OLTL Recaps: The week of May 8, 2006 on One Life to Live
Natalie joined John on a plane to Thailand. Evangeline was injured as a result of the storm. Kelly and Duke made love in the rectory, but both were headed to the hospital after the storm. Kevin chose Kelly to get surgery first. Duke flatlined. Spencer ordered Denton to kill David. Antonio was electrocuted, and Tess posed as Jessica in order to save him. Rex and Adriana admitted they were in love with each other.
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Monday, May 8, 2006

John is the first to regain consciousness in the blown down church. He calls out to Natalie, Cristian, and Evangeline to make sure that everyone is ok. Digging in the rubble, he finds a badly injured and unconscious Natalie while Cris finds an injured Evangeline lying in another pile of rubble. John tries to keep Natalie calm while he tries to stop the bleeding on her injured leg. Cris sees that Evangeline has glass and cuts around her eyes and tries to go and find water to help her clean them out but she begs him not to leave her alone. After cleaning the glass out of Natalie's wound and applying pressure, he promises not to leave her until help arrives. He then gives her a kiss to help keep her conscious. Cris lends support to Evangeline who has decided to finally open her eyes only to discover that she has lost sight in both of them.

Marcie, Michael and their wedding guests are having a good time at the reception, unaware of the accident involving Michael's best man. Marcie sings a love song to her new husband while their guests look on. Fearing that John won't be able to make it due to the inclement weather, Michael asks Spencer to step in and give the toast fearing that he may be paged by the hospital if people are injured by the tornado. Spencer makes a toast wishing Marcie and Michael love, hope, and that the worst of their marriage is getting through the night's storm. Just as everyone drinks up, Michael is called into the hospital leaving his new bride to carry on without him at the reception.

Spencer is shell shocked by the photo of Margaret and David that he received via his cell phone. He is in even more shock when David puts Margaret on the phone. Spencer asks David what he wants to keep his discovery a secret and David tells him that Spencer needs to ensure that David's name will never come up in the Thomas McBain investigation (too late for that). David tells Spencer how ironic it is that he went to Thailand to find the baby figuring that Spencer had killed crazy Margaret but instead he winds up finding Margaret alive and well. Spencer warns David to watch his back and after he hangs up, he calls Denton and tells him to eliminate the threat in Thailand. Meanwhile, a suspicious Margaret begrudgingly agrees to let David stay with her for the night but warns him that there will be no funny business.

Kevin becomes concerned when Kelly fails to show up at Michael and Marcie's reception. He waits patiently at the bar but when the weather threatens to worsen, he informs Layla that he and Kelly got into a huge fight at the wedding and that he is headed to Blair's to make sure that she is ok. Unbeknownst to Kevin, Kelly and Duke are getting undressed and starting to make love as the storm rages on around them.

Tess is outraged that Antonio has a court order to prevent her from leaving the hospital with the baby. The three of them go back and forth yet again about what is best for the baby and Jessica before Clint walks up on their argument and offers them a compromise. They can all stay with him at Asa's until the baby's paternity is established. Nash (who seems to be the only level headed one out of the trio) agrees to the compromise as do Antonio and finally Tess.

As Rex is working to restore the lights in his loft, Adriana's stalker walks up on her and begins rubbing her shoulders. Believing that those are Rex's hands caressing her shoulders, Adriana is at first getting into it but then she starts to get angry that Rex is using the night's events to try to make a pass at her. She turns around and calls a surprised Rex a jerk. Adriana explains how she is upset that he was trying to seduce her while the lights were out. Rex tells Adriana that he was no where near her, causing them both concern when they realize that Adriana's stalker is becoming bolder and more dangerous.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Everyone in Llanview is edgy as they collect themselves after the tornado touches down, damaging the library, church and some homes. Unfortunately, they have not much time to celebrate being safe, as another is predicted to hit.

Adriana is scared after being touched by the stalker and asks Rex to spend the night with her at his place. Not wanting to be blamed for taking advantage, he tells her he'll stay close and keep watch. When the heat goes haywire and he needs to check the boiler in the basement, Adriana is leery but agrees to lock up and admit him after hearing certain words. The windows aren't locked however, and the stalker returns, covering her head and getting her outdoors. When Rex returns he's forced to break his door down when he gets no response. A feisty and screaming Adriana finally manages to get a split second upper hand on her assailant, and with Rex showing up, the man runs off. The young people admit their love for each other.

A raging Kevin shows up at Blair's looking for Kelly. She finally manages to convince him that her cousin isn't there. She is also rather skeptical of Kevin's side of the story, thinking that it's more likely his fault that they're having an argument and have broken up. She knows that Kelly has tried to save the relationship because she loves Kevin. She blames his drinking and she's not happy that he's not speaking well of Kelly. She does get him to agree to go and look for her before he blames himself if something bad has happened. Blair tries to comfort Starr also, who is concerned for Todd's well being but the girl wants nothing to do with her.

Kelly and Duke make love at the rectory. When Kelly awakens, she's pretty disturbed over what they've done. She doesn't get the chance to say much more than that they've destroyed everything. The rectory is hit by the second twister.

John does his best to keep Nat awake, starting off with a kiss. He admits that they should be together and he'll come through this time. Evangeline is frantic also but Cris vows to remain by her side. He thinks that glass may have gotten in her eyes; there's shattered glass all around them. Cris finally manages to get through to 911 and help arrives.

Michael is on duty at the hospital and is there to give orders all around. He's there to receive Evangeline and Natalie and get them into rooms. Natalie has lost a lot of blood but she'll be ok. John tells her that she was right all along. Cris assures Evangeline that he wouldn't be anywhere else.

As Nash, Antonio, Tess and the baby head back to the hospital they are involved in an accident. Upon awakening, they find themselves in the car, hanging over some downed power lines. All but Nash who has been thrown from the car. Antonio calms down a hysterical Tess. He calls to Nash and gets him to respond. He then manages to get through the window since the door is jammed but he falls and is shocked into unconsciousness by the wires. Nash is unable to locate his cell phone but comes up with a plan; Tess doesn't want to remain in the car. He asks her to drop the baby down to him. She refuses but he tries to make her see it'll all be fine.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

At the hospital, Natalie asks John if he meant what he said that the two of them could be partners while working on John's case. He tells her that if it's the only way he can keep her safe then they will work together as partners. Natalie wants to know how John plans to deal with David now that he knows the truth. John says that all he wants is justice for his father but Natalie knows that he wants much more. Natalie is afraid that John is going to shut down again despite his pledge to her.

Cris is there to comfort Evangeline while Spencer does an initial exam on her eyes. He says that there has been extensive trauma but he won't know the extent of it until she undergoes an MRI and sees a specialist. Evangeline asks Spencer if she has permanently lost her sight and while Spencer can't say for sure, he does let her know that there is a possibility that her sight will not return. When Spencer leaves to go and consult with the specialist, Cris tries to keep Evangeline hopeful about her prognosis. John comes in to check on her and tells her that he feels that if she hadn't stayed behind to tell him about Vickers then she would not have gotten hurt. Evangeline tells him that it's not his fault and can sense how John is feeling about the situation even without being able to see his face.

After visiting with Evangeline, John bumps into Michael in the hallway and almost tells him what he discovered but chooses not to when Michael goes on and on about how great Spencer is. He overhears Spencer talking to Denton on the phone to the good doctor's chagrin. John asks Natalie, Cris, and Evangeline to keep the news to themselves until he has a chance to find David, whom he later discovers is in Thailand.

Nash tries to rescue Tess and the baby from their dangerous predicament by having Tess throw the baby down to him in the ravine below. Tess is too afraid fearing that something will happen to the little girl but Nash asks her to trust not only him but herself as well so that they can get the baby to safety. Tess finally agrees and throws the baby into Nash's waiting arms. After freeing herself from the car, she and Nash begin to worry that Antonio is not going to make it. Jessica asks Tess to let her come out and help Antonio but Tess opts to help him by pretending to be Jessica instead. She keeps Antonio conscious until the ambulance arrives. Nash decides that they should follow the ambulance to the hospital to make sure that Antonio is all right and to get her and the baby checked out before going home to their apartment for the night.

Dorian is elated when Clint shares with her the news of the newest addition to the Buchanan family. She makes a comment about Viki which leads Clint to inquire about the conversation Dorian and Viki had the morning she returned his cufflinks leading Viki to believe that they had slept together. Dorian insists that she implied nothing of the sort and maybe it was just Viki sensing something between them they don't want to see. Clint reminds her that if there was something between them then no one would have to point it out to them. Dorian concedes as she becomes more and more worried about Kelly's whereabouts. As if on cue, Kevin shows and Dorian lets him have it about his lack of concern regarding Kelly on this stormy night. Kevin pours himself another drink until he hears that another tornado hit the church and that the rectory where he last saw Kelly has been destroyed.

Meanwhile Kelly and Duke are still pinned under the wall and while Kelly is barely conscious, Duke still has yet to move. Two members of a rescue crew make their way into the rectory to find Duke and Kelly hidden under the rubble. Kevin, who is right behind the rescue team also sees his fiancée and his son. He calls out hysterically to them until the rubble is removed revealing that they are both undressed.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The police dust Rex's apartment for the stalker's fingerprints, but Adriana isn't hopeful. She becomes increasingly worried, and runs off, but Rex follows her. He says he won't let anyone hurt her and insists that he didn't tell her he loved her last night just because she was in danger-it's always been the truth. He tries to comfort her and make her laugh, which leads to him taking most of his clothing off and threatening to jump in the freezing cold lake. She laughs and the two share a kiss, just before Rex loses his balance and falls in the lake anyway. Unfortunately, their happiness may be short-lived, as it appears that someone is watching them.

Viki and Dorian talk about their families. Dorian informs Viki that Kevin broke off his engagement to Kelly. At that moment, Clint finds them and says that Kelly and Duke are both in the ER.

John insists that Natalie stay in bed. The two share a tender moment, but then John informs Nat that he is going to Thailand to find David. Natalie worries what John will do once he finds him. John answers that he will probably end up beating David until he tells him the details behind the shooting. Natalie tells him that if he goes, she won't be waiting for him when he comes back. She begs him to have David extradited, and bring him down through the system. John refuses, saying it is something he has to do. Later, John books a flight for the next day, and contacts someone for a concealable weapon.

Antonio realizes that Jessica never really came out and that Tess lied to save his life. He is angry at first, but then relents, even telling her he understands her and Nash's desire to take the baby to a hotel for one night and be alone, as long as they move into Asa's the following day. Later, Tess brings the baby to Antonio's room and lets him hold her. They seem to be reaching some common ground.

Duke and Kelly are rushed into the hospital. Kevin must deal with the fact that they could both die-and that they had sex. Kevin tells his father what has been going on between Kelly and Duke. Later, he stumbles into the operating room where Spencer and Michael are working to save them. Doctors force him back out into the hallway, where he hears an EMT gossiping about the way Kelly and Duke were found. Kevin loses his temper and attacks him. Clint pulls him off. Spencer then tells Kevin that Kelly and Duke are suffering from the same injuries, and both need to be operated on immediately. Unfortunately, Spencer is the only doctor on the east coast who has ever been able to successfully perform the procedure. He worries that while he operates on one patient, the other will likely die. Kevin must choose whose life will be spared: the love of his life Kelly, or his son Duke's.

Friday, May 12, 2006

As John packs his bag for a trip out of town, Bo realizes that his number one detective has finally discovered who killed his father. Knowing that he won't be able to talk John out of doing whatever he's planning to do, Bo takes a more subtle tact, reminding John of all that he's accomplished with Dr. Crosby and of the dangers of acting irrationally. John maintains that he is simply going after justice. He refuses to divulge the specific information regarding who killed his father, or even whether or not he has to go out of the country to find the person. Bo does insist that John leave his weapon behind, and he reminds John that he's there for him; John can call him if he feels like he is about to make a decision that will change his life forever. John makes one request of Bo: that he check in on Natalie. Bo says that he would have done that anyway. John leaves a message for Natalie on her cell phone, then takes off for the airport.

Natalie has made up her own mind as to what she's going to do to help John. She has a bedside chat with Michael about the state of her health, but she has no intention of "taking it easy." Viki also makes a visit to Natalie's bedside in order to fill her in on Duke, Kelly, and Antonio's injuries. After Viki leaves, Natalie sneaks out of the hospital. We see John on the airplane, ready to take off for Thailand, when suddenly a voice says, "Is this seat taken?" It's Natalie, having staggered onto the plane with her crutches in order to go to Thailand with John!

In Thailand, David Vickers is becoming increasingly desperate. He and Margaret have made their way to an internet cafe, where David tries to log online to show Mags some pertinent information. The internet connection goes down, and David becomes increasingly frustrated. He wants to make Margaret remember her baby, but her memory has been completely erased. She says Todd's name aloud, but nothing comes back to her. When Margaret asks David if she really did cruel things to Todd, he hedges and tells her that sometimes good people do bad things. Finally, the connection comes back and David logs online to a newspaper article: he points out Margaret's picture, and she realizes that she and her baby are believed to be dead! Meanwhile, Denton stands outside the cafe, ready to do Spencer's bidding. He holds a gun in his hand and points it through the window at Margaret and David.

Spencer and Michael work frantically to save Kelly's life. Spencer wants Michael to pay close attention to the experimental procedure, reminding him that if another doctor in the hospital could perform it, then Duke's life would not be in danger. Outside the operating room, Dorian lashes out at Blair when Blair asks where Kevin is. Dorian says that Kelly's life is in danger because of Kevin. When Blair rushes to his defense, Dorian reveals that Kelly and Duke were found naked and entwined. Blair is shocked, remembering her own words to Kevin when she assured him that Kelly would never cheat on him. Seeing a moment of shock on her niece's face, Dorian insists that she tried to warn Kelly away from Kevin for years. Dorian wants to know when her girls are finally going to start listening to her advice about the horrible men in their lives.

Viki comforts Clint, telling him that an angel has looked out for their family many times in the past; she prays that that angel is looking out for Duke. Meanwhile, Kevin finally manages to suppress his rage at Duke's portrayal and sit at his son's bedside. He holds Duke's hand and demands that his son hold on. As Kevin's tears flow, Duke wakes up for a split second and tells his dad that he is sorry. Kevin says "don't worry, buddy" and tries to comfort his son, but suddenly Duke begins to flatline!

Spencer emerges from the operating room to tell Dorian and Blair that Kelly has made it through the surgery alive. He demands that Duke be prepped for surgery.

In his prison cell, Todd has nightmares about Blair and Margaret. He dreams that Blair finally accepts the truth about him but says that she can never be with him again, because he doesn't forgive people. "I'll forgive you," he hollers to Blair, but she runs out of his dream and Margaret comes into it. Margaret presses her body against him, telling him that she is going to free him from death row. Todd wakes up, apparently thinking that Margaret's presence in his dream was some sort of sign. He demands to make a call to Evangeline, but the guard reminds him that this is against the rules. Instead, the guard hands Manning his calendar and suggests that he check another day off ... Todd insists that something will happen to set him free before his execution.

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