OLTL Recaps: The week of May 1, 2006 on One Life to Live
Jessica helped Tess to deliver a baby girl. Margaret had David arrested in Thailand but later had him sprung. Denton sent Spencer a photo of David and Margaret together. Natalie deduced that David had been the shooter of Officer McBain. Kevin and Kelly continued to have issues. Duke comforted Kelly. Michael and Marcie were married in the middle of a storm.
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Monday, May 1, 2006

Tess and Jessica work together to deliver a beautiful, bouncing baby girl with Nash and Antonio by their side. Viki and Clint are waiting anxiously in the hall hoping that the baby's birth will be the catalyst that brings Jessica back to them. After the baby is born, Tess asks everyone to wait outside. Jessica commends Tess on a job well done but Tess responds by telling Jessica to leave her and her baby alone. Jessica pleads with Tess to let her stay but Tess reminds her that was not part of the deal. Viki walks in and sees Tess lying in bed with the baby. She tells her that she is proud of the way Jessica and Tess worked together through Tess' difficult labor. Viki reminds them that the best thing for the baby now is to have one mother who is focused only on her needs so a tearful Jessica backs down and lets Tess stay in charge for the time being.

Outside of Tess' room, Nash and Antonio begin to argue about Antonio's desire to have a paternity test done right away. Nash is furious that Antonio would want to have the test done so soon after the baby's birth but Antonio feels that the sooner the better to confirm what he already feels in his heart, that the baby is his. Clint stops the two men from arguing and Viki finds Nash to tell him that Tess would like to see him. Natalie joins them at the hospital after her visit from Vincent at Llanfair who reminds her that she owes him for helping her gather information for John.

John finds Michael at the church and shows him the sketch of the teenager who shot their father. Michael, who is rehearsing with Marcie for their big day, wants to know what John is planning on doing when he finds the man responsible. Their discussion of John and his revenge plans is interrupted when the priest wants to do a walk through of the ceremony. While Marcie is walking down the aisle, John is lost in his thoughts about his father and his reluctance to tell him who the kid is who shot him. The only advice that Tom will give John is to follow the evidence and to not lose the wedding rings. John is brought back to reality by Michael who begs his brother not to screw up his wedding.

Bo walks into the living room and catches Paige packing her bags. She tells him that she has decided to move out to protect him and Matthew. Bo asks her to tell him who she is protecting but Paige isn't talking. He asks her to at least wait until Matthew comes home so that they can tell him together that she is moving out but Paige can't do it and tells Bo that she will call Matthew soon. Paige gives Bo a farewell kiss before grabbing her bag and leaving.

Matthew comes home looking for Paige so that she can help him with his project. Bo offers to help but Matthew says that he'll wait for Paige since Bo isn't good with Science. Bo sits Matthew down and explains to him that Paige won't be home that night or any other since she has decided to move out. Matthew asks Bo for the reasons why but when Bo can't come up with a clear cut answer, Matthew has a hard time understanding why Paige would leave them. Bo explains to Matthew that no matter what, Paige loves him and that right now the best thing for them to do is to concentrate on Nora and her recovery. Bo asks Matthew if he wants to call Paige but Matthew tells him that if Paige cares about him so much then she can call him (sassy).

David is shocked to realize that Margaret is alive and well in Thailand. He babbles on and on in front of a confused Margaret about how Spencer didn't kill her and the baby and how he finally has his brother right where he wants him. Margaret tries to get David to leave since she doesn't know who he is but David tries to jog her memory by going over some of her misdeeds regarding Todd and Spencer. Still unaware of who she is and definitely not knowing who this tall, dark, handsome, and kooky stranger is, Margaret calls the police on David and has him arrested.

Meanwhile back in Llanview while Todd is counting down the days to his execution, Spencer finds Evangeline frantically going over newspaper clippings from Spencer's past trying to find anything that will link Spencer to Margaret's death and the cover up surrounding Tom McBain's death. Evangeline vows to find out everything that Spencer has been up to before Todd is executed. Once again slippery Spencer denies any involvement and tries to get under Evangeline's skin by bringing up how hard it must have been to watch Natalie steal John right from under her nose. Evangeline laughs at Spencer's childish attempt to hurt her and can't wait until all his dirty deeds to win Blair become the next big news item in Llanview. Later, she and John end up sitting a few feet away from each other with John looking at the sketch of the teen shooter and Evangeline looking at the picture of Spencer's wedding featuring a teenaged David.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

David is stuck in the prison in Thailand. He manages to make one phone call.

As Spencer comes closer, Paige denies knowing David's whereabouts. She taunts him and asks how it feels to be closed in. He threatens her with disclosing the fake papers as fact that Bo framed an innocent man for murder. Paige appears to become stronger instead of weaker, causing Spencer to lose his temper. She can't wait until David returns. She receives his frantic phone call from the Thai jail but Spencer grabs the phone and demands to know where David is. He hears the police in the background and realizes that David is in Thailand. The call is cut off. Bo sits and talks to Nora, filling her in on all of Llanview's latest.

Marcie is surprised by a bachelorette party at the hair salon but get depressed when the male strippers are mentioned. She thinks back to the Love Project and the happy times when the guys threw a strip show. It's decided that the party be moved to Ultraviolet, where Michael is having a bachelor party. Layla thinks that Adriana is looking for problems with Rex. Michael is unable to locate John. Duke and Adriana sulk together. Hugh asks Rex if he knows what's bothering Bo which causes him to leave the party to find him. Hugh also asks Duke if he has family troubles. Duke is shocked to learn that all of the charges against Kevin were dropped at Kelly's request and he tries to call her.

Blair visits Todd and berates him for not showing love to their children in his DVD. She has a surprise for him though; she's brought the kids to see him. Jack is standoffish and won't go to his father until Blair tells him to give Todd a hug. He does it quickly and then asks to leave. Blair thinks the hope that Todd talks about is cruel and she can't deal with it.

John gives Natalie hell but she's angry at him as well for riding to her rescue as usual. He doesn't want her involved in the pursuit of his father's killer and is incensed over the type of people that she went off with. He's tired of hearing people say he's obsessed. She retorts that she's sick of saying it and is wondering if he indeed finds the killer if he can find the John she fell in love with too, because he's missing. They argue over the kind of justice that he's looking for. They try to get through to each other. He finally yells that it's dangerous, not a game and he doesn't want to lose her. He pulls away though as usual. She reprimands him for missing Michael's bachelor party and the fact that he could get killed for seeking revenge. He is on the verge of tears but finally stalks out and she breaks down.

Bo is located at the hospital but he won't tell Rex anything about his personal life other than the fact that Paige moved out. When he hears about Adriana's weird emails he insinuates that Rex is sending them so that he can then be a hero. Bo and Paige share an awkward moment as she asks him to drop off a wedding gift for Michael and Marcie.

Outside of Ultraviolet, Spencer drops some coins into a homeless man's cup and asks that David be taken care of in Thailand. John happens to arrive when this occurs and makes mention of his surprise at Spencer giving his support. John finally puts in an appearance at his brother's party. Both Michael and Marcie make toasts. Their words of love, of brothers and of having been idiots affect John, Rex and Spencer. A storm begins to brew.

The homeless man, who is actually Denton, gets ready to board his plane ahead of a forecasted tornado.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Tess and Nash are enjoying baby girl X while Antonio is having a chat with Claudia right outside their hospital room. Claudia plays coy while trying to convince Antonio that Nash is playing Tess just like he played her. Antonio asks her to tell him what she thinks Nash is up to and she lets slip that Nash has conned the Buchanans just like he conned her family into believing that he loved her but all he wanted was her money. Claudia issues a "warning" to Antonio about Nash before making a call to enlist a mystery person's help in getting Nash back. Antonio visits with Tess after Nash leaves and asks to hold the baby. Tess allows him to hold her baby girl. Antonio concedes that she is in love with Nash but he warns her to keep both eyes open where Nash is concerned.

Marcie and Michael are preparing for their big day but things go down hill fast when Michael finds out that his mother is stuck in the Bahamas and will not be able to make it to their wedding. Marcie asks Michael if he wants to postpone the wedding for a time when his mother can attend but Michael insists that he wants to get married right now even if his mother won't be there. Marcie agrees and they go on with their preparations.

John and Evangeline discuss how Natalie won't stay out of his business regarding his father. Evangeline reminds him that Natalie has always been stubborn especially where his is concerned. She asks him if he still cares for Natalie and he tells her that he does care for her as a friend but even that's hard when she won't respect his space. Evangeline suggests that maybe the problem between them is really about them being able to define their relationship as more than just friendship. Evangeline leaves and John goes to meet up with Michael at the church. Michael is frustrated because he hasn't been able to write his vows yet and the wedding is only a few hours away. John suggests that he use the old standby but Michael says that he agreed with Marcie that they would write their own. Before leaving to write his vows, Michael wishes John the happiness and peace that he feels the McBain men deserve.

Evangeline witnesses a kiss between Natalie and Cristian and assumes that they have gotten back together just like he wanted. Cris tells her that she has it all wrong but Evangeline tells Cris that she has enough on her plate without having to worry about his love life. Cris calls up Adriana and asks her to Michael and Marcie's wedding which she agrees to since she and Rex are no longer together and Cris and Natalie are no longer together.

Rex "bumps" into a furious Adriana at the church where Michael and Marcie are getting married. Adriana accuses Rex of not giving her space and hoping that their bumping into each other would bring them back together. She issues a stern warning to Rex to back off. Rex goes to the station and asks Natalie if she still is frustrated with John and Cristian would she accompany him to Michael and Marcie's wedding. She agrees stating that she could sense that things were still not right between him and Adriana.

Duke and Kevin end up fighting about Kelly, who is right there stuck in the middle. Duke accuses Kevin of taking Kelly for granted and not even trying to put their relationship back on track. Kevin accuses Duke of being a hypocrite and going after what he wants (Kelly) without caring about who he hurts in the process. Duke tells Kevin that he is dead to him especially after assaulting him and getting away with it. After Duke leaves Kelly tries to reason with Kevin but he accuses her of refusing to see what everyone around them can see that their relationship is going nowhere fast since he can't give her what she really wants: a baby.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Marcie, a very nervous and very happy bride-to-be, was surrounded by "the girls" — Roxy, Layla, Lindsay and Adriana. Lindsay gave Marcie a necklace she had saved for Jenn's wedding. Marcie's dad arrived and let his little girl know that she was just like her late mother.

The McBain brothers had some nice bonding moments as they shared the flask of some alcoholic beverage. Spencer brought Michael a wedding present. It was somewhat awkward, though, as Michael brought up the whole Paige-being-responsible-for-his-father's-death thing. Spencer played it cool and calm. Spencer explained himself and gave Michael a hug, and at that exact moment John entered the room. John escorted Spencer out and when Spencer explained he and Michael were close and that Michael thought of him as a father figure, John made it clear that Michael already had a father. Spencer went back to the church. John gave Michael a pep talk. "Just be yourself. Michael McBain is a hell of a man and a hell of a brother."

Meanwhile halfway around the world in Thailand, Margaret visited David. David couldn't get her to remember anything about her life in Llanview, specifically Todd. David showed her a photo of Spencer and she still remembered nothing. Margaret agreed to help David by recommending he be sent to a mental institution. David wondered how Margaret could forget her own baby. Margaret paused.

Also behind bars, Bo dropped by Todd in prison and asked him about the conversations he had with Paige. Todd assumed (and said so to Bo's face) that Bo thinks that Spencer is pulling Paige's strings.

Guests began gathering at the church. Blair took a moment to say a prayer for Todd's soul. Rex, Natalie, Cristian and Adriana all got there early to exchange awkward moments with each other. Cristian ogled Evangeline. Natalie cornered John in the lobby and let him know she wants him in her life. "The ball is in your court, John. So what's it going to be?" John admitted he wanted her in his life. John gave Natalie the sketch of the shooter so, as Natalie so sweetly put it, "it wouldn't be burning a hole in your pocket during Michael's wedding."

Rex pleaded with Adriana for yet another chance, but she said no way. Duke stared at Kevin and Kelly when they arrived. Kevin took Kelly across the street and told her that he thought they should consider a sperm bank. Kelly said she wanted his baby. Kevin got worked up and said, "If you can't let go of that, then you'll have to let go of me." Kevin continued his tirade and pronounced "It's over."

Matthew walked in on Paige packing up her things. Matthew pushed her for details on her split from his father, but she wasn't giving any information. Meanwhile, Bo was pushing Todd for details about what Paige had told him. Neither man could make much sense out of what Paige had said. Todd again declared that he didn't kill Margaret and asked Bo to please hurry up and find out who really killed her. Bo returned home and crossed paths with Paige. It was awkward.

As the wedding began, Spencer promised Blair he'd never leave her. Layla suggested Duke stop looking for his father's fiancé. Bo and Matthew Buchanan arrived in matching father/son suits. Adriana and Rex exchanged quick glances. Cris smiled at Evangeline as she sang. Natalie compared the photo of young David McVicar that Rex had to the drawing she had of the shooter. It was a match.

Todd looked at a calendar and began the countdown to his execution.

Friday, May 5, 2006

As friends and family watch Michael and Marcie's wedding ceremony, Natalie realizes that Cristian's sketch portrays none other than David Vickers. Shocked, she stands up at the most inopportune moment: just as the reverend asks if anyone has a reason why Michael and Marcie should not be married! Natalie covers for herself, but then walks over to Evangeline and drags her out of the ceremony. Evangeline is annoyed with Natalie's selfishness, but Nat lets her know that this is big business: she knows who shot John's father! Van is shocked, and she and Natalie debate whether to tell John right away. Meanwhile, Cristian has followed them out of the ceremony and demands to know what they are discussing. Within moments, all three of them are sharing the secret of David Vickers's dirty deed.

Meanwhile, David is in a Thailand jail, trying to talk some sense into Margaret Cochran. Margaret appears to have lost her memory of everything that happened from the moment she was fired from Buchanan Enterprises. She does not recall terrorizing Todd Manning, nor does she recognize the name Spencer Truman. Worst of all, Margaret does not remember giving birth to a baby boy! David mentions her son, and Margaret seems to be pained by a flashback. She tells him that she had a dream in which she gave birth, and when David tells her the details of the warehouse, including Spencer and Paige as the team that helped her give birth, Margaret admits that this information mirrors her dream. However, she doesn't think it's possible that she has a baby boy. David finally persuades her to drop the charges against him so that he can be released from jail and help her find her son. Margaret agrees to drop the charges, but she still insists that she's never had a child. When David is released from his cell, he takes a picture of himself hugging Margaret and immediately sends it to Spencer via his cell phone.

Back at St. Jude's, Michael and Marcie share tender, heartfelt wedding vows just before the storm causes the electricity to go out. Marcie starts to panic, but Michael immediately comforts her by saying that Irish tradition calls for a happy marriage in the wake of a storm. The guests light candles, and the two of them are pronounced husband and wife by candlelight. Lindsay looks on lovingly, serving as the matron of honor in place of dearly departed Jen. After the ceremony, as the guests mill about waiting for the reception, the storm continues to rage. Blair tells Spencer that this whole wedding is causing her painful memories of Todd and that she's not going to stick around to party. She leaves, and Spencer muses aloud that Todd's execution "can't come soon enough." The doctor squirms when he receives the picture of David and Margaret and realizes that his brother now knows a big part of his secret.

Adriana reveals to Rex that her stalker has been sending her text messages throughout the ceremony. Rex wants to protect her, and he feels that the stalker is in the church because of the nature of the messages, one of which refers to Adriana's necklace. Rex takes her away from the church to the basement of his apartment building. The storm continues to rage, and when the power goes out, Rex leaves Adriana unattended so that he can go fight with the fuse box. As she stands alone, someone walks up behind her ... is it the stalker?

In the wake of the ceremony, John wants to know why Evangeline and Natalie walked out right before the vows. They are forced to tell him the truth: that David Vickers killed his brother. "I'm going to kill him," John shouts, and begins to storm out of the church. At this point, John, Cristian, Natalie and Evangeline are the only people left in the main part of the church. Suddenly, John stops and looks around, realizing that the tornado is about to hit in full force. The other three seem to sense danger at the same time, just as John screams "Everybody get down!" The whole side wall of the church explodes as the tornado slams into Llanview. Church pews fly everywhere, and part of the roof caves in. Evangeline is attacked by glass from a broken window, which she tries to keep out of her face to no avail.

Across town at the hospital, Antonio and Nash look at the sleeping baby as they wait to find out who is the father. Nash says that he can't wait to know for certain so that the two men can stop doing this war dance. Tess arrives on the scene, ready to take her daughter home. Antonio points out that the baby is sleeping and that she shouldn't remove her from the hospital. Tess becomes angry, reminding Antonio that she is the mother and that she is the one with the equipment to feed the child. Antonio says that he has rights too, assuming he is the father. Tess practically spits in his face as she says that Jessica gave up all rights to the child when she allowed Tess to carry her to term. Antonio storms out, leaving Tess and Nash alone. Nash tries to comfort Tess, who says that she will disappear forever if Antonio ends up being this child's father. Nash reminds Tess that she never thought anyone could fall in love with her, and that perhaps the odds of life are turning in her favor. Before they can take the baby, Antonio arrives back at the hospital with a court order. He explained to the District Attorney that Tess is mentally ill, and he was able to procure an order (in night court) stating that the baby must remain in the hospital until her paternity is proven. Tess glares at Antonio with the fury of one thousand suns.

Kevin and Kelly have the biggest fight in the history of their on again, off again relationship, resulting in them missing Michael and Marcie's entire wedding. Kevin wants to break off their engagement, feeling powerless because he can't give Kelly a child. Kelly reminds him that they have been very good together until recently, which causes Kevin to explode: "You mean until I found out that I have a low sperm count and that my son's in love with you," he shouts. Kelly makes the mistake of saying that Duke doesn't know what he's doing, which causes Kevin to erupt in an utter fury. He screams that of course Duke knows what he's doing, and then he accuses Kelly of liking the attention. She says that she hasn't received very much positive attention from Kevin lately. Kevin goes off on a vicious rant, letting off steam from months of pent up anger. He tells Kelly that everyone thinks she's perfect and that it's such a shame that she can't have a child, but that the two of them know better. He reminds her that she was a mess with Ace, and he goes so far as to say that maybe God is raining judgment down on them ... that maybe Kelly can't have a baby with him, because she would make a horrible mother. "That's the cruelest thing you've ever said to me," Kelly stammers through her tears. Kevin tells Kelly that Duke is ready and willing to give her a child, so maybe she should go have a baby with him. Kelly is hysterical by this time, and she demands to know whether Kevin is trying to make her hate him. Kevin wants to know if she hates him, and she says, "At this moment, Kevin, yes I do." Kevin demands the engagement ring back, and when Kelly refuses, he grabs it off her hand, forcing her to the floor and ignoring her cries of pain. He storms out, leaving Kelly a heaving mess of sobs. Meanwhile, Duke has been concerned that Kevin and Kelly never arrived for the wedding, and he takes of looking for them. He finds Kelly alone in the rectory, and he asks what Kevin did. She says that she doesn't want to talk about it, but ends up breaking down when Duke asks her how long it's been since Kevin has held her, or been gentle with her in any way. Suddenly, Duke pulls Kelly into a passionate kiss and she responds … as the storm rages outside.

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