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Monday, SEPTEMBER 16, 2002

Antonio arrives at Keri's mom's house and knocks. Keri knows it must be Antonio and urges her mother to answer the door. Even though she is anxious to meet Antonio, she decides it would be best to leave the two alone as they have a lot to discuss. Keri's mother heads over to Rachel's house.

Impersonating Dr. Rae Cummings, Lindsay goes on a fact finding mission, she is at the hospital in Africa where Troy used to work. Lindsay finds a nurse who claims she knew Troy better than anyone else. The nurse tells her Dr. MacGyver was charming and generous. Lindsay wants to know about his wife. This made the nurse suspicious and she wanted to know why Lindsay would need that information. Lindsay explains she is here to evaluate Troy as a canidate for a job. When the nurse will not answer her questions, Lindsay wants to know if anyone else knew Troy. The nurse explains that there is a high turnover rate at the hospital, and no one knew Troy better than she did. The nurse then leaves. Luckily for Lindsay, a stranger heard her speaking with the nurse and tells her he can help her, he knew Joanna very well.

Todd admits to Téa he was looking at pictures of Blair. He vehemently denies he still has feelings for Blair when Téa questions if he still is in love with Blair. He misses his kids. Todd decides he and Téa must leave today. Téa is very uneasy about leaving with the serious chances they would be taking. Todd has to leave, he likes being with Téa but he needs to see his kids. There is no guarantee they will survive another six months on the island, Todd thinks. In order to see his kids again, they must try. Téa wonders if maybe this is about Blair too.

Sam demands to know if Blair still loves Todd. A very angry Blair denies any love for Todd and proceeds to list off all of the nasty things he has done to her and her family. Sam tells Blair she has told him all he needs to know. He knows Blair still loves Todd. While Blair is looking like she is ready to explode, Sam will not let up about Todd. Blair tells Sam he is so out of line. Does he remember what Todd did to her? Sam wonders aloud if she is so down on Todd because he has not contacted Jack and Starr. At the boiling point, Blair threatens to fire Sam. Sam keeps pushing and Blair screams, "you are fired!" Sam blames it on her drinking. This incenses Blair past the point of no return. She hands over her keys and yells at him to get the hell out of here. "Unforgettable" begins to play, and Blair tries to get them to stop the song. They can't and Blair flashes back through her times with Todd. She starts to cry, pays her tab and leaves.

Keri and Antonio make up. Keri promises R.J. will never come between them again. She hopes Antonio will like her mom. Meanwhile, over at Rachel's, Keri's mom is telling Rachel about the stranger who helped her. She didn't even get his name. Rachel asks if she is sure she isn't curious what Keri's fiancee is like. Keri's mom decides she will go over and check him out. As she is going out the door, she finds the newspaper. She gets a frantic look, and demands to know if this is today's paper.

Todd assures Téa it is about the kids. Ross comes in with fish, and when he finds out what the plan is, demands Téa stay on the island with him. Todd cannot believe Ross put doubts in Téa's mind. Téa states she would go, if she didn't think Blair was involved in his decision.

Nora comes up behind Troy and tries to surprise him. She explains she was able to get home early and wanted to see him. After making love, Troy gives Nora a necklace.

Blair goes home to Jack. A tearful Blair admits to Jack she loves Todd.

Téa cries for Todd to be truthful to himself and to her. Todd admits he still loves Blair.

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Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 17, 2002

Sam makes an offer to Blair to help find Todd. They discuss the fact that she still loves Todd, but Blair suggests that love may not be enough. Sam just happens to have the divorce papers that Blair was reluctant to sign at her office with him. Blair signs them and whispers to herself, "Goodbye, Todd."

Jen is dismayed that her pregnancy test is negative, but considers it may be too soon and saves the second test in the box for later. She and Cristian go to Fall Dance at the University. When they arrive, Jen approaches Chad and Natalie and apologizes for not being able to double date with them. The boys go for drinks and Jen tells a fictitious story of lovemaking making them late to a somber Natalie. Jen spends most of the dance pouring on thick public displays of affection, mauling Cristian. Natalie pines with a long face. Rex tries to comfort her, but she dismisses him and tells him to go have fun. Then she bolts from the room. Cristian catches up to her later and she tearfully reveals that she's in love with him.

Shawna is bored with the "soft drinks" scene at the college dance and wants to go clubbing. Rex lies to Jessica about having to leave the dance and go to work to earn book money. Jess sympathetically says he's been working too hard and gives him the so-called book money to take the night off as Shawna gleefully looks on during the transaction. Seth confronts Rex again afterwards and point blank tells him that he knows Rex is using Jessica. Seth threatens Rex if he hurts her. Rex and Shawna decide to depart with Jessica's money to hit the clubs. Seth tries to tell Jessica what Rex is doing, but Jess won't hear of it. He's her brother. Rex overhears Seth telling Chad that he will go to Michigan to check out Rex's past.

In his loft, Troy has told Nora that he threw his African amulet away. He is visibly packing away his African artifacts. Troy starts to tell his story of Africa to Nora, explaining that he was "too driven" and forced someone "close" to him to make sacrifices for his ambitions to make a difference in the world. Nora counsels him to accept his mistakes as she has accepted her own and face the fact that there will be future mistakes in everyone's lives. They snuggle on the balcony rejoicing that Lindsay is very likely leaving Llanview for good.

In Africa: Lindsay talks up Gordy the tour guide at the Mazaba.k.a Clinic about Troy's secret wife. He asks if Lindsay is a friend of Troy's, to which she replies, more like "a bitter enemy." He tells her she's a "good judge of character" and gives Lindsay an earful about the former Mrs. Troy McIver, Joanna, including the fights she had with her husband and that she is now dead. Gordy intimates that Troy should have her death on his conscience. He tells Lindsay the details of her death. Lindsay is horrified and then delighted as she says out loud to herself, "Oh Troy, I got you."

Somewhere In The South Pacific: In the bunker, after discussing the fact that Todd is still in love with his wife Blair, Téa & Todd argue about his leaving at this time. Téa insists it's for Todd's safety, but Todd has to try to get to his family. Ross advises Todd to go immediately, if at all, due to a storm he saw on the horizon, and explains that if Todd can get right behind it, he can expect clear weather for a few days. Téa tearfully lets him go. Ross gives Todd some much needed rafting advice and provisions, but still insists it will be dangerous. Todd sincerely thanks him. Téa comes to the shore to say one last goodbye and gives Todd the photo of his family, pasted back together to include Blair and his children. Todd smiles, "See you around Delgado." He and Ross plunge the raft into the water and Todd leaves. Ross and Téa watch him paddle out to sea.

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Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 18, 2002

Keri comforts Antonio over his upcoming hearing. She just wants him to know that she believes in him. As they await Liz's return, Keri digs out a photo album so that Antonio can see a picture of her mom. He receives a phone call summoning him back to Llanview immediately for the closed hearing with Internal Affairs. He wants Keri to stay with her mother because she needs her more. They declare their love for each other. In the meantime, Liz is over at Rachel's place and makes a strange phone call. Rachel can see that she's upset but is unable to find out anything. By the time that Liz returns Antonio is gone. She claims to be upset again over losing her husband but once she convinces Keri to pack and return to Llanview she makes another phone call. Keri returns in time to hear Liz mention that she needs the procedure done as soon as possible and needs a surrogate. She pleads with them not to change their mind and hangs up abruptly when she sees Keri. The damage is done - Keri wants to know if she's pregnant.

Jen learns that Natalie left the dance and is taunted by Shawna telling her that she's probably with Cris. No, Cris is with his brother, Jen retorts. Cris finds a somewhat hysterical Nat who admits that she loves him and can't deal with it anymore. She tries to let him off the hook gracefully so that he won't feel obligated to her but to her shock admits his same feelings about her. He announces that things have changed with both Jen and her. He knew for sure when he kissed her. He should have told her sooner, he apologizes, while Natalie assumed that he regretted every kiss. Rex overhears Seth telling Chad that he's off to Michigan to dig up dirt on Rex. Suddenly Rex decides to give a surprised Jess back the money she gave him. He then ditches Shawna when he spies Seth posting a notice on the bulletin board for a ride.

Max arrives home to a Roxy with a British accent. He's none to thrilled to learn that she's trying to sound like Gabrielle to impress him. When that doesn't work she tries to sound like Blair to no avail. He admits that he did love someone once and that person was really good. He can't stand the other two women but he'd pick them anytime over her, he spits. She makes him sick and is like a bad dream. Roxy feels that she's good too-she brakes for animals and is a good mother who loves her kids. As if on cue, Rex dashes in much to his mother's chagrin. She tries to get rid of him while Max comments on her good mother statement. Rex wants Roxy's help; Seth is off to see his Aunt Corrine and Rex is worried. What if Corrine divulges the truth about why she took him and not Natalie?

Cris admits he cares for Jen and doesn't want to hurt her but he's no longer in love with her. He'll have to tell her because it's not fair to her. Nat knows just how it feels to love someone who doesn't love you in return. They both feel bad but decide that no one is to blame. Jen went out of her way to befriend her, Nat says. Jen spies on them nearby and hears the pair admit their love for each other.

Gabby awaits the arrival of Al who instantly berates his mother for betraying him. Bo wonders if he thinks that his mother turned him in. The commish confirms that Gabby only tried to protect him and risked her own freedom at the same time because Bo saw her dispense of the evidence. He cares for Gabby, Bo admits, and will not arrest Al simply because the evidence is gone. He will arrest him later if something turns up but in the meantime he wants Al to perform 100 hours of community service under his supervision and to seek help from a qualified mental health professional. Al quickly agrees to the unofficial plea bargain while Bo warns that he be good or else. He also suggests that Al let go of his obsession with Jen. Al apologizes to his mom who thanks Bo for all he's done.

Jess dances with Seth who tells her he has to go away for a few days to take care of something.

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Thursday, SEPTEMBER 19, 2002

Antonio is at his apartment looking at the engagement ring for Keri when his mom arrives welcoming him home. She tells him her friend from church saw him at a roadside motel with some woman. Antonio thinks to himself about the woman.

Keri is asking her mom if she is pregnant and she says, "Yes, well, I don't know." She seems very upset.

Jessica and Seth are talking about him going away and she asks him if is it has anything to do with Rex. He doesn't want to tell her that it is because of Rex.

Rex is talking to Roxy about "the secret". He asks her "What do you think Natalie would do if she knew what you really did, and why Rex had to go live with his Aunt."

Cris tells Natalie how he must find a way to make Jen understand that he is in love with Natalie while Jen listens from the bushes. Jen picks up an ax hammer and is coming towards them as they are kissing and the camera fades.

Natalie jumps up and says, "Did you hear something?" They decide it must have been the wind, as Jen drops the hammer and runs away, Natalie is just worried something will wreck what they have just found. Cris says he must go find Jen and tell her, as she deserves to know the truth as soon as possible. Natalie says not to worry about her, just to tell Jen. He says he wants to be free to love her. She feels she can't help him and wishes she could, but he tells her she has helped by admitting she loves him. He says he has felt lost and all alone and then when he saw her out there and she said she loved him, it made him so happy. They kiss again.

Antonio is explaining the woman he was seen with had a broken down car and he was helping her. He tells her that he and Keri are back together and nobody will come between them again – not even R.J. and they sit down for him to explain. He is so happy that they are back together and he explains why she is still in Chicago because of her stepfather's death. Carlotta is so happy for him, but she is still concerned about the hearing from the shooting. She wants to know what she can do to help. He tells her the review is tonight and to keep him in her prayers, that he can handle just about anything as long as he has Keri.

Liz is trying to explain about how her and Steve had always wanted another child and Keri says "Because of your heart condition that is why you never got pregnant before". She says that is why they found a surrogate and you just transfer the embryo once you find you are pregnant and hope it works. She said they had been working with the surrogate for months and so far nothing and then he died and she sort of forgot about it, but tonight she had seen the date and realized she might be pregnant. She says she just feels she is. Keri says "then you and Steve were together right before he died?" She replies as she remembers being with Antonio, that it is more complicated than that.

Seth is trying not to tell Jessica why he is going out of town and she says she hopes it isn't about Rex and he says, "It isn't that I doesn't like him, I just doesn't trust him and that I thinks he is using you". She says why would he give the money back to her that he borrowed if he was using her? Seth replies, "There is a lot about Rex we don't know".

Roxy tells Rex that she doesn't care about Natalie and Rex says, "I am your real son and I found out a lot about you and dear old dad from Aunt Corrine and what I didn't find out I discovered on my own looking at papers". "I just turned out like my mom and I am a lot smarter than you. I am going to get the Buchanan money, I can't let Seth go to Michigan and talk to Aunt Corrine," He tells her she has to help him now or be very, very sorry. She says she doesn't have to help him as she is Mrs. Max Holden and no one can touch her. Rex says "Can being Mrs. Max Holden keep you out of prison?" "Do you think Aunt Corrine will just tell him about me"? Roxy looks shocked.

Antonio tells his mom that he is guilty, Ben Davidson is in a coma because of him and he cannot ever forget it, he lost his cool and wasn't professional. He knows it was an accident but he can't forget it. He will have to face Viki and it will not be easy. She tells him he can do it, he is strong and with God's help he can do it and taking away his badge will not bring Ben back. He is Bo's right hand man and Antonio says that it may just happen as R.J. walks in and says "That is the best thing for everyone!"

Cris is feeling bad about how he is going to have to hurt Jen and Natalie asks if maybe Jen already knows, but Cris says no she doesn't, but that when it is over he will need to see Natalie as he will need her. He is so happy being with her and says he will need to be together with her and hear her say she loves him and that when he is with her he knows everything will be all right. He says once he tells Jen he will come and find her, even though it may take him awhile. She tells him she will wait for him on the terrace and she will wait as she knows these things take time, she will wait forever if she has to. They kiss goodbye and he leaves. Jen is back at the apartment freaking about what she has just seen and heard and now and says "How can they do this to me, and Antonio being so noble and now I'm not even pregnant!" She sees the pregnancy test kit and is holding it with a smile as the camera fades.

Jessica is talking to her mom on the phone and reports there is no change in Ben; she is upset, saying that he may never wake up. Her mom is doing well in her therapy and that she is praying that she will be okay, still wondering why Niki came back after all these years. Seth tells Jessica the doctors will make her all right again and she will be back again soon. She says she can't imagine her life without her. Jessica tells him how she thought her life was over when she discovered about being switched, but that she still has her mom, brothers and her life. She says she is being such an idiot thinking she could have had a relationship with her "biological mom". Seth tells her not to beat up herself, she had tried to have a relationship with her, but Roxy blew it. She says at least Rex isn't anything like Roxy and maybe he is the silver lining she was looking for.

Rex is telling Roxy how he knows all about what she has done. He says he isn't talking about what she has done in Llanview, that it is something she did a long time ago. Even though she didn't do it alone, that his dad helped. She says "I didn't do anything to Natalie", and he replies, "It isn't what you did to Natalie, it is what you did to Jessica a long time ago. The statute of limitations hasn't expired, it wasn't that long ago."

R.J. is giving Antonio a hard time about the shooting and the hearing and Carlotta defends him, but Antonio says he would like to talk to R.J. alone. Antonio tells him he is ready to take whatever internal affairs decides and also not to worry about Keri as they are back together. R.J. doesn't believe him and he says Keri is not even in Llanview but Antonio replies "She is in Chicago, with her mom." R.J. is stunned.

Liz and Keri are still talking about her possibly being pregnant and Keri is trying to get answers and asks her mom if it was just an accident that she might be because they wouldn't have gone to Africa, as they had to be close to the surrogate mother when she conceived. She says the surrogate fell through and Keri tells her "Mom, you can't carry this baby, you could die". She replies, "Yes I will do it, I have to." She says you aren't thinking clearly, that the doctors told her because of her heart condition she couldn't carry a child, that Steve would not want her to. "Mom why are you doing this?" Liz says "you know why more than anybody else" and Keri says, "Yes, yes I do."

Seth is leaving to go to work and he promises to talk to her the next morning before he does anything. He leaves saying to himself "tomorrow you will have to know why I am checking out your brother and I will tell you exactly why I don't trust Rex."

Rex says that he knows about Jessica, when she was a baby and he means BEFORE Allison entered the picture, he knows what she did to her. Just then Jessica calls him on his cell phone and as he says, "Oh Jessica, we were just talking about you". Roxy hangs up the phone.

Natalie comes into the house and tells Jessica about how happy she is, while Cris comes in the door of his apartment. He tells Jen is has been looking everywhere for her and she asks about Antonio – was he happy to see him? He says that isn't exactly why he left. She is telling him that she was all alone that is why she left the student union. He apologizes about leaving her alone and she says, "I know you wouldn't leave me alone unless you had a really good reason and I know what that reason is".

Antonio tells R.J. about flying to Chicago and seeing Keri, but he doesn't believe him. Antonio tells him "it is true, go ask Keri yourself". He tells R.J. that he knows he helped Lindsay escape and that he may lose his badge, but at least he will have a good conscience when it is over and that they can't take Keri, as she will be with him now and forever and there is nothing that he or anyone else can do to destroy that.

Keri says she remembers when her mom lost her little sister right after she was born, they hug each other.

Rex is still ragging on Roxy and says "I know everything, you STOLE Jessica when she was a baby, what will happen when Jessica finds she still doesn't know who her biological mother is, huh Mom when she finds out that you didn't give birth to her at all?"

Natalie is telling Jessica about being in love and she is so bubbly and happy going on and on as Jessica asks "In love, with who?"

Jen says, I know why you left, you had to be sure Natalie was ok, so don't worry about it, friends do that. He says, "There is more to it and there is something I need to tell you." She says, "Me first, Cris the most wonderful thing has happened – I'm pregnant!" Cris is stunned!

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Friday, SEPTEMBER 20, 2002

Bo is in the midst of meeting with a robbery victim from near Centerville, when Antonio enters the office. He excuses himself, however he is recognized by the proprietor of the motel where he spent the night with the woman who had car trouble. The suspended detective is flooded with memories of that life changing encounter. The motel owner is agitated his guest hadn't revealed he was a cop, since one of the robberies occurred before his arrival and another just after he left the next morning. Nervously, Antonio explains he was outside the area of his jurisdiction. The commissioner promises the motel owner that he will check into allegations that the person involved in the crimes may be a former employee who resides in Llanview. Seeing the awkwardness Antonio is bathed in, Bo intervenes, asking the complainant to keep the detective's presence in his establishment secret, as he is involved in deep undercover work. The man agrees. Before the pair can talk any further, Hank walks in, inquiring about the Internal Affairs hearing. Bo replies not all of the committee members have arrived. The D.A. leaves to check on the start time of the meeting.

The surrogate mother having bailed on her, Liz divulges to Keri her plans to keep her unborn child, carrying it to full term on her own. Her daughter vociferously objects to the idea, concerned her mother may be placing her health in danger, since Liz's heart may not be strong enough to sustain the vigors of another pregnancy. Years ago, she lost a baby girl directly after giving birth. Keri's Mom would like her daughter to cast aside all worries and be happy about the prospect of welcoming a brother or sister into the world, a child belonging to Steve. Unable to comply with her Mom's wishes, Keri volunteers to be the host for the fetus. Liz emphatically refuses the generous offer, worried about the strain it might place on hers and Antonio's relationship. The woman's mind wanders to the night of passion she shared with the sexy man, whom she can't get out of her head. Keri interrupts her mother's memories, conveying her fiancee would gladly agree to the arrangement. Before Liz can object any further, Keri phones Antonio. She discovers the hearing concerning Ben's shooting has begun and leaves an urgent message to get back to her with the officer who answered the call. Having done that, Keri and her Mom ready themselves to leave for the hospital, as the window of opportunity to follow through with the procedure is closing.

Natalie shares the news that she and Cris are in love with Jessica, who reacts with total disbelief. She inquires if Jennifer is being dumped by Cris as a product of her own design. Natalie answers that there wasn't any plan to get rid of Cris's girlfriend. Her sister reasons she may be mistaking love for friendship, during the time Cris stood by her. Jessica further offers Cris wouldn't break Jen's heart. Natalie retorts that Jess is responding out of jealousy and Cris promised to visit her after breaking it off with Jennifer. Before leaving, Jessica counsels her sister that the meeting is not going to happen, cautioning she will grow old alone, should she continue with the same pattern of attracting men. Natalie awaits Cris's arrival alone.

Armed with the information she had so desperately been seeking about Troy's life in Africa with his wife Joanna, Lindsay is en route to Llanview.

Cris is reeling after lerarning that Jen is pregnant. He finds the news incredulous, since they had been careful. Jennifer attempts to convince him that they should greet the unexpected news with joy. He leaves the room to collect himself, needing he says, to splash water on his face. In his absence, Jen muses out loud that he and Natalie will pay for betraying her. Lindsay arrives at the loft, announcing she is back in Llanview to stay. Miami, she explains, wasn't all she hoped it would be. She quickly leaves, eager to tell Troy the same news about her change of heart. Cris questions Jen's veracity about them having conceived a child, since the pregnancy test he found while in the bathroom was negative. She scrambles to explain his suspicions away, producing a second test that "showed" a positive result. Still not convinced, he points out the result may be a false positive. Afterall, it was only last year that she had thought they were having a baby. Eager to put the question to rest, he insist they go to the hospital so that she may have a blood test. Just then Lindsay returns. She senses that she is interrupting something. Cris agrees and asks her to leave. Jennifer walks Lindsay out to the hall. She tells her Mom she would be proud of how much she had learned from her. Cris is ready to usher his girlfriend to the hospital. She tries to blow it off, but Cris is adamant. The girl stalls another moment, explaining her purse is inside. She states out loud that she must be pregnant. Cris inquires why she hadn't told Lindsay about the possibility of having a child. She replies that they keep it between themselves for the moment.

Rex holds the key to Roxy's freedom. He menaces her with the promise of doing jail time for what she did to Jessica as a child. She blames that on his father. It's all the same to him. Besides, she isn't Jess's biological mother. The scheming boy isn't satisfied with extorting cash from her. He insists she thwart Seth's plans to visit Corrine on a fact finding mission, digging into his past. Roxy phones Jessie's boyfriend and invites him to the house, using the pretext that she has a gift for her daughter. When he arrives, Rex is hiding on the stairwell. She gives Seth a family photograph of Jessica's grandparent's on their wedding day. She mentions Corrine had mailed it to her before leaving the country. He wants to know what her destinition was. Roxy claims not to know. Seth guesses that Rex put her up to this charade, and inquires why. She denies any collusion with her son. Roxanne offers to answer any questions he might have about Rex. He had tried, at Rodi's, but she told him Aunt Corrine was the woman with the answers. He leaves, imparting he is headed for Michigan.

Bo is holding a memorial plaque, dated 9-11 2002. Pictured is a cop by the name of John Perry. Bo is lamenting, to no one but himself, that he can't believe it's been a year. Antonio returns, he mentions that the night he shot Ben stays with him always. Bo advises that the memory of shooting someone doesn't fade. He should know, having accidentally shot Sam. Bo wants to learn more about the woman who helped him find his way home and restored his desire to be a cop. Hank interrupts, the hearing is about to begin. Bo and Antonio try to read the decision of the committee members, but their faces give away nothing. While awaiting the decision, Antonio confides to Bo about the woman he met, telling him he hadn't mentioned her to Keri, whom he never wants to hurt. The commissioner responds that the incident is none of anyone's business but Antonio's, promising to keep what he knows to himself. Hank returns, welcoming Antonio back to the police force and into his niece's life.

The message from Keri sits on a desk unattended. Several police officers leave the station for a robbery in progress.

Roxy refuses to tell Rex who Jessica's biological mother is.

Rex vows to stop Seth from finding out he is not Jessica's brother.

Natalie is on the patio waiting for Cris. She calls out his name, thinking she hears him. It was only the wind.

Liz vacillates about telling Keri she is grateful to the stranger she met for giving her the gift of a child.

Jennifer emerges from an examing room in the hospital, she and Cris are about to be told if the pregnancy test is positive.

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