OLTL Recaps: The week of April 2, 2001 on One Life to Live
Colin's body was found in the woods, but Jessica, Will, Cristian, and Jen reburied it. Jessica and Jen had nightmares. Nora's memory started to return, and she planned a trip to Chicago. Max received a snake. Bo began questioning Colin's dinner guests.
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Monday, April 2, 2001

Jessica and Will find Colin's body. Jessica decides they should go call Bo, but Will hesitates. Jen interrupts Will and Jessica, but before Will can get her to leave, she sees Colin's body and screams. Will hugs Jen and Jessica is confused as Jen asks Will "What's going to happen to us?" Cristian soon follows and the four hover around the body. Will suggests they cover Colin back up with dirt and forget he ever lived.

Roseanne defends to Antonio that she got the money from Téa to pay off Colin. Antonio doubts her statements about talking to Téa, since no one has heard from her since she left. Roseanne insists that it's the truth and explains that Colin was blackmailing her not only for sex, but for money as well, to keep him from telling Antonio about their tryst. Antonio is angry but it looks like Roseanne has narrowly escaped her latest lie, when R.J. starts banging on the door telling Roseanne to open up. A panicked Roseanne grabs armfuls of the cash off the bed, opens her room, and shoves the money into R.J.'s chest. She thanks him for the "loan" and he plays along before leaving. This time, Antonio thinks the it's all just too unbelievable and he leaves angry. A teary-eyed Roseanne gathers the money off her bed as R.J. makes his return appearance. Roseanne begs him to let her out, telling him that Antonio is going to figure out that she's the mole. R.J. agrees to let her free, after one more favor.

Nora tells Sam about Lindsay's latest trick with attempted hypnosis. She finds his law book and argues that the case he's reading about has no relevance for Blair's defense, that the case, rather, refers to a defense where a murderer is not liable for their actions because they were drugged and have no memory of it. Sam agrees that he was mistaken and changes the subject. Nora asks Sam if she can do something to try to trigger her memory of their relationship. He obliges and she kisses him, but no memories surface. She expresses her sadness about missing Matthew and he encourages her to go to Chicago and visit him, Rachel, and her parents. She thinks that might be a great idea and makes her exit with her ever-faithful bodyguard.

Bo joins Melanie for a romantic dinner and offers her Bomb Squad hat as a present. He mentions his concern for her recent jitters and she dismisses them as nothing to worry about. They notice Lindsay enter and are confused by the fact that she's busy talking to herself. Lindsay, on the other hand, thinks she's having her latest argument with Conscience-Nora. To get away from her, Lindsay grabs a spare chair at Bo and Melanie's table. When they tell her she's not welcome, she gets her feelings hurt and demands to know why Melanie and Nora have cops with them and she does not. Bo fanes ignorance and claims she wouldn't necessarily know if she had one. Lindsay takes this as Bo saying she is being followed because she is a suspect and becomes even more indignant. She tells Bo that she doesn't appreciate being treated like a common criminal, but Bo chuckles and retorts, "There's nothing common about you, Lindsay." With that, she storms off to collect herself and takes her seat back at her table. Nora enters the restaurant and sees Lindsay sitting alone. She decides to taunt Lindsay and joins her at Lindsay's table. Lindsay mistakes her new guest as Conscience-Nora and screams, "Will you leave me alone if I just admit it? Okay! I did it, I did it!" Nora is shocked!

Tuesday, April 3, 2001

Todd plays the blame game when he goes to Sam for support. He wants Sam to help him get back together with Blair, and blames Sam for telling Blair to stay away from him. Sam defends his actions by saying that he has Blair's best interest in mind, and it isn't Todd! Todd also blames Sam for not accepting him for the person that he really is. Todd thinks he belongs with Blair because she knows and accepts him. Sam reminds Todd that Blair knew who he was and still got burned in the end. Meanwhile, Starr tries to convince her mother to give Todd another chance. Starr says that her daddy is trying to make it work, so why can't she? She whines about the little brother that Blair promised her. Blair tells Starr that she doesn't need Todd's help, and says she will do whatever it takes to stay out of jail. Starr asks to sleep with Blair, and she happily agrees. Later, Todd sneaks in and wakes Starr. She smiles, and he climbs into bed with them.

Viki struggles with Gina to get free of the basement, but one of Gina's goons step in. Gina is angry and promises she will succeed. Upstairs, Gina gets in bed, turns on the video feed and pretends to be having a vivid nightmare. She cries out and Ben comes rushing in. She cries that she was having a dream about the night her father ripped them apart. She asks Ben to hold her until she stops shaking. Always the gentleman, Ben agrees. Furiously, Viki watches the scene. Afterwards, Gina comes back to gloat. Viki refuses to believe that Ben will ever give into Gina. Suddenly, Ben calls out to Gina. Viki sees her chance to be discovered, but Gina threatens Viki and Jess' life. Gina quickly slips out, and Ben questions what she is doing in the basement. Gina explains that she keeps her secrets locked up. She also claims that she was looking for a picture of them together. Ben reminds her that she shouldn't get the wrong idea because he is deeply in love with his wife. Gina says she understands...

Lindsay thinks she is confessing to her conscious, but realizes Nora is actually there when Bo comes over. Lindsay screams and knocks over her wineglass. In front of Bo, Nora tells Lindsay she should continue her confession. Nora explains to Bo and Lanie how Lindsay sees her as her conscious. Lanie suggests to her sister she get professional help. Lindsay says she will confess. Nora and Bo anxiously wait, but instead she admits she tried to seduce Bo on New Year's Eve and how she tried to take advantage of Nora while she was hypnotized. Fed up, Bo informs Lindsay that one day she is going to push someone too far. Bo's phone rings, and he gets called away to break up a party in the woods!

In the woods, Jess is shocked at Will's willingness to cover up a crime. Will, Jen and Cris all think that Colin deserved whatever he had coming. Will thinks they should protect whoever killed Colin, because he made so many people's lives miserable, the murderer had to have been pushed over the edge. Will and Jen steal guilty glances back and forth. Suddenly Bo shows up and questions the teens. When they all say they were just hanging out, Bo informs them the party got too loud and they should leave. They agree, but not before Bo looks the teens over suspiciously. After Bo leaves, Will, Cris and Jen all swear to never tell anyone about the body. Reluctantly Jess swears, and helps them cover up Colin's body...

April 4, 2001

Jen is leaning over Colin's grave when he rises and begins to grab her; she starts to scream and then thankfully wakes up to the ringing of the phone. It's Cris, wanting to know how she is. She insists she's fine and hangs up when someone knocks at the door. This time it's Nora who jokingly comments on her grassy, muddy clothes and inquires if she's been after a buried treasure. She's there to let Jen know that she'll be there for her if she needs to talk to someone about Colin. Jen says he's gone and Nora asks if Jen knows where he is.

As Asa is yelling at someone on the phone, Max arrives for breakfast. He tells Asa that he's always had the Buchanan interests at heart so Asa should still be able to take him into his confidence and realize that Max should be a Buchanan. Asa no longer trusts him though. He indicates the box on a table that's arrived for Max and when he opens it, a snake slithers out. Max is scared and though Asa jokes about it, he puts the snake back. A woman arrives once Max is gone and hands Asa some information-he thanks her for finding "them" and now has plans for Max. He phones someone and makes a proposition which they reject for the present time.

Blair wakes up to see Todd asleep on the other side of Starr. He'll leave when she asks him to, he tells her, but she's unable to, claiming she doesn't want to awaken Starr with their arguing. Starr opens her eyes so Blair asks her to leave before telling Todd to go. He knows she's really happy to see him and he wants to be a family, all four of them. Yes, he says, all of them want to have another baby and though Blair tries her best to resist, the pair shares a tender moment until suddenly Max bursts in with the boxed snake and Starr clinging to his leg. He dumps the snake on the bed, blames the episode on them and calls Todd by various names including psycho. Todd thinks that Max should worry then about what he'll do as he picks up the snake and threatens him with it. Blair regains her senses after Max leaves and the moment with Todd is lost. Todd knows the snake belongs to Starr because it's something he himself would have done. He tells his daughter not to worry, that he knows he and Blair will be friends again.

Colin is also in Jess' dreams as Will awakens her from a nightmare. He reassures her that everything will be ok and he's had awful dreams too. He wants to make plans for the day but she won't hear of it, especially when he tries to justify the whole episode.

The letters that Colin has written are brought up once again as Lindsay stops by to see R.J. R.J. isn't worried since the letters will only show up if Colin is dead; they accuse each other of killing him. Jess arrives to see Cris and both admit to their sleeplessness and bad dreams. She wants to know why Cris agreed to the pact and accuses him of covering for Jen who she thinks did the killing. Cris believes it may have been Will because of the bruises all over his face, which Jess tries to substantiate with the story Will told her. He wonders why she also agreed to the pact and wonders why Jen lied regarding her whereabouts on the night in question. Later, Jen reveals her bad dreams to Cris while he comforts her and admits he's in it for her.

Will arrives at Sam's and tells Jen and Nora that Colin is gone for good and he knows since he hasn't been around lately. Colin knows what would happen to him if he did show up. Jen needs to leave and rushes out, while Nora wonders why she's so upset. Will blames himself for Colin's kidnapping of Nora twice but she doesn't hold him responsible for anything and wants him to get on with his life. He insists that all of their lives are intertwined and is about to go into further explanation when Lindsay shows up. She misunderstands what she hears and threatens Nora for pushing her too far. Nora convinces Will that she can handle his mother on her own so he leaves. Lindsay orders Nora to stay away from her children and as Nora is backing away from her she trips and falls. As she grabs onto her leg, she has a flashback to another time, when the same thing happened.

Blair pays Max a visit and removes her coat to reveal nothing much underneath.

Jess asks Will if he killed Colin.

Thursday, April 5, 2001

Kelly's house

Kelly runs into Todd while looking for Blair and she tells him that he is making things worse for Blair, and he needs to stay away. Todd tells Kelly he can do something for Blair that nobody else can, and he also says that he loves Blair and doesn't intend to hurt her again. He then leaves, telling Kelly she will see just how much he cares for Blair. Blair then shows up and tells Kelly of her plan to seduce Max into saying what she wants, then dumping him. She asks for Kelly's help and says she is going to give Max exactly what he wants.


Blair offers herself to Max and kisses him. Max then accuses Blair of doing all the things we know Starr has done. Blair accuses Max of making it all up just to get her back, and says she is willing to go to bed with him but Max says he is over her. Blair pretends to act disappointed and says she is going to Todd so he can help her get out of this. Max acts angry despite himself and asks Blair if that's all Todd is to her-a way out. We then see Blair smiling outside the door, knowing Max still cares and took the bait. Max is then alone getting a drink and Renee walks in looking for Asa. She is surprised to see Max is still there, knowing how Asa hates him. They discuss the fact that Renee still loves Asa but can't go back into his trap and Max looks wistful and says he understands.

Police Station

Bo gets a call from the mayor saying that the plug is about to be pulled on the Colin investigation. Bo then decides to re-interview everyone who was at the dinner party. Lanie shows up, excited because she has picked a wedding date, and Bo agrees. However, he then begins to question her about Colin. Later, Lindsay and Sam arrive and ask Lanie what this is about and she tells them Colin. Cris, Jenn, and Will arrive and Cris tells Jenn he'll back her every word. Jess then arrives and looks at them nervously. Bo and John are seeing all this from the office and Bo says that nobody's going home until he gets some answers.

Jess and Will's apartment

Jess questions Will about killing Colin and Will makes her feel guilty for asking. Jess asks who Will thinks the killer is and Will just wants to drop it. Jess then asks him if he is covering for Jenn. Will becomes enraged and leaves. Todd then shows up and asks Jess for advice since Viki is gone, but Jess can't help him. Todd presses Jess as to what's bothering her and after some hesitation, she asks him in general terms if she should tell the truth. Todd tells her to keep silent because the truth will blow up in your face and make you lose people you love. Todd leaves, and John Sykes arrives and asks Jess to come to the station with him.

Break Bar

Cris tells Jenn he is keeping silent because of all the women Colin hurt, and Jenn starts to open up about that night, but stops. Cris doesn't press, but comforts her, then Will shows up. Will asks Cris how Jenn is and thanks Cris for keeping quiet. Cris worries about Jess telling and Will becomes angry, saying he'll take care of her. They are arguing when Antonio comes in and says that Will and Jenn need to come to the station with him. Cris says he's coming too.

Sam's house

Nora tells Lindsay she's got her and says she remembers grabbing Lindsay's ankle at Colin's. Lindsay denies it and when Sam arrives Nora tells him the whole story. Sam tells Nora to drop it for a while and go to Chicago for a rest. Nora can't believe what she's hearing but agrees to go, saying she will have all her memories when she returns. After Nora leaves, Lindsay thanks Sam and Sam says he didn't do it for her, that Lindsay knows why he did it. Lindsay says she can't go to prison knowing what they both know. Bo then shows up and takes them both to the station for questioning.


Todd gets behind the judge's chair and says it'll work.

Friday, April 6, 2001

Llanview Police Station

Several of Llanview's most well known citizens have been brought to the police station for questioning in the Colin MacIver disappearance. Will tries to reassure Jessica, but she tells him that she keeps seeing Colin's face everywhere she looks and Sophia overhears her and tells Bo.

Buchanan Mansion

Asa tells Nigel that he does not want any phone calls or visitors and that he is not home to anyone. Renee is there and informs Asa that they need to talk about their son.

Gina's House

Ben tells Gina that he is going to Albany to see his wife, but Gina tells him he can't do that. Viki is watching on the closed circuit TV and begs Ben not to go looking for her because if he does Gina will kill Jessica.

Llanview Police Station

Jessica starts to explain why she keeps seeing Colin's face, but Will interrupts and says that Colin frightened Jess when he came by their apartment before he left. Will says that Colin came by to see him, but he wasn't there, so Colin terrorized Jessie, but that Cris happened by and threw Colin out. Cristian backs-up Will's story. Bo tells the assemblage that they all knew Colin MacIver and that there was a reason why most of them were invited to his dinner party and that there was also a reason why Colin seems to have disappeared. Lindsay suggests that Bo makes it sound like those facts are somehow connected and Bo says that is what they are there to find out.

Lindsay reminds Bo that Colin himself told them all that he was leaving and that it was his style to want to taunt all of them prior to slithering off to his new life. Lanie reminds Lindsay that Colin went after Nora first and Bo interjects that Colin injected Nora with a drug that made her helpless and kidnapped her...again. Sam says that it was obvious that Colin intended to take Nora with him, but that plan blew up in his face. Bo asks Sam how he knows the plan blew up and Sam says it is just speculation on his part, but that Colin did have airline tickets. Bo says that they checked every mode of transportation out of Llanview and Colin never used any of them. R. J. asks why Commissioner Buchanan has to assume that one of them did Colin in. Bo says he does not assume anything and Colin MacIver is the only person he wants to bust and that he hopes he does not have to go after anyone else.

Lindsay asks if the procedure was going to take much longer and Bo suggests that they start with her, Lanie and Sam. As they file into the Commissioner's office, Sophia asks Cristian why he is there and he replies that he is there as a friend to Jen. Sophia asks if he thinks she is going to need one.

Sam goes into a re-hash of the events of the night of the dinner party and becomes very angry when relating that he thinks Colin had ruined his daughter's life. Lindsay states that with the exception of Nora, no one has seen or heard from Colin since that night. Bo asks her why she is so sure that no one has seen or talked to Colin.

Buchanan Mansion

Renee and Asa are discussing Ben and the fact that he rejected Asa's offer of help by sending over bodyguards to protect Ben. Renee says that she is scared to death for Ben and that Asa is the last person Ben would want her to go to for help, but she does not know where else to turn. Asa asks if something else has happened to cause Renee to be worried and she tells him about Ben's phone call telling her he was going away for a few days. Renee says that Asa and Ben are just alike and asks Asa to stop being a stubborn mule for just one minute. Asa excuses himself and says he has somewhere he has to be. Renee asks him where, but he just walks out. Renee screams at Asa "Are you going to help Ben?", but he does not answer.

Gina's House

While Viki watches on TV, Gina is arguing with Ben about his leaving and tells him to call Viki and ask her if she wants him to put his life in danger. Ben says that it is the anniversary of Viki's surgery and that since he was not there for her on that day, he was going to be there for her today. Gina lets the word "cancer" slip and Ben asks her how she knows about that. Gina says that she read the journal Viki wrote and that was published in the Banner. She reminds Ben that she told him she kept up with him when they were not in touch. She convinces Ben that Viki would not want him to put his life in danger.

A Llanview Bar

Asa walk up to a table and tells Rourke that he wants him to back off Ben Davidson. Rourke reminds Asa that someone had already delivered that message and Asa says that he has lots of money and can buy the kind of people who will make Rourke's life a lot easier, but that the offer is only open for two minutes. Rourke thinks it is funny that the same man who had ordered a hit on Ben was now ready to try to protect him. He knows that Asa has learned that Ben is his true son, and wonders how Asa's other son, the police commissioner, would like to know that "dear old Dad" tried to "whack" his brother.

Police Commissioner's Office

Lindsay says that she has not seen Colin since the dinner party. Bo says that Colin was holding something over Lindsay's head and Lindsay says that Colin was trying to say that she had something to do with Nora's kidnapping and that he had convinced Bo, Sam and even Lanie. She says that the truth was (like she would know) that Colin had tried to turn everyone, including her kids, against her. Sophia comes into the office and tells Bo that Forensics had just done another search on the MacIver house and that they had found prints. Bo asks if there was a match and Sophia says yes. Sam and Lindsay, trying to look calm, exchange looks.

Bo asks whose prints were found and Sophia says that pretty much everyone who was there. Sam immediately says that of course his prints were there because he had been there many times. Lindsay states that she had been there also. Bo says that Lindsay and Sam seem awfully defensive and Sam says he is not defensive, but offended. Sophia says that there were also some prints that had not been identified yet. Bo excuses Lindsay, Sam and Lanie and asks to see R. J. and Roseanne.

Bo asks R. J. if he had to make a wild guess, why did he think Colin had asked him to the dinner party and R. J. says he has no idea. Antonio says that his invitation said that if he came to the dinner party he might learn something about R. J. if he went. Antonio thinks MacIver was trying to extort money from R. J. and that he knew something about R. J.'s business – the one off the books. Bo says he is surprised that R. J. doesn't want MacIver tracked down because of what he did to Nora. R. J. says that regardless of what he wants, Colin can't come back because of the fact that he offended so many people in Llanview. Bo releases R. J. and turns to Roseanne and tells her that he is aware that she and Colin were more than just acquaintances. Roseanne looks at Antonio knowing that he had told Bo about her sleeping with Colin. She asks Antonio how he could do that to her.

A Llanview Bar

Rourke tells Asa that no one is after Ben and that someone is playing a big joke on all of them, but the joke is over and it ends now.

Gina's House

Ben reaches Jackie on the phone and asks if "they" are still after him. Gina goes to Viki's "cell" and tells her to call Ben and to convince him not to join her or that someone in her family will get hurt. Viki tells Gina that she is the one who will eventually end up being hurt. Gina tells Viki that she is not in a position to threaten her. Viki says she is not trying to threaten her, but that she knows something about Gina that even Ben doesn't know. Viki says that Gina is not ever going to be satisfied having Ben just because she got rid of everyone else in his life. Gina agrees, but says that Ben will love her again and Viki tells her that she doesn't realize that Ben is not the same person he was. Viki tries to convince Gina that she does not have to steal a man from someone else, but Gina tells her to call Ben and to tell him not to join her. When she gets Ben on the phone, they have a very loving and emotional conversation about the anniversary of Viki's breast cancer and Ben's finding out that Asa was his real father. Ben tells Viki that he is going to do everything he can to see her today.

Commissioner's Office

Roseanne tells Antonio that she was talking to him and not a "cop" when she told him about Colin and that she had told him in private. Antonio defends himself by saying that he was trying to help her because Colin had betrayed and humiliated her. Roseanne says that is how she feels now. Bo explains that Antonio wanted to nail MacIver to stop him from preying on other women the way he had preyed on her, Nora, Lanie and even Jen. Roseanne tells Antonio that she had told him about that night in confidence and that she trusted him. Antonio says he wants to trust Roseanne, but that she had lied to him about many things. Roseanne says that she lied because she was scared and that she had the right to be because the minute she had told Antonio something, he had gone straight to Bo. Antonio calmly tells her that he did not do this to hurt her and that in a police investigation, any information was helpful. Roseanne says she has worked at the police station long enough to know that she could not be held unless they planned to arrest her. Bo says that she is there voluntarily to answer questions and she says that she is going to leave and if Bo has any questions just to ask Antonio. Antonio apologizes to Bo, saying he cared about Roseanne and he wanted to believe that she was telling him everything, then walks out of the office. Bo thinks about what Antonio has said and picks up a picture of he and Lanie.

Antonio tells Will, Jen, and Jessica that the Commissioner is ready to see her. Sam says he would like to accompany his daughter, but Bo says Jen is over 18 and doesn't need a guardian. He asks Sam if he thinks she might need an attorney. Jen tells Sam to stop being over protective and walks into Bo's office. Bo allows Cristian to go in because his fingerprints were found at MacIver's house. Bo tells Will that he knows what he did to MacIver and that he knows why.

Buchanan Mansion

Asa returns to find Renee still waiting for him. She asks him what he did to protect Ben and Asa responds that the talked to someone but he didn't know whether it did any good or not. Asa further promises Renee that he will take care of it. Renee says that Asa does care about what happens to Ben.

Gina's House

Ben is still on the phone with Viki and asks her what is wrong. Viki stammers around trying to think of something to say that will convince Ben not to join her. She finally tells him she was watching the monitor at the airport and that she was trapped at the airport in Buffalo and continues on to explain that she was skipping Albany because of weather and going straight to her next engagement in Wilmington. She said she called because she had a feeling that he might try to join her. Ben tells Viki that she knows him too well. Viki says that she has to go and Ben tells her he loves her and that he is with her. Viki tells Ben that he is always with her and Gina jerks the telephone out of her hands, disconnects and walks out. Viki turns to the monitor and says to Ben that he knows her and he knows that something is wrong.

Gina walks back into the room with Ben who tells her about Viki being stuck in Buffalo. The doorbell rings and Gina turns on a telephone monitor and is alarmed to see Rourke standing at her door. Ben walks up and sees Rourke on the monitor and says he thought Rourke didn't know where Gina lived and asks Gina what is going on. Viki is watching on the TV monitor in her room.

Llanview Police Station

Antonio approaches Roseanne and tells her that he wants things to be straight between them and asks her to tell him what she is keeping from him. Roseanne just turn and walks away, but Antonio goes after her.

Sam approaches Lanie and says that they have to discuss how they are going to approach the fact that Bo continues to treat them all like suspects. Lanie tells Sam that she has to go back into Bo's office because there is something she has to tell him and Lindsay asks her what it is that she has to tell Bo.

Commissioner's Office

Bo tells Will that it is a matter of public record that he went after MacIver financially and almost wiped him out. What Bo didn't understand was why Will stopped. Will says he wanted MacIver to have something left to lose if he tried to hurt the people he loved. Bo points out that Will's plan didn't work because MacIver went after Lindsay and even Jen. Jessica speaks up and tells Bo to leave Will alone – that he didn't do it. Bo says "He didn't do what, Jessica."

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