OLTL Recaps: The week of September 11, 2000 on One Life to Live
Kelly was released from the hospital. Cristian left for Ireland to look for Will. Rae and Renee compared notes on giving up their children for adoption. Todd and Blair reached an agreement. The DNA test revealed that Sam was Matthew's father.
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Monday, SEPTEMBER 11, 2000

Todd puts up a fight at the penthouse and Roseanne has him arrested. At the precinct, Todd claims he never signed the penthouse over to Téa. Meanwhile, Sam and Bo discuss Mathew's paternity test. They decided to have the test performed immediately. R.J. overhears enough of the conversation to know they are discussing the DNA test. Later, he threatens Bo. Todd is released and must provide a copy of the penthouse deed in order to reclaim it.

Lindsay offers to help Nora with her memories. She recalls the food fight from last Thanksgiving, and how she saved Nora's life from the fire at R.J.'s club. Nora asks about Bo because Rachel told her the two of them were close. Lindsay explains that that was a very long time ago. Melanie walks in and hears Lindsay's twisted version. Larry comes in to take Nora in for some more extensive blood work at Melanie's request. Lindsay looks concerned as Nora leaves the room. Lanie knows what her sister is up to, and tells her it won't work. She tells Lindsay that she and Bo will never be together because he has feelings for her and that she feels the same...

Blair finds Cristian at the Serenity Springs Spa gym angrily hitting a punching bag. He tells Blair about Jess going to Will and claims he doesn't want her back. Blair informs him that Jess may be back sooner than he thinks—Max has gone to track her and Will down. After he leaves the gym, Cris asks Roseanne for the money she had previously offered him. He has decided to track down Will and Jess in Ireland. As Blair tries to relax at the spa, she opens her eyes to find Todd standing over her!

Will and Jess have breakfast together, but then Jess announces she is going back home. She explains that she just needed to hear his side of the story, and now she has to be with her mother again. Will begs her to stay—he has to know that she can trust him. Jessica can't give him an answer.

At the Palace Bar, Rae and Renee talk about giving up their babies for adoption. Rae has given up all hope and is going to stop looking. Renee, unable to handle the guilt, blurts out that Max isn't really her son!

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 12, 2000

Lindsay continued to badger Melanie about her relationship with Bo, who arrived during the confrontation and set the record straight. Lindsay stormed out after telling Melanie they no longer had a relationship. Bo found comfort in Melanie and told her they were doing the DNA test on Matthew. Meanwhile, R.J. had his own agenda for the test. After Renee told her the truth about Max, Rae explored the possibility that Max could be her son. Max showed John his manufactured DNA results in an effort to prove that he was not Rae's son. Blair reluctantly struck a deal with Todd with the hope that he would help her stop the computer virus. Roseanne gave Cristian the money to get him to Ireland, while Jessica was charmed by Will into staying for a few more days. Roseanne was intrigued when Antonio decided to move in with her and Sophia in order to keep them safe from Todd. Even though she was pleased that Antonio was moving in, Sophia denied to Roseanne that she still had feelings for him.

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 13, 2000


Ben and Kevin set up a meeting with Jackie and Harry, two of Ben's mobster friends to find out who set up the hit at the bar. The men are reluctant to help Kevin find out by his going undercover but finally agree. After Kevin leaves, Jackie admits to being worried about him and Ben tells him to make sure Kevin is looked after. Ben is told that the people involved have no moral code but he knows that Kevin won't back out of this. Harry tells Ben to look after Blondie.

Llanview Hospital

Kelly is sitting up in bed working on a new website design for The Sun when Joey drops by. She tells him she's ready to start her new life and he assures her he's ok. He realizes that she and Kevin weren't out to hurt him and when she admits she loves him and thought things could remain the same, he tells her they cannot remain friends. He hands her the business card of a divorce lawyer they can share. As Joey gets ready to leave, Kelly insists on giving him a hug, but he pulls away and rushes out the door. Once out in the hallway, he runs into Kevin who is on his way in to visit with Kelly. Joey tells him that she is working and that he needs to take care of her. He hurries away and Kevin goes into the room, embracing Kelly. They are both worried about Joey and know he's hurting badly, but Kevin orders Kelly to get back in bed without any worries for the next twelve hours.

Serenity Springs

As Blair and Todd are having a conversation, Max arrives and orders Todd to stay away from his wife. They threaten each other but when Todd announces that he feels sick and must be coming down with a "virus" and then talks about the new word, revenge, that Starr learned from Mommy, Blair manages to get Max to leave so that she and Todd can resume their conversation as Starr's parents. Todd and Blair have a shouting match; Todd wants more time with his daughter and wants his newspaper back and he will get rid of the virus for Blair. Blair wants him out of her life with Max. The two finally shake on the deal.

Hospital Lab

Lanie and Bo wait for Matthew and Sam to show up for the new DNA test. After they provide blood samples the lab technician tells them the results will be available in the morning. Everyone departs, while in the lab, gloved hands begin to remove blood from the test tubes. It's Jeff Barnes! Suddenly, John, Bo and Sam burst in, catching him in the act. Bo reads him his rights but he refuses to say anything and denies knowing R.J. The blood samples left out were not real and were left out as part of the setup. He's taken off to the police station, while Bo remembers that R.J. plans on taking away something from him that he really wants. Ben drops by in a show of support for his brother as Lanie reaches out to Bo. He again repeats what R.J. said to him. A technician, introduced as Rob, emerges from the lab, telling the commish that the official samples are sealed. They will all be there all night, as the tests are performed.

Police Station

R.J. and Rachel stop by and ask Hank to come out to dinner with them. He's working and unable to but Rachel announces she has an idea and excuses herself. R.J. inquires about Nora and admits to disrespect at her memorial service. He continues to blame Bo for allowing Todd to spirit Téa away which makes Hank still believe that R.J. is going to try something if he can. Rachel returns with Chinese takeout and as the trio is eating, John returns with Jeff Barnes in tow. R.J. looks up looking concerned as his brother asks if something is wrong.

Penthouse Sophia is busy making dinner for Antonio and herself and gets Roseanne to agree to join them even though she "hates" Officer Vega. During dinner, Sophia carries on a conversation while the other two continue to eye each other across the table. When Sophia goes into the kitchen to get dessert, Roseanne grabs Antonio's hand. Later, both women offer to help Antonio make up his bed but Roseanne says she'll do it since Sophia made dinner. The policewoman agrees and when Joey shows up looking for someone to go out with, Sophia decides to accompany him when the other two decline. They end up at Crossroads where Joey refuses to talk about his own life, while Sophia declares that she knows Antonio will change his mind about his feelings for her when he's ready. Back at the penthouse, Roseanne plops down next to Antonio, who is watching television. The two look at each other and begin to kiss.

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 14, 2000


While they attempt to play pool, all Sophia can think and talk about is Antonio and how sexy and unique he is in everything he does, even eating donuts. Joey wonders how she can live in close quarters with Antonio and Roseanne but Sophia claims she's taking it slow and all will be fine. Joe sends her home but before she goes, Sophia assures Joey that even though it might take a while, he will be all right post-Kelly.

Ben is worried about Sam but since he can't help him, he calls Viki in Florida and hints that he has a surprise planned for her homecoming. Later, Renee stops by for a drink in someone else's bar and compliments Ben on how he's put the place back together since the shooting. When he answers that he had to "get back on that horse," Renee begs him not to "sound like Asa, even a little bit," a statement which startles Ben. When he sees that Renee is upset about something, he asks if it is something Asa has done to her, but instead she thinks she might have done "something that's gonna hurt him." Renee confesses that she told Rae that Max might be her son because she felt she "owed" it to her, but now she is worried that the more people who know, the more chance that Asa will find out too and she is afraid of what that will mean to everyone. Ben assures Renee that it won't be her fault even if Asa does find out, a sentiment that causes Renee to tell Ben that he has become "an incredible friend" to her. She wonders why Ben couldn't have been her son and asks him if he would like the job. "...One of these days I might take you up on it..." he answers.

The Penthouse

Roseanne and Antonio are "taking advantage" of each other with their passionate kissing. Neither one can think of a reason why they shouldn't "be doing this," so Roseanne takes off her sweater and invites Antonio to join her upstairs in her "nice big bed." They only make it to the top of the stairs before Antonio hears a noise at the door: a locked out Sophia. Antonio explains that he couldn't sleep, and Sophia asks if he was playing solitaire to pass the time...hardly! She doesn't even get suspicious when Roseanne comes downstairs in her robe complaining that she couldn't sleep either because she got "too hot." Antonio asks about Joey, tells Sophia she is a "good friend" and sends her off to bed to prepare for their early shift. After Sophia goes upstairs, Antonio offers to get Roseanne a glass of ice water but she thinks they "melted all the ice" already so she goes up to her room alone. Later, Sophia comes downstairs to find Antonio looking at his wedding band and "thinking about Andy." While he "can't seem to take this thing off," Sophia tells him that when you love someone "everything reminds you of them" but that she is sure that when he is ready, he will know when to take off his wedding band and move on. Sophia covers that she knows about real love from prior experiences but she agrees that as partners on the beat, they will "pretty much get to know everything about each other." Sophia then offers Antonio a powdered sugar donut and they "toast" to "a really great day."

Llanview Hospital

In the DNA lab, the samples are ready for testing and it's going to be a long night for Sam and Bo. When Bo offers to watch over the testing while Sam goes home to check on Matthew, Sam declines, saying that the next time he sees him he wants to be able to truthfully say, "Daddy's home" and mean it. Bo realizes "it's a lot worse for you, Sam" but Sam would "rather not talk about it now" so they settle in for the long wait. Bo reads the sports page while Sam looks for a pen to do the crossword puzzle. As he searches, Sam pulls out reminders of Matthew from his pockets - a little truck, a red balloon, a deck of cards - and the tensions rise. Later, while they play cards, Bo comments that "overconfidence is a terrible thing to waste" as Sam "calls" Bo to show his hand; when Bo wins the hand and the M&M's they were playing for, Sam comments that Bo is "a very lucky man" and Bo replies, "sometimes." The two men agree that they want "to give Nora the truth about her own child" because she will be "relentless" about filling in the blanks of her life. Bo believes Nora will "put all the pieces together" but Sam is deeply saddened by what that means because he knows that until Nora recovers her memory, "she'll never know how she felt about me...only she knows that...our memories are mine alone now." Bo understands that feeling because for right now he is the keeper of his and Nora's memories, "how we met, how we fought, how we made up, everything." Sam hopes Nora's memories are "still in there" and, like with Matthew, she will have the connections if not the specific memories for now. "We'll have to make sure she gets to spend a lot of time with Matthew." Bo observes, "One of us will...poor little guy...if he turns out to be mine...neither his mother or his father will know him very well." At the end of the long night, the DNA guru announces that the waiting is over and he holds in his hand the "positive ID for Matthew's real father."

In the sunroom, Melanie offers a prayer: "Dear God, I know you're watching over Bo and Sam and especially over Matthew. Thank you for surrounding this little boy with all the love now and for the rest of his life. May Matthew's father cherish this gift always and help his son to grow in grace; and may the one who is not his father feel no bitterness. Comfort him in his loss and help him to continue with love in his heart. Amen."

Colin stops by Nora's room for a visit, (claiming he is "giving Dr. Wolek a hand") but Nora tells him she has been "warned away" from him by Hank. Colin observes that her "family seems overprotective" which Nora has "noticed." Physically, Nora reports she is doing fine, but she asks Colin for "any pills that will help me cough up more memory." He notes that she is "very determined" but advises that she "sleep on it...tomorrow's another day." As he tells her goodnight and turns to go, Nora shocks him when she tells him to "just call me Scarlet!" The idea "just popped into my head" but soon Nora realizes she is thinking about Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With the Wind because Colin had used one of her favorite phrases. They agree that neither Scarlett (O'Hara or Nora) "does patience" and Colin has to cover fast when he lets it slip that this is a fact he is "well aware" of. Luckily, he gets interrupted when Hank and Rachel stop by for a late night visit, although Hank is upset to find Colin with Nora and tells him he doesn't trust him with her and threatens to put him in jail unless he "humors" Hank by staying away from Nora.

Outside Nora's room, Larry meets up with Melanie and shares the results of Nora's more sophisticated drug tests. Very small traces of a drug related to a family of drugs that cause memory loss were detected and Larry wonders how Melanie knew to suggest the tests. Melanie covers by saying it was "worth a shot" when they hit the dead-end and offers that "a colleague of mine" may have had experience with the antidote Larry is considering using to restore Nora's memory. About this time, Hank and Colin step outside Nora's room and continue their stand-off. Larry warns Colin to "respect the family's wishes" but Melanie intervenes and offers to speak to Colin. When he tries to leave, Melanie stops Colin with her observations about his behavior: "Was she one of your patients?...If she has full recall, will she remember you?" Colin turns it around and accuses Melanie of worrying if Nora gets "full recall" she would remember Bo and that would threaten Melanie's relationship with him. She doesn't take his bait, so Colin claims he is "haunted" by the train wreck and that now he knows Nora is the woman he "wasn't able to save" but Melanie accuses him of hovering around to see "how bad the damage" was to Nora from the drugs he gave her. She doesn't have it all figured out yet but Mel promises Colin that "they" will. When he calls her on "they," Melanie claims it is Nora's "whole medical team" which will follow through on the cause of her memory loss.

Inside Nora's room, Larry confirms to Nora, Hank and Rachel that the memory loss was not due to either physical or emotional causes from the train wreck. Nora is sorry that "a good cry won't help" but jumps at the chance for "an experimental but highly effective" drug treatment. Rachel and Hank are hesitant, but Nora is insistent. Larry warns that the best case scenario is "nearly total recovery" of memory but that the long-term side effects are unknown and the drug probably could be given "only one or two times." Nora is excited to "get me back" and only hesitates when she realizes that "whatever memories I get, I keep. But those that I don't?..." are probably gone forever, Larry explains. Larry wants Nora to discuss all options with her family, but she has made up her mind. "I have to be able to trust myself...I hate this. I have people walking in this door with warm smiling friendly faces and they're a blank to me. They tell me all about these great times that we had and it's like they're telling me about a movie they saw that I didn't see...Empty stories told to me by strangers...I want to know Matthew...I deserve that...I want to remember what it was like to give birth to him and hold him in my arms for the first time and to remember what he looked like. The same experience that I had with Rachel, I want that with Matthew so I will take the treatment as soon as possible. The good, the bad, the ugly, I want to remember it. I have to remember everything."

Later, impatiently waiting for Larry to bring the drug treatment, Nora worries. "What if I remember everything and I hate me?" She doesn't get to dwell on that thought because Larry administers the drug and tells her to relax, close her eyes and breathe deeply. When she closes her eyes, Nora is back in the courtroom at the scene of her "trial" but now the courtroom is empty. She shouts that "It's not over...I want justice...I want to appeal the previous decision...please!" When she turns around, Bo and Sam are standing facing her. The verdict sits on the bench and she picks up the slip of paper but is afraid to open it. "Will I get my memories back?"

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Friday, SEPTEMBER 15, 2000

Sam and Bo learned the results of the DNA test. Bo congratulated Sam and insisted there were no hard feelings when it was revealed that Sam was Matthew's father. The drug helped Nora's memory return and she remembered Sam. However, after Sam told Nora about Matthew's paternity, it became obvious that her memories stopped at the point when she was happily married to Bo. Melanie comforted Bo and made sure she was included in his plans for the future. Todd and Asa sparred when Todd showed up at the mansion to see Starr.

Todd continued to put the pressure on Blair to get him control of The Sun. When Max insisted to Rae that he wasn't her son, Rae informed him that Renee told her he was a fraud. Renee had the chance to expose Max to Asa, but covered for him instead. Blair and Max shared a bittersweet goodbye before he departed for Ireland in search of Will. Kevin brought Kelly home and were surprised to find that Joey had set up a home office for her at Dorian's. Thinking of Todd's threats, Blair arrived and asked Kelly for a huge favor.

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