OLTL Recaps: The week of November 4, 2002 on One Life to Live
Troy decided to tell Nora about his past before Lindsay could say something. Max and Asa made a pact to help each other get rid of their wives. Cristian was jealous to find Natalie and Michael in an embrace. Al discovered that he was the father of Jen's baby.
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Monday, November 4, 2002

Starr asks Viki to help get Todd out of jail. Viki visits Todd and urges him to try to change his habit of always assuming the worst about Blair. After making bail, Todd visits Addie. Addie is thrilled to see Todd. She reveals that Blair tried to seduce Troy.

Bo informs Blair that Téa and Ross were rescued from the island. Blair is surprised to learn Todd was telling the truth about being stranded on the island. Bo reluctantly informs Blair that Téa told him Todd risked his life by leaving the island to return to her and his children. Blair reaffirms her commitment to Sam but remains extremely conflicted about whether or not to press charges against Todd.

Cristian attacks "Michael" when he sees him with Natalie, but Natalie claims that "Michael" is her friend. Cristian is stunned when Natalie says she is staying in Llanview and that Jen knew of her plans. Viki is determined to uncover the connection between Mitch Laurence and the baby switch. Al is suspicious when Marcie arrives at Llanfair claiming to be a close friend of Jen's. Thinking of seeing Natalie in "Michael's" arms, Cristian agrees to marry Jen the next day.

Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Rev. Michael Lazarus pays a visit to St. Ann's. As he is about to sign the register, he sees Viki's name listed as having been a visitor. Todd arrives moments later to see Addie again and also signs the register in his usual putout, haphazard way. Michael stays out of his sight and then glances down at his name on the register after Todd has left the entryway. He tells the nun receptionist that he is there to visit Allison.

Todd asks Addie more about Blair's attempted scheme to seduce Troy MacIver. Addie clarifies that Blair only did it to help Sam. Todd says he really wants to help Blair and prods Addie for more information.

Meanwhile, Michael Lazarus enters Allison's padded room. He orders her to "Look up now." Allison appears stunned and sheepishly utters, "Mitch?" Then she becomes hysterical and rants that he is dead. He tells her she is still his "loyal disciple" to which she agrees. He continues to program her. With joy she says to him, "You came back for me!" He asks her about Viki's previous visit. Allison tells him about Viki's questions about the twins, but assures him that she revealed nothing. She just said, "Ask Mitch." Allison wonders if Viki has asked Mitch. He replies in a tense tone, "Not yet, but she will get the chance soon." Allison keeps provoking him about his miraculous comeback, but he cautions her to "Heed the messenger." He instills in her that Mitch is dead and that he is Rev. Lazarus who has come to visit her. She repeats it back to him in monotone.

Viki and Bo have spent all night in his office going through Dr. Balsom's files. They have found a cancelled check to Maureen Johnson, a nurse who retired after the birth of Viki's daughters. Then they finally hit pay dirt: Viki's medical record. They freeze for a moment. Viki has trepidations about looking at it. When she opens it, her ultrasound clearly reveals two babies. She doesn't understand why it could be so important to Dr. Balsom that she not know about the twins. Bo suggests that perhaps it was important to Mitch Laurence. But they are stumped for a motive. Bo suggests Viki go home and get rest, but she is resilient. So Bo compromises and gives her one of the last boxes to take home and go through there.

At his loft, Troy brings Nora a lovely breakfast in bed, including a sumptuous bowl of strawberries and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. The phone rings and it's Lindsay. She taunts Troy, telling him that this will be the day that Nora finds out that he killed his wife. Then she toys with him a little more, saying it could be today, tomorrow, or the next day. Lindsay abruptly hangs up and Nora tries to comfort Troy about what she believes is a lost patient. Nora also tells Troy that Jen is understanding about their not attending her wedding, as Nora feels the wedding will be all about Lindsay as the mother-of-the-bride. It gives Troy an idea. He arrives at Lindsay's gallery and demands, "It's time we made a deal." Smashing a sculpture against the wall, Lindsay lets him know that she can't be bought. As Lindsay continues to protest that Troy has nothing to bargain with, Troy replies, "What about your daughter?" Troy insists he can prevent Lindsay from attending the wedding and ensure that her daughter will hate her forever.

Gabrielle encounters Blair at the police station, where she commends Blair for scooping the Banner on a big organized crime story. Blair gets a disturbing call and tells Gabrielle it is one of many death threats she's been getting since the story published. Blair thanks Gabrielle for letting Bo know that Todd had called her and she appreciates her not working for him anymore. Blair receives a second disturbing call that causes her to leave: Todd is at St. Ann's. Gabrielle then walks in on Bo hugging Viki goodbye in his office. She brings Bo a muffin and Bo jokes that she should keep it secret, as cops are committed to doughnuts. They laugh and share a passionate kiss.

Blair arrives at St. Ann's and orders Todd to explain why he is talking to her mother. Sweet, innocent Addie is confused about Blair's anger. Blair threatens to call security, so Todd leaves. Addie and Blair discuss Todd's visit. Addie feels she was helping Todd to help her daughter. She tells Blair, "He loves you, he really loves you." Then Addie reveals their conversation about Dr. Troy. She emphasizes that she told Todd "everything." Blair assures her mother with a loving hug that she didn't do anything wrong. But she's still worried about the information Todd has obtained.

Back at Troy's loft, Nora answers the door to a gruff Todd asking to see "Dr. Do-Right" about Blair's seduction trick. Nora says Blair is not one of her favorite people. Todd is delighted that they finally "agree on something." Todd suggests they "team up" against Blair. He asks Nora to represent him in a custody fight against Blair. But Nora is not interested. She describes representing him as "revolting" and points out that Troy had too much integrity to fall for Blair's con anyway. Todd disputes Troy's perfect principles and tries to plant seeds of doubt in Nora's mind about Troy's superior morality. Todd persists in soliciting her legal help, pointing out that he's on his "best behavior." Nora acknowledges that while that is "sad, but true," she still won't be his lawyer. Todd asks her if she even knows where Troy is right now.

At Llanfair, Rex is reading the Sun's famed cover story. Jessica teases him about reading "the competition" as he invites her to breakfast. But Seth walks in and announces they are back together and he is having breakfast with Jessica. Rex concedes that he is actually glad Seth went to Michigan so Jessica could know that Viki was her real mother after all. They shake hands and as Jess and Seth are about to leave, Viki enters the library with the box. She tells Jess that it's just some things Bo wants her to go through. In the foyer, Seth tells Rex he still doesn't trust him.

As Viki goes through the box, she discovers a typed list of names. She says aloud that it looks like a membership list from Mitch's cult: Cassie Callison, Joy O'Neil, Allison Perkins, and then, Walter Balsom. She realizes Dr. Balsom was one of Mitch's followers. As she continues, she finds another familiar name on the list: Peter Manning, the father that raised Todd.

Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Max catches Al writing Marcie's name in an address book and teases him but figures that maybe she'll get him to face the facts. Roxy shows up looking for Max and Al takes off. She wants to let him know that Viki has dropped all of the charges and he can't get away from her. As Max warns her that they will never be together she grabs him and lays a kiss on him.

Jen pays Marcie a visit and finds her finishing up the alterations on her maid of honor dress. She informs her that the wedding is on for today and goes on about how Cris is so anxious to marry her that he couldn't wait. She really wants to speak with Marcie about her records; she wants the original records back in file at the doctor's office before Dr. Conklin can suspect anything.

Antonio tries to help Cris get ready for his wedding but Cris' mind is on Natalie. She's with the wrong man, he tells his brother. She was with an older guy and they weren't just chatting. There's something about him that he doesn't like and he thinks it's his fault, he's pushed her into a mistake.

Michael lets Natalie into a vacant house, recalling a previous scene in his mind where he was telling his flock to "heed the messenger." He tells her how special the place is to him and how he wants to tell her all about it. This was his church where he tried to guide others, he says. They were family and he helped many people, like they are helping each other now. He tells her that she needs peace and he can help her. He orders her to close her eyes and while massaging her temples quietly utters, "Let peace be unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." She feels faint and pulls away. He tells her that her soul is light and healing. She feels better and wants to do something for him, like buy him a winter coat. She's noticed he always wears his suit. He doesn't want material things, he just wants her to promise not to mention this place. She kisses him on the cheek as she leaves.

Trying to piece together information from Dr. Balsom's private papers, Viki realizes that he must have been controlled by Mitch and also that Peter Manning was apparently a member of his congregation.

There are things about Troy that she doesn't know, Todd tries to convince Nora. Like when Blair tried to seduce him, did he really fall for it? Nora doesn't think there's anything she doesn't know and tells him so. She realizes that Todd is cynical because of Blair but she feels warmly about all of her relationships, both past and present. She knows that Troy will not testify against Blair so that Todd can get custody of his kids. Todd receives a phone call from Viki summoning him to Llanfair and as he leaves, Emily arrives. Nora apologizes for coming on strong and tells a nervous Emily she knows everything. It's all about the patient that Troy supposedly had, not Joanna, Em realizes.

Troy threatens Lindsay; Jen will hate her and she won't be able to go to her wedding when he gets through telling her how her mother changed her first pregnancy test. He'll keep quiet if Lindsay is quiet in return about Joanna. Lindsay is aghast, reminding Troy that he promised never to tell about that incident. He hates to hurt Jen but he has no choice, Troy retorts. He needs to prevent Nora from being hurt. He repeats Lindsay's nasty deeds and suddenly becomes aware that they are not alone. Jen is standing nearby and it's too late, she's heard it all. She actually knew all along what her mother did, she tells the astonished pair and she's forgiven her mother. Lindsay walks Troy to the door whispering, "Nice try." She's going to tell Nora all. Back with Jen, her daughter only says she suspected Lindsay for some time but she really does forgive her. Things pretty much turned out the same anyway. She breaks the news that the wedding is on for today. She is hurting Cris because he pretended to love her, it doesn't matter now if he does. Playing with someone's heart is a dangerous game, Lindsay advises.

Rae sits with a designer as they make plans for some changes at the Buchanan mansion. Asa shows up and orders Fabrizio away though Rae reminds him of what her last name is. She mentions waterfalls and enlarging the pond. She has no friends or job thanks to him and therefore will happily spend his money. With Asa insisting that he'll get out of the marriage, Rae reminds him that she'll go public with all of the nasty deeds that he confessed to her. When she takes off to meet with the designer again, Max joins Asa at his table. They both lament their fate but Asa has a plan; maybe they can get rid of each other's wife.

A jovial and upbeat Al stops by to visit Marcie, telling her that he wants to give Jen a gift, a CD and wants some help with that. He goes on to thank her for being such a great friend to Jen and a good person. He manages to get inside and continues on, asking how the women became friends. She and Jen have stuff in common, she stutters. She can't come up with anything concrete but Al won't let it drop, continuing to press. Like what, he wants to know. Marcie becomes defensive and attacks back, accusing him of taking advantage of Jen. He wonders how she knows he slept with Jen but Marcie claims to be referring to when he was in the wheelchair, he didn't sleep with her, she admonishes him. Distracting her, Al takes Marcie's keys and gets out.

An annoyed Todd learns that Viki wants him to search his memory for anything on Mitch Laurence, she doesn't want to discuss his getting his kids back from Blair. She thinks Peter Manning was also involved with him. Todd is at a loss until Viki mentions the messenger; it all comes back. Todd recalls his father spouting the bible and speaking of heed the messenger. He eventually stopped and complained that someone took all of his money. He then abused Todd. Viki is sorry about that and mentions that Mitch took money from lots of people ostensibly for his congregation. She explains that Mitch died before Jessica and Natalie were born but Todd has a question. If that's so, then how could Mitch have been involved in their kidnapping?

Em runs into Troy as she leaves the loft. Things have gotten worse, he tells her. Lindsay will tell Nora everything so he will have to confess first. He'll probably lose her now. Once inside, Nora lets Troy know that Todd paid her a visit and why. He also suggested that possibly Blair really did seduce Troy but she's always trusted him, except for a momentary lapse when she first learned of Blair's deed. Troy replies that jealousy is dangerous and it can kill. He has something to tell her.

Michael looks at a recent picture of Nat and Jess and holds a "Heed the messenger" button. "One man's life does not consist of the abundance of his possessions," he utters.

Nat stops at a men's store to inquire about coats when she turns abruptly at the sound of voices. Antonio and Cris have wandered out of the dressing area in their tuxes, on their way to the wedding. She can't believe that the wedding is about to happen.

Thursday, November 7, 2002

Due to the President's news conference, One Life to Live was pre-empted. The show will be rebroadcast in its entirety on Friday, November 8th.

Friday, November 8, 2002

Natalie runs into Cristian and asks him if he is getting married today. He tells her that he is marrying Jen today. Natalie wishes Cristian all the best for him and leaves. Back home Jessica sees that Natalie is upset. Jessica tells her that they should go out somewhere, but Natalie declares that she has to go to the wedding.

At the gallery, Lindsay asks Jen if she is sure that she is doing the right thing by marrying Cristian this way. Jen says that it might not be the wedding she dreamed of, but she will have to deal with it. Lindsay gives Jen her own mother's necklace and tells Jen that she will always love her.

Marcy calls Jen and tells her that Al went to her dorm room to talk with her. She says that Al wanted to know what the perfect wedding gift would be for Jen. Jen makes sure that Marcy didn't tell Al about the baby being his. Marcy says that she got Al out of her room as fast as she could. Since time is running out, Marcy hangs up with Jen and rushes out of her dorm room, without finding her dorm keys.

Nora asks Troy what he meant by "jealousy kills". Troy tells her that he needs to tell her about something that happened in Africa. He tells her that he was married to a woman who used to flirt around with everyone and although he knew it was harmless, he was jealous. He decided to teach her a lesson and played a trick on her. After he did this, Joanna ran away and ended up drowning. Nora tells Troy that she doesn't need to hear anymore because she can never trust him again and that a woman is dead because of a silly prank. Nora runs out and Troy yells out to her.

Actually, Troy was just thinking of that scenario and didn't tell Nora what happened yet. When Troy really begins to tell Nora the truth, he just tells her that he was in love with a woman and that the woman left him because he was jealous. Nora asks Troy if that's it and he says yes. Nora thinks that Troy is being too hard on himself.

Asa tells Max that they could help each other get rid of each other's wives. Roxy arrives at their table and Asa tells Roxy that he needs to talk to her. Asa tells her that he has no grudge against her for what happened to his granddaughters. He then tells Roxy that he and Max need to discuss business. When Max comes back to the table, Asa tells him that he thinks their plan will be easy. Max asks Asa if he is sure he wants to go through with this. He replies "yes" and their deal is made.

Sam meets up with Carlotta and Keri and finds out the reason why Jen is getting married so suddenly. Sam is told that Natalie isn't leaving town and that Natalie is in love with Cristian. He is surprised at hearing this. Carlotta tells Cristian that once the baby is born, he will remember how much he loves Jen and the baby.

Marcy comes running into the country club and tells Jen that she forgot her bouquet. Carlotta tells her that she could make a bouquet from the extra flowers from the arrangements. Marcy tells Jen that she has a bag of things for her wedding. Jen and Lindsay tell Marcy that they can put all the borrowed, old, and blue things in her bouquet.

Al, having taken the keys to Marcy's dorm room, opens her door and begins searching Marcy's room. He tries to login on her computer, but doesn't know her password. Frustrated, he sits on her couch and feels something behind his back. He looks under the pillow and finds Marcy's diary. He begins to read her diary and finds the part where Marcy meets Jen. Al then finds out that Marcy changed Jen's due date and that he is the father of Jen's baby.

Sam begins to walk Jen down the aisle. While Jen and Cris are at the altar, Natalie walks in......

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