OLTL Recaps: The week of April 16, 2001 on One Life to Live
Jessica was caught at Colin's grave. Kelly and Antonio were locked in a shed together. Renee learned that Asa had given orders for Ben to be killed. Roseanne pushed Sophia into the water during an argument. Colin's body was missing from his grave.
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Monday, April 16, 2001

Alone in the diner Jen hears a noise - she puts her hand on the baseball bat laying on he counter to use for protection when another hand covers her - it is Cristian. She had thought it might be Colin's, as he has supposedly been seen around Llanview.

Jessica decides to go to the gravesite and look for her lost charm by herself after getting into an argument about Cristian with Jen. When Jessica gets to the gravesite area, she is frightened by a noise and it is Bo. He asks Jessica what she is doing there and she tells him she was looking for a charm with her initial she thought she lost during the party the night of Colin's disappearance. Bo then helps Jessica look for the charm over her protests; Jessica pretends she finds the charm. Bo asks to see it and she refuses to show it to him, knowing she did not find it. She keeps nervously making conversation and tries to get Bo to leave the site where Colin was last seen when Jen, Cristian, Will and Jessica buried him.

Bo finds the charm, does not tell Jessica immediately and presses Jessica to tell the truth about the charm and why she is there. Jessica will not tell Bo she is there for fear the charm would point suspicion to her about Colin's body. Bo spots some loose leaves and further questions Jessica about the night of Colin's disappearance; Jessica reveals nothing, but remains nervous, which makes Bo wonder even more about her involvement. Bo persists he is going to investigate the surrounding area and calls the forensic team to come immediately and dig in the area. Jess becomes increasingly nervous and Bo is more suspicious than ever. Later Cristian and Jen show up after Jen had told Cristian that Jessica had left the diner to go to the gravesite and look for her charm. Cristian offers to leave and take Jen and Jessica home. Bo asks them not to leave. The forensic team arrives and Jessica, Cristian and Jen are asked by Bo if they have anything to say before the digging begins. They remain silent.

Todd frightens Melanie by entering through the glass doors unexpectedly. Melanie threatens Todd with a weapon and tries to make him leave. Todd tells Melanie he wants her to get the evidence from Bo that points the blame to Blair for Max's shooting (Blair's stained clothes) that could ultimately send her to jail. Todd threatens Melanie that Lindsay says she has a secret and he implies he knows what it is. Melanie does not give in to Todd's bluff and refuses to say she will get Blair's evidence from Bo. Todd softens a bit and leaves.

Roseanne is at the dock and becomes frightened by a noise. It is Sophia. Sophia and Roseanne get into a heated argument about Sophia's suspicions; Sophia is accusing Roseanne of involvement with R.J. Kelly shows up to find out information for an article in the Banner and sees an angry Roseanne push Sophia into the water. Sophia survives and vows to arrest Roseanne. Kelly protests she should not arrest Roseanne.

Will and his Mom get into a discussion and Lindsay questions Will about his troubles. He denies he is in trouble or has problems. He also denies having information or being involved with Colin. Antonio shows up and Will, Lindsay and Antonio get into an argument about Colin's disappearance. Lindsay angers Antonio and Antonio states there is an ongoing investigation about R.J. and possibly anyone who might be involved with him. Any involvement with R.J. could lead to trouble, he says, which made Lindsay very nervous. Lindsay knows she has a connection with R.J., having gotten the drug from R.J. to use on Nora. Will and Lindsay both get nervous when Antonio receives a call that Bo has asked for a forensics team to dig around Colin's house.

In the area of Colin's house, the forensics team begins to dig up the area Colin was when Jessica, Will, Cristian and Jen covered up his body.

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

In Gina's basement, Viki dreams that Ben rushes in and saves her. He tells her he has figured out Gina and that Jessica is safe. Unfortunately, Gina shakes Viki and she realizes she is still trapped. Gina taunts her and orders her to make another call to Ben. At the same time, upstairs Jackie informs Ben that Viki hasn't been in Wilmington at all. Ben is determined to find his wife, but Gina rushes in to stop him. She claims his life would be in danger if he left her house. Jackie agrees, and promises to find out where Viki really is. Just then the phone rings. When Ben answers, Viki lies that she hasn't been where she said she was because she had to get away from him.

Roseanne ponders what to do with the information she overheard. Desperate, she sees ratting out Cris as her opportunity to quit working for R.J. She approaches R.J. with a deal: she will give him extremely valuable information, in return for her freedom. However, R.J. is determined to keep her on board for one last heist and refuses the deal. Roseanne leaves him with a warning, "you may find out, R.J., that you aren't really the one in charge after all!"

Jessica looks troubled as Bo's team starts digging up Colin's grave. Bo repeatedly asks Jess, Jen and Cris if they have anything they want to say. Just as Will, Lindsay and Antonio arrive, Jess tells her uncle to stop the digging. Reluctantly, Jess recalls how she and Will were fighting and she ran off alone in the woods the night of the party. She says she saw a hand and when she looked closer she saw Colin's face. Jess goes on to lie that she didn't tell anyone about what she had found and covered him back up all by herself. When Bo questions why she didn't mention this, Jess replies that it was too horrible and she didn't want to think about it.

Kelly arrives on the scene looking for a scoop, but Bo has her removed by Antonio. Antonio takes her into a nearby woodshed to guard her. When they get locked in together, Kelly takes the opportunity to grill him about his feelings for Sophia versus Roseanne.

Back at Colin's gravesite, the forensics teams finds a scarecrow with a pumpkin head in the place of Colin's body. Lindsay laughs out loud. Bo tries to question her, but she just leaves. The teen secretly look at each other confused. Will and Cris pipe up that the scarecrow must have really been what Jessica had seen that night because other kids where telling ghost stories that night. Jess lamely agrees that she must not have seen Colin. The teens are free to go, but Bo knows that they saw Colin's body buried there... Meanwhile, Colin's dead body is being packed into a crate!

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

Jess and Will's Apartment
The four young adults (Jess, Will, Cris and Jen) arrive back from the woods where the Rappaport siblings are angry at Jess for ruining everything with Bo. They all begin to wonder about each other, who moved the body and who is covering up for the killer. They all accuse each other of various misdeeds and have words, especially Cris and Will. Jen decides to leave and Cris follows behind. Will is so angry he could kill Cris, he declares to the horror of Jess, but then admits he's not serious and does believe that Jess did what she had to. This leads Jess to believe that if Will didn't commit the crime then Lindsay did. She didn't deny her involvement with Nora's kidnapping and certainly had a motive, though it could have been an accident, she tells Will. She begins to wonder again about Will's facial bruises and if they were actually obtained helping his mother out. Will becomes infuriated and tells Jess he refuses to speak to her anymore since she's now pushed him too far.

Cris and Jen hang out at the park where they agree not to talk about Colin. Will tells Jen he'll do whatever she wants him to and her wish right then is just for him to sit with her.

Gina's House
Ben has received a call from Viki (at Gina's order) who is telling him that she just had to get away from him to protect her family from threats. She apologizes for lying but mentions that she was forced to think about their future. She mentions their first meeting at Crossroads and reminds him of her first drink of brandy in a snowstorm. She also indicates that she's at a Crossroads again, imprisoned. Ben is agitated and disbelieving and as Viki watches on her monitor Gina tries to comfort him after she learns the gist of the conversation. Ben wants to leave immediately to try to find Viki but Gina discourages him from doing that. He knows that there's something else going on but Gina only thinks that Viki should have time and space to think. After Ben goes off to his room, Gina triumphantly compliments a crying Viki on her speech. Viki swears she will not let Gina win while later, Gina searches for Ben who has disappeared.

Lindsay's Studio
As Lindsay walks in, she's surprised by Lanie who has been waiting for her. Lanie angrily demands to know why Lindsay disclosed to Bo that Lanie knows about Colin's disappearance but Lindsay only accuses her of doing away with her ex. She further informs her sister that the woods around Colin's house are being dug up for the body. Lindsay thinks Lanie should get Bo to stop. Once Lanie leaves, Lindsay urgently and repeatedly tries to reach someone by phone, mentioning the scarecrow that was found in the grave.

Bo still believes that Jess really spotted Colin's body though she denies it and thinks she's covering for someone. Bo thinks the scarecrow is a smoke screen for someone and wants the whole area dug up. As Lanie hides and eavesdrops, he orders John to investigate everyone who was invited to Colin's dinner party. John informs Bo that the woman who claimed to have spotted Colin also saw Elvis and Bill Clinton. Lanie appears because she heard Colin was spotted, she tells Bo but her fiancee tells her he believes that Colin is dead, though everything is starting to come together. Lanie agrees to return home...John wants to investigate her also but Bo won't allow it-he insists Lanie knows nothing.

Kelly and Antonio are locked in but Antonio only makes fun of Kelly's concern. He attempts to make an escape hatch for her from a small window but she's unable to get out and tumbles back onto Antonio and they fall to the floor. Vega wonders why Kevin left his girlfriend alone while he went off to Texas to visit his son. Kelly wonders why Sophia has left Antonio and figures that she'll be the one to come to their rescue. Antonio informs her that he and Sophia are only friends and that he has never reciprocated her feelings. She calls him an idiot but he declares that the same thing could be said about her regarding Joey. She again attempts to pry information from the cop on what's going on but he refuses to divulge anything. Kelly is right and Sophia shows up and lets them out.

Unknown Location
Black gloved hands seal Colin up in a box (which appears to be filled with dry ice), hammering the lid on tightly. A sticker marked PERISHABLE is added to the top for the finishing touch. R.J. wonders where he can place the box!

Thursday, April 19, 2001

Lindsay's gallery

Cris pays Lindsay a very unpleasant visit, acting suspicious of her and asking what she's hiding. Lindsay becomes upset and tells Cris to stay away from Jenn. Cris tells her he and Jenn are friends, to which Lindsay threatens to make him pay for Jenn's drinking. Cris asks if she also made Colin pay, and Lindsay tries to convince him that Colin is still alive, but Cris doesn't buy it. They then argue about Jenn, and Cris tells Lindsay that he believes Jenn is covering for her mother. Lindsay warns him a final time to stay away from Jenn, then Cris leaves. Later, R.J. arrives and Lindsay worries aloud about Colin's letters, to which R.J. tells her to give up and not worry about it. Lindsay says she can't, and R.J. tells her he is out of it, and she has to save herself. He then leaves, and within a few minutes Lindsay leaves, looking as if she has an idea.


Gina storms into Viki's room, demanding to know where Ben is. Viki tells Gina to let her go and she'll help but Gina refuses. Viki then reminds Gina of the deal they had(let Viki go if Gina couldn't win Ben) and says it's obvious Gina's lost. Gina refuses to give up, and Viki says she's going to fight. She then offers to vanish and see if Ben forgets about her, but Gina still won't let her go. Viki becomes very upset saying that Gina has to let her go because she's worked too hard to get past "this" and Gina doesn't want "it" unleashed. Gina, of course doesn't know what Viki means and Viki becomes even more upset. Viki then offers to get Ben for Gina if she can be let go.

Palace Hotel

Ben visits Renee and they discuss Viki's odd behavior. Renee doesn't believe that Viki wants away from Ben, and Ben wants to change the subject. They then discuss Asa and Renee's divorce being finalized tomorrow and Renee says she almost postponed it. Ben begs her not to go back to Asa, and Renee becomes aware that Ben knows something she doesn't. Renee figures out from the look on Ben's face that it was Asa who ordered the hit. She becomes very upset and says she knew but didn't want to face it. Asa then appears and looks upset to see Ben with Renee.

Sam's house

Lanie questions Jenn about what she saw at the grave site and asks if Jenn thinks Jess ever saw Colin's body. Jenn denies everything and says Jess was mistaken. She then asks Lanie why Lindsay acts so crazy and Lanie tells her how Lindsay never had her father's love, so now she's desperate for love and can't trust anyone. Lanie warns Jenn not to let her mother manipulate her and leaves. Cris then arrives and tells Jenn they need to talk. He tells Jenn he thinks she's protecting Lindsay and Jenn doesn't want to talk about it. Cris, however, continues to press and asks Jenn if Lindsay killed Colin. Jenn gets upset and says Lindsay's not a murderer, and Cris then asks how Lindsay knew where the grave was. Jenn says she found out from Will and that Lindsay always acts weird. Cris then tells Jenn how Lindsay threatened him and Jenn tells him to stay out of it and stop trying to protect her. Cris says he can't because her cares for her.

Police Station

Nora storms in, askin Bo about the news on Colin's case. Bo tells her they don't really know anything, and Nora is upset thinking that Colin might be dead and Lindsay could get off in her kidnapping. She then says she suspects Lindsay of Colin's murder. Bo tries to get Nora to stay out of it, but she presses, so he tells her about what Jess saw. Nora tells Bo that her trip home didn't help her memory and she wants to get the truth and Lindsay. Bo says the answers may be buried with Colin and Nora says that's not good enough. Andrew then shows up and tells them he has Colin's letters, but he can't give them up without proof that Colin is dead. Nora begs him repeatedly and Bo tells him he will get a subpoena, but Andrew says he'll only give them up if Colin's dead or if a judge forces him to. Andrew tries to leave but Nora follows him and begs him once more. Andrew still won't give in, and meanwhile, Lindsay, who has shown up to report Cris's I.D.s, overhears everything.

Friday, April 20, 2001

Sam's House

Cristian asks Jen if they are protecting Lindsay by keeping the fact that they found Colin's body a secret just as Will bursts in.

Llanview Police Station

While Lindsay looks on from the hallway, Nora begs Andrew to give Colin's letters to Bo, but Andrew is hesitant because there is no proof that Colin is dead.

Gina's House

Viki recognizes that Gina does not take defeat well and that if she tried to get to Ben and tell him what Gina had done, Ben would hate Gina and in turn Gina would hurt Viki, her children or Ben himself and Viki refuses to let that happen. Viki assures Gina that she will do whatever it takes to get Ben out of her life and back into Gina's life.

Buchanan Mansion

Renee is in a rage at finally figuring out that Asa was the one who took out the hit on Ben. Asa demands that his son tell Renee that it is not true. Ben shouts that he is not Asa's son, but Asa replies that he is his son and although neither of them may like it, that is just the way it is. He again demands that Ben tell his mother that he did not order the hit on Ben at his wedding. Ben refuses.

Dorian's Mansion

Blair tells Todd that she can't trust him, so she can't allow herself to love him.

Gina's House

Viki tells Gina that she has done her research and she is aware of how cold and ruthless Gina and her family are, so she will get out of Ben's life because at least her children and Ben will not be hurt and that is enough for her. Gina figures out that Ben has gone to confront Asa.

Buchanan Mansion

Asa and Renee are screaming at one another and Asa tries to tell Renee that Ben is trying to turn her against him. Renee continues to ask Asa if he is the one who tried to have Ben killed. Asa tells her that he loves her and that she loves him and that all the rest doesn't matter. Renee asks Asa, for once in his life, to tell her the truth and asks him again if he was the one who hired someone to shoot Ben. Asa says that it couldn't have been him and tries to explain that he was not in his right mind, but finally admits that he gave Rourke a suitcase full of cash and asked him to kill Ben at his wedding.

Dorian's Mansion

Blair asks Todd what she just told him and he tells her it was some nonsense about not allowing herself to love him, but that doesn't matter because she does love him. Blair says she is terrified of him and he says a little terror is just part of the territory with them. Blair tells Todd she is appreciative of what he did to try to get the evidence back from the police station. Todd tells her he doesn't want her appreciation, he wants her. He asks her to disappear with him, right now.

Llanview Police Station

Lindsay walks in as Nora hugs Andrew thinking he is going to give Bo the letters from Colin. Lindsay tells Andrew that Nora has suffered enough (gag) and he should let her see the letters. She continues that Colin is either dead or gone and asks if Andrew is going to let a couple of letters stand between Nora and her piece of mind. Nora jumps all over the fact that Lindsay said a "couple" of letters and says that Lindsay knew about the letters before she ever came to the police station. Lindsay denies the accusation.

Gina's House

Gina asks Viki why she cares what she does about Ben since she wanted to walk out on him and Viki tells her that doesn't mean that she doesn't love or care about Ben. Gina tells Viki she is just upset because he isn't out there looking for her.

Buchanan Mansion

Renee tells Asa that she cannot and will not forgive him for trying to have their son killed. Asa reminds her that he did not know Ben was their son at the time and that she had lied to him about Max for a year and a half. He tells Renee that he will forgive her if she will forgive him. Renee tells Asa that she thought she was trying to save his life and that he tried to take a life.

Sam's House

Will asks Cristian what he is doing there and Jen tells Will that talking to Cristian is the only thing that is keeping her sane. Will thinks hanging around Cristian is making it worse and Jen says that finding and hiding Colin is in her head and that sometimes she wants to scream and explode and asks Will if it doesn't bother him. He says no and Jen says she doesn't understand that. Will asks to talk to Jen alone but Cristian tells him it is too late that he already knows what Will is hiding.

Llanview Police Station

Nora and Bo both say that they believe Colin was telling the truth when he said he was not the one who wiped out Nora's memory. They both believe that Lindsay was his accomplice. Lindsay says she wishes Colin was dead so she could get her apology from Bo and Bo tells her to be careful what she wishes for. Lindsay says she knows Colin isn't dead and that she can prove it.

Sam's House

Cristian tells Will he thinks Lindsay is the one who killed Colin. Will says that if Cristian ever says that again he will kill him.

Llanview Police Station

Lindsay tells Nora, Bo and Andrew that Colin called her and he said that he was calling from a beach in California. Bo tells Lindsay that he can have her phone records checked and Lindsay indicates that Colin "said" he was calling from a beach in California when he could have been calling from across the street. She says that Colin threatened to hurt her worse than he had hurt Nora if she told the police and that she was scared. Bo tells Andrew that those letters are germane to his case and asks if he is going to have to get a court order to get them. Andrew tells Bo that unfortunately, yes, he will have to get a court order.

Buchanan Mansion

Ben tells Asa he can understand his wanting him dead since he wants Asa dead too, but asks why he chose the wedding since it would put so many people's lives in danger. Asa explains that the hit was supposed to take place the night before because he didn't want to make Viki a widow. Asa tells Ben that he went to Rourke and told him the deal was off and he could keep the money. Then Asa tells Ben that Rourke said something he did not understand – something about no one was after Ben and that it was all smoke and mirrors. Ben thinks about that for a moment then jumps up. The last thing he says to Asa before he walks out the door is that since Asa wanted him dead, as far as he is concerned, he is.

Dorian's House

Blair tells Todd that she can't go away with him because then he would be her whole world and that she could not depend on him. Todd says that he and Starr would be her whole world. Blair accuses Todd of filling Starr's head with fantasies including a baby brother and she calls Starr into the room and tells Todd to set Starr straight. Starr, with her hands on her hips (just like Blair) says "Daddy, what is going on?" Todd replies "Nothing. Your mother and I were just talking about your baby brother." Blair tries to explain to Starr that she and Todd are not going to be together and there isn't going to be a baby brother. Starr starts to throw a tantrum (I dread seeing this child in adolescence) and Todd tells her to calm down and that he will take care of it. Starr leaves to get her Nanny to take her to the toy store. Todd turns to Blair and says that now he is going to tell her how it is going to be.

Gina's House

Ben tells Gina that he doesn't want to talk about Asa, he wants to talk about her and himself.

Sam's House

Cris asks Will if it is worth he and Jen being suspects in Colin's murder by covering for Lindsay. Jen tells Cristian that he should leave. After he leaves, Will says now Cristian knows Will is hiding something. Jen tells Will she has to tell him something about Colin.

Andrew's Office

Lindsay rummages through Andrew's desk and finds a metal box with letters addressed to Bo Buchanan and Sam Rappaport.

Dorian's Mansion

Todd tells Blair he will not let her leave him.

Gina's House

Ben tells Gina that he knows she is the real power behind the Russo family.

Sam's House

Jen tells Will she was in Colin's house on the night of the murder.

Andrew's Office

Bo and Nora walk in to find Lindsay trying to burn the letters.

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