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Monday, February 2, 2004

Ultra Violet
Riley walks away with a bag of coke.

Jen pushes Rex away from Lindsay, warning him to stay away from her mother. Lindsay gives Jen some lame excuse that she and Rex were kissing because of a bet. Jen scolds Lindsay.

Marcie and Michael talk about his mother. He's grateful she found her and brought her to Lanview. Marcie accidentally spills their drinks. Jen approaches Michael when Marcie goes to the ladies room to clean up. Jen starts flirting with Michael until Marcie asks to talk to her. The two get in an argument. Marcie believes Jen doesn't like when she gets attention. Michael seizes the opportunity to get her for Valentine's day. Marcie runs scared when Michael asks her to spend Valentine's Day with him. She tells him it's not him, it's her. He tells her to look into his eyes and admit the reason why she said no was not because of him. As she stares into his eyes she remembers Al.

An obviously high Riley talks to Jen. Riley offers to take Jen to London with him since she is now free because Marcie canceled their winter break trip.

Dorian's House
Blair tries to recover from a migraine. Nora comes by and drops off a videocassette to Starr from Matthew. Inside the case was a set of handcuffs. Nora tells Blair she knows of an easier way to put Todd in Jail. Starr sneaks out. Blair has a dream that Todd confessed and stopped by the house before going to jail. He kisses her and she kisses him back. The phone rings. It is Todd calling about Starr.

R.J. tries to give Evangeline advice about Todd. Todd meets Evangeline to go over his case. She tells him that Marty is her consultant. His apprehension brings Evangeline to the conclusion that Todd is scared to see Marty again. Nora warns R.J. not to mess up his relationship with Evangeline due to his disapproval of her representing Todd. Nora tells Evangeline and Todd that if he pleads to aggravated indecent assault he would serve only 18 months. They turn her offer down. R. J. surprises Evangeline with two tickets to the Bahamas. She is taken aback and touched deeply by the sentiment.

Hotel Bar
Roxy tells Asa that maybe Bo's best is not good enough and the next victim of the Music Box Killer won't be so lucky. Nigel tries to comfort Asa, but his efforts were in vain. Asa tells Nigel that he pulled a few strings and The Angel Square Hotel will be demolished in a week.

John's Apartment
John walks in but doesn't notice Natalie on the bed. When he does, he tries to wake her up. John calls the police and E.M.T.s. Natalie regains consciousness and gasping for air. He holds and comforts her. Natalie wonders why he didn't kill her. John finds the note left on the bed. The Killer writes that if he wanted her dead she would be dead. He controls the case, he controls John's life.
Natalie thanks John with a kiss on the cheek. After Natalie leaves, John gets a call from the Killer. The Killer taunts John. He mentions how John has no control over his life, just as he had no control when his fiancée met her tragic end. John calls Natalie and ends their friendship.

Todd's apartment. Starr has handcuffed herself to the stair rail. She refuses to leave until Blair comes to get her. Blair comes over and Starr tricks her into coming closer. She handcuffs Blair and gives Todd the key. Todd goes over to unlock her, but instead handcuffs himself and throws away the key. He tells her they need to talk. Nora knocks on the door and Blair calls out. Nora gets them unlocked. Starr is not happy. Nora tells Todd to take the deal.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2004

John's Apartment
Antonio and John try to figure out why the Killer is fixated on John. Jessica stops by with paperwork she has to complete for Stephen. John takes a fascinated look. John makes a remark that some of the data has information reflective of Stephen's life. John gets a call from the Killer. John tries to extract information from him.

Stephen tells Rae he doesn't think the police will ever find the Music Box Killer. Stephen suggests to Rae that maybe the Killer meant to leave Flash alive. He thinks he has come up with a profile of the Killer. He thinks the Killer kills just out of curiosity. He shows her a copy of his new book titled "The Thing He Loves" he tells her it is from one of his favorite poems by Oscar Wilde.

Lindsay and Daniel run into David, who insults Lindsay's tastes in men. Dorian calls David on his cell phone. She updates him on her search for Adriana in Puerto Rico. She tells him it's as if she vanished into thin air. David tells her he will go check in on Paul to see what he is up to. Kevin and Kelly come in and David couldn't help but to congratulate them on their baby. He shouts across to room to Kevin that he hopes fatherhood will stop him from chasing after his wife's relations. Daniel almost takes a drink. He changes his mind. Lindsay comes to stop him, but he has a club soda. She tells him she likes his company and friendship.

Kevin apologizes to Kelly for doubting her pregnancy. Kevin suggests an impromptu vacation just the "three" of them. Kelly accepts.

Dorian's House
River sneaks Adriana in the house. He tells her no one will find her in one of the guest bedrooms. Paul overhears and asks, "are you sure about that?" Paul offers his hotel room for Adriana to hide out. River hesitantly accepts. As they head out the door David is in front of them. David tells Paul to leave but he, Adriana and River are going to wait for Dorian. River tries to fight David, but Adriana intervenes. David tells them that Adriana can stay at the house and Dorian won't mind. Blair hears this and is annoyed that David thinks he lives there. Dorian walks in and sees Adriana. She hugs her and tells her of course she can stay at the house. Dorian tells River and Adriana that she is her biological mother.

Riley and Jen get ready for London. Security asks him to step aside for a random bag search. They find a vial of coke. Riley is arrested for possession of a narcotic. Jen ask the guards to give him a phone call. He calls his father. Blair greets Dorian. Blair tells her she lost custody of Starr to Viki.

The judge takes Starr away from Blair and places her temporarily with Viki. She gives Blair scheduled supervised visit with Starr. Starr says good-bye to Todd and tells Blair she hates her.

Daniel gets the Judge to drop the charges against Riley. Lindsay asks Riley to keep Jen out of his kind of trouble. Jen tells Lindsay that she wanted to go to London with Riley to see Joe. They bicker about her state of mind since her divorce from Joe. Jen drops the bomb that at least she is not sleeping with Daniel and Rex. Lindsay reminds her that what she saw at Ultra Violet was a misunderstanding. Jen doesn't buy it. Daniel leaves then Lindsay. Riley asks Jen if she ever thinks that her mother being with Rex bothers her more than she will admit.

Viki's House
Viki tries to have a talk with Starr, who was not interested. She leaves to get something to drink. Todd bursts in and an unhappy Viki tells him to leave. Viki expresses her concern to Todd that she felt he felt guilty. She asks him if he raped Blair. He tells her he and Blair were in union that night. Starr rushes in when she sees him. Viki pleads with him to leave. Before he exits Dorian comes barging in to find them all. Todd tells Dorian that it is all her fault and she should get Blair to change her mind and tell the truth. Todd finally leaves and Viki and Dorian have words. Viki tells Dorian she will take care of Starr. Dorian was not convinced since Viki's entire family is in disgrace. Todd returns, but Viki stops him from seeing Starr. He admits he still loves Blair and misses his children.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2004


Blair comes over with Jack so that he can visit with Starr. Starr does not seemed pleased MOMMY is there, but enjoys her time with Jack. Later, Blair receives a phone call, it's her mother Addie, she has found out through a news report about the rape case and has suffered a set back. She tells Starr it is her grandmother, but not to worry Addie will be fine. She leaves Jack with Viki.

Angel Sightings
Al and Luna are talking. She tells him that on Valentine's Day when his deadline is, if it works out and Marcie falls in love with him, he will lose all of his "Al" memories, and will only have Michael's. Al, seeming very distressed, protests to Luna, saying he wants to go "up" and talk with someone else about this. Finally giving in, Luna says okay, but warns him while they are gone Michael McBain will be out. Al just wants to go, so he beams up, so to speak, and a disoriented looking Michael leaves the airport.

Meanwhile back at Llanfair.....
Starr calls her father, telling him something is wrong with Addie, and that Blair won't tell her what it is. Todd says he will go check on Addie and call Starr later.

Blair arrives to see Addie. She seems very distraught. When Blair talks to her, Addie talks a little, saying Todd loves her and would never hurt her, then she begins crying about how bad a word rape is. She starts screaming and Blair goes to get a nurse. A second later, Mr. Manning shows up. Addie looks pleased to see Todd, she says the word rape, and Todd tells her to talk about happy things. She talks about her slippers and how warm they keep her feet. They chat much adieu about nothing, but Addie seems calmer. Blair is now listening at the door. Addie again says how Todd would never hurt Blair, she says, you must love her. He goes on and on about how much he loves his children and Blair, he continues to go on about just how truly much he loves Blair, but of course she did not hear that, she already walked away.

Jenn is getting grilled by Riley's dad about how it's her fault she got Riley into trouble. Just then Marcie shows up, and he takes off. They sit down and have a drink. Marcie tells Jenn she needs to back off people and stay away from other people's boyfriends. Jenn takes it as if she is talking about herself and "Michael." Marcie says no, she is talking about how poor Flash is in the hospital, and she is toying with Riley. Marcie then excuses herself to the bathroom. A minute later "Michael" shows up looking very confused. Jenn sees him and she asks what he is doing there. He says he thinks he has a date with Marcie, Jenn lies and says Marcie has already left.

At Dorian's
Dorian sees River and Adriana. With David by her side Dorian, lying through her teeth as usual, tells Adriana that she is her biological daughter. And that because of this, since she has never married, she may be entitled to Aunt Betsy's fortune. Dorian then tells River maybe he should go to his father's for a few days, just till Adriana can have time to deal with this. River (with back turned to Dorian) tells Adriana he thinks he should leave as well, he kisses her and gives her a funny look. Later, Carlotta arrives to see her godchild. Dorian opens the door and asks Carlotta if she is still okay with this. Carlotta reluctantly goes along, and confirms that Dorian is Adriana's biological mother.

River goes to see Paul, and tells him it all makes sense now why Paul was so helpful, he wants them to marry so he can get his piece of Aunt Betsy's pie. He admits that is true, but does tell River he cares about him and knows how much Adriana and he are in love. Just then Adriana shows up, Paul tells them to hurry, they've got a plane to catch. Adriana just tells River how happy she is and all she cares about is being his wife. The three then depart for the plane......

Meanwhile back in Heaven.........
Al meets with his future daughter Gabrielle. She tells him if she is ever to be born, he must stop being so stubborn, and basically tells him to deal with losing the memories of his life as Al. Al seems to have cooled down a lot, Luna then comes for him. He says he needs to get back to Michael's body and soon, he thinks something is awry.

Back at the bar.....
Marcie comes out of the restroom and looks at where she and Jenn were sitting. She notices that Jenn is gone, she takes a look around and lo and behold, there in a booth in the back are Jenn and Michael kissing!!!!

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Thursday, February 5, 2004

Al is distraught when Marcie starts to cry after seeing Michael and Jen kissing. Jen tries to tell Marcie that she kissed him to prove what kind of guy he is, but Marcie refuses to accept it. When Al takes of Michael's body again, Marcie slaps him and insists that he stay away from her.

Upon hearing a noise outside of Llanfair, Jessica and Natalie catch Starr hiding on the terrace. When questioned, she states that if she can catch the Music Box Killer she'll get off probation. When Starr gets angry, Natalie tries to comfort the girl.

Viki shares her concerns for Natalie with Roxy. When Roxy insists that Natalie stay with her, Viki counters that she is safer at Llanfair. To keep Natalie safe, Roxy buys her a gun but she refuses to carry it. When John takes Natalie home, they find pictures of John in the house and realize the killer had been there.

Antonio and John continue to search for clues to the killer's identity. Following a lead, Antonio heads to Chicago.

When Blair finds Todd in Addie's room, she asks him to plead guilty for the sake of their family. Meeting with Evangeline, he tells her he is going to take the plea bargain. Still not convinced that he is guilty, Evangeline tells him to give it more consideration before she goes to Nora. At Llanfair, Todd tells Starr that he is going to go plead guilty.

After having sex, Dorian informs David that it will never happen again. When they argue, David storms out to find Blair unconscious in the foyer. When she comes to, she tells Dorian that she is considering dropping the charges against Todd.

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Friday, February 6, 2004

Marcie tells Jen that she wants to move out. When he sees how upset Marcie is, Al convinces Luna to let Marcie see him. He insists that she give Michael another chance. When he returns to Michael's body, Al apologizes to Marcie.

Rex and Lindsay have sex again. When Jen shows up, Rex comforts her. The phone rings and Rex insists that the machine pick it up. The mood is ruined when Lindsay tells the machine that she is wanting Rex.

Kevin and Kelly cancel their plans in Bermuda when Kelly starts feeling ill and is placed on bed rest. Blair goes to a bar to drink her troubles away, but her head starts hurting her again. She leaves despite the bartender's insistence that she call a cab. When she has an accident, she calls Kevin for help.

Starr tells Viki that Todd is going to plead guilty. While Viki asks Starr to forgive Blair, Dorian shows up looking for Blair. Todd talks to Viki about his decision, but she attempts to change his mind. When the killer breaks into Natalie's house, Viki insists an alarm system be put in the house. Later John gets a call from the killer, insisting that he never see Natalie again.

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