that Todd had met Margaret at the lake, asking him if Spencer could have followed them there. Todd was adamant that Spencer hadn't even known Margaret and couldn't have been at the lake.

Evangeline reminded Todd that Margaret had to have swum to shore once she jumped overboard, and suddenly she remembered that Spencer had been the one who had signed off on the autopsy as a second opinion. She and Todd wondered if Spencer might have lied about the cause of death, pretending to go along with the original doctor's diagnosis of strangulation. Evangeline decided that she would approach the district attorney in the hopes of exhuming both Margaret's and the baby's bodies.

In Thailand, Natalie showed David's picture to the same café waiter who had led David to Margaret. The waiter lied to Natalie, telling her that he had never seen David. At the same time, John busted into David's room and started beating him up. John said he knew David had killed his father, but David denied any wrongdoing, which made John angrier, and he pointed his gun at David.

During the confrontation between David and John, a frantic Margaret sneaked out the window of the adjoining room into the rainy night, while Denton popped out of the shadows to shoot David. John shot Denton and then demanded to know what he wanted with David. David said that he would explain if John would just put down his weapon. John finally did so, and David stammered that he knew something that would change everybody's life forever: Margaret Cochran was still alive, and that that was why Spencer had hired Denton to kill David. John was hesitant to believe it, but David forged on with the truth.

A soaking-wet Margaret popped into the café, where a shocked Natalie laid eyes on her.

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