OLTL Recaps: The week of April 17, 2000 on One Life to Live
Blair tried to make Max jealous. Will was sentenced to prison thanks to Asa, and Sam was jailed for contempt. Lindsay asked Ben to help her to get Will to leave the country, but Will refused. Skye tried to get Ben and Viki back together.
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Monday, April 17, 2000

Sam and Nora walk into the house and stare in shock as they spot Lindsay sitting with Matthew. She is calm and wondering where they've been; Nora wants to talk but first she wants to put the baby to bed. After she comes back downstairs, Lindsay wonders what's wrong. Matthew was safe with her and proceeds to detail events leading up to the present. She lies that her cell phone wasn't working. Nora insists that Lindsay took the baby because she blames her for the miscarriage. Sam wonders how Lindsay got back to their house. The women proceed to argue over the past test results changing and the current happenings. Nora believes that Lindsay was prevented from driving off completely with Matthew because of the flat tire she had. Lindsay is indignant and wonders how Nora can say such a thing, after her miscarriage and hormonal problems and all that she's been going through. Nora apologizes and Lindsay too, says she understands how a mother would react over a child. Suddenly, Lindsay's cell phone rings-she says the problem must have been out of area before-and finds out her car has been serviced. Sam offers to drive her to her car. He wants to know how Lindsay did what they both know she really did.

Max is followed into the house by Skye. He laments that his life is going up in smoke particularly now that Blair has her sights set on Ben. She wants to get back at him and he knows this because their minds are exactly alike. Skye laughs that it's ridiculous that he thinks Ben would ever marry Blair, especially since he still loves Viki. Max feels that Blair knows what men want though. Poor Max is still addicted to Blair, Skye says. He shows his feelings by punching her "boy-toy" when he comes looking for Blair who then threatens to sue Max. After Nigel comes by to escort Tim out, Skye offers to help Ben and Viki get back together so that Blair can't have him. Max thinks Skye is crazy but she wants to alter Blair's plans. He doesn't think Skye should be involved in Ben's life again.

Ben and Blair chat at Crossroads. She purrs that he's the only one who understands her and since she has no family or girlfriends, Ben is like her best friend. As she gives him a big hug, Sophia walks in, startled to see them so close. She asks Ben if someone can work for her and tells him about her brother's death. Ben puts his arms around her to comfort her and Blair is clearly annoyed. After he offers his help, Blair does too and suggests Sophia go off and make her arrangements. She then decides to leave herself and after she's gone, Sophia asks Ben if he knows what he's doing because Blair is after him. Ben acknowledges that he knows that, he's not stupid! He tries to cheer her up and she tells him she's learned not to wait to tell someone something important.

Kelly and Joey burst into Viki's hospital room-they're married! Viki and Kevin are speechless though Viki recovers in time to offer her congrats. Kevin pretends to be happy and leaves the room. Kelly wants to run to the car to get the pictures and meets up with Kevin outside. She tells him the elopement was spur of the moment because of Viki being ill. Kevin agrees it was the right thing and wishes her happiness. He asks permission to kiss the bride and Kelly agrees. The kiss almost becomes one of lovers rather than congratulatory but at the last moment Kevin kisses Kelly's cheek. She pulls away to get the pictures and he knocks over items on a cart standing nearby. Inside the room, Viki tells Joey she's ok with the elopement and he explains that they did it because of her health and because she and Ben are apart. He had to seize their love and not take it for granted.

Melanie is on her way to Viki's room and wonders why Kevin has exhibited the behavior that he has. He denies it until Jess happens to walk out of Viki's room and spots the doctor. She asks her if she'd like some cake and goes back in. Now she understands, she tells Kevin though he says he's happy. They go into Viki's room where everyone teases him for forgetting the knife. Kevin makes a "best man" speech about how wonderful love is. He wishes Joey and Kelly love. He reluctantly poses for a picture with the bride and groom. Viki shows her concern for Kevin whenever there's no one looking at her.

Blair walks in as Skye is about to kiss Max. She yells for Nigel to take the trash out while she and Max exchange unpleasantries. He spitefully kisses Skye goodbye then orders Blair to stay away from Ben or someone will end up in prison.

Will is looking for Sam to discuss his hearing. He apologizes to Nora for previous statements that he made to her. He admits he's scared of losing touch with the world while he's in prison. Nora tells him that everything, including Jessica will still be around and that Sam is proud of him for having grown. She assures him that Rachel was ok while she was away and he will be too. He's worried about his mom, he says, but when Nora informs him it will take time to get over the miscarriage, he says she's already past it.

Lindsay denies planning anything to take the baby, but Sam threatens her that she'd better never try to harm Nora or Matthew. Later, alone, Lindsay reminds herself of a previous conversation with Nora: no punishment would be enough for what she did and she's right.

Tuesday, April 18, 2000

Sam sits alone in the courthouse, practicing thanking the judge for allowing Will to redeem himself. Nora arrives and picks up on Sam's nervousness. She assures him that everything will be fine. Will arrives, and he reviews with Sam everything that will happen in the sentencing. He is confident that everything will be okay and thanks Nora for helping him. A nervous Lindsay arrives and Will thanks her for her help and support. Will leaves the room and finds Jessica outside. She gives him a stack of envelopes stamped and addressed to herself. She tells Will that it will give him something to do after visiting hours. Will hugs her and goes back to the courtroom. Cristian joins Jessica, and everyone files into the courtroom.

Everything begins as planned; Will pleads guilty and agrees with the plea bargain arranged. Hank recommends the sentence of a maximum of six months in the minimum-security facility followed by 300 hours of community service. Sam accepts the recommendation for the defense. Then, against Sam's advisement, Will stands up and apologizes for his mistake. He accepts full responsibility for his actions. Now, he says, he has learned what really matters: family, friends, and trust. He will do everything in his power to amend what he has done, and he appreciates being given the chance to do so. Judge Simmons then says that he has carefully reviewed the case and is ready to impose sentence. He tells the court that he does not agree with the recommendation of the DA's office. He sentences Will to seven years incarceration at Statesville penitentiary.

Chaos ensues in the courtroom as Lindsay, Sam, Hank, Nora, Jared, Jessica, and Cristian call out in Will's defense. Jessica declares Asa's involvement in the matter. She says that Asa framed Will, but they do not yet have hard evidence. Hank speaks up calmly, telling the judge that he believes a fair offer was made to Mr. Rappaport and he does not agree with the dismissal of his recommendation. This will hurt his own reputation and disrepute future plea bargains he makes in court. The judge says that he will not reconsider. Sam faces the court and announces that the defendant would like to withdraw his plea. He plans to appeal and move for a recusal; he will do whatever it takes to correct this outrageous decision. Nora apologizes for Sam's behavior, and calmly explains to the judge that it is due to the irregularity in deals being rejected.

Jared speaks up and says that while they have no proof, they have reason to believe that the defendant was set up. Nora says that it is only a matter of time before they will find proof that Asa Buchanan set up Will. Sam interrupts and accuses the judge of making a backroom deal with Asa. He says that this is not a court of law-it is a lynch mob. Sam is then escorted downstairs. The judge calls for order and announces that the sentence will be effective immediately. Nora requests that the defendant receive some time to get his affairs in order. The judge allows Will 12 hours to prepare for the sentence, and court is adjourned. Jessica and Cristian make their way over to Will. They tell Will that they will keep looking until they find something to help him. Will asks Jessica to leave him alone, telling her that he will see her later.

Jessica leaves with Cristian, stopping when she sees Roseanne sitting. She confronts Roseanne and yells at her for her part in all of this. She says that Roseanne should be the one going to jail now, not Will. Meanwhile, Nora tells Will that she is going to do whatever it takes to change everything. Will is still in shock about the sentence and thinks that everything is over.

Outside the courtroom, Ben confronts Max and orders him to undo what Asa did to inflict this sentence on Will. Max denies Asa's involvement, claming that it was just "tough luck" for Will. Ben threatens Max, saying that he is Asa's son, and therefore knows more about how Asa thinks and what he is capable of than Max does. In fact, he is capable of some of the same things as his father, and maybe he'll do some of those things right now. Max leaves, with Ben looking after him angrily.

Lindsay visits Sam in the holding cell. She fills Sam in. Both are upset, and Sam desperately wants to get out. Lindsay will not let her son go to prison. She does not want to lose another child. Later, Nora arrives with Sam's laptop and other papers and files for Sam to use, since he won't be let out any time soon. Sam thanks her and apologizes for everything he's done.

At the Buchanan mansion, Cristian and Jessica frantically search for clues. They vow not to let Will go to prison. Max shows up and wonders what they're looking for.

Back in the courtroom, Roseanne apologizes to Will. She says that she never thought it would go so far. Will tells her that he does not hate or blame her. He agreed to give her the money, and not because of his belief in love, either, but because of not believing in love. And, as it turns out, their efforts didn't do any good. Later, Will sits alone and imagines a difficult, painful, lonely life at Statesville. Ben arrives without Will noticing, and Lindsay immediately pulls Ben aside. She asks him for help getting Will away from here-far away.

Wednesday, April 19, 2000

Max won't give Jess and Cris any information as to Asa's whereabouts. Blair also tries to get involved. Max accuses Jess of disloyalty to her grandfather and Cris gets in Max's face, "If you can't speak to her with respect, then don't speak to her at all!" Jess separates the two and they leave the room. Cris tells Jess to go be with Will because he has a plan.

Lindsay enlists Ben's help to get Will out of the country. He agrees but says that this will be a difficult life for Will. Nora walks in on their discussion and demands that Lindsay put an end to this plan. Lindsay reminds Nora that she did the same thing when her daughter was convicted for murder. Will walks in and and puts an end to the conversation by saying he will accept his punishment because living on the run and never seeing Jessica again would be worse than going to Statesville. After hugging his mother, he leaves to go find Jess. Lindsay lashes out and accuses Nora of wanting her to lose her son. Later, Nora places a call to Bo, pleading with him to come to Llanview, which Lindsay overhears. Jessica finds Will in tears at the Buchanan lodge, "I knew I would find you here," she says.

Skye shows up at Viki's to convince her to resume her relationship with Ben. However, Viki doesn't trust her, and believes she has ulterior motives. Skye suspects something is physically wrong with Viki. She goes to Ben with her suspicions and he immediately leaves to see Viki.

Thursday, April 20, 2000

Buchanan Lodge

Trying to hide his tears from Jessica, Will tells Jess that her being there and believing in him makes him strong and he is ready to take his punishment. Jessica tries to convince Will (and herself) that she and Cristian will find something on Asa: "I won't let him get away with this..." But Will wants Jessica to "let it go...let go of me, too...I don't want you to serve my sentence with me...be out there in the world living for both of us...and loving, too, I hope...promise me you'll move on." But, since Jessica can't make any promises, she suggests they "live for now...not worry about what's gonna happen next" and go for a "magical" walk in the woods surrounding the cabin. Will is deeply touched by Jessica and shares that "I had no idea how wonderful you really are...it's gonna kill me to give you up now." Later, on their walk, Will puts his jacket around Jessica's shoulders when she is cold which leads to a kiss which then leads to Jessica asking Will to make love to her.

Asa's Mansion

Cristian is listening at the back door to Asa's office while Max gloats on the telephone to his "Pa" about the "done deal" and the "best part" of it being when Judge Simmons jailed Sam for contempt. Max sees the doorknob turn and realizes he has "one more little detail to take care of" when he catches Cristian and threatens to call the police. When Cristian accuses him of not being a real Buchanan, Max offers his DNA test as proof but actually Cristian was referring to the fact that "a real Buchanan never needed a cop to settle a score." Max almost takes Cristian's challenge to fight, but realizes his bluff and picks up the telephone to summon the police. However, he hangs up when Blair comes in and rescues Cristian. Blair decides to use Cristian to make Max jealous; she insists that Cris take off his shirt and then kisses him. This infuriates Max and he threatens to call the police again but Blair warns him that she will talk to reporters "on the record." Max thinks "it might be fun to watch" Blair "torpedo" herself, but he relents and claims he wants "a wife, not a sparring partner." Blair interprets this as Max being bored with Skye already. "You don't want a woman who throws herself at you...you want a woman you have to fight for." When Max challenges Blair to "go a few rounds now," she answers through tears, "Just because you want me doesn't mean I want you." Max gives up on Blair and goes to "visit" Skye. Cristian is impressed with how Blair "really let him have it" but Blair promises that "he'll be on all fours crawling and begging before I'm through."

Later, Blair tries to understand why Cristian wants to help Will instead of using his absence as a "straight line to Jessica." Cris explains that he doesn't want to wonder if "half of her heart is with Will...and what she would do when he gets out...she should be with the man she is supposed to be with...she shouldn't have to settle...I respect her too much to wish her any less." Blair is impressed with Cristian's attitude and his observation that she and Max wouldn't fight "if they don't care a whole lot about each other." When Blair tries to help Cristian find information on Asa's whereabouts, they are thwarted by Renee and Cristian is forced to confess that "Will is running out of time...I need to find your husband." Blair appeals to Renee to help Cristian.

Skye's Hotel Room at The Palace

Skye is expecting Max but is surprised by Kevin's appearance in her room and his demand to know "what kind of game" she is playing with his mother and Ben. Kevin doesn't accept Skye's simple explanation of "playing Cupid" because he feels she "would lie just to stay in practice." Skye then explains that she "hurt a lot of people" and therefore, like when she stopped drinking, is "trying to make amends...setting right what you made go wrong." But Kevin thinks it is merely about her latest "obsession" - Max. While Skye admits that she is "going for the gold" because she feels Max is "worth going the distance for," she challenges Kevin to admit that his current hostility is more about "his baby brother taking the woman of your dreams...and you can't handle it." Kevin believes that "I can live with it...what choice do I have?" Skye observes that Kevin seems "to have the strength to do the right thing" and asks that he "trust" her because she is "not out to hurt Viki." Kevin is afraid that "we end up hurting people even if we don't want to."

Later, Skye is happy to have Max arrive so she isn't "all undressed with no place to go" and Max is happy to be treated the "way a man should be treated...instead of treated like an enemy in my own house by my own wife." Skye warns Max to "be careful" of Blair because "she has the goods on you and the guts to use them if she wants to" but she tries to cheer Max up with her "good news": "Blair and Ben are finished even before they started." Max vows to "find a way around" Blair with "time and hard work" and enlists Skye as his "teammate" for the job.

Carriage House

Joey carries Kelly over the threshold into a romantic room filled with wedding flowers, candelabras and chilled champagne, explaining that since they had no chance for a real wedding ceremony or honeymoon he wanted to do something special. Kelly feels that "we're married...it doesn't get any more special than that" but Joey wants to assure her that her love has given him the faith to believe that everyone in his family will be fine. "Four years ago, I fell in love with you. And now, here we are. It just makes me realize that anything is possible as long as you listen to your heart." An "overwhelmed" Kelly begins to cry as she explains to Joe that "your happiness is the only thing that matters to me...yours is mine from now on. I promise that." Over champagne, Joey shares a journal that he has begun to keep about his "dreams" for the future and asks Kelly to add her dreams to the list. When they discuss a dream house with a tire swing, kids, a nursery, etc. Kelly admits she is suddenly "feeling really grown up...family, kids, tradition...that's real life..." Later, Kelly leaves Joey a note and slips out of the house.


Ben surprises Viki with his revelation that "Skye told me you were in trouble...I know we're not together, but just knowing you're somewhere in this world keeps me going..." Viki assures him that she's "very much in this world...I'm fine...don't make this any harder." But when Ben asks if she really wants him to turn around and walk out, Viki admits that she doesn't want him to leave - yet. First, Viki wants to get Ben's take on what Skye was up to by telling each of them that the other was in trouble. Ben doesn't have an answer, instead he opines that "If she's trying to give us trouble again, she picked a funny way to do it." Viki agrees, "I feel better than I have in ages." Later, Viki tries to turn the conversation around to how Ben is handling Will's problems; she expresses her sympathy for the entire Rappaport family and their "travesty." Realizing that Viki hasn't moved off the couch for his entire visit, Ben tries to trick her into coming to the window to identify certain flowers now blooming in the garden that had been in bloom the first time she brought him to Llanfair. Viki is forced to admit she has "been a little under the weather" with "whatever is going around" but refuses to let Ben check her out for his "own peace of mind," and instead covers by explaining, "I'm still kind of sick and you're so close." Ben doesn't buy this explanation and tells Viki about his "visions" while at Cherryvale Clinic. "I thought I saw you in the hallway on a gurney...I did see you...the only trip you took was to Cherryvale...you called out to me...I didn't imagine it...whatever you needed me for then, I'm here for you now..."

Friday, April 21, 2000

Viki's House

Ben came over asking if she is okay. She said she's fine. She even went as far saying she will tell him what's going on with her if would say what's up with him. He was about to, but then realized he couldn't. The secret was too much to bear. Viki felt if he could have the courage to tell her the truth (Asa's his old man) then she could tell him her truth (she has breast cancer). They couldn't bring themselves to tell each other. But they questioned themselves on when in their relationship were they not able to speak to each other.. neither one can remember. Ben left Viki, telling her he loves her very much. "And I love you," Viki says as he leaves.

Kelly comes by to ask Viki if she should tell Joey about the secret she's keeping (that she's yearning for his brother, nah!)... Viki said she couldn't help her because she's in a similiar situation. She said sometimes lies and secrets are the best way out. Kelly said, "you don't mean that." "Yes i do.", Viki replies. Viki said she wanted to tell Ben about her cancer when she found out and she could have said something today, but she didn't or couldn't. Kelly asks if it's because he would look at her differently. She said no, it was because she saw the pain it would have caused him and she couldn't bear it, even though she wants him to help her get through it. She said he is already going through something now that he can't say and it's causing him pain. It's kinder to keep the secret even though it is harder. Kelly then realized that if she tells Joey, she would be dumping it on him as well as her guilt. She would be leaving him with it. "Exactly," said Viki.

Skye's Hotel Room

Max kissed Skye after she massaged out the kinks in his back. They were about to go a step farther till Max stopped her. He said he would only be sleeping with her to get hurt Blair. Skye didn't care. She said have the rules of the game changed when we weren't paying attention. Skye told Max that the reason he didn't stop their affair was because of the powerful connnection they have. He said, "it sure didn't turn out the way I planned." "So why are you resisting the attraction between us?", she asks. So then Max leans in about to kiss her. Max tells her she's been nothing but loyal to him and Asa. She says she just wants him to be happy. Max asks about her progress with Ben and Viki... She said Ben will get back with Viki soon enough, then Blair would go back to him. He said, who knows what the future holds. He kisses her on the cheek and then grabs his stuff about to leave and says, "who knew I would have ended up liking you." Then he leaves, leaving Skye to sigh and get all teary eyed.

Asa's home office

Crisitian and Blair try to convince Renee to tell them where Asa is, but she's not convinced. Cris told Renee that Will has been sentenced for seven years and Blair jumps in accusing Asa of bribing Judge Simms. Renee said, Asa doesn't know what's going on here, and Chris says he does because Max gloated to him all about it because he overheard. Blair tries to convince Renee to do the right thing and Renee looks off. Renee reminds them that Ben left Asa for dead in the tackroom and then mentions revenge. So Cris said "when is everyone going to realize that this is not about revenge, Will could die in there." Cris asks Blair to leave them alone. She asks Renee to at least listen to him. Cris said he knew of her sordid past and he respects her for it because she knows how it feels to be on the outside looking in. "Yes, I do," said Renee. Will reminds Renee about what prisioners do to young guys like Will. Then said that Jess will be hurt and she's going to be worried about him. Cris said her heart will be broken.

Outside the Buchanan Hunting Lodge

"Make love to me Will," said Jess. "I thought you hated me?" said Will. "NO, I was just angry with you and I wouldn't listen to you, but I never hated you." They kiss again.... Will wants to know if she's choosing him over Cris, or is she doing this because he's going off to Statesville. She said no, and she's not sure what are feelings are because she's confused. Then she gets a call from Cris telling her Asa's holed up in some hotel in Baltimore. He tells her to meet her at the airport, so she leaves Will at the Lodge to twiddle his thumbs. Then he finally gets up and takes off. (So this is how he's spending his final 12hrs of freedom?)

Art Gallery

Lindsay tries to talk to the Governor on her son's behalf and she couldn't even get past his secretary. She threatens to call all night till she is heard and she gets hung up on. Bo walks in with apologies and tells her he should have seen this coming because Simms and Asa are old poker buddies, every Thursday night they had a game. Bo tells Lindsay that he knows how it feels to lose a son and he wouldn't let that happen to her. Bo said he has a meeting with Simms and says if it doesn't work out, then he will escort Will along with Sykes to make sure the Warden doesn't throw him in jail with all the wrong inmates. Bo asks Lindsay about the baby gown. She said it's Will's, he was christened in it. Bo says he won't be in there long with all the appeals they are going to file. They hold each other. Melanie is ringing the bell and looking at Lindsay's picture in the paper.

The Banner newsroom

Kelly comes by claiming to she needs to speak about the meeting and Kevin asks what the real deal is. She said "I really came by to thank you for helping me make the right decision." So then he says good night to her and in walks in the good o' Dr. MacIver (Linday's sis) to ask what is Viki's problem because there's more going on then her dealing with the cancer... (a lil bit nosy don't ya think?) Kevin reminds her to keep it confidential. She says she will and so Kevin tells her there is something else going on, but it's personal, nothing she could do. So she says to let her know if there is. Kevin agrees, but before she leaves she sees the next edition of the paper and sees a picture of Sis with Sam about Will. She asks where she could find Lindsay and he gave her Lindsay's address at the gallery. Then she asks if she could take the paper and Kevin says yes, if she promises not to show it to anyone from the Sun and she agrees.

Ben asks to join Kevin in his search on the dirt on Judge Simms. He passes him some folders and offers him a seat across from him. Ben said he saw Viki and hopes she's ok. Kevin asks him if he asked her and he shakes his head. Kev said that's what wrong with people they don't tell their feelings (then start speaking yours my friend!)... Ben asked if he was talking about him and Viki or himself as he poured two cups of coffee.(That's what I would like to know ) Kev confessed he's not the only one with problems. "It must be an epidemic," said Ben as he sat down and passed Kev his cup. Kev asks why he can't tell her his secret, he said because he can't change who he is. "Can't or won't?", Kevin asks. Kev tells Ben that is glad that there's not one drop of Asa's blood in him and his father left because of him because he can't stand him and neither can Bo. They couldn't take him anymore. "If Asa owns you then he'll swallow you whole, he ain't happy till he's swallowed the whole damn family!" (Great to say to your Uncle Ben Kev!).....

Asa's House

Max walks in and drops his coat and makes a bee-line to the liquor and in walks Blair. (OH she changed from the red blouse and black leather skirt to a long sexy skirt at the hips with a long side slit and a baby blue top... nice for teasing.) She taunts him. She knows something he doesn't know. She teases him about not having a good time. And he is really aggrevated.

Asa's hotel

"How am I suppose to recouperate in here!" Asa says as he opens the double doors to- CHRIS AND JESS FRENCHING IN HIS HALL!! He looks as shocked as I do! (what is their plan?)

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