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Monday, March 6, 2000

At the cabin, R.J. is frantically calling for Téa. He knows she wouldn't have gone off with Todd, but Bo, who is searching the place for clues, isn't too sure it's a kidnapping. R.J. refuses to accept the fact that Téa would have left with Todd but Bo is convinced she did. There's no sign of a struggle and they find some clues like the bowl and two spoons and the map and key that have the scent of Téa's perfume. Bo orders Hank to keep an eye on his brother and he tells R.J. not to take the law into his own hands.

Blair and Renee are wondering where Asa and Max are. Blair confides to Renee that she really can't live without Max, but it seems that Skye is always around him. Renee suggests that the two of them should get away on a belated honeymoon because Max really needs a change. She mentions that Asa owns part of an island in the Caribbean and they could go there. Blair wonders why the older woman is being so nice to her and Mrs. B. says it's because Blair cares about Max.

At Rodi's, Skye orders a drink just as Kevin shows up. She's called him to prevent her from drinking. Kevin suggests she go to an AA meeting but Skye needs someone to talk to, a meeting won't stop the pain.. Kev orders a couple of club sodas while Skye begins to confide in him. She says she will never lead with her heart again, because every man she loves runs away. Kevin jokes that he has more failed relationships than her. He tells her to correct the situation she's in with her head, but Ms. Chandler says her heart is now too far ahead of her brain. She also mentions that her love is already committed, which Kevin correctly guesses to mean he's married.

While the two are talking, Kelly and Joey wander in laughing and kissing. Kevin watches, then turns to Skye and tells her she's in a no-win situation. Kevin asks about the 3rd person in the triangle and what about them getting hurt? He goes off on how a person needs to get out of a relationship before someone does get hurt. As he speaks, he keeps his eye on his brother and Kelly and Skye realizes that he isn't only talking about her situation. Joey spots his brother sitting with Skye and wants to rescue him, but Kelly won't let him. He's happy that they are having such a great time, it's been awhile. Skye and Kevin agree to stay sober. Kevin wonders if they're friends now.

Sam is questioning Will, trying to figure out where Ben might be. He wonders if his brother has a gun, but Will mentions that Ben said the only weapon he had this time was information and he went off looking for Asa. He also told Will to find an alibi for the evening because he didn't want to involve anyone else.

As Asa has apparently suffered a heart attack, Max begs Ben to help him out. He swears that Ben is really Asa's son and that the proof is on the adoption certificate, where the family name Davidson is stated. Ben appears to be in shock. Max runs over to Asa and tells him not to die. Finally, Ben shoves Max aside and begins to work on Asa. He tosses the key to Max and urges him to get help. Sam and Will turn up at the Buchanan mansion looking for Ben but Renee and Blair haven't seen him. Just then, Max runs in, yelling out for someone to call 911. He tells everyone that Asa has had a heart attack and he's with Ben. They all rush off to Asa as the EMT arrive. Ben fills them in on the condition of the patient. They ask Max if he wants to ride with his father to the hospital. Sam queries Ben on what has happened.

Nora is searching for Sam when Bo shows up. Though she has a guard for protection against Todd, he informs her that it looks like he's been there and is already gone with Téa who probably went voluntarily. Nora mentions that she has a truth to tell and wonders if Bo always wants the truth. He says he does. Nora mentions that none of them have anyone to talk to anymore and she thinks she may be able to solve that. She admits to having another secret, though she's hesitant to say anything because this time it's not based on concrete fact. Bo tells her that her last secret was just divulged at the wrong time. As she starts to tell him the latest, he gets a phone call. It's about Asa. He fills Nora in on what has happened and realizes that the last thing he said to Asa was that he was no longer his father.

R.J. still refuses to believe that Téa left with Todd because she loved him. Todd messed with her head. He growls that he's gotten nothing for being good but Hank urges him to watch his step because if he's out of line, he'll have to deal with him, as D.A.

At the hospital, Larry assures Renee that they will do everything they can for Asa. Blair wanders over to Max and almost gleefully mentions the money they will get if Asa dies. Max tells her it doesn't matter because he's not Asa's son.

Ben lets Sam know that the gun he found was Asa's, not his. Everything backfired and he couldn't let Asa die. Sam assures his brother that's because that's not who he is and now that he's saved his enemy's life he can see that he's nothing like their father.

Larry tells Renee that they need to determine if Asa needs bypass surgery but that right now he needs his family. She reaches out to Max who tells Asa he'll pull through. Renee tells her unconscious husband that his wife and son are there.

Sam and Will attempt to cheer up a depressed Ben. We're family, they tell him. Ben says he loves them and wanders off.