OLTL Recaps: The week of December 18, 2000 on One Life to Live
Blair left with Starr. Rae learned that Skye was her daughter. Sophia admitted that she loved Antonio. Bo planned to propose to Melanie. Lindsay pretended to be Melanie. Skye refused to take a lie detector test. Asa offered to help Nora. Blair was arrested.
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Monday, December 18, 2000

Sophia offers her partner a sympathetic ear as he pours out his heart following his set-to with Roseanne. John tells Rae he's been suspended for two weeks without pay. Todd slams into Llanfair and furiously accuses Sam and Viki of convincing Blair to leave him. Roseanne complains to Cris about his brother's boorish behavior. Confronted by her son, Lindsay is forced to admit that the two hundred grand she took from Asa is already gone. When Will wonders what happened to the cash, Lindsay claims she had to pay off a stack of overdue bills to keep the gallery afloat. John realizes he can keep silent no longer when Rae rants on about Skye ruining their lives. Skye begs Max not to turn his back on her but he has trouble believing in her innocence. Kevin is angered to learn how his brother postponed the divorce. Irked by Ben's interference, Todd is tempted to reveal what he knows about his new brother-in-law's parentage. As Kevin looks on, Joey tells a stunned Kelly he's still in love with her. Rae and Skye spit insults at one another until John breaks up the fight. Later, John informs his astounded lover that Skye is her long-lost daughter.

Tuesday, December 19, 2000

Bo reminisces with his father about happier times, then abruptly switches gears and asks Asa why Lindsay is blackmailing him. Claiming she's lost everything in the latest stock market downturn, Lindsay appeals to her sister for help. Shocked by her lover's pronouncement, Rae attempts to deny that Skye is her child but John produces the page Daniel tore from the family Bible. Roseanne apologizes to Antonio for losing her temper earlier. Afraid of losing the man she loves, Roseanne warns Antonio that Sophia is trying to drive a wedge between them because she wants him for herself. Todd and Max snarl at one another as they cross paths at the police station. Skye bitterly informs a strangely silent Rae that she hates her with every fiber of her being. Colin taunts Melanie and Lindsay about the family secrets which are piling up on top of both sisters. Later, a guilt- ridden Melanie gives her sibling a large check, which Lindsay privately turns over to Colin to buy his continued silence. Todd files a complaint against Blair for kidnapping Starr.

Wednesday, December 20, 2000

Anxious to prevent Colin from squealing to Bo, Melanie puts her signature on the settlement agreement. Sam and Nora enjoy discussing how to help their son celebrate the holidays. Afterwards, Sam reluctantly risks breaking the mood by admitting to Nora that he promised Will he'd lay off Lindsay from now on. R.J. rebuffs Lindsay's attempt to squeeze more money out of him. Cristian's good lucks and strong, silent demeanor attract a bevy of beauties to the bar. Antonio asks Sophia straight out how she feels about him deep down. Cornered, she confesses to his astonished partner that she's in love with him. Still grimly determined to get the goods on Colin, Nora makes another house call on the doctor.

Thursday, December 21, 2000

Nora bumps into Renee while doing some last minute holiday shopping. Sam is perturbed to learn how Melanie signed away her rights--and most of her money--without consulting her attorney first. Determined to rid herself of Colin's blackmail, Lindsay disguises herself as her sister before heading to the bank. Antonio asks Roseanne to move her things out of his place. Bo confides to Hank how he's fallen head over heels in love with Melanie. Later, when Asa urges him to reunite with Nora, Bo reveals his plan to ask Melanie for her hand in marriage. Posing as Melanie, Lindsay tries to gain access to Colin's safe deposit box. Sophia and Antonio corner a knife-wielding mugger at the mall. Nora arranges a rendezvous with Colin in the park. Sam and Melanie catch Lindsay with her hands in the cookie jar.

Friday, December 22, 2000

Shocked to find her sister disguised as her and pawing through the contents of her safe deposit box, Melanie demands an explanation from Lindsay while Sam instructs the bank clerk to call the police. Outraged to spot Colin with Nora in the park, Asa reminds his former daughter-in-law that the demented doctor was the cause of all her current troubles. Admitting that she forgot all her training in the emotion of the moment, Sophia explains to Antonio why their partnership must end. Todd and the police greet Blair and Starr at the airport upon their return from Disney World. Agreeing that they need to move on to new partners, Antonio thanks Sophia for helping him become a better cop. Max asks Skye to prove her innocence by taking a lie detector test. At the precinct house, Melanie begs Bo not to let Sam press charges against her troubled sister. Todd eggs an enraged Blair into attacking him, then calmly watches the police haul her off to jail. Roseanne delights Antonio with a seductive surprise. Blair winds up sharing a cell with Skye.

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