OLTL Recaps: The week of January 20, 2003 on One Life to Live
R.J. and Liz made love, but Liz stated that she would be leaving town. Allison poisoned Carlotta's food, though it had been intended for Cristian. Mitch wanted to consummate his marriage to Natalie before he let her go. Blair admitted she was in love with Todd.
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Monday, January 20, 2003

Todd confronts Sam about taking Blair out of the penthouse on their romantic getaway. Todd is convinced if Blair leaves something bad will happen to her. Blair is very angry with Todd. She believes Todd is just trying to get between her and Sam. Blair trusts Sam and believes he has taken every precaution for her safety. Todd has his doubts. Todd then decides he will be the bigger man and offers the penthouse to Blair and Sam. He and the kids will leave for the night so they can have the place to themselves. Blair tells Sam she feels safe with him and is ready to get out of the penthouse. Sam pulls out a cape for Blair that will cover her head. Todd gets on the phone with Shawna to make Blair jealous. Sam and Blair leave.

At the hospital R.J. and Liz are talking about Keri. R.J. wonders who will take care of Liz. R.J. knows how much Liz wants her baby. Liz blames herself for Keri being in the hospital. R.J. assures Liz she is a great mother. He thinks she did a great job with Keri. Troy interrupts R.J. and Liz as they are embracing, he tells them Keri is going to be okay and they can see her now. Liz leaves to see Keri and R.J. confronts Troy. R.J. is not convinced Troy is the best doctor for Keri. Troy assures R.J. he would never put a patient at risk. R.J. starts to threaten Troy, but Troy cuts him off. Troy leaves and Lindsay approaches R.J. Lindsay wonders what R.J. is doing there. R.J. explains as Lindsay realizes Troy was telling the truth. Lindsay is upset R.J. blabbed to Troy about her relationship with Troy. She will not have R.J. ruin it for her. R.J. thinks she should know what the good doctor is really up too. R.J. tells her about Troy's visit to Allison. Lindsay wonders why he would go see her. R.J. explains Allison spilled it all, step by step, including who was on the outside helping them. Lindsay doesn't understand why Troy would want to get the goods on R.J. R.J. spells it out for her- Troy wants Lindsay back in Statesville. R.J. assures Lindsay that Troy knew it was her plan to break out of prison. Lindsay is still in denial. R.J. leaves as Troy comes in. Troy demands Lindsay quit tormenting Nora about her boyfriend. Lindsay thinks it is the other way around, Nora should quit tormenting her. Troy advises her to get a grip and a boyfriend.

As the guards are taking Allison upstairs for questioning, she stops by Cristian's cell and makes a veiled threat towards Natalie. Cristian informs the guard, but he advises Cris to call his lawyer. Hank begins to question Allison about the nurses who were present during Jessica's and Natalie's birth. Allison starts to deny remembering this when a lawyer walks in and demands to speak with his client. After Hank leaves the room, Allison asks if Mitch sent him. He hands her a vial and asks if she knows what to do with it. Allison assures him she knows what to do. The lawyer leaves as Hank walks back in. Hank continues to question Allison. As she is trying to remember, Carlotta walks by the office. Hank stops and asks her if she is alright. Carlotta is going to see Cristian and bring him some of Keri's birthday cake. She sets the cake down on the desk in front of Allison so they can talk. Allison dumps the contents of the vial on the cake.

Sam and Blair are driving to the cabin and Blair apologizes for the article about Jen in the Sun. Sam admits it is true. He tells her what Jen confessed to him. Blair thinks they should turn around so he can be with Jen. Sam just wants to be alone with Blair. Blair questions if they are almost there yet, and Sam realizes they are being followed.

Cristian asks Carlotta what she is doing there. She explains she brought him cake from Keri's party. He doesn't want any and Carlotta eats the cake. Cris understands how this is breaking Carlotta's heart. Carlotta tells him she lit a candle and prayed for him today. He tells her Nora may be able to get his sentence overturned. Carlotta starts choking and falls to the floor.

Natalie goes to see Mitch. She demands to know what it will take for him to leave her and Cristian alone. Mitch wants a divorce instead of an anullment, but they need to consumate the marriage first. Natalie adamently refuses, but Mitch thinks this time she will say yes.

Nora arrives at the hospital to see Troy and Lindsay talking. Nora wonders what Lindsay is doing there. Lindsay says she is there on business. Nora asks where her date is. Lindsay admits he is there right now.

Liz comes out and tells R.J. he can go see Keri. R.J. decides he will let Keri rest. R.J. tells Liz he could be a good father to her new child and proposes he help raise her.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Mitch offers to give Natalie a divorce (instead of an annulment) if Natalie consummates their marriage. It's an option he prefers to get "all the Buchanan money" a divorce would grant him. But after weighing the sleazy pros and cons, Natalie bolts from his clutches in disgust.

Carlotta collapses in front of Cristian's jail cell after eating the cake that Allison Perkins tainted. Paramedics take her to the hospital. Natalie arrives just as they are carrying her out. Together, Cristian and Natalie deduce the birthday cake must be the culprit as it was intended for Cristian. Natalie also realizes it must have been at the hand of Allison. As Allison is sent back to her cell, she taunts the young couple with an analogy about how beautiful sweet things can sometimes be the most deadly. Natalie loses control and forcefully shoves Allison against the bars, but the guard intervenes and takes Allison away.

Knowing nothing of Liz's baby's true parentage, R.J. declares to her that he would like to raise the baby with her. Liz feels awkward and rushes off to check on Keri. Antonio is with Keri in her Hawaiian adorned hospital room. Liz races in and Keri can feel that something is uneasy with her. But Liz dissuades her intuition. As Antonio leaves to check on police business, Keri reiterates her concerns. Liz gives Keri the news that R.J. "wants to be a part of [her] life." Keri is "thrilled" about it, but Liz is unsure as she'd planned to return to Chicago. Still, Liz confesses her renewed feelings for R.J. At Keri's insistence, she decides to take the job offer at Llanview University and leaves to tell R.J. she's staying in town.

With Troy at her side, Nora teases Lindsay about her "imaginary boyfriend." As R.J. strolls into the hospital solarium, Lindsay grabs his arms and chirps, "Hello, sweetheart!" Nora is beyond buying it. But R.J. goes along with the charade and even allows Lindsay to call him "snooks." Still not convinced, Nora drags R.J. out into the hallway just as Troy is paged to the emergency room. Nora assails R.J. for being even remotely involved with Lindsay, which he defends by saying it's not a long-term thing. In turn, R.J. casts dispersions on Troy's character. Lindsay comes out into the hallway and passionately kisses R.J. just as Liz is returning. Liz runs away and R.J. gives Lindsay a stern warning as he chases after her. Nora scoffs at the sincerity of R.J.'s affection for Lindsay.

Troy examines Carlotta, still unconscious. Antonio and Hank are waiting outside her room and Troy informs them that she is stable but needs further toxicology screening. Troy returns to Nora and makes her promise, "No more Lindsay tonight." With a romantic kiss, she agrees and then leaves to see Hank. Troy exhales a big sigh of relief. But he returns to his office to find Lindsay draped all over his desk. Still perturbed about him standing her up, Lindsay lures Troy into a hot and heavy moment.

R.J. has been unable to find Liz and goes to Keri's hospital room. He tells Keri that he fears he "blew it" with her mother. Keri instills confidence in him to go and continue looking for her. Nora stops by to check on Keri and is very surprised to learn that Liz and R.J. are "crazy about each other." R.J. finally catches up to Liz at her house. She is furious. R.J. is adamant that he has no feelings for Lindsay. Liz searches his eyes and they begin kissing in her doorway.

At the jail, Antonio gathers and bags the remaining cake evidence still in front of Cristian's cell. He reveals that without immediate medical attention, their mother could have died. Natalie is hysterical, which worries Cristian. The guard returns and announces, "Visiting hours are over."

Nora and Hank discuss what happened to Carlotta. Hank reveals that Allison was in the interrogation room when Carlotta arrived with the cake meant for Cristian and that there was a window of opportunity for her lawyer to slip her something. Nora has no doubt that Mitch is behind the poisonous event.

Back at Mitch's house, the lawyer he sent to defend Allison reports that Cristian's mother has been sent to the hospital. Mitch is livid. He intended Allison's deed for Cristian. But since Carlotta is expected to survive, Mitch garners that it could be interpreted by Cristian and Natalie as a warning. That suits him and he dismisses his follower. Natalie returns to his house to confront him. Mitch informs her that there is only one way out. She agrees. In a low, unemotional voice she says, "Yes. I'll sleep with you."

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Sam and Blair arrive at their secret destination though Blair is upset at the thought that they were being followed. Sam is positive that he shook the person off so at first Blair agrees to stay. She appears uneasy when Sam holds her and promises to keep her safe all night. Blair is a million miles away when Sam calls her back to reality. She feels bad that he went to so much trouble but she's worried about an awful lot going on. Sam calls her bluff when she begins to cry that she can't be with him and he wonders if it's because of Todd. Blair admits it's true as she tells him about their earlier kiss. She feels obligated to tell Sam everything and maybe if the situation were normal they would be alright together. She asks Sam to wait for her but he's not confident he'll come out a winner. He understands that Todd is part of her life and that she can't change things even if she wants to. She wants to love Sam, she moans. He needs her to love him without having to try. She doesn't want to end it but Sam thinks it's for the best.

Todd has called Shawna and invited her over, planning to get her lipstick on a wineglass. When someone is at the door, he assumes it's her but it's Viki who's come to tell him that Jess has gone. She also wants to thank him for saving Jess from Mitch and wants him to just let his problem with Mitch go for now. Shawna arrives and an amused Viki looks on as Todd hands her a glass of wine, grabs it from her after she drinks it and tells her to leave. Shawna can't believe how weird Todd is as she heads out. Viki realizes that Todd is trying to make Blair jealous though he denies it. Viki then gets him to admit that he loves Blair. She suggests he tell her or show her and quit playing stupid games. Viki receives a call from Bo and leaves, but not before telling her brother that she wants him to be happy and doesn't want to lose him. She hugs him and he does the same, awkwardly.

Liz and R.J. reconnect and she asks him to stay. Making their way to the bedroom, they recall their past. He pulls away from their embrace when he spies Steven's wedding ring and asks her if she's ready for this new relationship. She'd like to be with him, she replies, but she's not sure.

Lindsay and Troy are in the middle of a kiss when Nora calls and leaves a message that prompts the doctor to pull away abruptly. He tells Lindsay that he won't sleep with her tonight. He wonders what Lindsay has on R.J. since the man won't tell on her; Lindsay advises him that R.J. has something on him now and she's sorry for telling about their affair but she was excited. The doctor assumes that eventually he'll be able to find something to use on her to end this situation but she imagines differently. Underneath the nice outside, he's after whatever he wants and he can only be himself when he's with her, she cautions him. He reminds her that he's only sleeping with her because of Nora. Again, Lindsay sees another side and tells him that Nora doesn't know the real him, he's really like her and she's not letting go. She will never judge him. Declaring that he doesn't want to be with her and that he's just doing what he has to in order to shut her up, he walks out of his office. When Emily wanders in looking for her brother, she finds Lindsay instead. She orders her to stay away from Troy. Lindsay wonders aloud if that's what Troy really wants. It's not, she tells Em.

At the police station, Nora learns that Carlotta will be ok and that Allison has been transferred to Statesville. Hank is positive that Allison and Mitch are behind what looks like a murder attempt. He urges Nora to get home to Troy. She confides that there seems to be something fishy going on with Lindsay; she's claiming that R.J. is her new boyfriend. Hank certainly doesn't buy it, especially with the way that he's seen R.J. look at Liz and proposes that they're up to something.

Nat offers to sleep with Mitch but doesn't want Cris to know about it. It's a one-time offer, she advises him, for his witness to see. Then she wants her divorce. Mitch hesitates but is interrupted by Bo, who has come looking for Natalie. Mitch advises Bo that his wife is there by choice but Bo figures it's probably because Mitch has threatened her. He assures Nat that Carlotta is fine and Mitch feigns surprise at hearing what has happened to her. Bo is well aware that Mitch is behind the latest goings-on and though he has no proof yet, they are working on it. He knows the reason Nat is there is because of Mitch's trying to get at her through Cris but he's taking her out. Nat tries to get rid of Bo as Mitch denies all knowledge of anything that Bo is talking about. Mitch suggests that Nat leave with Bo but behind his back he motions to her to keep quiet.

Hanks advises Nora to worry about her wedding instead and not R.J. and Lindsay. When Troy arrives, he tells her he just wants to get home. Viki also arrives at the police station and learns that Nat was upset about Carlotta but she promises to stay away from Mitch from now on. When Viki checks in with Bo to thank him for getting Nat, he informs her that he believes Nat was there to bargain with Mitch. Nat receives a phone call from her husband and he warns her that he can get anyone to get to Cris, maybe even a guard. They'll meet tomorrow and he will make her his wife in every sense of the word.

After Liz and R.J. make love, they decide it's definitely better than it was in their early years. He's become grown up, he announces while she tells him that this time around she'd tell him about their daughter. He wants to make it up to her, he pleads and wants to help with the new baby. Will she make her life with him? She gives him a resounding no.

Blair and Sam return to the penthouse where she still insists she wants to be with him, nice guy that he is. He urges her to go inside and they say good-bye. She lets herself in and finds Todd sitting on the couch, pretending to read a magazine. They can only stare at each other, speechless.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Blair explains she returned home because she and Sam thought they were being followed. Blair finally admits that she didn't make love with Sam at the cabin because she couldn't stop thinking about Todd. Blair tells Todd that she has come to believe that he has changed. Todd tells Blair that he loves her, and Blair tells Todd the same. Todd is shocked when Blair says that she forgives him for lying about Jack. Todd and Blair head up to the bedroom together.

Antonio stays by Keri's side in the hospital. Keri is told she must remain calm and stress free for the sake of her baby. Antonio is moved when he sees a sonogram of his baby for the first time. Liz tells R.J. that she still plans on leaving Llanview after the baby is born. R.J. informs Antonio of Liz's plans to leave Llanview. Antonio confronts Liz about lying to Keri. R.J. becomes suspicious after witnessing Liz and Antonio's heated exchange.

Roxy tells Max she is going to divorce him and take all his money. Max confesses to Roxy that he called off his deal with Asa after realizing the outcome would have humiliated her. After Rae reminds Roxy of how Max and Asa treated her, Roxy remains determined to get Max out of her life. Rae confronts Asa for his part in the divorce scheme. Nigel returns with the divorce papers he stole from Max. Rae tricks a smug Asa into signing the papers and then reveals that he just gave her 90% of his fortune. Al hopes things work out for Gabrielle and Bo. Jen forms a new plan to try to win Cristian back.

Friday, January 24, 2003

At the Millhouse, Rae comforts Roxy after Judge Fitzwater grants her divorce from Max, while he gets drunk at the Palace. When he spots Mitch in the bar, Max warns him to stay away from Roxanne. Mitch is also threatened by Sam, who wants him to stay away from his daughter.

At the courthouse, Jen confesses to Judge Fitzwater that she had lied about Cristian's threats to go after Mitch. The judge excuses her with a warning, but hesitates in releasing Cris.

After dreaming that Cris had been killed, Natalie begs Rex to cover for her while she goes to meet Mitch. When he questions her, Nat tells him of Mitch's demands and admits that she is willing to consummate the marriage to get a divorce and keep Cristian safe.

At the jailhouse, Antonio tells his brother that Bo caught Natalie with Mitch at his house and informs Cris that they can't protect her if she continues to go to him. When Natalie shows up, Cris begs her to stay away from her husband. She agrees, but as she is leaving a man being escorted to a cell warns her to "heed the messenger". Meeting Mitch at the Palace, she prepares to make love to him.

Waking up in Todd's arms, Blair admits that she is scared that he is going to go back to his old ways and begs him not to hurt her anymore. Deciding that the first step is getting rid of Shawna, Todd leaves to fire his newest employee. After he is gone, Blair is surprised to find the hitman in her bedroom.

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