OLTL Recaps: The week of March 13, 2006 on One Life to Live
Dorian tried to hide her involvement in having Rex injected with heroin. Lindsay spotted Todd, and R.J. used the information to get smuggling charges against him dropped. Kevin found part of a letter from Duke after Kelly tried to burn it. Tess reunited with Nash. Natalie supported Cristian at his boxing match. Evangeline was arrested for hiding Todd, who broke into Spencer's office. Margaret sat on a beach, sipping drinks.
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Monday, March 13, 2006

Dorian hires herself a new executive assistant though unfortunately his name is also Dorian. He agrees to use his middle name, Daryl, and completes his first task; hauling Duke to the Craze office so that Dorian can try to get him to save Adriana from Rex (she's learned from a phone call that Rex and Adriana no longer have separate hotel rooms). Duke doesn't much care and disagrees that he's wanted solely for his hero-type skills. He figures it's more a case of doing Dorian's dirty work and besides, he loves someone else. Daryl owns his job when, after hearing Dorian's new and evil plan, vows to keep quiet as long as he's employed. She likes his style.

Both Rex and Adriana are nervous as Rex moves into Adriana's hotel room. He arranges a special in-room, romantic dinner for her and the ice is broken. He admits to a well aware Adriana that he was after her money when he first heard about it but has since changed. She's aware of that as well.

When Lindsay stops at the warehouse to pick up some artwork, she's startled by a noise. Looking into the security mirror overhead, she spots Todd hiding nearby. She quickly phones R.J. (who is ready to watch the fights) and tells him she thinks she was scared by a rat. She grabs the painting and flees.

As Cristian readies for his boxing match, he's surprised to see Natalie show up, along with many other Llanview residents to cheer him on. At first she can only worry as she watches but after he takes a brutal punch, their eyes make contact, and she's very much into the fight like the rest of the crowd, urging him on. Cris wins the match easily. Lindsay arrives and pulls R.J. aside to tell him the truth about the warehouse. He's ready to report it.

At the police station, John accuses Evangeline of hiding Todd and though she denies it, she can't look John in the eye and deny that she doesn't know his whereabouts. Hugh happens to overhear part of their conversation and demands to know what they were talking about. John quickly comes to Evangeline's defense when the district attorney accuses her of holding out on them. Hugh threatens John with not getting his badge back. Shortly after, R.J. and Lindsay get there and offer to disclose Todd's location if the smuggling charges against R.J. are dropped. John declines but Hugh snaps the offer up and calls for backup to follow him. John immediately leaves a message to warn Evangeline.

Evangeline returns to the warehouse and learns that Lindsay stopped by. Todd is pretty sure she didn't see him but they ponder moving to a new location.

Kelly re-reads the note that she had left for Duke after his drunken declaration of his love for her. She isn't quick enough to hide it when Kevin returns but is able to cover up when he asks what she's looking at. He informs her that he left word with Spencer to discuss their problems. As he heads for the shower, Kelly decides to start a fire and burn the note but is once again startled by Kevin walking into the room. She covers up again but his curiosity gets the best of him and he's able to retrieve part of it when she leaves the room. He's deeply disturbed but makes no mention of it when she returns.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Blair stops by the Craze office and finds the staff sick to death of being browbeaten by Dorian. In New York, Rex and Adriana begin to make love but the hotel's chief of security interrupts by beating on the door. John leaves an urgent message for Evangeline. Meanwhile, Hugh catches Todd's attorney skulking around the warehouse and has her arrested for aiding and abetting a fugitive. The security chief accuses an astonished Rex of dealing drugs after secretly planting heroin in the hotel room. Todd seeks refuge in the Lord mausoleum. Desperate to learn Tess' secret, Viki and Clint return to the Hot Spot to dig for clues. Dorian brags to Blair about how close she is to having a meaningful connection with Viki's ex. Tess bumps into Todd at the crypt and threatens to turn him in. Crosby advises John to get serious about his therapy before he loses his badge for good. Todd advises Tess to stop whining about Nash and take positive steps to secure her future with the man she loves. John is outraged when Hugh parades a handcuffed Evangeline through the precinct house. Blair warns Dorian she's on the verge of destroying her relationship with her daughter. Later, Dorian learns that her campaign to smear Rex may have been carried too far.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

At the Hot Spot, a young woman named Rose tells Viki and Clint she may have information about their daughter. Determined to be with the man she loves, Tess boards a flight for California. Meanwhile, in Napa, Nash regretfully decides to sell the vineyard and disappear. Rex's situation goes from bad to worse. R.J. gleefully goads both John and Cristian following Evangeline's arrest. Sensing that Rose is too fearful to speak, Viki implores the girl to reveal whatever she knows. Lindsay accuses Dorian of trying to sabotage her daughter's relationship with Rex. In New York, Adriana is horrified to discover Rex lying in an alley with a syringe in his arm. Jessica prevents Tess from drinking but explains that she won't retake control because she wants her alter to reconnect with Nash. Rose sadly warns Clint and Viki that Jessica's situation was worse than they know. Layla rushes to the precinct house upon hearing of her sister's predicament. Sam intervenes to prevent Rose from spilling anything to Viki and Clint. Later, however, the young woman manages to slip Clint a note arranging a meeting. Nash vows to find his way back to Tess somehow.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tess arrives in Napa and receives a warm welcome from a pleasantly surprised Nash. Blair decides to treat her kids to a ski vacation but is taken aback when Starr glumly inquires if Spencer is coming with them. At the hospital, Paige informs Spencer he's won a prestigious award for his groundbreaking research. Evangeline receives visits from both John and Cristian as she sits in her jail cell. After reading about his attorney's incarceration, Todd enlists help from a homeless acquaintance to deliver a message to the precinct house. Blair and Starr share a happy memory of a family outing with Todd. Nash explains to Tess why he's sold the vineyard. Hugh reminds Evangeline that she's paying a mighty high price for a client who's already as good as dead. Spencer senses he's getting the brush-off from Blair. Paige confides to a startled David that his brother murdered Margaret. Cris tries to keep Evangeline's morale afloat as she faces her first night alone in a cell. John reads Todd's note about Evangeline aloud to Crosby, who later covers in front of Hugh. Though Paige discloses how she delivered Margaret's baby and then returned to find the room covered in blood, David insists that Spencer couldn't have killed the woman and her newborn child. Meanwhile, Margaret is revealed to be alive and well.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Dr. Crosby informs John that he might get his badge back sooner than he thinks. The only thing standing in his way is the opinion of the police psychiatrist. John agrees to talk to Crosby and opens up a little. He reveals that he feels guilty about his father's death and that he is sorry for never having done anything about it.

Natalie and Roxy meet for lunch at the Palace. Nat tries to persuade Roxy to hang on to some of the money she won from the boxing bet, but Roxy is in a spending mood. She goes on at length about how sexy Cristian looked in the boxing rink, trying to gauge whether Natalie is still interested in her ex-husband. Nat admits that the two of them have agreed to disagree, but Roxy continues to press her. She asks about things between Natalie and John. Natalie admits that she's keeping both men at a distance so that she won't have to choose between them. Roxy suggests that instead of making three people miserable, Natalie should make a decision that allows two people to be happy.

Dorian and Kelly enjoy lunch, and Dorian presses her niece to open up about what's wrong between she and Kevin. Kelly is adamant that she has taken care of things, but Dorian is as nosy as ever. She wants to know if Kevin has been cheating, and when Kelly says no, Dorian asks if Kelly has been cheating on Kevin. Kelly is annoyed with her aunt's meddling. Kevin shows up and is in a very sour mood. He informs Kelly that Asa had a bad reaction to his medication but is doing fine now. Then, he suddenly blows up and starts hollering at the wait staff. Kelly tells him to calm down, and suggests that he shouldn't order a drink if he's planning to talk to Spencer. Dorian asks what he's going to talk to Spencer about, and Kevin explodes at Kelly, telling her to tell Dorian since she's already told everybody else.

Blair and Evangeline have it out while Van is locked in a jail cell. Blair insists that it's ridiculous to think that anyone would hate Todd enough to kill a woman and her child in order to send him to death row. Evangeline suggests that Spencer might go to such lengths since he's in love with Blair. Blair maintains that Spencer is a surgeon who saves lives, not a man who takes them. Evangeline slips up and reveals that she has seen Todd, and just at that moment, Hugh arrives to release her. Blair does Evangeline the favor of not letting Hugh know that she's seen Todd. Hugh lets Evangeline walks and reminds her that he was only doing his job.

Meanwhile, Todd has snuck into Spencer's office while disguised as a hospital intern. He pokes around in the doctor's files and finds something that he's very satisfied with.

Van receives a call from Todd on her cell, and he's thrilled to learn that she's out of jail. He tells her that he's found something that might help them prove his innocence ... At the same time, Blair and Spencer meet outside of his office. Blair has come to the hospital to pick up some antibiotics for Jack, and Spencer agrees to write her a prescription so that she doesn't have to wait. Blair is reluctant, but Spencer assures her he would be doing this as a favor for a friend, not as a romantic proposition. Blair agrees, and Spencer heads towards his office, where Todd is lurking ...

Rex tries to convince Adriana that he is a heroin addict, because he doesn't want her to know that Dorian is responsible for him being injected. Adriana doesn't fall for his story, and she knows for sure that it's a lie once the doctor comes in and says that Rex was lucky to get off so easy for someone who has never used heroin before. As Rex and Adriana leave the hospital, she vows to find out who did this to him and to make that person pay. "Even if it was your own mother," Rex mutters to himself.

Michael and Marcie have a few squabbles as they plan their wedding, but while looking at Kevin and Kelly argue, they vow to be together forever and to make things work as Mr. and Mrs. Michael McBain.

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