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Monday, March 6, 2006

Tess is annoyed to hear about Nash's latest run-in with Restin. At the precinct house, Evangeline clashes with Hugh on the subject of Todd. Hearing Bo at the door, Todd hisses a warning to Paige before slipping out the back way. Natalie advises Nash to leave town before her sister's life is ruined for good. Carlotta suggests to Cris that his current obsession with boxing is a handy way of avoiding thinking about Natalie. Nash icily reminds Natalie that he only has Tess' best interests at heart and would never hurt her or Jessica. Later, Tess arrives and snarls at Nash for keeping secrets from her about Claudia and her father. Todd sneaks into Llanfair and begs his startled sister to hide him. Cristian explains to Carlotta why he's determined not to give up on the idea of reconciling with his ex-wife. Viki implores Todd to turn himself in before some trigger happy cop shoots him in the back. Paige tells a puzzled Bo that her son can never know she's his mother. Though Nigel encourages him to stay, Nash glumly decides the time has come to move on. Clint offers a teary Tess a sympathetic shoulder. Cristian asks Natalie if there's any chance she will forgive him. After fleeing from Llanfair, Todd appeals to Evangeline for help.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Though Viki asks him to stay, Nash explains why he's decided to leave town. Meanwhile, a tearful Tess complains to Clint about Nash. Bo shows John the piece of fabric he found on his terrace. Kelly comes to the Buchanan mansion to check on Duke and is informed by Nigel that the young man is still sleeping off his hangover. John admits to Bo he's no longer sure that Manning is guilty. Across town, Todd entreats a flustered Evangeline for help proving he was framed. Kelly leaves Duke a note imploring him not to disclose to his father the nature of their last conversation. Viki reminds Nash why Dr. Jamison believes he's integral to her daughter's recovery. Natalie confides to Cris how much it would hurt her to lose him again if anything happened to him in the boxing ring. Evangeline urges her client to turn himself over to the authorities so they can start work on an appeal. Tess tells a surprised Natalie how they actually met before Cris went to prison. Bo receives proof that Todd has slipped back into Llanview. Evangeline gingerly feels John out on the subject of Todd's recapture, then decides not to clue him in after all. Later, Evangeline agrees to let her fugitive client spend the night.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

While lying in bed in NY, Adriana dreams of sharing it with Rex. She's awakened by his knocking on the door because it's time to leave for her modeling appointment. He divulges the reason for their having separate rooms; so that she can see that he respects her and didn't want to push her into something she didn't want. When he spots her sexy nightie and hears her lie for having it along, they share a kiss, decide to share a room after all and to be late for the appointment. Adriana quickly downs her birth control pill.

Duke is pretty hung over and can't remember what transpired during his conversation with Kelly the previous night. She tells a white lie and claims that he told her she needed to lose weight. He's highly doubtful but apologizes anyway. After Kelly leaves, the maid hands over the forgotten note that Kelly gave to Nigel. After reading it, Duke recalls what he really said.

At the Palace, Clint shares a meal with Viki and mentions the letter that he has for Tess from Nash. Unfortunately Dorian, nearby with Blair, is talking about her electricity with Clint and insists on stopping by after she thinks she sees them holding hands. On the premise that she wants to know how Asa is doing, she sits at the table. The women nearly erupt into a full-blown catfight over Clint among other things with Viki finally taking leave before she gets sick. Spencer is also there and while honoring her decision not to see him until Todd is caught, Blair does say hello. Their attempt at small talk fails miserably. Spencer calls Denton and suggests he locate Todd; Viki bumps into him as he arrives and she's headed out. Spencer orders Todd's former employee to follow someone.

Michael catches John working in their apartment lobby, with police records on Todd's case. He chastises him to no avail for being obsessive and also learns that John wants to work on their father's case, now considered a cold case. John admits that he needs to solve the case so that he can finally have some peace. Marcie shows up to try to make wedding plans with Michael but they seem to initially disagree on every detail. Michael is sad that his father won't be there.

Natalie arrives at the gym to take boxing lessons from Cris, though she assures him it won't change her feelings about it. He wants to know about their kiss but she's quick to admit that he wasn't the only one she was kissing (even though the kiss with John was kind of an accident). She learns that boxing is not very easy. John arrives to de-stress and sees the lesson in progress. Nat sees him afterwards and confides that she always feels badly for the guy that she's not with. He doesn't want to hear her excuses for taking the lessons; he doesn't really care. She learns that he is now believing that Todd is innocent and offers to help him. He declines her offer.

Evangeline awakens Todd who has spent the night on the sofa. Layla returns home and Todd makes a dash for another room while Evangeline has difficulty trying to convince her sister that no man spent the night there. When Layla heads for the shower, yet another visitor appears in the person of Cristian (who wants Evangeline to look at the contract he's received from the gym). She instructs Manning to seek out the men's clothing she wore on Halloween and she will get rid of the uniform. When she learns that Cris is on his way to help Lindsay in a warehouse in an unsavory and deserted location, she's sure to repeat the directions so that Todd can head there later. Layla is sure that Cris was the overnight guest though Evangeline continues to deny that anyone was there, even after they hear a noise from Todd's hiding spot. Making an excuse for the noise, Evangeline is finally able to get Layla off to work so that she and Todd can leave. While waiting for Evangeline to get her car, Todd spots Blair.

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Thursday, March 9, 2006

While disposing of Todd's clothes, Evangeline runs into Bo. Scared of being found out, she makes up a story-but Bo doesn't believe her. She then tells the police commissioner that she found some of John's clothes that he left there while they were still dating and became upset. Bo seems to accept that.

David confronts Paige about what she has on Spencer. She is still not forthcoming with information and is more concerned about what Spencer has against Bo. The two don't reach any startling revelations. Bo calls and asks Paige to meet him at the police station.

Hoping Duke didn't open the note she left him, Kelly goes back into the Buchanan house. Unfortunately, Duke has received the note...and remembered what he said the previous night. The two are embarrassed and repeatedly state that they have always thought of each other as just friends and nothing more...but they look guilty when Kevin and Layla walk into the room unexpectedly. Kevin wonders aloud why he always feels like he is walking in on something when his fiancée and son are having a conversation.

Kelly grows angry as her fiancée insinuates that there is something going on between her and Duke. She tells Kevin that if Duke is going through a rough time because of Adriana, he should be able to come to her without fear of his father growing suspicious. Kevin tells Kelly that Duke is his son, and should come to him with his problems. Kelly asks Kevin how they are going to raise a child of their own if they can't even agree about Duke. Realizing the weight of her question, she apologizes, but Kevin is stung-and still worried about her and Duke.

Duke leaves the room with Layla, who pressures him about his feelings for Kelly. Eventually, Duke confesses that while he told Kelly he only said he desired her because he was drunk, he actually does have feelings for her.

At the police station, David listens as Bo and Paige discuss Todd. Bo asks Paige why she didn't tell him Todd came to their apartment, and about the material from the uniform Todd stole. Paige constantly evades his questions, only saying that everything she does is for him. Bo tells her that while he doesn't want to break up, he is worried they can't go on this way for very much longer.

In hopes of running into Spencer, David waits at The Palace. Seconds later, Spencer walks in. Convinced he now holds some of the cards, David tries to pump more information out of his older brother. He is unsuccessful, but notes that for once, Spencer didn't threaten him during their exchange.

While waiting for Evangeline, Todd hears Blair and Spencer talking, who are soon joined by Jack and Starr. He becomes enraged when he hears Jack ask Spencer to take him to a father/son function. He tries to go after his family, but Evangeline stops him. She tells him if he doesn't play by her rules, she won't help him anymore. Finally, Todd agrees--but as the two prepare to get on their way to a safe, secluded area where Todd can hide out, Bo wonders aloud if Evangeline would help Todd stay hidden.

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Friday, March 10, 2006

As Adriana prepares for her second modeling shoot, Giovanni is annoyed that Rex is lurking around the set. He tries to tell Adriana that she needs to devote her entire life to a modeling career, not to a boyfriend, and Ms. Cramer starts to go off on him. However, Rex pulls her aside and convinces her that the photographer is right. Adriana agrees to go ahead with the shoot, which is quite elaborate and features her in many different outfits. The whole time Giovanni shoots her, though, she is looking at Rex. When the shoot is completed, Rex asks Adriana if she is up for a special night. She asks him if he'll still like her when she peels off all the makeup, and the two of them share a passionate kiss. The implication is that they will spend the night together ...

Tess reads Nash's good-bye letter and tries to hold herself together. When Viki offers her comfort, Tess becomes steely and cold. She tells Viki that she is stronger than ever and that Jessica is never getting back out. She also tells Viki that she doesn't need her sympathy like Jessica would and asks to be left alone. After Viki leaves her in the library, Tess breaks into tears and damns Nash for his actions. She pours herself a glass of alcohol ...

Meanwhile, back in Napa, Nash admires the vineyard while pining over Tess. He has only left her in Llanview in order to keep her safe from Mr. Restin, who suddenly shows up at the vineyard to threaten Nash once again. Nash reminds Mr. Restin that he is not violating the restraining order, as Claudia is on the East Coast. Mr. Restin expresses his disgust with Nash and tells him that he wants him to pay "in kind" for what he did to his daughter. Nash realizes that Restin is making another threat towards Tess, so he goes into performance mode and pretends that Tess means nothing to him; he's only after her for her money. It's unclear whether Restin falls for this act, but he does make a threatening reference towards the vineyard, warning Nash to look out for brush fires during this dry season.

Clint stops by the station to share his concerns about Asa with Bo. Natalie is coming off her shift, so she and Clint ride back to Llanfair, where Natalie walks in on Tess pouring herself a glass of alcohol. Natalie knocks the drink out of Tess's hand and blasts her for trying to consume alcohol while pregnant. Tess lets Natalie know that Jessica is not coming out again, but Natalie reminds her that the whole family is rooting for Jessica, and that she will be back. Natalie storms out on her "sister," and Tess persuades the security guard to let her run to her car for her vitamins. Will Tess flee Llanview?

Clint convinces Viki that they need to go back to the bar and get answers about what happened to their daughter. As they take off, Clint asks Viki whether Niki Smith will take control again, but Viki vows that she is strong enough to prevent this.

John runs into Layla at Roxy's hotel. She tells him she's looking to get a room, since Evangeline is seeing John again and wants her privacy. John corrects Layla, and she immediately regrets opening her big mouth. She tells him that Van must be seeing someone else, and John appears slightly upset. However, he is mostly intrigued, and the intrigue grows when a homeless man shows up begging for change. The man is wearing the Marshall's outfit that Todd Manning was last spotted in. John heads to the station, where Bo is having a conversation with Starr. Starr wants information about her father, and Bo promises to try to keep Todd safe from harm when the police catch up with him. He asks Starr to do the right thing and inform him if she hears from her dad; Starr says she'll consider it ...

John and Bo share information and put the pieces together ... they realize that Evangeline is hiding Todd.

Meanwhile, Van has squirreled Todd away in an abandoned building and warned him not to make contact with Starr or Blair. She takes off, and Todd tries to get some sleep. Suddenly, a woman enters the building, dressed in black ... who is she?

Evangeline heads down to the station, where she bumps into John. She asks him if he has any information about Todd's whereabouts, and John says that he should be asking her that question, since she knows just where Manning is. Evangeline realizes that she's been caught!

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