OLTL Recaps: The week of March 20, 2000 on One Life to Live
Viki danced at Crossroads with Ben, but she turned down his marriage proposal again. Nora decided that it was time to tell Bo the truth. Blair forced the truth out of Max and asked Sam to help her get a divorce. Lindsay had severe pain after arguing with Nora. Viki prepared to go in for surgery.
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Monday, March 20, 2000

Sophia and Ben were at Crossroads, getting ready for the grand reopening, when Sophia picked up the phone to call Viki about attending. Ben grabbed the phone away from her, as she whined that she only wanted an "A" list of guests to attend.

At the same time, Viki was at home and picked up her newspaper to read the Crossroads reopening advertisement. Just then, Kevin dashed in, asking her to look at something for Sunday's paper. Jessica wandered into the room to tell her mom that her friend had canceled their shopping trip while Joey walked through the door, arms loaded with groceries. When Viki saw that the bags contained vitamins and high-fiber, low fat foods, she immediately told her children to knock it off.

Viki said her children were driving her crazy with all of their love and attention. It was nice, but she didn't want them to put their lives on hold for her, and she would not give her cancer any more attention than it deserved. She wanted to live with cancer, not suffer from it, and would not be a martyr. The kids were silent momentarily, which caused Viki excitement, and then Kevin began to laugh. She wanted them to act normally, but Joey seemed unable to accept any of it.

At the police station, Will told Sam that he believed Bo had a lead from the information he had obtained from Asa's computer, but Sam was irate over Will committing an illegal act. Will was just happy that Sam was acting like a father, but Sam said he would like to celebrate a father/son moment at another time. Bo and Hank showed up and admitted that the lead hadn't worked out. The banker was in the Cayman Islands and didn't have to go to Llanview to testify. Besides, if he was involved in shady activities, he would probably lie anyway. Sam suggested his son leave and calm down, while Sam would stay to talk to the two men.

Hank told Sam they had a strong case against Will, but he offered to make a deal: have Will plead to a lesser charge, and though he would get 20 years, he's settle for five, the D.A. informed Sam. Of course Sam would not accept that because he had told his son that it was not a lost cause. Bo was afraid he'd gamble and lose, but Sam said he would not let Asa win. Hank advised him that the deal was available for 24 hours.

Bo thought Sam should accept it, but Sam said Bo wouldn't accept it for his own son if he were in Sam's place. Bo said he was on Will's side and accused the Rappaport-Davidson family of trying to take the law into their own hands. He suggested Sam talk the whole thing over with Nora, but that opened up a whole new can of worms. Sam said it was all about Nora in the first place, but Bo said it had nothing to do with her. The lawyer yelled that it had everything to do with all of them, but when Bo said their own individual problems were their own business, Sam informed him that there had been a problem since New Year's Eve.

Nora had a pretend conversation with Lindsay on her way up to the gallery to see her. She wanted Lindsay to reveal her pregnancy and tried to figure out the best way to approach her. When Nora arrived, Lindsay was angry to see her and angry because Nora had told Will about her wedding day statement to Bo, pretending to be pregnant. Nora tried to intervene to explain exactly what she had told Will, but Lindsay wouldn't listen to her and ordered her to leave.

Kelly showed up at the Buchanan mansion, where Kevin greeted her. She told him she was over him, and he was the one who was alone, not her. Joey revealed Viki's illness to her, and though she was shocked, she told Joey that she wouldn't say a word to anyone. He informed her that Kevin didn't want her to know, but Viki understood. Kelly soothed Joey and told him they needed to go out more, and she wanted him to take her to lunch.

Sophia made fun of Ben and his tablecloths, and when he snapped at her, she remarked that she worked for the two grouchiest men in Llanview, Ben and Bo. Ben became angry as she began to compare the two men, but just then, Lindsay stopped by with prints for the place. She requested water and crackers, and when Sophia mentioned oysters, Lindsay ran off to the ladies' room. When she returned, Ben grabbed his doctor kit and proceeded to check Lindsay over.

Lindsay claimed her symptoms had just started, but Sophia, nearby, remembered that the sickness had been around several weeks before. Ben sent Sophia off to see to the guests. He disclosed that Lindsay was pregnant and asked how far along she was. She denied it, and he wondered if the baby was Bo's. She asked what difference it made, and just then, Bo walked in.

Viki was waiting for Nora at her house and apologized for her actions the last time they had seen each other. Viki wanted to help Nora out with her problem, and Nora informed her that Lindsay was pregnant. She admitted to hating Lindsay because Lindsay was having Bo's child, and she was not. Viki asked her if she wanted Bo or the child, and Nora said neither because she had a child and loved Sam, but Lindsay had the life that Nora had always dreamed about before. It wasn't Lindsay's dream. Viki couldn't give her advice but thought Nora had already decided what to do. Nora thought about it and agreed -- she'd have to tell Bo.

Will stopped by to visit Jessica and to tell her that the lead hadn't worked out. Jessica had an "I told you so" attitude. It was his last chance, he said, and his next stop would be Statesville. He apologized over all that had happened, especially for hurting her, and admitted he should get life. As he turned to leave, Jessica said maybe something would be figured out, but Will admitted that if he were on the jury, he'd find him guilty. They thought maybe they'd meet later in the evening at Crossroads.

Viki arrived home just as Joey and Kelly left for lunch. Kevin stood nearby, looking on as Kelly gave Viki a hug and offered her silence and help. He was happy for them, he told his mom after they left. He asked Viki out, but she declined, telling him he was "doing it again." He went upstairs. She picked up the paper to read about Crossroads again, and after the cleaner delivered some of her clothes, she decided to go there one more time.

Nora was having a fake conversation with Bo. Just as Sam walked in behind her, she was pretending to tell Bo there was something she had to tell him.

Tuesday, March 21, 2000

Sam walked in and found Nora (played by Felicity LaFortune) rehearsing a speech she wanted to say to Bo. Sam slammed the door, and Nora immediately told Sam it was not what he thought it was -- about her and Bo in any romantic sense. He told her it was all right. He was there to see Matthew and to tell her about the new development in Will's case.

Bo saw Lindsay at Crossroads and asked if she was okay. Lindsay and Ben said yes. Bo wanted to know why the doctor's bag was on the bar, and Ben said Sophia had wanted to play doctor. Bo said he didn't think it was a good idea for Sophia to pick up extra hours working at the bar. Bo wanted to talk with Ben but said he hadn't expected Lindsay to be there. She told him she had delivered pictures that Ben had ordered for the opening of Crossroads.

Bo told Ben that even though Ben and Max had told a similar story at the hospital, it didn't mean it was true. Ben said if Bo didn't believe it, that was his problem. Bo told Ben to stay away from Asa and that things weren't looking good for Will. Bo said if Will ended up in prison, he didn't want any trouble from Ben.

Skye went in to see Asa and told him she had broken up Max and Blair's marriage. She told him Max was crazy about her and that Blair had seen everything and was probably packing her bags. She said Blair would be out of his house and life for good. Blair was dressed very sexy and lighting candles, spraying perfume, and throwing rose petals on the bed. Max entered the room and wondered if he had forgotten his birthday or something. Blair kissed him.

Asa smiled with what Skye told him, and Renee walked in, took Skye outside, and fussed at Skye about telling Asa "pie-in-the-sky mind rot." Renee told Skye that Max could never fall in love with the likes of her -- "a scheming she-dog with her tail tucked between her legs, whimpering for attention because that's the only way she can get a man." Skye said Max loved her and that Renee would be her mother-in-law soon. Renee said that was a lie. Skye told Renee that Blair had heard and seen what had gone on between Skye and Max and that Max was probably dealing with Blair at that moment because she was probably distraught.

Max and Blair were drinking Asa's fine champagne, and Max wanted to know why Blair was dressed so sexy. Blair asked Max if there was anything wrong with a loving wife surprising her faithful, adoring husband with much-deserved attention and romance. Max said if there was, he didn't want to know about it, and Blair said she owed it to him. She confessed to wishing Asa dead and that she hadn't helped Max any, and she said it was wrong. She said she was supposed to stand by her man and trust him, and she did. She wanted Max to love her and trust her too.

Nora was upset with what Sam had told her about the deal they had offered Will -- five years in prison for embezzlement -- and that Asa had set him up. Sam said he had told them to "take the deal and shove it." Nora said that had been the right thing. Sam thanked Nora for caring and for being outraged. Nora said it was just a rotten deal and that Sam didn't deserve to watch Will go to prison. Nora told Sam he had never been her second choice.

Ben told Bo he didn't care about Asa. Bo and Ben went at it about Asa, and Bo wanted to know exactly what had gone on in the tack room. Ben told him to "go to hell."

Sam told Nora they didn't have to talk about their feelings, and Nora said yes, they had to. She proceeded to tell Sam how she could pick his voice from a crowd, and she felt safe with him. She said he knew her better than she knew herself, and that was why she had fallen in love with him. She knew it had cost him. She was trying to fix it, and Sam said he wished her luck.

Ben told Bo he pushed people around when he didn't get what he wanted. Bo said it sounded like Ben was talking about himself. Lindsay asked to speak to Bo alone. Skye entered Crossroads and spoke to Ben. Skye told Ben she would keep his secret, and Ben asked her if she was still threatening Max. He told her she should try to see if a man wanted her for herself and not because she had something on him. She said she liked being bad and liked it better with Max than without him. She told Ben she was glad he had decided not to be a Buchanan because that meant she got to marry one.

Max told Blair her speech had been right from the heart. She told him it was one of the hardest things she'd had to do, but it had been worth it. Blair started to kiss him, and Renee burst through the door and asked to speak to Max in private. Blair seethed.

Renee told Max that Blair knew. Max said it was under control; he had a plan. Renee said Blair knew everything. Max said he'd know if Blair was up to something. Blair wanted to know what Renee had wanted. Max said nothing. He proceeded to kiss Blair and said that Renee had told him Blair was out to get him, and asked if it was true.

Nora went to Bo's office and started to write him a note to call her. Hank walked into the office and wanted to know what she was up to. He questioned her about what she wanted with Bo. He said it was not a good idea to leave a note for Bo and told her Bo was not doing so great and that she should think twice before she left it.

Bo told Lindsay the deal was on the table for 24 hours for Will. Bo said the evidence was strong against Wil, and if convicted, Will could get 15 to 20 years in prison. Bo told Lindsay to talk to Sam and then told her to take care.

Joey and Kelly were sitting in Crossroads, and Joey was in a mood about his mother. Kelly reassured him that Viki would be all right. Joey said Ben didn't know about Viki's illness, and Kelly said she'd beat the disease. They kissed. Sophia asked if she could get Kelly a drink after Joey left to get drinks. Kevin entered the bar. Kevin and Kelly made eye contact. Kevin left.

Joey returned to the table. Sophia told Joey that she and Kelly had been talking, and Kelly had said she'd forgive Sophia for making up all the lies about Kelly and Kevin. Joey was surprised and said he'd forgive her too. Kelly made an excuse to leave the bar and went outside. Lindsay asked Ben if he had told Skye about the pregnancy and thanked him for not telling Bo. Sam walked into Crossroads. Lindsay told Sam she was scared about Will.

Nora told Hank it was not like when she had disrupted the wedding and then told Bo she had feelings for him. Hank told Nora that she spoke first and then thought later. He said what she was doing to Bo was not fair. She said the note wouldn't hurt him, and he'd want to know. Hank told her it had better be something Bo needed to know.

Blair asked Max why she would be out to get him. Blair lied about speaking to Skye. Max told Blair what Renee had told him about leaving Blair for Skye. He asked her again. Blair said if she had talked to Skye, she wouldn't have believed her. Blair threw Max off by kissing him and telling him she loved, needed, and wanted him.

Kelly went after Kevin, and he told her to go back inside. Kevin told her he didn't have feelings for her, and she told him to look in her eyes and say it. He admitted it was a lie.

Renee told Asa she was worried about Max. She told him it was Blair. Asa said he was going to take care of Ben for life. Renee wanted to know what he meant. Ben asked Skye why she wanted to be a part of the Buchanan family. Sam asked Lindsay if she was sure she didn't want to tell Bo about the baby. She said she was positive.

Nora was still in Bo's office, trying to leave the note. She opened the door, and Bo was standing there. Blair and Max made love. Max told Blair he trusted her, and then he started to get dizzy. He asked Blair what she had done to him, and he passed out.

Wednesday, March 22, 2000

Nora ran into Bo at the precinct. She told him she needed to share a secret that could change his life in a good way, but he didn't want to hear it. Bo believed Nora just wanted to talk about her "feelings" for him and getting back together. Bo said he was just happy being alone. Nora, infuriated by his arrogance, stormed out telling him it served him right if he never knew the truth. When she found Sam at home, sharing a tender moment with Matthew, she reconsidered her decision.

At Crossroads, Will told his parents he was considering taking the plea bargain of five years at Statesville that Hank was offering. However, Lindsay and Sam convinced him to have his day in court. Viki and Ben talked and shared an intimate dance. Viki broke away in tears and told Ben it had been a mistake to go there. Ben responded by saying it would never be over between them. Sophia saw Kelly and Kevin putting an end to their feelings, but mistook it as another indiscretion on their part.

A groggy Max woke up in Asa's tack room, naked and strapped down. Blair stood over him in doctor scrubs with a drill in her hand. She threatened to fix Max's "brain damage" once and for all. Finally, he admitted to the affair with Skye and to lying to Blair. Enraged, Blair screamed that he had turned her love into utter hate, and she pulled a gun on him.

Thursday, March 23, 2000

Bo stopped by Asa's room at Llanview Hospital and made Asa laugh with a joke about his nurse being "on work release from Statesville." He was more serious when Asa asked him to "show loyalty to this family." Bo asked if Asa wanted him to prove he was loyal by murdering Ben; he explained that he had heard the earlier conversation with Max and that "nobody will kill anybody." Asa started in again about Ben trying to kill Max and how his dream was "a real thing, a warning, proof to me and Max" of Ben's threat to Max. Bo wondered if Asa had noticed that Max was just a "yes-man."

Bo wanted his father to know "for the record, I love you, too" and that he hated that he had almost died because they wouldn't have had the chance to be father and son again. Asa challenged Bo to show "that you can be the son that you're supposed to be." Bo, of course, just wanted the "feud" to end, but Asa "ain't gonna rest until I talk about Benjy in the past tense."

Bo blew up at Asa. "I'm not your enemy. I don't want to fight anymore. I want peace, in town and at home, but if I can't be your son, don't make me your jailer," Bo said. Asa reminded Bo that he had "lied along with Nora to turn some Rappaport into one of us so you'd have a kid to keep the Buchanan name," but thought it might be better because "at least you'll never know how it feels when your own son turns his back on you."

Will took Lindsay to the Emergency Room because of "stomach cramps" but, out of Will's earshot, she explained that she was ten weeks pregnant and had been "spotting today." When the doctor began an ultrasound, Lindsay was frantic that "no matter what, I can't lose this baby. It has to be fine," but refused to "involve the father" because she was "having the baby on my own." When the doctor confirmed that Lindsay hadn't miscarried and printed out the heartbeat scan for her, Lindsay was thrilled and promised to follow the doctor's orders of bed rest.

However, Will didn't play along with Lindsay's explanation of "indigestion" and spilled that he "knew before we came here, and someone else is in on the secret -- Nora knows, too." Lindsay accused Nora of "setting Will up to spy" and feared that "she is gonna use this to hurt me," but Will thought that "Bo deserved to know. She just wanted to help. She'll handle it if you get together. She wasn't on one of her crusades. She was different." When Will confirmed that he thought Nora "might" tell Bo, Lindsay panicked and demanded that Will "take me to Bo's right now."

At their home, Sam asked Nora "what is it that you don't want to tell me but you have to?" Looking at Sam holding Matthew, Nora told him that "Matthew made our love tangible and made it grow. No matter what happens between us, we'll always love the part of each other that's in Matthew. I realized how close we came to depriving you of your son." Sam explained that he "thought I could do it, but I hadn't met Matthew yet. I don't think I could have lived knowing that my son wasn't being raised by his father."

Sam agreed with Nora when she asked, "It's really important for a father to know his son, isn't it?" but misinterpreted and thought she was trying to tell him something about Matthew. When Nora assured him she wasn't keeping anything about Matthew from him, Sam attributed her "strange mood" to something about Bo and didn't "want to talk about anything that is none of my business," which made Nora "very sad." Sam apologized and confirmed that "if there's anything you have to tell me or want to tell me, I am here for you."

Sam and Nora had a discussion about always wanting to make their kids feel safe and protected, but Nora thought all they could do was "give them roots and wings. There are no guarantees...just keep doing the best we can." Sam "knows a loophole" and promised Matthew that he could "guarantee that both his mother and father will love him until the end of time because every child deserves to be loved by both his parents." Nora agreed with him and got a guilty/wistful look again.

Later, Jared stopped by to inform Sam and Nora that he had told Hank everything and had taken a voluntary leave. He apologized for letting "a lot of people down." Sam concurred with Jared that the "truth always catches up to you in one way or another," which caused Nora to ask Sam to babysit for Matthew because she had "an errand I have to run."

After Nora left, Sam thanked Jared for putting in a good word with Hank to lighten up on Will but explained that he had turned down the offer because he would not have his son "admit to committing a crime he did not commit." While he had "no intentions to compromise the D.A.'s case," Jared suggested to Sam that he "remember Ohio v. Watson." Sam thanked Jared for the suggestion and told him to "hang tough." After Jared left, Sam recalled what Nora had said to him about fathers and sons and realized what Nora's "errand" was; he immediately left an urgent message for Lindsay.

In Asa's tack room, Blair stood over a strapped-down, naked Max. Holding a gun to his head, she wanted to know if he was trying to "sweet-talk good old Blair one more time," but Max declared that he was "deeply, passionately in love" with her. Blair wondered, "What's a little phony passion to a man who could fake brain damage?" and accused Max of selling her out. "You had pure gold right in your hands, somebody who loved you more than anything. You threw it away like trash. You knew Skye was no threat to us."

Max surprised Blair with the fact that Skye had the "one piece of evidence that could bury us" -- the original birth certificate -- so he'd had to "make a split-second decision and it worked..." until he "told her I love you and not her. She ran to Ben, but Ben hates Asa so much, he wants me to stay Asa's son." Max thought Ben would confirm that to Blair if she agreed to keep his secret. He wanted Blair to believe he "did it for you. I hated every second I had to spend with that neurotic loser."

Blair accused Max of enjoying feeling like a "real macho man" by keeping two women "satisfied," but Max dismissed it as a "nightmare" he hadn't been able to escape because of his fear of Blair's reaction. Blair breathed fire as she declared, "Maybe I could have forgiven you, maybe we could have worked it out, but I had to hear it from Skye -- how you laughed at my expense, how great the sex was. Not anymore."

Max begged Blair not to pull the trigger because that would take away "any chance for the dreams we had for us and our children," but Blair declared that Max had "killed that dream." Max then told Blair to "do whatever you have to do. If I die, know I died loving you -- and only you. I was wrong. I love you. We can still work this out." Blair kissed Max, turned, and left the tack room.

Outside Crossroads, Ben told Viki he had thought she was giving him another chance and professed that "being without you is like dying a slow death. I'm not the same man who walked out on you." While Viki believed that Ben was "fighting very hard not to be that man," she wanted him to understand that "the future is a very uncertain place." Ben declared that "we can face it together. We're alive. We have a lot of years to do it right. I love you. Let's end this future of not being together, marry me -- tomorrow."

When Viki answered, "I can't marry you tomorrow," Ben begged her not to turn him down. "We can make this happen. We'll go back to Florida. We'll dress for dinner. We'll dine like royalty. We'll go dancing, close and slow. We'll lie on the beach in the moonlight and make love until dawn. I want to hold you again. I feel you with me all the time. When I close my eyes, I can feel the touch of your skin. I ache to touch you again."

What Viki heard over Ben's speech were the echoing words of her doctor about "modified radical mastectomy" and "chemotherapy if the cancer has spread to the lymph system." Viki passionately kissed Ben; when she pulled away, he declared that "the past is behind us now -- the pain, loss, anger are all gone. We have everything ahead --our love, our good health...we'll have a beautiful life together. We'll grow old together, just like we planned."

Viki broke the spell by declaring, "I can't make this any easier for either of us. It's a beautiful fairy tale, and it can't come true." Viki turned and walked away from Ben.

Bo entered his apartment and turned the Beach Boys on the stereo while he checked the mail. There was a postcard from Clint saying he'd been "keeping regular tabs on Pa. He tells me Nora's free again," which Bo tossed aside, and an envelope containing several snapshots from his almost-wedding to Lindsay, which Bo looked at while the Beach Boys sang, "Wouldn't it be nice?" Bo tossed the envelope on the desk as he put on his coat and left the apartment, but he didn't close the door behind him.

Later, Nora went to the apartment and was confused that the door was open, but Bo didn't answer when she called his name. She hesitated but decided to enter the apartment, took off her coat, and observed the photos on Bo's desk. Bo returned carrying a pizza box and saw Nora looking at the pictures.

Friday, March 24, 2000

Max was tied up in the tack, room calling out for Blair to release him, still tied with straps to the table.

Blair was at the main house, taking a drink, when Skye walked in and told her to get on with her life and face the fact that Max loved Skye. Skye said when Ben split with her, she had drunk to try to forget Ben. Skye then told Blair that Max had moved on and that she and Max really loved each other. She told Blair not to stand in their way. At that time, Blair pulled a gun on Skye.

Viki was in her kitchen, making lasagna and freezing it, when Jessica walked in and asked her mom why she was cooking at 9:00 p.m. Viki said she was going to the clinic the next day, and she did not want to worry about Jessica not having food while Viki was gone. She felt better preparing food for Jessica.

Sam kept calling Lindsay on the phone, leaving messages for her to call him as soon as possible. Ben walked into Nora's house, where Sam was babysitting, and Ben said he was hungry and wanted to see his brother.

Nora, at Bo's room, was looking at the wedding photos of him and Lindsay when he walked in with a pizza and saw Nora. He turned around and walked out as she kept calling his name. While passing in his hall, Lindsay approached Bo, asking if Nora had told him anything, and he kept walking. Lindsay entered Bo's and found Nora. The two went at it. Lindsay insisted Nora had told him, and Nora claimed she had not told him anything yet.

At Rodi's, R.J. ribbed Antonio about his life, and John stepped in and warned R.J. to watch himself or to leave and keep going over the state line. John and R.J. went head-to-head until Bo stepped in and told R.J. that it was not the day to press him.

Antonio was telling Cristian that Roseanne's attorney had stopped the annulment when she showed up and told him he was married to her. He said he was in love with another. She told them she was rich, and they didn't know what she had planned.

Asa's butler went to the tack room and thought that Max and Blair were having sex games because Max was all tied up, and he started to leave, but Max convinced the butler to release him.

Sam and Ben talked about the witness in the Cayman Islands, and Ben got a gleam in his eye. Sam reminded Ben that kidnapping was against the law.

Blair was still holding the gun on Skye when Max walked in and took it from her. Blair said, "Trying to save your girlfriend?" and he said, "I love you," as Skye looked on in shock. Max told Blair that Skye meant nothing to him and never had. He wanted to go upstairs and talk to her. Blair left. Skye said, "What is going on, Max? You love me."

Lindsay and Nora were still talking about the baby, and Nora insisted if she had not broken up the wedding, Bo would know about the baby already, so she did feel responsible. Lindsay told Nora she was twisted, having her son spy on her, and he was out in the car feeling bad at that moment. Lindsay also told Nora she was leaving town and going far away from Bo and his family, also saying that Asa would want control of her baby. Nora said Lindsay couldn't do that, and if Lindsay did not tell Bo about the baby, Nora would.

Viki and Jessica had a female talk about exams, and Viki advised her daughter to have regular checkups once she hit 30.

R.J., in a nasty mood and having had had a few too many drinks, was still at Rodi's, harassing Bo and announcing to the crowd in the bar what a joke and loser Bo was. His wife went to bed with another man, and he had been planning to marry his brother's former wife. He continued that Bo was a soft touch for a piece of -- when Bo slugged him and kept on hitting him until others pulled Bo off.

Cristian arrived at Jessica's kitchen door with a gift of a bracelet that said, "Megan," and she allowed him to put in on her and said that she loved it, as Viki watched. He wanted to know if she could go somewhere with him and talk, and she said she was kind of busy with her mom, once she thought of Viki's illness. She said that she would go talk to him another time. They were very nice to each other, and he left. Viki and Jessica hugged.

Antonio, still at Rodi's, handed Rosanne a beer and said, "Don't worry, it's not drugged." He further told her to let Cristian go. He loved and always had loved another. Rosanne said, "Are you and Andy moving on like you want me to do?"

Ben and Sam were eating Chinese food when Ben left to make a call. At that time, Blair walked in and told Sam she wanted him to represent her in a divorce suit, and she wanted to expose Max for the fraud that he was. Ben walked back in the room and was standing there with a worried look on his face.

Max, taking a drink, told Skye that he had never really loved her. He did not even like her, and he had only used her. He said he loved and always had loved Blair.

Lindsay and Nora were still arguing at Bo's. Lindsay began to throw things in the room after seeing her wedding photos and telling Nora she hated her. She started to walk fast around the room, still destroying anything in her path, then grabbed her stomach and kind of went to the ground, holding her stomach. Nora tried to stop her from hurting herself or the baby.

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