OLTL Recaps: The week of April 26, 2004 on One Life to Live
Paul asked Natalie to run away with him, in order to have access to her money. Adriana was upset when she learned that River had kissed Shannon. Michael continued spying on Dr. Long with Shannon's help. Starr ran off with Travis. Jen refused to talk to Lindsay. Asa threatened to kill a reporter.
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Monday, April 26, 2004

Jessica is curious about Kelly and Todd's new friendship. Kevin asks her about Margaret. He tells her about the money transfer from the company to his bank account. He tells her that Margaret is Todd's inside in the company. Kelly stops by and Jessica leaves. Jessica tells Antonio about Kelly's suspicious behavior. Jaime has a very high fever. Paul tells Kelly he needs more cash. Kelly tells him she is over her head. Jessica and Antonio get her fever down. He asks her again to marry him. Jessica tells him that she wants to be a great wife and a great Journalist and she is not ready to be either. They agree to be engaged. Antonio puts the ring on Jessica's finger.

Matthew asks Starr if she is running away. Matthew tells her she is his best friend and if she ran away he would be really upset. Starr leaves without writing a letter to Blair. Matthew comes for Starr but she is gone. Starr finds herself in a dark alley with a strange man.

River and Adriana get intimate. Adriana gets nervous and offers to cook for him. River creates a candle light romantic setting for dinner. Adriana tells River she is scared. She tells him she wants to wait until they get married because she doesn't want to break her promise. He tells her he doesn't want her to do anything she is not ready for. River goes on the roof to think. He finds Shannon. She kisses him passionately.

John promises Eve to protect Michael. Michael lies to Marcie about his spying activity. Shannon offers her help. Michael thinks Dr. Long is selling something. It could be drugs, lungs, stem cells etc. He gets Shannon to go to the roof and spy on Dr. Long. John stops by and asks Michael to give his word and stop spying on Dr. Long. John shows concern for Michael's job. Natalie and Paul take off in the helicopter. Natalie wants to know what is going on. Natalie asks Paul questions about their trip to Newark. Natalie buys Paul's excuses that he is just transporting things to different hospitals. They kiss and an on looking Shannon takes pictures. Dr. Long catches Natalie and Paul on the rooftop. They make an excuse about seeing the view. Paul is fired. Shannon brings the camera back to Michael but John takes it from her. He sees Natalie kissing Paul.

Roxy lets Kathryn in John's room for twenty dollars. Roxy calls Natalie who has a chat with Kathryn. Kathryn tells Natalie that Caitlin was her sister. John shows up. Natalie asks him why he didn't tell her about Kathryn and Caitlin. He tells her they don't tell each other everything for instance that he didn't know she like helicopters. John tells her that Paul is not one of the good guys and if she wants to stay out of trouble she should stay away from Paul.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Shannon and River get make out heavy. Adriana tells Roxy that she thinks she is losing River. River tells Shannon that he loves Adriana. Shannon is not happy. Roxy tells Adriana she will help her to keep River. Shannon goes off on River about how he and Adriana won't work out just like her parents didn't. John and Kathryn find River and Shannon on the roof. Adriana breaks up with River as per Roxy's advice.

Natalie asks John why he is so all of a sudden protective when he sees her kissing Paul. Natalie tells John to stay out of her personal life. John tells Kathryn about Michael's suspicions of Paul and Dr. Long. Natalie asks Paul to come clean about what he is doing at the hospital. Kathryn asks John why is he working in Llanview and not New Jersey? Paul tells Natalie he was fired for taking her on the helicopter. Paul tells Natalie that Kathryn is corrupt and she is trying to pin something on him. John asks Kathryn why she asked to be transferred. She tells him she did not travel all the way from California to be near him. Paul calls Kelly for more money. Natalie tells Paul she would love to go out with him.

Blair discovers Starr is missing. Matthew tells Blair and Bo that Starr told him she would miss him and hugged him really hard as if she was not going to see him again. Blair calls Todd to find out if Starr is with him. He tells her no and that he's on his way to New York. Todd figures out that Starr was planning to run away from she was in Llanview. Bo asks Todd and Blair to work with the police to find Starr. Blair finds an incomplete letter from Starr in the garbage. Todd finds Travis' picture. Bo tries to log on to Starr's computer to find out whom she has been talking to online. They find Travis' address. Blair and Bo talk Todd out of going to look for Starr.

Starr meets with an unsavory character that tries to hurt her. Travis arrives in time. Starr and Travis decide to go to California. Starr and Travis talk about their lives. Travis and Starr head out to get his things. Travis sees the police in front of his house. He and Starr run off.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Marcie returns to Llanview and stops by to see Michael. She startles him while he's asleep and holding his binoculars; he in turn yells out and scares her. The yelling begins in earnest when she berates him for continuing his spying after he told her he'd stop. She's only worried that she'll lose him though he convinces her that he's not going anywhere. Later, Dr. Long walks in and begins to snoop around when he sees the patient sleeping soundly. Interrupted by a nurse, the doctor makes up an excuse and hurriedly leaves. The "sleeping" Michael opens his eyes abruptly and calls Marcie to return.

Roxy seeks out Rex over at Capricorn; he arrives newly returned from Miami with Lindsay on his arm. She tries to hit him up for some money but he refuses to give her anything. He insists the he and Lindsay have chemistry. Jen is there and rebuffs her mother's attempt to speak with her. Lindsay tries to tell her that she's just having fun but her daughter makes it plain that she won't be there if Lindsay goes over the edge again; and it always happens when she loses a man. Lindsay goes home alone. R.J. gives kudos to Evangeline (for helping with the Antonio and Jamie situation) and agrees that maybe he will accept her advice in the future. Rex thanks R.J. for his help and leaves to check up on Ultraviolet. Evangeline overhears R.J. muttering about the kid missing 2 payments and he'll own it all. Jen shares her documentary with Marcie and asks to see Marcie's manuscript in return. Jen and Riley have an awkward moment when their hands touch but Jen brings them back down to earth by being adamant on their only being friends.

As Kevin continues to search for more information on the transferring of BE funds, Kelly begs him to stop blaming Todd; she wants the war stopped. Kevin wonders if Todd has his wife mixed up in something but Kelly explains that she only wants some peace. Paul shows up for a family get-together and mentions that he was hoping that Kelly would consider giving him his previously received money as a gift for a favor. Kelly explains that her brother is joking but Paul continues to make remarks with double meanings that get Kelly worked up until she explodes. She praises him as a brother and coming through for her but he mentions wondering if she had really been pregnant and how mental illness runs in their family. He also talks about Dorian lying about being a mother and wonders how someone would do that. When Paul goes on about the baby saving her marriage, Kelly dashes from the room as Kevin, glaring at him, shows him the door. He confides that he had too much to drink the previous night but is obviously very happy with the way things have gone once he's outside. Kevin is pretty sure that Paul meant something with his reference to Dorian.

Todd and Blair put up posters of Starr all over town while Bo gets to Travis' place and questions his mother. She admits that her son didn't come home the previous night but that it's not unusual. Nearby Starr and Travis hide and watch and decide they cannot make their move until later. Starr manages to retrieve a poster with a handwritten note to Shorty. Back at the hotel, Nora arrives and consoles Matthew who blames himself for Starr's running away, though his mother won't hear of it. Actually, it's because her parents are always fighting, unlike his, Matthew continues. Blair and Todd return and overhear the boy; they each blame themselves as well. Blair swears that she will do anything to get her daughter home. Bo returns with Travis' mother and eventually the trio goes live on television to plead with their children to return (courtesy of a contact of Todd's).

While hanging out at the diner, Jess suggests that she and Antonio buy a house so that Jamie can have more room. Antonio advises her that he won't accept any money from her in any form even if he is unable to afford a down payment himself. He brings up marriage again and is disappointed when Jess still refuses to set any date. He takes off when Roxy shows up and asks about their wedding date. He ends up at Capricorn and asks Evangeline for a job as investigator; he'd like to earn some extra money. She agrees.

Travis and Starr return to their hideout and talk about their dads and siblings and gently bicker over their ages (they both lied). Travis even has a television and as they watch, they see their parents reaching out to them.

Evangeline tells R.J. to stop overreacting when he learns that she's rehired Antonio. In return, she makes a deal with him. She knows something is up with Rex and if he backs off of her doing business with Antonio, she'll do the same with R.J. and Rex.

Marcie rushes over to see Michael and learns of Dr. Long's visit. He's on to Michael, they're afraid.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Viki is upset to find Todd's headlines about Buchanan Enterprises. Jessica promises to take care of it when she sees her mother clutching her chest. Asa visits Viki at Llanfair, demanding that she fire Todd but she refuses. When Jessica finds out that that Starr is missing, she and Natalie agree that it is best not to tell Viki.

Margaret tells Kevin that she has proof that Kelly transferred money into their personal account from Buchanan Enterprises. Kevin insists that the only explanation can be a set up by Todd and orders his accountant to look into the matter further. When Kelly comes downstairs, he questions Kelly about the transfer. Jessica confronts her brother about the upset that the articles are causing their mother and Kevin insists he is going to deal with Todd. When a reporter shows up at the mansion, Asa pulls a gun on him but Kevin and Jessica stop him. Later, Asa is arrested. When Margaret returns with information from the bank, she hands him a security video of Kelly making the withdrawal.

Nora tries to convince Matthew that it isn't his fault that Starr ran away. Getting a call from Daniel, Nora tells Antonio that the case against her is being dropped because there wasn't enough evidence that took a bribe.

David searches Dorian's hotel room, certain that she is having an affair. She assures him that she isn't sleeping with Adriana's husband, as he is dead. He is happy when he thinks that she killed her husband so she could marry him.

River goes to Adriana to tell her that kissing Shannon didn't mean anything. She is even more upset when she hears his confession, and kicks him out. Adriana turns to Roxy for advice.

John and Kathryn show Michael the pictures Shannon took of Paul and Dr. Long. The three wonder what Paul is carrying illegally. Michael tells him about his organ donation suspicions. Marcie makes a deal with Michael to let her snoop around Dr. Long and then he will drop them.

Paul tells Natalie that he is meeting an old friend, and he doesn't want her to get the wrong idea. Marcie eavesdrops while Paul gets Dr. Long to rehire him. Later John questions Natalie about Paul.

Friday, April 30, 2004

In his search for Starr, Todd calls several hospitals until he finds one that has admitted a child fitting her description. Returning to the hotel room after realizing that girl isn't Starr, they find Ms. O'Connell stating she may have some information. Reading private emails between Travis and Starr, her parents think they may have a lead. Talking to the police, they try to give them ideas where to search. Dorian calls to inform Todd and Blair that she thinks Starr took money from her safe. Starr tries to call her parents, but the man who stole her back pack took the phone before she could speak.

Travis wakes to find Starr gone. As he leaves to search for her, she returns stating that she has decided to go home. He talks her into going with him across the country. When Starr's backpack is stolen, Travis chases the thief. Waiting for him, Starr spots a police officer putting up missing posters with their pictures on it. After returning to their secret room, Starr waits for Travis, not knowing that the police identified him. When Travis doesn't show up, Starr goes looking for him.

John reminds Natalie that she agreed to be his partner in a pool tournament. When she gives him attitude, he tells her about some of his past with Kathryn. As Natalie and John celebrate their victory in the pool tournament, Kathryn pulls John aside and tells him they have to go. Seeing John watching Natalie, Paul pulls her into a kiss.

Paul tries to get Kathryn to give him is $64,000 back. Later he shows up at the mansion and tells Kevin and Kelly he is leaving town. When he demands money from Kelly, she gives him a ring that was a give from Kevin but Paul refuses to take it, stating he'll get the money somewhere else. Paul tries to convince Natalie that he is better suited to her than John is and asks her to run away with him.

Kevin confronts Kelly with the knowledge that she transferred money from BE into their personal account. Kelly offers to take full responsibility when Kevin tells her that he could lose his job. She tells him that the money was a loan for a friend who was in trouble. Under the strain, she admits she is being blackmailed and used the money for payoff. Kevin demands to know who is blackmailing her. She lies, telling him that the man she had an affair with in Texas is holding the tape over her head and she turned to Todd for help but she changed her mind and put the money into their account. Kevin insists that Todd must have been behind the blackmail. Later, Kevin calls the man Kelly told him was blackmailing her.

At the police station, Asa threatens to kill the reporter that has been hounding him. Evangeline manages to get Asa a speedy trial but Bo warns his father that he is in real trouble.

At Rodi's, Jen rebuffs her mother's attempt to talk to her. After sharing harsh words, Rex and Lindsay sit at a table. Rex eyes Jen and Riley while Lindsay keeps tabs on Nora and Daniel. After Lindsay leaves, Rex tries to pay for their drinks, but his credit card is denied.

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