OLTL Recaps: The week of February 11, 2002 on One Life to Live
Jen tried to hide her feelings for Cristian. Troy pretended to be his brother Colin. Asa served a community service sentence. Keri and Antonio worked things out. Lindsay admitted to injecting Nora with a drug. Couples celebrated Valentine's Day.
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Monday, Friday, 11, 2002

Lindsay panics when Troy puts his plan into full swing which involves Colin.

At school registration, Cristian spies Natalie choosing a class that he is not in, and he accidentally collides with her as he tries to escape unnoticed. Jen offers to move in with Al, but unhappy Gabrielle faces off with her about leaving Al once he regains the use of his legs and her sense of duty is done. Jessica delights Al with the news that Cristian has moved onto Natalie.

Todd admits to Blair that Gabrielle has resorted to blackmail. Blair threatens Gabrielle at the office, but Gabrielle remains undaunted and moves forth with plans to get what she wants from Todd.

Sam senses Nora's hesitation when responding to his questions about Troy and Lindsay, and Nora admits to Keri that she has gotten involved with another man. Furthermore, Sam overhears Nora leave an urgent message about Lindsay for Troy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Troy came to Lindsay's gallery posing as Colin. Lindsay suspects something and tries to leave. Troy stops her and then shows her a tape he made showing himself tied up at the abandoned fun house he purchased for his scheme against Lindsay. Troy is successful at making believe Lindsay he is Colin – that he doctored another corpse and was never dead and buried (which is not true). He made the tape to look like Colin was talking to a distraught Troy who is tied up with handcuffs. Lindsay becomes very upset and thinking she is talking to Colin (who is actually dead) tells him she will do anything if he will let Troy go. Troy (Colin) continues to badger Lindsay about what she did to Nora and gets her to talk about the incident when Lindsay injected Nora with the mind erasing shot. He asks her to confess to being the one who gave Nora the drug (Lindsay has denied this to everyone except those who know which is Jen, Will and Colin). Lindsay and Troy/Colin continue to fight and argue; Troy repeatedly asks her to say what she did to Nora and Lindsay keeps refusing. Troy gets rough, knocks Lindsay against a table as the doorbell rings. It is Jen and she shouts through the door to Lindsay if she is okay. Troy/Colin tells Lindsay that if she does not act like the loving Mother (which she is not) that one phone call from him and Troy will be dead. Lindsay answers the door; Jen asks if she is okay and Lindsay tells her she needs her help. Troy is listening in the background. Troy comes into the room (he is afraid Lindsay was going to spill the beans). He hugs Jen and tells her they need to leave but that Lindsay can't decide what dress to wear. Jen gives her Mother a present (one Lindsay gave her when she left for Switzerland years ago). Lindsay gets all weepy and Troy practically shuts the door in Jen's face as they all say good-bye. Jen senses something and seems disturbed and suspicious. Inside the gallery Lindsay told Troy/Colin that he sounded like Troy and seems to catch on to the fact that he really is Troy but tells Troy/Colin that he is nothing like Troy. They argue and Troy/Colin makes her leave to go to the fun house where he has told her "Troy" is.

Asa is out the Palace Hotel preparing to do his community service by helping Renee around the hotel. Renee has Asa doing janitor work and as he is sweeping the floor Max comes in and starts harassing him.

Ben comes to find Jessica to tell her that her medical tests proved she is healthy and is not diabetic like Roxy wanted her to believe. Jessica is relieved but asks Ben what can they do about Roxy's illness. Ben tells Jessica he has a plan and needs her help. Jessica does not know Roxy is faking her illness but Ben is sure she is.

Allison and Roxy are at the Palace waiting for Jessica to call hoping she will fall for Roxy's story that she is ill; she and Allison are hoping Jessica will hand over a lot of money (one million dollars) for her "medical expenses". Roxy's cell phone rings and it is Lois (Viki's housekeeper) telling her Jessica wants her to come to Llanfair to see her. Allison is thrilled but does not know that Ben actually put Lois up to making the phone call. Ben is suspicious that Roxy is trying to take Jessica for money (which she is) and has a plan. Roxy arrives at Llianfair (Allison stays outside). Allison warns Roxy she had better come back with one million dollars. When Lois answers the door Roxy pretends she thinks Lois is Jessica (because her vision is blurred from her "illness"). Lois knows about the scheme and seems amused and tells Roxy no that she is not Jessica but that she is Lois. Roxy sees Jessica and tells her that she does not have much time left and that she wants to know about Jessica. Jessica tells her that is not why she called her. Roxy to Jessica – Oh baby you are not going to tell me you are going to pay my medical bills"? Jessica seems surprised that Roxy would be that bold – Jessica sees Ben grinning in the background nodding his head (he knows now that it is definitely a scam). Jessica asks Roxy to sit down. Roxy starts having "symptoms" and tells Ben she would like him to leave the room so she can talk to Jessica. Jessica tells Roxy that she asked Ben to be there. Ben tells Roxy that Jessica was checked out and is healthy and has no genetic decease. Roxy tells them she has no medical insurance to pay her bills. Ben tells Roxy that she should have been more concerned about Jessica and Roxy lies and says she is. Ben tells Roxy she should have another opinion that some doctor's diagnoses are different. Roxy gets excited and says she does not want another opinion. Jessica tells her not to worry she can go to the MacIver free clinic. She still refuses and then Ben tells her he can do the tests right now because he is a Doctor. Roxy gets scared as Allison is looking in through the glass doors.

Jessica tells Al that he doesn't have to worry about Cris and Jen any longer – that Cris has moved on with Natalie. Al tells Jessica he is in love with Jen. Jen comes up and tells Al she has to leave to see her Mother and give her a going away gift.

Natalie and Cris talk about his break up with Jen – Natalie tells Cris she will never tell Jen that they almost made love at his loft. Cris tells Natalie he appreciates that. Natalie tells Cris that he and Jen may get back together sometime that they did before and Cris tells her they won't get back together again. Cris talks to Natalie about his guilt regarding Al's accident and his condition. Cris tells Natalie that Jen is moving in with Al. Natalie tells Cris she is not giving up on Seth. Seth comes in and tells Natalie he did not know she and Cris were close and Natalie tells Seth they are just friends. Seth tells Natalie he is afraid that Cris will hurt her. Jen comes back to get Al and hears their conversation. Al and Jen then leave to go to the Carriage House

Cris tells Al he will help him if he needs anything and Al tells Cris he has all he needs (which is Jen). Cris tells Al he understands Jen is moving in with him and Al is very pleased that Cris knows this.

Nora left Troy a voice mail and was telling him to be careful with Lindsay as Sam is listening. Sam asks Nora what the call was about and wanted to know if Lindsay is in trouble. Nora tells Sam that the Troy and Lindsay's elopement will be a disaster and that Troy has no intentions of marrying Lindsay. Nora also told Sam about Lindsay confronting her with a syringe. Sam is horrified. Nora told him when she and Lindsay were struggling that Lindsay got stuck with the needle but there was not a drug in the needle. Nora tries to tell Sam the whole truth and Sam interrupts and starts babbling about Lindsay and everything that has happened; finally Nora gets a break and tells him she knows what is going to happen. They continue to rehash everything and Sam gets mad about Lindsay always trying to hurt Nora – he leaves to go to Lindsay's gallery saying he is going there to get Lindsay to stop trying to hurt Nora. When he gets there Lindsay and Troy have left. Lindsay's phone rings; it is Nora is trying to reach Sam but Sam does not answer the phone. Nora hangs up and picks up a box and says Sam does what he has to and that she is going to do what she has to.

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

As "Colin" lets Lindsay into the fun house, she looks for Troy. "Colin" sends her down a secret passage where she calls out for him; Troy appears to feel bad, like he's had a change of heart but he rushes on ahead of her, changing his clothes as he goes. He can't give up now, he mutters to himself. It's dark but Lindsay forges ahead until she hears Troy calling her. She follows his voice and finds him handcuffed and appearing to be roughed up. He urges her to get away before Colin can find them because he hates Lindsay for all of the things she's done; this is why he's mistreating Troy so badly. Colin hit him from behind and brought him here but there's also a guard. He only managed to call her, not the police, he moans. He eyes the video camera, in place up above. Lindsay claims she has never done anything or blamed Colin for anything. Troy and Lindsay profess their love for each other until Troy pretends to hear a noise and tells her to hurry, he has to know everything that went on between her and Colin. Finally, he tells her he already knows the truth, that Colin told him all but Lindsay appears not to have a clue as to what he's talking about. He mentions that Colin told him what she did to Nora.

R.J. and Keri unpack her things and talk about her childhood and how R.J. has missed it. As R.J. goes off to answer the door, she picks up a valentine meant for Antonio that she never mailed. Nora is visiting to see R.J., though she has a forgotten box of Keri's with some of her belongings. Keri becomes upset by the valentine and rushes off while Nora confronts R.J., telling him she knows he's happy about the couple's breakup. He insists that Keri is an adult and though he wasn't happy with the relationship, he would never do anything to come between them. Nora knows he has his own way of doing things, though not obvious to others. Personally, she thinks Keri and Antonio make a great couple. She tells R.J. she needs to speak with him about something important and she'll wait while he tends to some phone calls regarding the opening of Capricorn later that night. Keri reappears and Nora suggests that she drop the card off on her way to the club to let Antonio know her feelings. Keri doesn't believe a relationship can even be possible because of R.J. but Nora thinks they can at least be friends. She'll think about it, she says, going off to get ready for the evening. When R.J. returns Nora informs him that she wants to talk about Lindsay. She wants R.J. to confirm that Lindsay injected her. Even though she knows that R.J. was involved she promises not to hold anything against him. R.J. doesn't want his evening ruined and insists he knows nothing and has nothing to tell her. Nora relates that she has her own way of finding out because she's involved in something that she really doesn't want to be involved with. She can only hope that no one gets hurt. It'll all end soon, she advises R.J., all of the truth will be out. She's just not happy about it.

At the diner, Antonio mopes over Keri as his brother tells him to go for it. Carlotta overhears and tells him otherwise. She and Cris argue in Spanish over Antonio's situation as if he's not there, until Antonio urges them to leave and he'll clean up. He only notes that he can't be with Keri if R.J. is in her life. Later, as Antonio cleans up, the lights go out. When he goes off to check on it, Keri enters the darkened diner.

The Mannings hide their eyes as Starr leads them into the valentine decorated study. Just then, Gabrielle calls from her new office at the Sun to tell Todd she's redesigned the styles page. He orders her to change it back. Starr wants to know why her dad has hired the Brit-talking bimbo and Blair informs their daughter that she was blackmailing Todd. Starr has one of her day dreams which ends with her electrocuting Gabrielle as she's flying Starr's kite. Todd answers the doorbell to find Rae and Hank who want to drop off a baby gift. After slamming the door in their faces, Blair manages to let them in. As the baby plays with his new rattle, Starr wonders where her own gift is since the older child shouldn't be ignored. Rae agrees and hands her a gift, which turns out to be a horror book. Starr loves it. Hank mentions that the valentine decorations look like Disney meets Stephen King. Rae extends the olive branch to Blair which is the other reason for their visit. She has declared her mentally fit so Blair can discontinue their sessions. Hank has news too; he's recommended that Blair's probation be lifted early. As they get up to leave, Rae notices a baby picture of Jack. Blair informs her that it's actually Starr but Rae can't get over how the two children actually look like twins, they look so much alike. Todd appears to be uncomfortable with this observation.

At the Sun, Bo drops by looking for Todd but is surprised to find Gabrielle. She claims she was desperate for money and Todd hired her since she's so great with style. Bo doesn't believe her story for a minute and suggests she get out of it. Gabrielle needs to pay Al's doctor bills and she is unable to get any other job, she pleads. She doesn't want Asa to pay for it. Besides, she's a felonista and a double-crosser as Bo so kindly reminded her earlier. He gives in, asking her if this means she'll be finding her own place to live. She'd like to but that would put a big dent in the money she needs for Al, she says. Bo agrees that she can stay with him but warns her not to underestimate Todd because she may not be able to handle him. Gabby thinks Bo is the nicest person in all of Llanview.

At the hospital clinic, Roxanne tries to weasel out of having Ben draw her blood for some tests. A disguised Allison lurks nearby and has the opportunity to warn Roxy against giving some blood. Roxanne is doing the best she can and finally faints just as Ben draws near. A few minutes later as Roxy awakens on a stretcher, she's held down as Ben manages to obtain her blood sample. Nearby, Allison approaches a woman and asks what her what condition has brought her to the clinic. Roxanne is ready to hit the bar and Jess goes off to call her a cab. Allison comes out of hiding and mentions that she was there to try to switch blood samples. She runs off as Ben returns with the preliminary results.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

Keri finds Antonio at the darkened restaurant with several candles. She picks up a candle and tells him that she came to drop him off a Valentine's card on her way to the Capricorn opening. He reads the card and her message inside describes how she didn't know that it was possible to feel this way about someone. Antonio is touched, but Keri tells him that she wrote the inscription before the fight he had with her father, R.J. Keri decides that coming here was a mistake but Antonio tells her that he loves her. He has lost his sanity and his heart because of her and he loves her for it. Keri tells him that she want to be there with him and they both agree that no one will come between them. They share a romantic kiss.

Jen and Al arrive at the University's 70's Valentine dance decked in leather and tie-dye. Jen goes to get a drink from the cooler when she touches hands with Cris. Cris tells her that he forgot about the party and was going to leave anyway to study. They begin talking about Al and his condition just as Shawna shows up and grabs Cris away to dance. Al wheels over and tells Jen that he has a surprise for her: he is the DJ for tonight's dance. He plays the first song and dedicates it to her as Cris watches.

Ben tells Roxanne that the blood work shows that she has Hypoglycemia. Jessica is concerned as Ben continues to tell her that it requires treatment and can be life threatening. Roxanne emphasizes that fact that the illness will be expensive, but Jessica assures her that she will take care of her. Roxanne convinces Jess not to worry and sends her off to the University party. When she is gone, Allison tells Roxanne that she never got a chance to switch the blood samples and that she really does have Hypoglycemia.

Natalie finds Viki in the attic rummaging through some old clothes. She pulls out a real 70's dress that she wore in the "Stone Age" and convinces Natalie to wear it to the University dance. She also gives her a large antique green stone necklace. Natalie agrees and runs off to the dance. Viki gets a call from Ben and he tells her to meet him in the Attic for a surprise. Later on, Ben arrives and gives Viki a double heart diamond necklace.

After a remark made by Rae and Hank, Todd ushers the two out the door. Blair inquires why does baby Jack resemble Starr in an old baby photo. Todd improvises that this was the reason that he adopted Jack, because he reminded him of Starr when she was little. Todd hides the picture when R.J. calls Blair and invites them to the opening night at Capricorn.

At Capricorn, R.J. greets Rae, Hank, Renee, Bo and Gabrielle. When Todd and Blair arrive and see Gabrielle, Todd tries to leave. The two decide to just ignore her. When Gabrielle asks for her style section in the paper to become 6 pages, Todd continues to ignore her even when she threatens to tell Blair about baby Jack. Bo over hears Gabrielle's threat and questions her about it. She brushes it off as a matter about a Valentine's gift. The whole night, Gabrielle has been trying to make Max jealous for her. Bo brings this up but she decides to dance. Gabrielle shows off to Max when she does a dip with Bo. Blair begins to sing a song at the club, directed toward Todd.

Natalie arrives just after Jessica at the University dance. She watches with envy as Seth and Jessica dance romantically. Cris attempts to leave but Natalie stops him. He tells her that if she's smart, she will leave too. Cris leaves without Natalie and goes to the Quarry. Meanwhile, Jen looks bored and to leave, she tells Al that she feels ill. Al tells her to go home while he stays. While Jen's gone, Al stares with a sickening glance at everyone's feet as they are dancing. In a dizzy frenzy, Al quickly leaves his post and accidentally hits his leg on a table leg. And feels it.

While Blair sings:

Antonio and Keri make love.
Seth gives Jessica a sapphire and diamond Y necklace as Natalie watches
Viki and Ben dance.
Todd hands Blair a single rose.
Jen arrives at the Quarry and sees Cris.

Friday, February 15, 2002

Jessica and Natalie talk at the dance about Natalie's relationship with Cristian. Jessica, Natalie and Seth continue discussing what is going on between Natalie and Cris. Seth tells Natalie that they are finished.

At the quarry Jen and Cristian talk about their relationship. Cris tells Jen he can't let her go. Jen said she made a promise to Al and she has to stick to it. Cris said what if Al could walk, but Jen interrupted him with the fact that Al can't walk and it's their fault.

Nora and Sam continue celebrating at the Capricorn. Sam tells Nora he saw Troy packing handcuff and said that he and Lindsay are into kinky sex, but Sam has reservations because he never Lindsay to be like that. Sam tells Nora that Troy and Lindsay has taken a lot of time from their lives and they don't want to talk about them anymore. So they leave to have a private party.

Al calls Max and tells him he has some good news, but want to share it with Jen first. Al asks Max to come pick him up and bring him home. Al arrives home and realizes Jen is not there, so he attempts to get up and walk realizing he can move his legs as Jen stand outside the door.

"Colin" continues to holds Lindsay and "Troy" captive. "Colin" tells Lindsay she was going to die, but Troy didn't deserve to die, suffer maybe, but not die. He told her he wanted to punish her for what she did to Nora. "Colin" told Lindsay, "Troy" would suffer because he was not going to let his twin brother go off to Paris and make her happy. "Colin" told Lindsay that no one would come looking for her, but Lindsay said they would come looking for "Troy". "Colin" said "and they would find Troy", because he would be there as Troy. Lindsay called "Colin" a monster. Lindsay tells "Colin" she's sorry and would do anything. She calls out for "Troy". "Colin" secretly presses a remote that triggers "Troy's" voice as he cries out for Lindsay. "Colin" gives Lindsay five minutes to say goodbye to "Troy".

Lindsay tells a "trapped "Troy" that "Colin" plans to kill them because of her. "Troy" tells Lindsay that "Colin" is his brother and there must be some way to get them out of this. "Troy" pleads with Lindsay to tell him what happened the day Nora was drugged, that may be their only chance. Lindsay asks what good does that do now? "Troy" says it may be just what it takes. Troy begs, "Just tell me, I love you". Lindsay says what they did was so bad, but they didn't mean to do it, she says she can't tell, Troy again says he loves her and always will. Lindsay tells Troy, "Colin" didn't give Nora the drug that erased her memory, "I did". Lindsay goes on to say Colin knew about the drug. "Troy" tells Lindsay she could have confessed and went to jail, but she says she couldn't because she had two children. She says she hated herself for doing it, but she didn't want Nora to remember what they did to her, all the while "Troy/Colin" is secretly taping Lindsay's confession. Lindsay tells Troy she was happy to finally tell someone, she says the only others that know is her children, but they keep quiet to protect her. Lindsay asks if that confession was enough to stop Colin. Troy tells Lindsay "gotcha".

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