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Monday, February 25, 2002

Troy reacts badly to his spider bite, and loses consciousness as he tries to free himself from the restraints. Troy then hears a woman's voice and sees Nora.

Meanwhile, Keri comes across the personal ads that Carlotta has left for Antonio. Keri fears that Carlotta will never accept her, and Antonio urges his mother to give Keri a chance.

Jen interrupts Natalie's discovery, concerned about her mother. Al takes the opportunity to escape the truth by sending Cristian off to help Jen, but Natalie warns Al that he cannot pretend forever. Seth and Jessica wonder why Natalie appears determined to torment Al, and Seth informs Natalie that he has moved on.

At the hospital, Claire finds Nora at Troy's computer, and tells her to leave. Nora complies, but as Claire turns off Troy's computer, Nora takes a file. When the coast clears, Lindsay comes out from hiding rifles through everything but can't find the damning tape. Defeated, Lindsay leaves, but not before bumping into Jen and Cristian. Jen questions why Lindsay isn't in Paris, and Jen doesn't buy Lindsay's tearful story about the lost passport.

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Concerned by Starr's report of a stranger lurking outside, Todd quickly has a new security system installed at the house. Hoping to mend fences with Carlotta, Keri invites the entire Vega family over for dinner. Jessica makes plans for a romantic evening with Seth. In the funhouse, a feverish Troy imagines he sees Nora approaching him with a warm smile. Disappointed by Carlotta's rude behavior towards Keri, Antonio cautions his mother not to force him into choosing between her and the woman he loves. While Blair happily welcomes her guests to the christening, Starr gets nowhere trying to interest any of the grownups in her story about the strange man. Jessica tells Seth she's booked them a hotel room for the night. When Al wonders what her silence will cost, Natalie orders him to help her break up Seth and Jessica. After a piercing alarm suddenly interrupts the christening, Blair and Todd are frightened to realize that their daughter has disappeared. Meanwhile, Starr tears up her dress and rubs mud on her face. Mistaking Lindsay for Nora, Troy declares his love. Starr runs back into the house, shrieking about an attempted kidnapping, then pulls a faint in front of her panicking parents.

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Starr runs into the house and collapses in Todd's arms. He tries to prevent Ben from checking on her but is convinced by the others that's it's alright; Ben is a doctor after all. As Ben gives the ok, Starr "awakens" and continues with her fabrication on the big, shaggy, hairy man, mentioning that the christening will probably have to be cancelled.

Asa arrives at the police station, flattered that Bo has called him for some help on a case. He is annoyed to find Rae waiting to see him regarding his missed court-ordered appointments for therapy. Bo ducks out after admitting that he tricked Asa. He is informed of the break-in at the Manning's. At first, Asa refuses to participate in the therapy session but after Rae announces that she can wait him out, he gives in. He begins to talk about Rusty, his first horse and proceeds to talk about every horse that he had thereafter. Rae finally stops him; he's succeeded in driving her crazy but she has another idea-role reversal! They pretend to be each other and after hearing what he sounds like, Asa understands. He's really touched that he has actually upset everyone such a great deal and realizes he shouldn't have hurt them like he did.

Keri leaves R.J. a phone message at Capricorn, stating her dinner plans and her intentions to entertain the Vega family. Nearby, Max overhears and tries to prevent R.J. from leaving but R.J. has to run home. First though, he deletes the message and then playfully wonders what message it is that Max is talking about. Nora finds a table and goes through Troy's files as Hank stops by to hand her the one that she dropped, the deed to Troy's loft. Hank wants to know what's going on as Nora seems extremely nervous. She admits that she's worried over something that Troy is doing that involves her. She confides that Troy's interest in Lindsay is a scam and she's concerned that Lindsay will find out. Gabrielle speaks to the assistant manager about arranging a special dinner for herself, her son and his father. When the woman assumes the father is her husband, Gabby doesn't correct her. Max overhears and makes mention of it rather loudly so the woman excuses herself as the two begin to bicker. When the taunting becomes too much, Gabrielle storms out.

At R.J.'s place, Keri nervously awaits the arrival of Carlotta and Cristian as Antonio tries to calm her down. When they do arrive, Keri has a treat in store for them as she serves a Puerto Rican dish as an appetizer. She successfully seems to have broken the ice until R.J. shows up, claiming to need a key. He is sickeningly sweet as he extends individual hellos to the Vegas and is extremely pleased with himself once he is back outside. Antonio attempts to reassure Keri once again that everything will be fine.

Lindsay can't believe her ears-Troy has just told her that he loves her but of course he is hallucinating and thinks she's Nora in his feverish state. He'll get well now that she's there, he knew she'd find him because of their connection, he states. He reminisces about their New Year's Eve kiss and especially the night in the cemetery when he kissed her and she kissed him back, though that was a good-bye kiss. Lindsay mutters that Sam ought to know about this. Lindsay plays along, pretending that she is Nora and continues to learn some interesting information. She learns that Nora felt badly because she knew that Troy never loved Lindsay and knew of the entire plan from the beginning. Lindsay is not surprised to learn of Nora's involvement. Troy tells "Nora" that he kept his promise by fooling Lindsay. He gloats that it was easy to get Lindsay to love him and confess. He urges her to hurry and leave before Lindsay returns and pleads to be released from the handcuffs. He will do anything to get Nora out of the funhouse as quickly as possible, he says, so "Nora" asks to let her hear the tape with Lindsay's confession. She tells him she wants the tape.

Bo arrives at the Manning house and assures Todd that his men are checking the property for the stranger. He speaks to Starr to get her story while Ben excuses himself to investigate outside on his own for clues. Viki tells Blair about the time Kevin made up a similar story, around the time that Joey was born. Ben returns with a pair of scissors and the piece of cloth cut from Starr's "ripped" dress and by this time Bo has also realized that the whole story has been made up. Todd and Blair wonder why everyone but them has realized their daughter's story is false. Todd informs the little girl that he is going to send her to boarding school so that she will feel safe and Blair offers to go right upstairs to start packing. They scare Starr into admitting the truth, that she wanted more attention from them. They will always love her, they tell her and make her promise not to lie any more. She agrees grudgingly but crosses her fingers behind her back. The christening is continued; baby Jack is baptized.

Bo returns to the police station to check up on Asa and Rae where he is astounded to learn that progress has been made. He and Asa apologize to each other for previous actions on both their parts.

Forgetting to pick up the wine earlier, Antonio tells Keri he'll take care of it now but will get back quickly. While he's gone, Keri overhears a conversation between Carlotta and Cris as she returns from the kitchen. Carlotta realizes that the pair will never work out and she's happy about it. She is emphatic that no son of hers will ever be involved with R.J.'s daughter.

R.J. returns to Capricorn and tells Max that he thinks dinner is about over. Nora confides that Troy has feelings for her but insists to Hank that she loves Sam and that Troy is aware of this. Hank knows there's still more that Nora hasn't told him.

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Thursday, February 28, 2002

Troy's hallucinations switch between Lindsay and Nora. He mainly sees Nora, but eventually his fever breaks and he sees Lindsay. Troy still plays along as Lindsay attempts to act like Nora by rubbing his chest and arms. He can't stand it any longer and violently shakes her off saying, "Get off, Bitch!" He continues to plea for his release and Lindsay even says that she doesn't want his death on her hands. She tells Troy what he said about Nora's involvement and that Nora's probably on her way. From his expression, Lindsay can tell that Nora doesn't even know about this place. She says that she's going to pay Nora a visit. Troy tells her to stay away from Nora and "Stay away from her house." Lindsay figures out that the tape must be at Nora's. As she walks away, Troy smirks.

As soon as Starr walks in, she asks her parents to go to a "Reptile Round-Up." Blair tells Starr she can't go because it's late and because of her lie about "the man." Starr storms off and calls her cell phone from the house phone. She picks up her cell as it rings and pretends to have a conversation with her science teacher. The teacher apparently wants her to go to the Roundup for a grade. Todd figures out her trick and sends her off to her room. Blair tells Todd that the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree and they try to blame each other for Starr's compulsive lying. While they argue, Starr calls for a cab to take her to the round up.

At the dinner, Carlotta tells Cris that she will not have R.J.'s daughter in her family. The affair is just a fling and it will end. Cris tries to defend Keri as Keri eavesdrops from the kitchen. Antonio arrives with the wine and they begin to eat. Carlotta suggests improvements for Keri's meal while Keri attempts to remain polite. Keri says she has made flan for dessert and she even found out where it was discovered. Carlotta and Keri argue about the dessert and Carlotta leaves for a supposed event she is catering for. After Cris and Carlotta leave, Antonio asks what happen while he was gone. After she tells him nothing, he leaves to find out from his Mother.

At Capricorn, Max and R.J. talk about R.J.'s effect at the Vega dinner. Max also tells R.J. that he has called a specialist who treats spinal cord injuries. At another table, Hank and Nora discuss Troy. She tells Hank that she's worried for Troy and if anything ever happened, she would never forgive herself. Hank asks what sort of feelings does she have for Troy. Nora avoids the question and proclaims her love for Sam and that these secrets are destroying their trust and relationship.

At the diner, Ben joins Sam for coffee. Ben brings up that the other day, Nora was at Troy's office looking for Troy. Sam hints his jealousy when he comments on how Nora is always doing something involved with Troy. Meanwhile, Hank convinces Nora to call Sam and tell him everything. Sam agrees to meet at Nora's house and talk.

Keri tears up while recalling what Carlotta said to Cris. Hank rings and when he notices her emotional state, asks if she's okay. She tries to be polite but blows up at him and tells him to go away. R.J. arrives and asks Hank what he's doing to his daughter.

The cab drops Starr off at the Fun House by mistake. After hearing cries, she explores and discovers Troy tied to the wheel.

Lindsay enters Nora's (unlocked!) house and searches for the confession tape. Nora arrives home and Lindsay makes a noise. Thinking it's Sam, Nora looks around.

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    FRIDAY     MARCH        1

Blair and Todd blame one another for all the stories Starr is making up. Blair realizes Starr is missing. At the Funhouse, Troy soon realizes the image of Starr is real and hopes she can help him get away. Instead Starr goes home and tells everyone she found a man on a wheel.

Keri tells R.J. about her fears regarding her relationship with Antonio. R.J. is happy that Keri has confided in him. Meanwhile, Antonio is blasting Carlotta for her attitude towards Keri. Later Antonio goes to comfort Keri.

Max happily tells Al about a specialist that may be able to help him walk again. Al is adamant about not seeking help. Max is confused by Al's lack of interest in the specialist.

Natalie interrupts the conversation between Max and Al. Natalie came by to see if Al has decided to help her with Seth and Jessica. Al reluctantly agrees to help break up Seth and Jessica in order for Natalie to keep quiet about the fact that he can walk.

Nora attempts to tell Sam about Troy's plan for Lindsay, while Lindsay is hiding in the house. An urgent telephone call from Jen stops Nora from telling Sam the truth. Lindsay tries to sneak out of Nora's house, but Nora prevents her from getting away.

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