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Monday, August 28, 2000

Max explains to Rae that he understands how it feels to have lost a child. He recalls when his children were kidnapped. "However," Max states, he has the DNA proof that he is Asa and Renee's son. Sykes and Rae push that there was something that Daniel was trying to blackmail Max with; something that would prove who he really was. Thanks to some quick thinking, Max comes up with a story about his compulsive gambling problem and how he didn't want anyone to know about his past. Rae and Sykes leave, finally convinced Max is telling the truth. Blair and Max breathe a sign of relief and begin planning for their new baby. When Max leaves the room, Blair decides to throw away her birth control pills.

R.J. finds Lindsay at her gallery. He is angry because she isn't living up to her end of their bargain—she still hasn't given R.J. any information regarding Mathew's DNA test. When Lindsay tries to play cool with R.J. and threatens her. He knows she has seen the effects of the drug she bought and she may be able to experience it as well if she doesn't deliver. Because she knows Sam won't submit to a DNA test willingly, she offers R.J. Todd instead. She tells him Todd is in Llanview and is probably at Sam's.

At Sam's house, Todd continues to put on the act that he is looking for Nora. When Sam checks his mail, he gets another court order from Asa regarding Mathew's paternity, but fails to notice the airmail letter from Will. Against Sam's wishes, Todd reads the legal documents and discovers Asa's plan to take Mathew away. When Sam isn't looking, Todd reads and destroys Will's letter by eating it.

Roseanne goes to the diner and runs into Antonio. He accuses her of trying to find him. When she denies it, he asks for a little honesty. Roseanne can't believe he doesn't know why she is angry with him. Just as she is about to open up to Antonio, Sophia excitedly burst in—she and Antonio have made the squad! She hugs him and tells him how happy she is to be his partner.

Cristian finds the letter from Will and abruptly leaves Jess telling her he needs to meet with one of the realtors. He takes the unopened letter to the diner to show Antonio. His brother advices Cris to tell Jess the truth, while Roseanne says he should burn it. Confused, Cris return to Jess. In Ireland, Will overhears Liam and Deborah discussing him. They have called the police who should be arriving at any minute. Desperate, he places a call to Jess. When she answers he says he never meant to betray her and that he loves her. He hears the police and quickly tells her that the letter he sent will explain everything and hangs up. When the police open the door they find Will has disappeared. Jess calls the operator, and finds out Will was calling from Ireland. Just then Cris walks in. Jess asks him if he has seen an overseas letter.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Kelly wakes up in the hospital with Joey by her side. They talk about Kevin and Kelly lets her go. Kelly admits she will always love Joey. Joey leaves.

At Crossroads, Kevin walks in as Ben is straightening up the furniture. He asks Ben to help him find the people who shot Kelly. Ben tries to talk him out of it but eventually agrees to help Kevin. Joey walks in and tells Kevin to go see Kelly in the hospital. Ben offers Joey a drink and then leaves.

In the diner, Antonio confronts Roseanne about her attitude. She turns the table on Antonio and he admits that he is attracted to her but is unable to trust her. Sophia walks in on them arguing and Roseanne leaves. Sophia tells Antonio that she knows that he kissed Roseanne on the docks and that Roseanne feels used. Sophia does not believe that Antonio could use anybody so he must have feelings for Roseanne.

In Llanfair, Jess looks for Will's letter as Cris looks on with the letter in his back pocket. Renee comes over to offer her help planning their wedding and to pay for it as her gift to them. She offers the use of The Palace. Renee wants to give them the happiest wedding possible to make up for Asa's bad behaviour. After Renee leaves Jess resumes looking for Will's letter and Cris gives it to her.

At R.J.'s, R.J. first holds a gun to Todd's head, then tries to strangle him after Todd taunts him about Téa. R.J. next tapes him to a chair and puts a homemade bomb in his lap. Roseanne knocks on the door and tells R.J. that he was right about Antonio using her. R.J. won't let her in but she peers past him and sees Todd taped to the chair . She hurries away to inform Antonio about what she just saw. Todd realizes that R.J. is serious about killing him when R.J. turns to leave carrying a duffle bag and his Bonsai tree. When R.J. opens his door he is startled to see Antonio, Sophia and Roeseanne standing outside.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Kelly's Hospital Room

Kevin stops by to visit Kelly (is it the painkillers or Kevin that make her feel like she's "floating"?) He admonishes her for saving his life by putting her own on the line, but Kelly assures him she'd do it again "in a heartbeat." She explains that after she lost Ian and Drew, she felt cursed. Then Joey was shot at the lodge, compounding those feelings, and this time she didn't want someone to die "because I loved them...and I don't want to lose you..." After they kiss, Kevin regrets that he didn't do that "a long time ago...I should have done that to keep you from leaving town." Kelly asks Kevin if he thinks Joey will be okay with them being together because he had told her he "understood" and Kevin assures her that although it will take time, he feels his brother will be fine. He tells Kelly that he wouldn't be okay if he didn't have her and he again declares his love. Kelly reciprocates and they kiss again. Later, Kelly laughs about getting shot because it kept her from leaving town for some unknown destination where she would be "miserable." Kevin vows that this time he won't let her get away from him and that they will be together for a very long time.

Jessica's Bedroom

Cristian hands Will's letter to Jessica, admitting that he took it off her dresser and that he already knows what it says. Jessica thinks he is trying to protect her but claims there is "no way he can hurt me now." Cristian tries to explain his actions in keeping both the letter and Will's call secret from Jessica, but finally encourages her to read the letter because he knows "Will should get a say." Jessica is speechless as she reads Will's explanation for leaving her and finally asks Cristian if the words are true. Reluctantly, he admits that "the facts are pretty much right, but there's a lot more to it." He tries to explain his actions, but when he declares that he didn't lie to Will because it was really Todd's lies, Jessica hits him with the fact that he did lie to her and that is unacceptable. She is angry that Cristian felt he had to "trick her into doing what was right." "I don't even know who you are." A desperate Cristian claims that whatever he did, he did it for love. "We belong together...please tell me that you still believe that...and can find a way to forgive me." [Doesn't it sound like Roseanne's earlier dialogue recycled?] Anyway, Jessica likens Cristian's behavior to her grandfather's in trying to make decisions for her and keeping Will away from her which, she reminds him, she resents. When Jessica throws in his face that he had time to sleep with her before they made it home to her mother, Cristian wonders what Will has to do with their making love unless she only slept with him because Will rejected her. That was pretty much the last straw because then Jessica told Cristian there won't be a wedding – "now or ever." When Cristian tells her she "can't do that," Jess claims he is again trying to make her decisions for her. She takes out a suitcase and starts stuffing clothes into it because she is "going to find Will." Cristain begs for another chance "to make it up" but Jessica feels that she could never trust Cristian again. When he reminds her that she told him over and over again how much she loved him, that they belonged together and Will didn't matter anymore, Jessica doesn't take long to reply, "I guess I lied, too."

Irish Stable

Will drops his things in the corner of a stable and hides out from the constable. A young woman dressed for riding lies to him that she is the only one in the stable, but when the constable leaves, she calls for Will to come out and show himself. When Will stands up and asks why she didn't turn him in, she asks to hear a "real good reason not to."

R.J.'s Apartment

R.J. demands that Antonio and Sophia produce a warrant before they come into his place but Sophia claims there are "exigent circumstances" – a term she learned in the police academy which causes R.J. to tease them about being "cadets." Sophia informs R.J. she and Antonio were sworn in as officers and produces a temporary I.D. which she "accidentally" drops inside the door. As she goes to pick it up, Antonio forces his way into the apartment with Sophia, Roseanne and R.J. following. Of course, Todd is strapped to the chair with the bomb in his lap and isn't taking it quietly. Antonio orders everyone out, but Sophia refuses to leave "her partner" so Antonio reaches for the phone to call the bomb squad. R.J. grabs the box and pushes it at Antonio, admitting it is not real but "window putty" in a payback for the fake bomb Todd earlier sent R.J. at the country club. Todd claims he knew it was a "fake" which he says "pretty much sums up your whole existence, doesn't it R.J.?" Antonio "arrests" R.J. and then does the same for Todd. Sophia puts the tape back on Todd's mouth and gives him his rights.

Llanview Jail

In one cell, R.J. demands to see Hank. In the other cell, Todd demands out because he's the victim and "I got someplace important I gotta be...somebody's counting on's a matter of life and death." When this request is scoffed at by Antonio, Todd responds, "Then I want my lawyer...I want Sam here right now."

Llantano County Courtroom

Melanie walks up behind a pensive Sam standing in an empty courtroom and asks if he is worried or determined. Neither, he is "furious...frustrated...I can't get out of this place to look for Nora...I have to stop Asa from stealing Matthew." He is glad that Judge Fitzwater will be conducting the hearing and thanks Ben for coming to "show Asa our family is united against him" but worries that "Asa has at least one dirty trick up his sleeve."

Outside the courtroom, Asa is gloating to Max that he will have Matthew tested and then "the lucky world will get rid of another Rappaport." An angry Lindsay enters, brandishing her subpoena and claiming she won't testify "like this" even though Asa reminds her she earlier told him she wanted "to make sure the child's father is Bo." Max claims the whole thing is Lindsay's fault which causes Melanie to come out and tell the men to "back off" her sister because she knows what Bo would think of the whole mess if he was here. Asa acts insulted and counters that his advice for Bo is to "stay away from money-grubbing hussies." Lindsay thanks Melanie for "defending" her and wonders if it means that she doesn't believe what Sam has been saying about her. However, Melanie won't go that far, even for a sister she loves, and is luckily interrupted by Ben to come in for the beginning of the hearing.

Sam and Ben are shocked when Judge Simmons approaches the bench instead of Judge Fitzwater. He's the judge that signed the original order for a paternity test and also the one who threw out the plea bargain and sentenced Will to Statesville and, later, Sam to jail for contempt. None of these are reason enough for the judge to recuse himself or reassign the matter, of course. He claims if there is "a valid exception" he is "more than capable of recognizing it" and rescinding his original order so he denies Sam's motion. This sends Sam on a tirade until Ben calms him down, reminding him to just put on his case and not let Asa "get to you." Sam begins his legal argument that a grandfather has no standing to order a paternity test so Asa claims that his son, Bo, is the "likely father" and that Bo has "authorized" him to "handle" this. Melanie shouts, "That's a lie" which prompts Asa to observe, "Pretty women should be seen and not heard." Sam demands written proof but Asa will only offer "his word" so Sam asks to wait until Bo returns. Asa wants to "settle it once and for all" and Judge Simmons tells Sam to proceed. Sam produces a certified copy of the DNA test which Asa doesn't agree with so he demands that Lindsay be his "evidence" and his lawyer calls her to the witness stand. Lindsay stops on her way to ask Sam to help her so she won't have to go to jail. Although helping her is "about the last thing I want to do right now," he doesn't want Asa to win so he objects to having her testify because he wasn't notified that she was being subpoenaed. The judge overrules the objection, of course, and Asa takes over. "Okay lady, you messed with the test..." Sam objects to form and content and when the judge instructs Asa to ask a question, he does. "Did you mess with the test or not?" Lindsay takes the fifth, refusing to answer, but the judge directs her to answer and, again, Asa bellows. "You tried to keep Nora's son away from Bo so you could have him all to yourself, didn't you?...Didn't you? Didn't you?" From the back of the courtroom, a familiar voice is heard. "Don't answer him, Lindsay." Bo (with a vacation growth of beard and mustache) walks into the courtroom. Asa encourages Bo to "get your son back," which prompts Bo to take charge. "I am taking over...This matter does not concern my father...It's between Mr. Rappaport and me...we've already decided to handle this...on our own and privately...if my father persists, I'll join Mr. Rappaport and get a court order to keep him away from all three of us...Mr. Rappaport, Matthew, and me." Asa is astonished, shouting at Bo, "What kind of a son are you?" Ben answers, "Exactly the kind you deserve, Asa." When Asa tries to remind the judge that it's his order he is ruling on, Sam reminds him that he said he was acting on Bo's behalf and he can't have it both ways. Asa loses it and "warns" the judge to enforce the order but Sam has his own warning for Judge Simmons. "If you enforce this order, I'll insist on a complete investigation...and review of all your recent rulings...I'll take it to the Ethics Board and right to the D.A." When Judge Simmons announces his decision rescinding the previous order for the paternity test, Asa threatens, "The hell it is...You are gonna regret this." Ben congratulates Sam who is pleased that "sometimes the good guys win." While Lindsay approaches Bo to tell him she missed him and ask about his trip, Sam thanks Bo for "what you did here" and shares his big news. "There's something you should know, it's about Nora...Brace yourself. This isn't a feeling anymore. I have proof Nora's alive."

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Thursday, August 31ST, 2000

Will learns from the young American woman in the stable that he's at a boarding school. He tells her that he's not a criminal and that he did everything for love. She is disbelieving so he tells her about the past year of his life. She leaves and returns with some bedding and food for him. He tells her his name is Bill and that Jess is his love. She wishes she was Jess, she says, but she departs for the chapel before he can get her name.

Jess proceeds to buy a ticket for Ireland to search for Will. She refuses to talk to Cris except to tell him that she did love him and she thinks Will deserves a chance to explain. Max shows up, on his way out of town to do some business for Asa. He stops to ask Jess if she's going to visit Will. She and Cris invent a story on the spot of Cris flying off to NY to speak with an art dealer as Max continues to pry. Furthermore, no one knows the whereabouts of Will, Jess haughtily tells him. He finally leaves. The airport is filled with several hockey players, signing autographs as they wait for their flight. Cris can't believe Jess is doing this but she can't believe he lied. She removes the engagement ring and hands it to him. He tells her that he loved her for years, all along through everything and he won't be around when she returns. Will is probably waiting for her anyway. Jess boards the plane.

Sam tries to convince Bo that he spoke with Will, who told him that Nora is alive and that he wouldn't lie. Lindsay keeps interrupting the conversation, making comments insinuating that the whole thing is crazy and contrived. Sam tells Bo that Colin held Nora prisoner at his house because Lindsay told him to. He wants Bo to speed up an investigation. A cop steps in to inform the men of the arrest of both Todd and R.J. and that Todd is asking to see Sam. Bo questions Lanie on whether she thinks the whole Nora-Lindsay-Colin thing is possible. She states that she doesn't know what to believe but Lindsay was there. The whole thing would be too awful, even for her. Sam was there to search the house with the cops also. Lindsay sarcastically thanks her sister for backing her and then offers to take first Bo, then her sister to dinner but they both decline. Lanie wants to speak with Bo anyway so Lindsay departs. Lanie asks Bo about Nora and he tells her about what happened on the train and after. He thinks maybe someone could have rescued her if they "had their stuff together." He asks if Colin has been acting differently but Lanie admits that they are not totally back together yet, stumbling through her reasons. He thinks she should stay away from him. He has to find Nora if she's still alive, he says and blames himself if she's suffering. Sam never gave up because he really loves her, though Bo always thought it was grief. He admits that he's missed Lanie and wants to talk with her after this Nora situation is resolved. She agrees.

Sacred Heart Convent
Sister Agatha is pleased that Nora finally wakes up and wants to go home. She tells her that her husband is on the way, he's very concerned about her Hanen's disease. Nora appears confused and the sister thinks she'd better call him right away. Nora gets dressed and leaves.

Police Station
Todd tries to convince John that he is under false arrest. John asks him about Téa and figures Todd drove her away. Todd denies all knowledge of any of the previous events leading up to his arrest. Sam shows up, informing Todd that he has more important things to do and cannot help him. Todd states that Sam needs him to help find Nora. Sam thinks Todd knows something but he denies it, he just believes she's alive. Suddenly, Todd's cell phone, taken from him and in an envelope, begins to ring. Sam answers and it's Sister Agatha, calling about his wife. He tells her she must have the wrong number but Todd grabs the phone from him and speaks with her. He claims it's his former landlady, calling about Téa's things. She's not really a nun sister, but someone's sister. Of course, Sam doesn't believe him but Todd demands he get him released so that he can find Nora.

Colin's House
The doctor is listening to the tape of Asa's confession when Lindsay decides to visit. She is upset because Bo is back, knows everything and what if he finds Nora first? He's only concerned about Nora's condition and wondering who helped her escape from the house and why she hasn't been returned home. He's thinking that the antidote probably didn't work but Lindsay will go to jail, maybe not him because he has something to trade. Lindsay thinks they should stick together, not only involving Nora but in trying to keep Bo and Lanie apart. Colin admits that he no longer cares, will give Lanie her divorce and that Bo can have her. Lindsay thinks he's in love with Nora and it's a mistake. He only feels responsible for her, he says.

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Friday, SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2000

Police Station
Sykes and Bo discuss Sam's credibility concerning his insistence that Nora is alive. R.J. and Sykes exchange barbs about Téa. R.J. admits that he was seeking payback from Todd for taking Téa away from him. After R.J. is realeased, Sykes informs him that Todd has already posted bail and has been released.

Rae arrives and apologizes to Sykes for her callous comments. They kiss and all is forgiven.

Kelly's Hospital Room
Blair arrives carrying a large box of Belgian chocolates. As they sit eating the chocolates, they both reflect on how the shooting made them realize how much they love Kevin and Max. Blair tells Kelly she quit taking her birth control pills and admits that her plan for revenge on Max is off. She suddenly remembers the "geek" and his virus and runs out of the room.

Rae arrives and they discuss first Kevin and Joey then, Kevin and John, and how friendships can turn into romances. Renee overhears Rae tell Kelly that Daniel told her she has a son and it's Max.

The Palace Bar
Max tries to convince Renee that Asa wants her back and that she should come back home. She states that she is going to continue her divorce proceedings and wonders if Asa would be so cavalier taking someone else's son away if he knew that his son was a fake. Max tells her that Blair is trying to get pregnant and that she will become a grandmother, soon. Renee responds that she won't be a grandmother because she isn't his mother. Max tells her that he loves her and that he needs her and his children need her. Renee tells Max that "she just can't"

Sam arrives and finds Lindsay. He tells her that Colin wants to talk to him about Nora. Lindsay tries to act uninterested. Sam goads her into leaving with him.

Blair finds the "geek" and tells him to stop the virus. He tells her it can't be done. Blair tells him "she doesn't want to buy any encyclopedias" when Max walks in. Max tells the guy to get lost. After he leaves Max suggests that maybe they could use a set a encyclopedias for the baby. Blair runs off to find the "salesman."

Colin's house
Bo walks in and wonders out loud where Colin kept Nora. Colin denies that Nora was ever there and tries to convince Bo that Sam is delusional. Bo tells Colin that Lindsay wants to meet with Bo at Sam's house. He convinces Colin to come with him.

Sam's House
Sam, Bo and Lanie ambush Colin and Lindsay about Nora. Tension builds as accusations are made and denials declared. Lindsay starts to admit Colin is guilty and then backs off. Colin leaves. Bo, Sam and Lanie plead with Lindsay to tell them the truth about Nora. Lindsay denies everything and turns to leave. As she opens the door, Todd arrives with Nora!

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