OLTL Recaps: The week of March 29, 2004 on One Life to Live
Kelly named her baby after Asa and called him Ace. Kevin decided to get to know his son Duke. Riley was angry at Daniel for closing Ultra Violet. Todd blackmailed his way to assuming the editor-in-chief position of the Banner. Paul and Natalie showed interest in each other. R.J. was upset when Jamie called Jessica mama.
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Monday, March 29, 2004

Rex realizes that Daniel is the one who sent the cops. Rex confronts Daniel. Daniel tells Rex he saw Lindsay and him making out. Riley lashes out at Daniel for shutting down the club on his first time back after Flash's went away. Rex lies to Lindsay about why he is closed down. They start to make out. Jen finds them on the floor together. Jen tells them she doesn't want to see them. Lindsay also leaves and tells him she can't see him anymore. Lindsay follows Jen. They argue in Angel Square and Daniel comes to Lindsay's defense. Jen lashes out at him too for closing down Ultra Violet because he was mad at Lindsay for sleeping with Rex. Lindsay tells Daniel she cares about him. He tells her he is going out on the limb and he hopes he doesn't regret it.

Shannon gets a rush from almost being busted. Adriana is feeling insecure around Shannon. The guys from the band show up and invite them to the garage where they practice. Michael comes in time to give Shannon the news that John has been arrested. Shannon still wants to go with the guys. Michael tells her to think of someone else for a change and go home to be with Eve. She ends up not leaving immediately. Adriana tells her Michael was right that she only cares about herself.

Antonio sets out to prove Stephen set up John. Natalie seeks comfort in Jessica. Jessica suggests that Natalie's reaction to Jen is about John. Natalie admits she is falling in love with John. Natalie tells her she thinks about John all the time. Jessica suggests Natalie tells John how she feels. Jessica offers Natalie a sleeping pill that she got from the doctor. She can't find them. The cops come to place Natalie under arrest. Jen has filed charges. She ends up being beside John's cell. He helps her let everything out. Antonio updates John as to how Stephen carried out his plan.

Marcie calls Michael to let him know about John's arrest. Marcie questions Bo about why John is in jail. Daniel tries to talk to Nora about Lindsay. Nora tells Daniel if Lindsay is fooling around with Rex she should stay clear of her.

John and Antonio figure out how Stephen carried out his plan. John tells Antonio he appreciate his faith in him. Antonio watches a tape of John playing cards with the officer that accused John of killing Stephen. Antonio sees that Stephen drugged the cop's coffee.

Blair finds David asleep on the couch. A confused David realizes Dorian is gone. Kevin calls Blair. She tells Kevin maybe Todd wasn't lying that maybe he didn't rape her. Starr overhears and rushes to send Todd and Instant Message on line. Todd receives the messages and runs out to see Blair. Todd shows up at the house. Blair and David try to get rid of him but Starr storms downstairs and tell Blair to tell Todd what she said to Kevin on the phone. Blair admits to Todd that maybe he was telling the truth when he said that he didn't do it. She tells him the tumor may have confused her but they don't have a future. He tells her he will wait for her forever. Starr asks Todd if Blair doesn't want them to be happy. He tells her he won't give up hope.

Tuesday, March 30

Viki comes to get Natalie out of jail, Jen has dropped the charges. Viki tells Natalie about her heart attack. Nora comes into the police squad room with news about John's case, the charges against John were dropped. As Natalie is about to leave, she runs into John. She apologizes about breaking down in her cell. Jessica, John and Antonio have dinner at the country club. John tells them that he feels Natalie did not show up because of him. He says that he think Natalie feels he wants her to be tough around him, as if it's something he expects from his friends. Jessica makes a remark about how stupid men are and if John doesn't know how Natalie feels about him. John tells them that he and Natalie has talked about her feelings for him and that they decided to be friends.

Paul and Natalie meet again, this time at Rodi's. Natalie and Jen go at it again, but Paul and Riley break it up. Paul and Natalie find out they have Kevin and Kelly in common. Paul shows interest in Natalie when he learns that she is a Buchanan.

Kelly admires her new baby. Asa arrives to fawn over the baby. Kelly tells Asa they named the baby after him. Kelly recites her story to Asa and Renee about how the baby was born at a farm. Asa makes plans for Ace. Renee makes a remark that the baby doesn't look like Kevin or Kelly. Kelly dismisses it with a joke. David comes and taunts her about Kevin having lunch with Blair. She remains calm and tells him she knows they are having a business meeting.

Blair tells Kevin she has to admit that what happened between her and Todd may have been consensual. She tells Kevin it does not change things and their marriage is over. Todd interrupts their lunch. Blair excuses herself to the powder room. Todd tells Kevin that his new baby has to get use to being alone since Kevin did leave Kelly alone in the woods to give birth.

Todd meets with Editor-in-Chief of the Banner/Sun. He suggests that Warren resign because he would be fired when everyone finds out he printed false information. He tells Warren that he will cover for him. Warren agrees. Todd stops Blair to talk about their kids. He asks her if they can get past all the hostility. Viki comes to Todd to tell him about Warren's resignation. Todd jumps to the conclusion that Viki wants him take over as Editor-in-Chief until she finds a replacement and gladly agrees to take the job when it is offered.

Blair and David talk about Dorian. Blair asks him how much more lies and betrayal can he take. He tells her that when you love someone, nothing is ever enough and he thought she would know that.

Bo gets a bad feeling that the Music Box Killer case is not over. A letter addressed to John McBain is shown among Dr. Haver's papers.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

R.J. picks up Jamie from Antonio's place; he loses it when she calls Jess mama.

Rex talks with his sister at Rodi's and defends Jen after he learns about their fight. He tells Natalie that Jen caught him when he was with Lindsay. At a nearby table, John celebrates his release from jail with Eve, Michael and Marcie. He asks Nat to join them but she declines; he wonders if she's avoiding him. Nat denies that she is and they agree that they don't want their friendship ruined over recent events. She has other plans, she tells him, and when Paul happens to come in, she asks him to accompany her to the christening party. John pops some pills for his lingering pain resulting from nerve damage and continues to look over at Natalie until she leaves with Paul. He doesn't hear Marcie talking to him. Shannon turns up with Sheyne and gets annoyed when Michael tells her it's a family only party, since Marcie is also present. Eve smoothes things over. When Lindsay stops by, Rex blames her for his club being shut down and for the fact that he's now also lost Jen. He rudely tells her that he shouldn't have been so stupid. R.J. and Lindsay complain to each other about their latest problems. Announcing that Rex has gotten "too cocky...;a bad risk," R.J. suggests that Rex be made to look like a fool, like the way that Lindsay feels. As they watch, Rex flirts with a loan officer at another table but is unsuccessful in getting the money that he needs. R.J. decides that Lindsay should offer up the money from herself and R.J.; he'll do the rest. When she resists because she's not into revenge, R.J. urges, "But it should be fun." Michael discloses that Marcie is the one. Eve attempts to give John advice when he says he only had Caitlin.

Before leaving for baby Buchanan's christening party, Blair warns David that Dorian is ready to dump him, while David mentions that he needs to be around to support Kelly, because of Blair. He suggests she get a new shoulder to cry on.

Todd and Evangeline plan a battle with Blair over child custody while sitting at the country club. Inside, the Buchanans celebrate baby Ace; Kevin wants the name of the farmer who delivered the baby. Clearly confused, Kelly comes up with a name. Later, she has even more difficulty when she's bombarded with questions about the baby's unusual birth and becomes quite uncomfortable, finally changing the subject. David follows Kelly outside to ask her what's wrong and she blames her strange behavior on hormones. Viki and Bo arrive to congratulate the new parents. Viki informs an unhappy Kevin that Todd will be temporarily replacing Warren Morgan at the newspaper. Jess sees Todd first upon her arrival and orders him to not upset Viki in any way, due to her newly discovered heart condition. Asa makes a toast. Nat and Paul arrive; Kelly pulls Paul aside and whispers that she needs his support, as Todd listens from nearby. David accuses Paul of being with Nat because of her money. Bo heads back to the station to catch up on paperwork, but first admits to Antonio that he still feels the case isn't over. Todd voices his indignation to Viki for keeping her condition from him, especially since Jack and Starr need her. Nat and Jess gang up on Viki also and she makes a hasty retreat. When Jess states that one of them should move back home, Nat defiantly figures it must mean her, since she's alone. Her defensive attitude and quick indignation hurt Jess. Kelly and Todd watch separately as Kevin and Blair chat. When a cameraman starts to film the guests, Todd offers to speak first. Everyone is nervous but Todd just extends his congrats, though he angers Kevin by "failing to remember" his other son, Duke. Later however, Todd places a call to Duke and has an argument with him. Kevin isn't all you think he is, he snarls. "Don't let your guard down," Kevin warns Blair after telling her of Todd's new position. Running into Kelly while he's skulking around, Todd reminds her that she'll owe him a favor one day. Next, he sees Blair who tells him that the picture he has of them can't hurt her like he can. When he spies Paul, he lets on that he knows all of the intimate details of Kelly's getting the baby, and cautions him on even saying the word baby again. Todd wants to make sure that the happy family stays together.

When Bo stops by Rodi's, the table empties suddenly, leaving him alone with Eve and John. He announces that the Haver case is officially closed and John decides to go and do some work at the station. Eve thanks Bo for standing by her son. On his way out, John receives a letter delivered by Haver's attorney.

David learns that Dorian used an alias and took a bus but her trail stops there.

Jess and Antonio make plans for a quiet afternoon but John, letter in hand, interrupts them. "You missed one, John. Maybe dead, maybe alive. Cops always think they're the hunters."

Thursday, April 1, 2004

After hearing a voice, Starr asks Blair to call the police. Blair tries to talk Starr into leaving her room, but Starr becomes angry. When Starr tries to instant message with Todd, she types in the wrong link and ends up in a chat room. Blair comes upstairs to check on Starr, but when she gets startled and locks herself in her closet, Blair calls Todd out of desperation.

While Nora tries to enjoy her time alone, Daniel knocks on her door to ask her advice on Lindsay. When Bo and Matthew come home to find the two working on a crossword puzzle, he questions the relationship. Matthew reminds Bo and Nora that he signed them up for a dance contest and suggests they all stay together in New York.

Kevin threatens Todd when he writes an article about Ace. Viki walks in, just in time to hear Todd warn Kevin. Just as she gets her son and brother calmed down, Paul enters the office fuming over Todd's article on the helicopter crash. After Kevin and Viki leave, Paul confronts Todd. While at the diner, Kevin and Viki discuss Todd until she becomes short of breath and request Kevin take her to the hospital.

David continues his search for Dorian. Finding a number at the diner, David questions Carlotta and finds that Dorian is in Mendorra.

At Rodi's, the tension between Natalie and Jen continues. Adriana skips her studies when she finds out River is at the bar with Shannon. John continues to try to decipher Stephen's final cryptic message, oblivious to Natalie's interest in him.

Michael gets overprotective when Roxy startles Marcie. She informs him that if she doesn't get her grades up, she's going to lose her scholarship. After he comforts her, she finally tells him that she is in love with him. They come close to making love, but are interrupted when Roxy accidentally gives a new guest the key to Michael's room.

Friday, April 2, 2004

Marcie offends Nora by asking her what caused her divorce from Bo. When Nora again overhears Marcie asking personal questions, she warns her against asking personal questions. Later, Bo and Nora worry that by agreeing to the dance contest they are sending Matthew the wrong message.

Jessica voices her concerns about Natalie to Antonio. When she is called away to the hospital, John insists that Antonio goes with her. Natalie gets upset when Roxy reminds her that she is an outcast with the Buchanans. Later, John wonders why she isn't at the hospital with Viki.

Kevin worries about Viki's health when she confesses that she has been having palpitations for years. When Jessica shows up to take their mother home, Viki insists that she is fine. When Natalie shows up, the three decide that someone needs to move in with Viki. When Natalie volunteers, Kevin states that it should be Jessica that takes care of their mother. When Jessica tells Antonio her plans, he refuses to move into Llanfair with her.

Kelly fears that Kevin will find out that Ace isn't their son when he has his first checkup. Paul assures his sister that the doctor won't suspect anything, then reminds Kelly that she owes him Adriana's inheritance. After the baby's check up, Kevin realizes that Ace has a different blood type than he and Kelly have. Kelly calls upon Todd to help her get the medical records changed.

Todd pries the closet door open to get to Starr. He tried to reassure his daughter when she tells him she is hearing voices. When Blair tells him the only thing that consoles Starr is being with him, Todd asks Blair to let their daughter live with him. Blair refuses and calls a psychiatrist instead. When he leaves, Starr goes back to the chat room, pretending to be fifteen. When a member of the chat room asks to see her picture, Starr dresses up and sends a photo over the web.

While David continues to search for Dorian, he tries to help Adriana deal with her jealousy of Shannon. Adriana tries to convince David that Dorian wouldn't go to Mendorra.

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