OLTL Recaps: The week of February 10, 2003 on One Life to Live
Keri gave birth to her baby. Nora refused to listen to Troy's excuses. Jen admitted that she had been trying to get Cristian back. Al told Jen he was done caring about her. Mitch kidnapped Blair and blackmailed Todd into finding Natalie. Residents celebrated Valentine's Day.
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Monday, February 10, 2003

After learning the truth about Liz and Antonio's affair, Keri went into labor. R.J. held Antonio responsible for Keri's predicament. Keri gave birth to a premature baby girl and later asked to see only R.J. Keri told R.J. that she never wanted to see Liz or Antonio ever again.

Flash stole money from the donation box at the community center but the police soon apprehended her. Instead of pressing charges against Flash, Joey took her back to the community center and ordered her to pitch in and help out. Flash was taken aback when Joey introduced her to Jessica.

Troy wanted nothing more to do with Lindsay when she arrived at the hospital to see him. Nora overheard Lindsay trying to make Troy admit that sex with her was the best he'd ever had. Lindsay taunted Nora, claiming Nora owed her a debt of gratitude for opening her eyes to the kind of man Troy really was. Lindsay gloated that she'd finally beaten Nora, who voiced her hope that both Lindsay and Troy were out of her life.

Blair prevented Mitch from kidnapping Starr by offering herself as his hostage instead. Todd went to Dorian's house and found Starr locked in a closet. Starr told Todd that a "bad man" had taken Blair away.

Mitch later called Todd and told him that he had Blair. Bo searched the cult house and discovered medical files, DNA tests, and organ donation information pertaining to Jessica and Natalie. Mitch phoned the elderly man, who had a copy of Jessica's medical records.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

It was an early morning in Llanview. Todd was frantic on the phone, trying to get his sources to find Blair. Starr was camping out in the living room and was worried because her mom had been gone all night with the "bad man." She didn't understand why her father wouldn't use the police. As her fears escalated to a worst-case scenario, Todd ferociously yelled at her, sending her scampering back into her tent.

On an abandoned stage that had once hosted the Edgar Allan Poe play The Mask of The Red Death, Blair cried out at the top of her lungs. She was tied up and blindfolded, unaware that Mitch was only inches from her face. He removed her mask and taunted her with threats against her children and with lewd comments. Mitch finally called Todd and made his demand: "one wife for another." After proving that Blair was still alive, he commanded Todd to find Natalie for him.

Todd apologized to Starr, promised never to yell at her again, and assured her that her mother was fine. He explained that she and Jack would go to Aunt Viki's for a while and that Starr should keep her mother's kidnapping a secret. Starr agreed, but "only if you find mom."

In a rustic solarium somewhere, the man in the wheelchair, sporting an oxygen mask and an opulent bathrobe monogrammed "L," sternly beckoned his nurse, "Where's Laurence?"

Jessica arrived at the community center to help Joey clean up after the winter storm shelter the night before. Her cell phone interrupted her. It was Uncle Todd barking a request to know Natalie's whereabouts, but Jess couldn't help him. Flash finally showed up, as promised, and Joey advised her to round up some of her pals to help in exchange for a free meal.

Marcie delivered sandwiches from the diner and was surprised to learn that her handsome pastor was Jessica and Natalie's brother. Joey defused the tension by inviting her to volunteer at the center anytime she wanted. Marcie gushed and almost fell over a cot while leaving. Flash returned with a full posse. They promptly got to work on the cleanup in anticipation of their free grub.

Flash teased Jessica, calling her a "princess" who was out of her element. Jess tried to break the ice by asking Flash questions about her background, but Flash was very guarded. Jess overheard one of the homeless girls say that their donated manual labor was "better than doing some creep in the alley for lunch." Joey reminded Flash that she was returning the next day. After the vagrant teens left, Joey and Jessica counted their blessings for having such a privileged upbringing.

At the lodge, Natalie and Cristian tried to decide whether they should leave and face another storm on the road or stay put and try to get a doctor to go to them. Cristian called Bo, but due to the storm, Bo was unable to hear him. The scarf with the "L" initial was in an evidence bag on his desk. Todd barged into Bo's office but was uncharacteristically polite in asking for Natalie's contact information. Bo turned him down flat. Cristian's second call did get through to Bo. After briefly exchanging barbs about Blair with Sam, a crafty Todd was nearby to follow the police officer sent to check on the troubled young lovers.

Max startled Al in his dorm room. He had fallen asleep studying, but his dad pulled out a letter he had received that indicated Al was flunking out of school. Al placated Max with excuses and kept turning up his stereo when Max pressed for details. Max suspected his son was still fixated on Jennifer. Al denied it and sent his father off with the reprimand, "I'm nothing like you." Jessica stopped by, and after a warm reunion, the two friends discussed their problems.

Joey asked one of the teens still left eating if he knew anything about Flash. The teen informed the new clergyman that Flash mostly kept to herself. Flash had escaped to her squat and emotionally perused a scrapbook.

Still frightened but defiant, Blair warned Mitch that he "doesn't want Todd for an enemy." Mitch was delighted to have a formidable adversary at last. She predicted, "Todd is going to hunt you down, and when he finds you, he is going to tear you apart!"

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

At Llanview Hospital, R.J. prevented a frustrated Antonio from seeing Keri. Once he stopped Antonio, R.J. returned to the room to comfort his daughter, who moaned that her whole life was gone. She realized that R.J.'s was, also, because he had lost Liz, though he downplayed it. He only wanted Keri to get her strength back. It just wasn't meant to be, he stated.

In another room, Jen awakened confused as to her whereabouts. Realizing what had happened, she urged a dozing-off Lindsay to call the police. Lindsay suggested that Jen tell her everything instead, but Jen was adamant. When Al arrived to check on Jen, Lindsay left them alone. Jen thanked him profusely again for saving her life, and he asked her to "call it even" and drop the fire incident. She agreed quickly.

Jen related what had happened at Mitch's house and begged Al to warn Jessica that Mitch was going to do something terrible. Consequently, she admitted that she had gone to help Cris, and Al turned on her, telling her he was sick of her actions and she was still obsessed with Cris and using people. He saw how he reacted when he was with her and recognized that he'd been a jerk, but no more. Liz got good news about the baby and blamed herself for Keri not speaking to Antonio. A nurse handed Antonio Keri's jewelry, which included her engagement ring.

Bo and Gabrielle locked lips in Bo's office while Hank encountered Nora at the water cooler and offered to help her move on. Nora tried to settle a case out of court with Hank, and he asked if she was still happy being a defense attorney. When she admitted it was not the same, he offered her a position as an A.D.A.; one of his people was leaving. Nora promised to consider it, and Hank agreed to give her until the end of the day.

Mitch continued to torture and threaten Blair, warning her that Todd had better have Natalie in his presence soon. He left her, ordering two men to watch her while he was gone. Blair tried to persuade the men to let her go, but they ignored her. When she managed to cause an electrical outage, the men lit some candles, but went off to locate some flashlights. One of the candles was close enough to Blair that she was able to burn the rope on her wrists and break free. When the men returned, she didn't let on.

The condition of the elderly man in the wheelchair worsened. His nurse told him there was "not much time."

The cop was looking for Natalie and Cris at the lodge, but Todd knocked him out from behind. Meanwhile, their car had stalled, and Cris left Natalie behind to try to locate some help. Once he took off, Natatlie climbed out of the car and looked under the hood herself. Cris returned and found her freezing; he carried her to shelter he'd found. It was a cave, and they were able to light a fire. They remained optimistic about their situation, while Todd discovered their abandoned car.

Mitch barged into Bo's office and demanded that his wife be returned. He was also pretty upset that Bo had had his house ransacked. Bo advised Mitch that his wife had not been abducted, and Bo had had a proper search warrant. He wondered why Mitch had possessed the medical records of both Natalie and Jessica. He inquired about the scarf with the initial L that had been found wrapped around Jen's neck.

Mitch gave weak excuses for everything and denied knowing anything about Jen. Bo would not return Mitch's belongings as Mitch requested and pretended to know what had happened with Jen in order to trick Mitch, who didn't buy it for a minute. He then admitted to giving Jen shelter from the storm. Bo suggested that Mitch get some attorneys. Again, he asked why Mitch had had the girls' medical histories. He was a close family relative, Mitch replied.

R.J. and Liz met up in the hospital, where she invited him to help her raise the baby. R.J. retorted that he wanted nothing to do with the baby or her. While R.J. was gone from Keri's room, Antonio got in to see her and offered her the engagement ring, attempting to apologize again. She refused to listen to him and ordered him out, yelling. Shocked, Antonio was just leaving the room as R.J. returned. He didn't respond to R.J.'s question and wandered out. Keri was crying and told her father what had happened. He reassured her and told her she was going home with him.

Bo learned that he had received a call from Lindsay and was unable to reach her. Nora told him about Hank's job offer and asked his opinion. He extended his sympathies on Nora's broken engagement, but she cheerfully told him she'd get over it. He saw right through her, and Nora broke, telling him that everyone had known about it except her. Lindsay had even tried to tell her about the affair. He explained that Nora had only seen the good in Troy, and she had needed to find it out on her own. She began to cry, and he held her gently, just as Gabrielle returned and saw them together.

As Jen recalled the incident at Mitch's house, she looked up and saw him standing over her.

Cris entertained Natalie with a story of a separated couple who turned into birds. Todd found them there, wrapped up in each other's arms to stay warm.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Todd was desperate to deliver Natalie to Mitch in order to free Blair. In his attempt to do so, Todd told Cristian and Natalie that Bo had sent him to take them back to Llanview because Mitch was in jail and Bo needed Natalie's testimony. Cristian, however, was suspicious of Todd's story and refused to leave with him.

Todd gave Natalie drugged tea, which caused her to pass out. Cristian realized what Todd had done, but Todd managed to stab Cristian with a hypodermic needle, causing him to lose consciousness also. Todd carried Natalie to his car and drove off.

Meanwhile, Blair managed to escape from Mitch's followers and hid in the wings of the theater. When a furious Mitch returned and ordered his followers to grab Starr and Jack, Blair emerged from hiding and agreed to cooperate with Mitch. Todd called Mitch, saying that he had Natalie. The elderly man forced himself to hang on until Mitch could get to him.

Jen was frightened when Mitch threatened her in her hospital room. Sam kicked Mitch out of Jen's room with a warning to stay away. Bo and Nora arrived to take Jen's statement against Mitch. Scared of Mitch, Jen told Bo and Nora that she was mistaken about Mitch and that he had done nothing wrong with regard to his actions with her.

Cristian struggled to overcome the effect of the drug and forced himself out of the cave. Jessica overheard Antonio and Liz and learned that Antonio was the baby's father. Antonio was initially angry with Jessica but softened when she didn't pass judgment on him.

Keri was completely shocked when Dr. Conklin told her that she and Antonio were the baby's biological parents. Dr. Conklin explained that Keri had to have already been pregnant by Antonio when the embryo transfer was performed. Keri asked R.J. to never tell Antonio that she was the baby's mother.

Gabrielle was slightly jealous over Bo and Nora's easy rapport. Nora decided to accept Hank's offer to become the new Assistant District Attorney.

Friday, February 14, 2003

Valentine's Day was a day of dreaming in Llanview.

While Cristian searched for Natalie, she dreamed that upon arriving at Capricorn, she was reminded by friends and family that she was, and always would be, an outcast.

As Todd took his niece to Mitch to save Blair, Blair dreamed of him rescuing her, even though she continued to doubt him.

For Nora, her dream state found her confronted by all of her exes. Bo, Sam, Hank, and Troy informed her how lousy she was to love.

Jessica fantasized about helping Antonio through his crisis, but he was quick to remind her that she would always be Mitch's daughter.

In a much happier fantasy, Flash found herself adored by the citizens of Llanview, especially by Joey.

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