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Will was arrested, and Sam headed to Ireland to help his son. Bo didn't tell a confused Nora that her memories were not current. Ben and Viki had a romantic reunion. Joey and Kevin had difficulties working together. Blair tricked Kelly.
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Monday, SEPTEMBER 18, 2000

Nora became distraught when the inconsistencies of her memory continued to puzzle her. Nora couldn't understand why she would have had a baby with Sam while she was still married to Bo. Meanwhile, Bo finally felt as though he could let go of the past after it was determined that Sam was Matthew's father. Later, Bo was stunned to discover that Nora believed they were still married.

A romantic reunion with Ben rejuvenated Viki and prompted her to return to the Banner. Blair asked Kelly to be Starr's guardian as a pretense to trick her into signing away her shares of The Sun. Joey and Kevin struggled to work together at the Banner, while Joey found it impossible to repress memories of his relationship with Kelly. In Ireland, Jessica pulled back as things began to heat up between her and Will. While Will spotted Cristian in a local pub, Jessica decided to go home before Will returned.

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 19, 2000

At the hospital, Bo realizes that Nora has regained some more of her memory, but she thinks that she is still married to him. When they are together in her room, she tells him she wants to go home, order pizza and watch a movie. Nora begs him to help her fill in the memory gaps, but Bo thinks she should take it slow. Sam, Lanie and Lindsay all look through the window to Nora's room. Lindsay taunts Lanie by telling her Nora is getting exactly what she wants—Bo! Disgusted with Lindsay, Lanie leaves the hospital. Sam reminds Lindsay that it is only a matter of time before Nora remembers everything.

Viki returns to the Banner to a crowd of her biggest supporters. She explains to the staff that her leave of absence was due to her fight with breast cancer. Later, Ben takes her home to a simulated paradise. He has recreated a Florida getaway in the backyard. The two share a special moment together.

Blair successfully tricks Kelly into signing over her shares of the Sun. She celebrates to herself and leaves in a hurry. Sophia pays Kelly a visit to make sure she is aware how much pain she has put Joey through. Kelly apologizes for hurting him and to Sophia for making people believe she was a liar. She wishes she could take it back, but is glad that Sophia is there to support Joey as a friend.

Cris has no luck on getting any leads as to Jess and Will's whereabouts. Will sees Cris in a pub asking questions and goes back to the stables to tell Jess. Max arrives at the same pub, just as Will slips out the door. He offers a reward to anyone who knows where Will is. A man steps forward and says he is at the Catholic school stables. Jess is having mixed feelings and wants to return home because she can't deal with them. When Will finds her, he says she can leave and go to Cris if she wants to. She refuses, explaining how much she distrusts him. Will wants to know if the only reason she came Ireland is because she was mad at Cris—the same way she ran to Cris when she was upset with Will...

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 20, 2000

The Irish Pub

Max thanks "Phillip" for the information regarding Will's whereabouts and pays off the barkeep for use of the phone and the number for the constable but is stalled by Cristian before he can dial. Cris convinces Max that they should check out the information first so that the Irish police won't think they are a couple of "crackpots" if Phillip's lead doesn't turn up Will. A desperate Cristian tricks Max into looking in the storeroom for a map of the area and locks him in and takes the key when Max steps inside. Later, the barkeep refuses to let Max out because Cristian told him that Max was crazy and had escaped from an "asylum." Vowing to make Cristian pay, Max gets his cell phone to work and calls the police.

St. Margaret's Stables

Jessica claims that all she wants for Will is to be free of her grandfather's accusations and he promises that he will find a way to clear himself so he can give her what she wants. Will asks for Jessica to hear him out because he has "to tell you what's in my heart..." He professes his love for her again, claiming that loving her is all that has gotten him through this "nightmare" but Jessica tells him it "can't be that way" because that makes her feel "completely responsible." She claims she doesn't know how she feels about either Will or Cristian and apologizes because she doesn't understand why. Will believes that dumping Cris shows how she really feels and he asks Jessica to let him help her figure it out. Will offers that Jess should think less and "feel" more but Jessica still claims to be "confused" and is upset that Will only seems to "hear what you want to hear." She tries to explain that she won't "run from Cris's arms to yours..." but Will doesn't understand why not. "You love me and I love you and it's that simple...we can go on with our life...as if Cristian never even happened." Jessica shocks Will back to reality with the fact that she slept with Cristian - more than once. As Will reels from this knowledge, Cristian enters the stables but he doesn't get a warm reception from either Jessica or Will. When he tries to tell them about Max and the police, Will refuses to listen, instead he claims that neither he nor Jessica will ever listen to him again and he shoves Cris against the door. As they scuffle, two policemen burst in, break up the fight and take Will into custody.

Llanview Hospital - Nora's Room

Lindsay hesitates as she watches Nora sleeping, but steps inside the door. "Conscience Nora" appears in the doorway and accuses Lindsay of coming to give Nora an "antidote for the antidote." Lindsay asks why CN always thinks the worst about her (duh!?); she claims she is "helping" this time, although she admits she would be "partly" helping herself by straightening out Nora's confusion about Bo when "everybody else is skirting the main issue." CN reminds Lindsay that "one of the giant gaps" that Nora has contains the truth about what Lindsay did by giving her the injection of the mind-erasing drug. While Lindsay claims that she isn't proud of what she was "forced to become" she tells CN that the real Nora left her no choice. "She'd have sent me to prison...I suppose you think I deserve to be in prison the rest of my life..." As she says this, CN disappears and instead, Colin stands in front of her. Asking what Lindsay is doing in Nora's room, Colin threatens Lindsay, "You do anything to hurt Nora again...I'll hurt you in ways you can't even imagine." When Lindsay snidely accuses him of being Nora's guardian angel, he calls it "damage control" but advises that "as far as you're concerned, I am her guardian...I will protect her from you." Lindsay's parting shot, however, was to remind Colin that he had participated in Nora's situation by keeping her a prisoner in his home. A guilty Colin sat by Nora's bedside and when she woke up asking where she was, he tried to comfort her. "It's okay, Scarlet. You're in a hospital." When Nora immediately asked him why he called her "Scarlet," he covered and told her that she had earlier asked him to, in reference to Scarlett O'Hara. That didn't satisfy Nora. "Why is this all seeming so familiar?...Me waking up with you standing over me...calling me Scarlet...taking care of me...it's like I felt about Bo before I knew who he was..." Colin tries to change the subject, he tells Nora that she is a "celebrity" at the hospital and plays Patch Adams by pulling a bouquet of "magical flowers" out of his sleeve to make her smile. She asks to keep the flowers "to remember how to smile" but she doesn't give up on trying to identify Colin. "Are you sure you weren't my doctor before?...I've got an incredible feeling of déjà vu..." Colin's explanation is that "sometimes dreams can meet reality and we can get confused." Nora sadly admits that "confused" is her middle name.

Llanview Police Dept. - Bo's office

Melanie stops by to check on Bo; he tells her the "greatest news" about Nora's memory recovery and admits that although he had tried to calm Nora down, "it was like when we were married...I'd say pizza, she'd say cheeseburger...she was always so sure she was right...now she wanted answers and I couldn't tell her...I wanted to explain everything...we're not married anymore...we're not in love...we've both moved on...Matthew is Sam's son...you're together now...that's the way it should be...I couldn't do it, I couldn't say the words." Melanie understands that Nora was "very important" in Bo's life and agrees that Bo shouldn't "hit her with too much all at once...what's the matter with letting her think you're still married?...I'm not going anywhere." Melanie likens Bo's concern for Nora to her concern for Colin's well-being even though she doesn't love him anymore. She thinks that Bo's caring for and helping Nora now is what makes him the "kind of man I want to be with" but she stumbles and stops short of using the "L" word. Bo tells Melanie that the "feeling is mutual" and they kiss. The kiss is interrupted by duty calling for Bo and then Hank comes in after Melanie leaves. When Hank asks if Bo is ready to interrogate Barnes and R.J., Bo declines, preferring to give Barnes more time to consider the consequences. Instead, Bo asks Hank how he felt when he was the only one Nora remembered. Hank explains it as "strange...I felt responsible...it was no small thing...it stirred up old feelings...she was frightened...overwhelmed...I wanted to help." Bo claims he has similar feelings but Hank presses him about his feelings for Melanie. Bo answers, "she's my future" which worries Hank. "Nora's your past. But that doesn't mean she doesn't need you...I can't help Nora...you can...will you?" Bo is "offended" by Hank's question. "I want to move on...that's not an excuse to renege on my past...Nora can count on me...so can you."

Lindsay's Gallery

When Melanie stops by, Lindsay claims her sister came to gloat but is confused when Melanie offers her help because "we're sisters." Lindsay thinks she is talking about Bo and Nora, but Melanie explains she wants to help Lindsay understand about "Bo and me" but she isn't sure what to say. Seizing an opportunity to confuse Melanie, Lindsay apologizes for "how awful I was with you and Bo. I was hurt...I said terrible things...I felt betrayed...I do love the man...but I don't want to lose you because of Bo. No man is worth that." The sisters agree to stop competing since it seems like they have been doing that all their lives and as they share memories and laugh and hug, Lindsay seems to have won again. Pouring it on thick, Lindsay confesses that "things are getting really bad" for her, but when Melanie tries to remind her of all the people who love her, Lindsay dismisses Bo's feelings for her as pity and lies that she is "happy you two found each other...it's probably best this way...if anybody can make this work and not be jealous of Nora, it's you." Melanie claims there is nothing to be jealous of, Bo is being "sweet, warm, tender" with Nora because "that's Bo." She acknowledges that "Bo and Nora had a special relationship" but seems to worry when Lindsay lies, "I found that out the hard way...it will be different for you..."

Sam and Nora's House

Matthew rushes to greet his "Daddy" when Sam returns home but is full of questions about Nora. "Where's Mommy? When's she coming home?" Sam gently explains to his son that "Mom can't come home right now...she's still in the hospital..." and then shares a story with Matthew about a special little boy and his dad and the biggest monster in town, "Achesa Pains." Everyone wanted to take the little boy home, especially Achesa Pains, and the dad had to go searching for a weapon to stop him. A big sword wasn't enough, the dad needed a magic paper with magic words and when he found the magic paper with the words, "I love you" on it that was all he needed to show everyone so that the dad and the little boy could live happily ever after. Matthew enjoys the story and they laugh and hug, but outside the door, the real "Achesa Pains" stands looking at his own paper - a new court order signed by Judge Simmons allowing "visitation with Matthew until the paternity issue is settled." Asa doesn't believe Sam when he claims, "my piece of paper trumps your piece of paper...I win, you lose..." Instead, Asa barges in, offering Matthew pony rides and a canoe trip down the river if he comes to visit at his house! As Sam urges Asa to "give it up," Ben walks in and is overjoyed when Sam shares the news that the new tests confirmed him as Matthew's biological father. Asa doesn't believe it until he calls Bo and gets it confirmed by his "own damn son." Ben wants his turn to throw Asa out, but Sam gets the pleasure. "That makes you the only Buchanan in this house - so get out!" Asa turns to leave but has to have the last word, "Hug Matthew real tight Rappaport, cause he's the only son you'll ever have. Your son Will is history." After Asa leaves, Ben thanks Sam for the "only Buchanan" retort because "it meant a lot to me." Sam confides that Asa's threats worry him but Ben is confident that "you're gonna get Will back...I know it." Sadly, Sam admits, "I wish I could say the same thing about Nora...all she remembers is being married to Bo...she has no memory of me after Chicago...she doesn't understand how it's possible that we had Matthew..." Ben advises Sam (as both brother and doctor) to "give Nora some time...this whole situation is too new to know what to do..." However, Sam has made up his mind. "I know exactly what I'm gonna do...I'm gonna nail the people who did this to Nora...I'm gonna begin with Colin...I need the one person who saw Nora and Colin together...Will...I've got to bring him back for his and Nora's sake...I just wish I knew where the hell he was hiding."

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 21ST, 2000

Sophia and Antonio make small talk and when Roseanne joins them, Antonio announces that he is going for a run, stopping at his own apartment afterwards. He'll take a shower and pick up some new clothes before he returns. Roseanne decides to turn in early, turning down Sophia's invite to eat. After Sophia heads for the kitchen, Roseanne sneaks out. Later, Sophia welcomes Joey who has come to "chaperone" her and Antonio. She's afraid to be left alone with him because of how she feels about him. She doesn't want to do anything stupid but Joey informs her that "love makes you stupid." They compare notes. She mentions her visit to Kelly and how impressive her home situation is, thanks to Joey. Kelly is worried about him, but Joey stresses that he's fine. He urges Sophia not to rush things with Antonio. They spend the evening together, digging into some ice cream and giving each other advice. During this time, Sophia mentions that Roseanne is upstairs asleep. She finally feels under control where Antonio is concerned so Joey departs. She daydreams about Antonio admitting his love.

Will is arrested and hauled off while Jess begs for his release. Jess accuses Cris of being the one to turn him in. He insists that he came to warn them about the presence of Max who is right now locked in a pub storeroom thanks to him. Jess refuses to believe him and when Max appears greeting Cris like a buddy, she takes off, letting him know that she never wants to see him again. Max and Cris confront each other, with Cris accusing Max of making it look like he was involved in Will's capture. He's definitely Asa's son, Cris spits out and he doesn't care about ruining people's lives. Max calls Cris "Angel Square trash." The men become physical once again, with Cris warning Max to stay away from Jess. When he takes off, Max calls Pa to let him know that Will's been arrested.Once at the station, the police refuse to let Will make a phone call as they put him into a cell. Jess shows up and the two yell out for each other. A police officer won't let her see his prisoner but she makes up a story about being his fiancee and how she'll harm herself. He allows her to go by for a visit. Later, Jess calls Sam and tells Will he's on the way. She feels like everything they've done up to now has been in vain. He inquires if Cris was the one to set him up, is disbelieving when she tells him that Max is there and she believes he and Cris are working together. She vows to stay with Will.

Sam's House
Lindsay and Melanie bang on the door, calling out to Sam. Lindsay is distraught-she's being investigated because of the accusation of being involved in holding Nora captive. She wants to be left alone, she informs her ex and when the voices become raised, Lanie tries unsuccessfully to intercede. She goes off to look after Matthew. Lindsay tells Sam that he can go on with his life now with Matthew and Nora and Bo can too. Sam just chuckles and asks, "With whom, Lindsay? You?" He can't believe she thinks she can still get Bo back. She accuses him of still pining after Nora for 20 years; she begins the usual lament of Nora ruining their marriage. Unfortunately for Lindsay, Sam refuses to call off the investigation. She reminds him that tomorrow is daughter Jen's birthday and she's leaving town for a visit with her. He figures she's just leaving before a discovery is made but she denies it. She also cries that Will is lost forever but Sam insists he will find their son and bring him back to Llanview. Lindsay really doesn't want him back if he's only going to prison, she says, but Sam thinks it's because their son will squeal and tell about seeing Nora at Colin's house. She accuses him of failing to find Will before and he will again. Once she leaves, Lanie comes downstairs. She asks Sam if he's sure that Lindsay took part in keeping Nora captive. When he admits he needs proof, Lanie becomes thoughtful. She thinks she knows something but has to make sure. She wants to help him stop all of the lies. When the phone rings, Sam answers a call from Jess. She lets him know what has happened and begs him to come to Ireland right away to help Will. He'll be there he tells her, on the next plane. He won't tell Lindsay until after they arrive back home. He doesn't want her and Colin tipped off.

Police Station
Bo questions Jeff Barnes and his relationship with R.J. The former lab tech denies knowing the man. Bo thinks he's afraid of him and thinks a deal could be worked out. Bo wonders why R.J. wanted him to think Matthew was his son. Just then, R.J. bursts into the office and greets Jeff like an old friend asking if he needs any help. Bo advises him that he's already helping by establishing their acquaintance and orders Jeff removed. He wants to speak with R.J. anyway and accuses him of paying Jeff to change the recent blood samples. R.J. wanted Bo to have what he wanted so that he could take it away, Bo suggests. Lindsay wanders into the station and sees the two men in Bo's office, talking. She runs in and yells, "He's lying!" R.J. insists he has no idea what Lindsay is talking about and warns Bo that's he looking forward to their war as he leaves. Lindsay apologizes for the interruption and Bo wonders what is going on. She and R.J. were seen together, he informs her. She claims that R.J. just wanted dirt on Bo but she refused to divulge anything so he said he would spread lies. She's sorry he had to undergo the DNA test as it was all her fault from the start but she's had pictures in her mind of the two of them together with Matthew. Bo sternly advises her that it will never happen and tells her to go home. Bo receives a phone call from Sam on the whereabouts of Will and Jess. The commish will try to have John Sykes accompany Sam on the trip to Ireland. Sam reminds him that Will saw Nora at Colin's house. Bo looks after a crying Lindsay as she leaves the station.

Antonio's Apartment
Roseanne shows up at Antonio's place just as he's getting ready for the shower. She was having a restless night as she told him earlier, went out for a drive and just ended up there. She'll give him a ride back to the penthouse when he's ready. Antonio tries to suppress a smile as he tells her to help herself to anything. After he gets into the shower, she undresses. She heads for the shower...the two begin to make love.

Friday, SEPTEMBER 22, 2000

Antonio, Roseanne, and Sophia
Sophia is looking for Antonio because he didn't sleep at the penthouse. She asks a few questions at the station and then calls Roseanne to see if she's heard from him. Meanwhile, Antonio and Roseanne wake up together in his bed. Antonio says he's not sorry for what happened between them and that he has been fighting it for a long time. He does make it clear that he's in the middle of a divorce, starting a new job, etc. and not looking for a serious relationship. Roseanne says she isn't either, so they decide on "friendship and sex". Roseanne goes to take a shower so that Antonio can finally get to work. While she is showering Sophia shows up at Antonio's door. She offers to wait for him and give him a ride to the station and he makes excuses not to let her in the apartment. She jokes "if she didn't know him better that she'd think he had a woman in there". He finally tells her that he does (no names mentioned). Antonio then keeps asking Sophia if she's okay (she has tears in her eyes) and she assures him that she's happy for him and everything's fine. She barely makes it around the corner and then bursts into tears. Roseanne comes out of the shower and tries to flirt with Antonio, but he brushes her off, saying he has to get to work.

Bo & Melanie
Melanie walks in during Bo and Hank's discussion about Nora. She lets them know that she doesn't want Nora hurt either, and then Hank leaves. Bo greets her with a kiss. They talk a little about how it's going to affect Nora to find out the truth. Melanie thinks he should wait a little while, but Bo insists he owes Nora the truth. Secrets are what tore their marriage apart. She suggests that maybe they should back off their relationship for a little while, but Bo says there is no way he will do that. Melanie tells Bo there's something she's been keeping from him about Colin. She then recounts the night she saw him in the medicine room at Cherryvale and then found out a medication was missing. Bo realizes it's the same medication that Larry used on Nora to help restore her memory. She says she's not sure that Colin took it; only that it was missing after she saw him and he was acting suspicious. She doesn't want to think he could do something like that, but if he did he should answer for it. She also found it strange that his determination to get her back just vanished from one day to the next. She emphasized that she has no proof to connect him to Nora. Bo assures her they'll figure it out together, and they make plans to have dinner at The Palace.

Viki & Ben
Viki and Ben go to Colin's office to find out her latest test results. Ben makes a comment about Collin's involvement in Nora's disappearance and Colin insists that Sam must have misunderstood Will when he called. They finally get into the office, and Colin looks at the results and tells Viki they are not good. The cancer may be back. He thinks it may be a mistake, because it's such a turn from her previous test. He takes another blood sample and vows to supervise the test himself while they wait in his office. When Colin leaves Viki scolds herself about taking for granted that the cancer was gone. She worries if she only has a few months to live. She talks about how she would want Jessica to come home and get over her anger towards Asa and Cristian, and Joey and Kevin to make up. She even worries about Todd. Ben asks her what she wants for herself, and she says only to be with him.

Nora's room (with Asa)
Asa is at the hospital for a checkup, and congratulating Max (over the phone) on Will's capture when he accidentally sees Nora. He drops the phone, looking like he's seen a ghost, and then accuses her of being a ghost, there because she blames him for her death. She reassures him she's real, and can't believe Bo didn't tell him she was alive. Asa is overjoyed to see her, and then she makes a comment about "that husband of hers" and he realizes she thinks she and Bo are still married. She asks him for information about her and Bo, especially how their marriage survived her having another man's child. Asa tells her the only reason she did that was to give Bo a child because she thought he couldn't have one, and that everything she's done has been for Bo, and Bo learned to understand that. He assures her that she and Bo's marriage is "the best ever". She asks him if he's leaving anything out, because Lindsay's story was completely different. Asa goes into a rage, calling Lindsay "the devil incarnate" and tells Nora not to listen to a word from her. He also adds not to trust the Rappa-Davison's because they have tried everything to get between her and Bo. He says the only thing that matters is that her and Bo are together and those other people mean nothing to her. Nora then accuses Asa of lying to her, but he insists that he's telling her the truth and that when she's ready he'll tell her everything. Her nurse makes him leave, and on the way out he tells Nora how she's back with the Buchanans where she belongs and she and Bo are going to bring the family back together.

At the end...
*Asa goes to the station to confront Bo about Nora. Bo runs out as soon as he hears Asa's been talking to her.
* Colin walks back into the office with the test results.
*Hank walks into Nora's hospital room to find that she is gone.

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