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Blair and Dorian set Margaret up, but Margaret managed to get a restraining order against the women. Todd was trapped in the cabin. John found evidence to link Michael to Tico's murder. Rex confided that he'd been paid to plant, in Dorian's office, a gun used in Paul's death. Bo tracked down Ace.
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Monday, January 17, 2005

Blair, Dorian, Starr, and David attended Mrs. Bigelow's funeral. Blair updated Dorian on her run-in with Margaret. Dorian was still convinced that Todd had run off on Blair and the kids. Blair hallucinated that Mrs. Bigelow spoke to her and said, "Don't be so sure I am dead." Blair got an idea from the cryptic statement. Blair set a trap for Margaret and planned on publishing in the Sun that Mrs. Bigelow had not died from the fall and was at the hospital in critical condition. She hoped it would lure Margaret to the hospital to finish off Mrs. Bigelow.

Margaret set her pregnancy plans in motion by first spiking Todd's drink with a sexual stimulant. She then tested her temperature for fertilization. Todd's attempts at tampering with the results did not go over very well. Margaret pulled a gun on Todd.

John and Evangeline got into another argument. John did not tell Evangeline or Bo that the gloves might belong to Michael. Michael told Bo about the evidence pointing to him. John feared that the new information, though improbable, might destroy Michael's career. Marcie confided in Evangeline about the new evidence. Evangeline began to understand John's earlier behavior that had led to their fight. Marcie admitted to Evangeline that she still cared about Michael. Paige, Bo, and John tried to clear Michael's name but instead might have implicated him even more.

Jessica told Antonio that she was happy they had not gotten married -- because they would be getting a divorce. Antonio apologized for breaking up their relationship. Cristian told Natalie that he was afraid he was the one stalking Jessica. Cristian asked Jessica to see the note that the stalker had left. The handwriting was not Cristian's, but Antonio found it familiar.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Todd managed to convince Margaret that what she was doing was wrong. He insisted that he loved his children, and children should be the best part of their parents, so if he and Margaret had children under the circumstances she had set up, their child would never be better off. He promised her that he would speak to the police and tell them to take it easy on her, since she was not in her right mind.

Margaret took Todd's argument as a sign that he loved her. Margaret turned on the radio to dance with Todd and heard the news bulletin that Mrs. Bigelow was alive. Margaret headed to the hotel. Todd used a hidden knife and cut himself loose. He found a flare gun and fired it through the window. The blast caused an avalanche that destroyed the cabin and trapped Todd.

Dorian and Blair took Mrs. Bigelow's body from the funeral home to the hospital. Asa almost ruined their plans, but Dorian threatened him with the prostitute's testimony from Kevin's custody case the previous summer. Asa backed off. Dorian followed Asa. Margaret found Mrs. Bigelow's room. Blair hid behind a curtain.

Antonio inspired Jessica to write a column about her recent experience as a victim of stalking. Jessica asked Kevin to hire her to write the series of articles. Kevin defended Duke to Asa. There was a glimmer of hope that Kevin and Duke might be able to repair the damage to their relationship.

Marcie and Michael also made baby steps toward rekindling their relationship.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A snowed-in and freezing Todd tried to shovel his way out of the house with a fireplace implement, until the roof caved in from the weight, a beam pinning him to the ground.

Dorian made a frantic call to her security guard Anthony as Margaret showed up and grabbed a pillow to smother Mrs. Bigelow. As Blair looked on from behind the dressing area, Margaret realized that Mrs. Bigelow was already dead. Blair confronted her and demanded to know where Todd was. The two tussled as Margaret's handbag fell to the floor, the contents spilling out. The deranged woman was able to grab the gun and point it at Blair and an anxious Dorian, herding them into the bathroom and locking the door. She ran into Anthony in the hallway as she was making her getaway. He let the women out.

Cristian refused to divulge his latest painful memory to Natalie but insisted he didn't want to hurt her. He wondered to himself who his next victim was supposed to be and what the "trigger" would be. He promised himself that he would find out and continue to play Cristian in the meantime.

Lindsay visited a jailed Rex, and he denied killing Paul. She admitted to hiring his attorney, and he finally revealed the truth. He had been given a note offering ten thousand dollars if he would hide the gun in Dorian's office. The two were stymied as to who could have left the note, and Lindsay urged him to talk to Bo.

When Lindsay tried to get Bo's attention, he was busy, so she ended up telling Daniel what Rex had told her. Refusing to talk to Daniel, Rex demanded that his lawyer be called. When Colson offered him a deal, Rex spoke up, only to have the D.A. rebuff what he had told him. An angry Bo arrived after receiving the message to see Rex, annoyed that Daniel had shown up in his place.

At the Palace, John offered Evangeline a combination birthday present/peace offering. Natalie told John that Cristian was not a threat to her, and she wanted him to leave them alone. Evangeline knew that he wouldn't do that but was only worried because he had too much going on in his life that concerned him.

Nora ran into R.J., who denied that seeing the couple together bothered him. He was seeing someone, too, and waiting for her to arrive. A horrified Nora learned that it was Lindsay, and even though R.J. claimed to be joking, she was doubtful. Nora gave R.J. fair warning. Lindsay arrived, and as she and R.J. embraced passionately, Nora took her cue to leave. Cristian, who appeared to be furious at the world, showed up for a drink, and R.J. spotted him. Cristian ordered R.J. to stay out of his business and away from Natalie. R.J. was sure he was not Cristian. Lindsay had a commission check for the artist.

Delivering a care package to Rex, Natalie couldn't understand why he insisted on being a martyr for Jen. He mentioned that he'd told the truth, but Daniel didn't believe him. He suggested she talk to John for him, though Natalie was not too happy with him lately, she explained.

Upstairs, Bo had already retrieved some evidence -- the note and the bills that Rex had paid off with the money -- to make Daniel believe that Rex was indeed innocent. He accused Daniel of wanting a conviction so he could look good in the state capital. They had words that included Daniel's dating Nora. Bo thought Daniel was a phony, but Daniel thought Bo was jealous. Nora caught the argument as she arrived to work.

Dorian and Blair showed up to talk to Bo but discovered that Margaret was already there, filing for a restraining order against Blair. Blair was unable to follow Margaret out, as she was stopped by a police officer, but she managed to talk to Bo, stressing that she was positive that Margaret had done something with Todd. Bo pointed out that Margaret was the one with the injunction and that he'd need proof. He received a call from Paige asking him to go dancing, which Nora overheard. Daniel was annoyed that Nora hadn't even set a wedding date yet, but after hearing the call, she told him she wanted to get married in May. She also asked him if he danced.

Evangeline opened her gift from John, a string of pearls given to his mother by his father. She explained that she couldn't accept them unless John was willing to make a deeper commitment to her. She noted that she'd understand if he was unable to do that, but he told her to turn around and fastened the necklace around her neck.

Margaret found the snowed-in house and frantically called for Todd, who finally called out for help. He'd do anything if she'd only help him out.

Fixing up the bed, Natalie discovered Cristian's book, and she sat down to read it, just as he was about to walk into the bedroom.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Due to news coverage of the presidential inauguration, this episode was preempted. This preemption was planned, and there were no lost episodes. Regular broadcasting resumed Friday where Wednesday's show concluded.

Friday, January 21st, 2005

Margaret was stunned by the destruction caused by the avalanche and was terrified that Todd was hurt -- or worse. She mustered up all her strength and went to extreme lengths to save him. Meanwhile, Nora helped Blair uncover a lead on Margaret's whereabouts.

Natalie opened up about Cristian to a sympathetic John. Cristian was at a breaking point. He was finding it so difficult fighting the voices in his head that he decided he had to do something about it once and for all.

Bo got a lead as to where Ace might be. Without hesitation, he notified Kevin, who knew what he had to do to get his son back. Kevin and Kelly got together and remembered the wonderful time they'd had as a family while raising Ace.

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