OLTL Recaps: The week of November 15, 2004 on One Life to Live
Kelly and David tracked down leads and drove to North Carolina to find Babe. Paul's body was found, and Dorian was arrested. Natalie and Cristian were reunited. Sonia warned Jessica that Tico was dangerous, but Jessica refused to leave him. Matthew blamed his birth for Nora and Bo's breakup. Tico made plans to eliminate both Cristian and Antonio.
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Monday, November 15, 2004

Dorian is not happy with David because he destroyed her gun and now John wants her to bring it to the station. While David and Dorian talk about Paul, Kelly calls David with news of Ace's kidnapper. David rushes to Kelly. Kelly found among some of Paul's papers a name Krystal in P. Valley. Together they figure out that the woman who called Kelly was Krystal Carey from Pine Valley. David and Kelly head out to Pine Valley to find Krystal.

Viki accuses Dorian of knowing more about Paul's death and she won't let Dorian send Natalie to jail for what Dorian did. John and Natalie have a talk about the night of Paul's disappearance. Natalie tells John about the attempted rape. John reassures Natalie that he never stopped caring about her. Cristian watches them talk and decides to leave a note under Natalie's door. Natalie finds the note and recognizes Cristian's handwritting. She at first does not want to acknowledge the note, but soon decide to follow the directions. Natalie finds Cristian.

Sonia warns Jessica that Tico is dangerous and also reveals her identity as a secret agent. Jessica won't back down. Antonio tells Sonia that he does not feel the same about her as she does for him. Sonia decides to move out. Antonio visits Jessica and asks her to leave Tico. Tico listens secretly.

Duke and Kevin mend fences. Adriana asks Duke what to do about what she witnessed between Jessica and Antonio.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Cristian and Natalie reunite. Cristian tells Natalie of his kidnapping and how Flynn sold him to a Romanian ship so he can translate Spanish to English during drug trades from South America. Natalie updates Cristian on what has happened since he was gone. She tells him that she made some bad decisions and got involved with the wrong person. Cristian asks Natalie if she killed Paul. Cristian tells Natalie that his death was ordered by a man called Tico Santi. Natalie tells Cristian that Tico and Jessica are married and suggests that he talk to Antonio. Natalie calls Antonio to come to the cabin.

Tico watched and listened to Antonio and Jessica. Jessica convinces Antonio to leave. Tico tries to seduce Jessica but she tells him that she has to go to the office. Tico tells Kevin he must find a way to ruin Todd and shut down The Sun. Tico let it slip that Gov. Brooks will make his last speech.

Antonio offers more information on Gov. Brooks to Todd if he admits that Tico ordered Cristian's death. Todd gives in. Antonio gets his gun to go after Tico. Jessica stops Antonio from making a big mistake. Todd warns Kevin that Tico is going down and he should end all associations before it happens. While Kevin and Todd talk, Margaret enters Kevin's living room from the kitchen. Todd and Kevin are shocked to see her. Margaret apologizes to Kevin as a part of her recovery. Margaret tells Todd that she will go and apologize to Blair. Todd recommends that Margaret avoid Blair for fear that Blair will rip her head off.

Nora interrupts a dinner with Paige and Bo. Matthew still wants Bo and Nora together and now he blames his birth for their breakup. Starr tries to comfort Matthew.

Evangeline tries to get John to see he may have feelings for Natalie but he refuses. Evangeline and Michael talk about relationships. Michael lets Evangeline know that the McBain men may take a long time to commit but when they do they fall hard.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Cris and Antonio have an emotional reunion after Natalie fills Cris in on the recent discoveries involving the Santi family, including the fact that Antonio is Manuel's son and Tico's brother. He's angered to learn that Tico is in Llanview and vows to go after him. Antonio figures that Tico is out to get everyone who might have any ties to the Santi family which is why he wanted Cris killed. They decide to take Tico down together after Cris persuades an enraged Antonio not to go it alone. When Cris leaves the room for a moment, Antonio asks if Nat has mentioned John. She insists that John never was, that she was just trying to mask her pain. Antonio contends he's no longer the same person as before, though Cris is quick to point out that they are still brothers. Cris doesn't want Antonio to tell anyone that he's alive; let Tico think he's dead. Antonio wants to tell Jessica who is really on their side. Nat proposes that she and Cris have the honeymoon they never got to take. Antonio departs, obviously on cloud nine with his brother returning from the dead. Nat clarifies that it was Antonio who left Jess; she married Tico on the rebound. Cris is just happy that Nat waited for him.

At a closed Ultraviolet Lindsay tries to get Riley to take a trip to L.A. with Jen, to get them out of town right away, but he turns it down as he's busy with his group. She turns to Rex next, knowing that he'd do anything for Jen. He turns her down cold though when she suggests that he take a murder rap for her. She urges Rex to tell anyone who asks that Jen was with him on Halloween night. He thinks maybe she should take the rap for her daughter. Blair manages to persuade Rex to let her in to talk to a rehearsing Riley and asks that he perform with Midnight Logic at Starr's birthday party. Riley turns her down, despite all of her pleading, attempting to explain that it's about "where he's coming from" in his music and it wouldn't be at a kid's birthday party. After Blair sings a song with feeling, impressing Riley a great deal, he gives in.

Kelly and David get lost in the fog on their way to Pine Valley and their search for Krystal and Ace. They have a lot of time to spend together, chatting, about old times and new. Getting out to stretch her legs, Kelly scares David who thinks she's taking off alone. When an old song on the radio brings back memories, the pair shares a dance filled with laughter. When the fog lifts, they resume their search, landing at Krystal's presumed residence. They decide to wait for her to appear.

John runs into Evangeline at the police station where she gives him a cold shoulder when he asks her to go out. Pulling her into his office and kissing her changes her mind as they end up in bed back at her place. Later, Van announces that the problem is still there but John continues to insist that there's nothing between he and Natalie; they're just friends. Van feels hurt that she was left out of her client's confidence as well as John's. He agrees that it's personal since he caused Cris' death and in turn wonders why Van even took the case. He accuses her of always trying to be perfect; she accuses him of always trying to save the world because of his fiancee. He convincingly tells her that he's with her and she's worth it, even if he gets torn apart again. When the phone call comes in that the gun used to kill Paul has been located, John has to leave. Van leaves him a message about how happy the evening made her.

Dorian tries to locate Kelly to no avail, but lies to Kevin when he tries to pry Kelly's whereabouts from her instead. He sees right through her and figures that Kelly is up to something. They accuse each other of killing Paul and then Dorian lets loose on Kevin. She gives him hell for his treatment of both Cassie and Kelly and of his use of Ace to look good in the public eye and to get back at his wife. Kevin denies it all, very adamantly stating that he loves his son. Turning the tables, he suggests that Kelly is probably off with David and that might be something to worry about since Kelly's always had a crush on him. Dorian refutes that, noting that they are just close friends, that David is like an uncle to Kelly. When the doorbell rings it surprisingly turns out to be John. He places Dorian under arrest for Paul Cramer's murder!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Jessica is thrilled when Natalie and Antonio call her to the diner and she sees for herself that Cristian is alive. After she agrees to help them expose Tico, she gets her hubby out of Lion's Heart so Antonio and Cristian can break in and search the place. Tico returns home sooner than expected, however, and comes face to face with Cristian.

In Pine Valley, Krystal withstands Kelly and David's interrogation and claims she knows nothing about Ace. They later get a clue that Ace might have turned up in South Carolina. Blair posts bail for Dorian, who thinks that Viki was the person who planted the murder weapon in her office.

After a tedious battle, Todd finally gets his identity back from Asa. Meanwhile, at the diner, Blair freaks out when she sees Margaret, who attempts to assure Blair that she's not out to start trouble. Todd decides to use Margaret by steering her toward Kevin.

Friday, November 19, 2004
by KAS

Lindsay shows R.J. the newspaper about Dorian being arrested for Paul's murder. Lindsay worries that the gun found in Dorian's office may still have fingerprints on it. R.J. asks her if she is worried that Jen's fingerprints are on the gun. Lindsay states that Jen will never survive prison. R.J. promises her that Jen will never go to jail.

Later, R.J. taunts John about his lists of suspects, prompting John to wonder why he cares. After John receives a phone call, he calls Bo saying that they have a witness that saw the woman Cramer met with the night he died.

Adriana is ecstatic that Dorian is home from jail, gives her a hug. Dorian makes Adriana promise she won't believe anything she reads in the paper, or sees on TV. Duke enters the room, and Dorian is not happy to see him there. Dorian believes Duke is there to tell Adriana negative things about her. Adriana explains that Duke came by to check on Adriana and make sure she was okay. Adriana tells Dorian that her and Duke both know she is not a killer and they will get through this together.

David calls leaving a message on the answering machine, when David asks about the Paul situation, Dorian quickly turns off the machine and heads upstairs, saying she will talk to David later. Duke thinks it is strange that Dorian didn't want them to hear what David was going to say. Duke wonders if Dorian is hiding something. Adrian becomes upset telling Duke that he believes Dorian's guilt. Duke tells Adriana that nobody can be 100% sure she is not guilty.

Duke apologizes for upsetting her. When Adriana tells him to leave, he refuses until they talk things out. Lindsay shows up to talk to Dorian. Lindsay offers to give Dorian an alibi. Dorian accuses Lindsay of covering her own tracks, that she has motive for Paul uploading that website. Dorian also points out that Lindsay has killed before. Lindsay becomes angry, saying she thought her and Dorian were friends. Lindsay yells what was she thinking, and storms out.

Kelly is looking for Liberia, North Carolina on a map. She tells David they need to get to Darlene's Truck Stop since the person who has Ace called from there. David thinks by the time they get there, whoever it is will be gone. Kelly does not care, it is their only lead.

David and Kelly walk into a Pine Valley restaurant, as Bianca Montgomery is on the phone talking to Babe. Later Kelly overhears Krystal and Bianca talking about Babe's whereabouts. Krystal asks Bianca if she has heard from Babe. Bianca tells her she has not heard anything, but will tell her as soon as she hears anything. Bianca tells Krystal not to worry and that everything will be just fine.

After Krystal leaves Kelly approaches Bianca saying she is an old friend of Babe's. Kelly learns from Bianca that Babe is a Chandler and has an 8-month-old baby girl. Bianca refuses to give Kelly Babe's phone number. After Bianca leaves, Kelly tells David that Bianca is the answer to all of their prayers.

After seeing an article about the helicopter crash and seeing a picture of Babe and Bianca, Kelly concludes that Paul switched the babies. Paul gave Babe's baby Ace, to her, and gave Bianca's baby to Babe, and said that Bianca's baby was dead. Kelly tells David that Babe was the woman that was obsessed with Ace.

David asks Kelly what she would do if it turns out Babe is Ace's real mother. Kelly says if she is a good mother, she can live with what happens. David and Kelly stop at a motel to rest. David explains there is only one room left. Kelly is not concerned for there is no problem with them sharing a room.

Jessica and Natalie are worried because Tico is on his way back to Lion's Heart, and they have not been able to get a hold of Antonio or Cristian. As they are talking John shows up, as a friend, to see if Natalie is okay. He assures her he is not there about Paul's murder.

John tells Natalie he is making sure she is okay after their talk about Paul the previous night. Natalie tells him it helped talking to him, made her feel a lot better. John observing how tense and uncomfortable Natalie asks her what is going on? John thought they had gotten to a point where they trusted each other.

Natalie tells John she is starting her life over, forgetting about her previous mistakes. John tells Natalie he does not think they were a mistake. Natalie tells John she does not want Cristian to be a part of her past, he will always be apart of her heart. She tells him she knows what she is doing. After John leaves, Jessica asks how her conversation with John went, before Natalie can answer, Antonio calls saying there is a problem with Cristian.

Natalie worries about Cristian. Jessica reassures her that Antonio will take care of Cristian. Jessica asks Natalie about her conversation with John. Natalie says John was really sweet and carrying. She felt like for the first time he was truly opening himself up and able to give her what she needed.

Natalie explains she will never love anyone the way she loves Cristian. Natalie is confused. Jessica tells her it will take time for Natalie to adjust to Cristian being back. Natalie asks Jessica if she's adjusting to Antonio. Jessica wishes her and Antonio could pick up where they left off however there are too many scars from what happened with Sonia and Tico. Natalie asks her what are they suppose to do, Jessica tells her they should asks their mom. Natalie hugs Jessica and says they both know where they belong.

Antonio comes in and tells Natalie that Cristian is in the Attic. Jessica says she was worried about them. Antonio tells her Cristian is not through with Tico. Jessica tells Antonio she needs to get back to Lion's heart before Tico becomes suspicious. She assures Antonio it will be okay as long as Tico does not know who Cristian is. She tells Antonio that she and Cristian will protect each other. Antonio hugs her before she leaves.

Natalie is upset that Cristian has to stay at Tico's. Cristian says that Jessica will be there and will pulverize anyone who tries to hurt him. Natalie tells him she won't live without him again.

Cristian tells Natalie that they will synchronize their dreams tonight. They remember when Cristian proposed and decided they will both dream about that moment.

When Tico sees Cristian, Tico replies he was wondering when he would show up. Tico refers to Cristian as Jose Alvarez and says his assistant said he would be coming to do an assignment for him. Cristian plays along. Tico asks him how he got in. Cristian tells him he saw the door ajar, and came in to check on things. At this moment Antonio shows up. Cristian grabs him and pushes Antonio up against the wall.

Cristian pats Antonio down and informs Tico that Antonio is clean. Tico tells Antonio that he should call the cops and have him arrested. Antonio tells him to go ahead, however Tico does not like having cops around. Tico says he will not call the cops for Carlotta and Adriana's sake. Cristian escorts Antonio out of Lion's Heart. When Cristian tells Antonio he's going back in to finish what was started, Antonio orders Cristian not to go in, however Cristian ignores Antonio and returns to Lion's Heart. Cristian asks Tico about the assignment. Tico is very evasive about the details.

Tico assures Cristian that all major obstacles have been taken care of, and then Cristian will get the needed information later. Tico insists that Cristian stay at Lion's Heart with him and Jessica. When Tico asks Cristian if he is married, Cristian says no he wears the wedding ring as a cover.

Tico is looking at a picture of Natalie and Cristian's wedding in the newspaper. Tico explains that Antonio will have to kill the governor or someone he loves will die. Then both Antonio and Cristian will die. As Tico says this, Jessica, Antonio, Natalie and Cristian embrace.

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