OLTL Recaps: The week of November 8, 1999 on One Life to Live
Renee realized that Max wasn't really her son. Jackie offered to put a hit out on Asa. Jessica and Will made love. Rae left for Pine Valley. Kevin had repeated visions of Grace. Skye had information for Ben. Sam gave Will an ultimatum.
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Monday, November 8, 1999
by Soap Central

Today's recap was provided by Cheryl Paster Di Pilla

Jess was at home, trying to call Will, when he stopped by to see her. They were confused over who to believe regarding Grace's death, Sam or Asa. Will admitted that the only thing in his life that he wasn't confused about was Jess. He was beginning to believe that Asa was responsible and that he wouldn't be able to work for him anymore because the man despised his family. Jess stood up for Asa and said that Will would have to choose.

At the police station, Sam confronted Bo and told him he wanted Asa arrested. When Bo said he didn't have enough evidence and have all of the facts, Sam accused him of stalling and of having a conflict of interest. As the argument became more heated, Nora arrived for a court date and tried to separate the two. Sam told her it was none of her business and he and Bo moved the discussion to Bo's office. Bo told Sam that he liked Grace and no one was sorrier than he that Grace had died on his father's property. Sam was emphatic about wanting justice and Bo reassured him that he would put Asa away if he was in any way responsible. John walked in to announce that Max was there for questioning and Bo requested that John get Hank and they both stay to make sure everything was on the up and up. Sam left the office and apologized to Nora . He was only afraid that she would defend Bo or Asa and their behavior. He only wanted everyone to get along. She told him she'd trust him to handle it and left for court.

Viki and Ben were at the summer house, the scene of Grace's death. Ben said that Asa should be the one dead and he wanted revenge;Asa should be suffering. He admitted that he had to do something to deal with his pain. Viki told him she had been in the same position herself, one of anger and bitterness but that he had to let in his grief. Ben admitted that his hate for Asa was eating away at him but Viki begged him not to do anything that he would regret later. He told her that he had to be true to himself. Viki assured him she had faith in him and that he would do what was right;even though he used his heart to think, he would use his head for action. After Viki left, Jackie McNaughton showed up, offered condolences on his sister's death and told Ben he only wanted to be his friend. As Ben told him to get lost, the mobster put new ideas into Ben's head. He said that Asa had a reason for wanting Grace dead and that it must have been a payback for something. It had to be more than just hate. He indicated that Asa could be taken care of and that it wouldn't be pinned on Ben. His sister should be given peace.

Kevin "saw" Grace in a vision and she stated that she was there to quiet his heart and that his love would always be with her as hers was with him. They touched hands,danced and then she was gone. Kevin broke down. When the doorbell rang, he thought it was Grace but it was Rae. She wanted to help him and he wanted to hear everything that had happened. After she told him, he thanked her for trying to save his fiancee and told her not to blame herself for Grace's death because no one else did. Rae also told him that after she had stopped to see Asa after his call, there was something about him that told her Grace was in trouble. She didn't know if it was in his body language or a look on his face. She assured Kevin that Grace had talked about him and their wedding and getting their families together.

Again, Kevin had a vision of Grace, this time in her wedding dress. Grace was special and brave and had grace, the writer assured him and she would never forget her or Kevin. Grace also knew that Kevin loved her and was looking for her. As they both cried Wally started to bark. Rae agreed to take him with her as the dog was starving for affection and attention.

After Rae left, Jess stopped by to see how her big brother was doing. He told her he kept thinking he'd see Grace and she told him how she always heard Megan crying after the baby's death. She told him he wasn't crazy but that she couldn't tell him how to get past the next few days. He told her to live her life and enjoy it with someone she loves. When he was alone, Kevin sat and watched the video tape from Grace's birthday.

Bo questioned Max and he said that Grace had told Asa to lay off her family and then she left. Asa had followed her because he was worried. John asked him how he knew this if he was at the airport at the time and Max stated that Asa had told him. He was asked how far he'd go to protect Asa but Max insisted he would have known if Asa had wanted to hurt Grace because Asa would have told him. Max and Bo have some words over loyalty to their father and Max leaves.

Lindsay arrived in time to give Bo some encouraging words but just then Viki walked in to talk to Bo about Ben. She told her former brother in law that she had contacted Clint about everything but admitted that she was there because she was worried about Ben because he previously went after the man who killed his father. She didn't know how to help but they agreed it would be pretty bad if it turned out that Asa had done this intentionally. Bo told her to let him know if anything happened with Ben . After Viki left, Hank and John appeared with Rae who told them that Asa had scared her because he wanted Grace dead. He knew the woman was in trouble and wanted it that way. Hank said that Asa always talked big like that, even in poker games. They wondered how a man would be able to do something like that but that Asa had always done everything out of love.

When Sam arrived home, Will was waiting for him. He said he spoke to both Jess and Asa and that the old man was pretty sorry about everything and that he deserved the benefit of the doubt. He kind of believed him though he wasn't always perfect. Will only wanted it all to stop between the two families. Asa only loved his family and that wasn't a crime. Just then, Nora arrived home. As they all looked at each other, Sam said he refused to argue anymore, that he was sick of it and Will was only finding excuses for Asa. Asa would end up doing the same thing to Will and he would have to make a choice- either rejoin his family and turn his back on Asa or get out. Will stormed out as Nora sadly shook her head.

Tuesday, November 9, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

Kevin watched the video of Grace's birthday party and Kelly came over to pick out a dress for her to be buried in. Kevin also gave Kelly the bracelet he had given Grace, for her to wear in her casket. He thanked Kelly for handling the details that he could not. He found Grace's notebook, and read about her feelings towards him, as well as her fear of losing him.

Nora went to tell Lindsay about the fight that Sam and Will had and about Sam's ultimatum. Lindsay was angry with both Sam and Nora. When Nora returned home, she accepted Sam's marriage proposal. He first thought she was accepting out of pity, but she made him realize that Grace's death had shown her how precious their time is together. They ended up having a romantic evening, as did Lindsay and Bo.

At the Carriage House, Will was listening to loud music, when Jessica came. She told him that she was falling in love with him, and they began to make love.

In New York, Cristian and Roseanne were freezing because the window wouldn't close. They made love in order to keep warm.

Wednesday, November 10, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Serena Keiler

Ben meets with his former associate, Jackie McNaughton at the Palace. Jackie tries to persuade Ben to approve a hit on Asa. Sneaky Skye arranges for Viki to run into Ben and Jackie during their meeting. Viki is worried about Ben's possible involvement with the Mob. She tells Ben she loves him and she hopes he knows what he is getting into. Ben tells Viki that he loves her very much, but to let him do what he needs to. He admits to Viki that he is tempted to let Jackie knock off Asa. Viki leaves feeling concerned for Ben's safety. Skye spies on the two of them, and slinks over to Ben after Viki leaves. She tries to warm up to him by offering her condolences and blaming Asa for Grace's death. Skye tells Ben she has some dirt on Asa that could ruin him in Llanview. "Let's go somewhere private where we can discuss this further," she purrs. Ben, however, is not tempted; he has a funeral to attend.

At the Llanview Precinct, Bo and Sam argue about Asa's involvement in Grace's death. Sam wants Asa to pay, but Bo says, "The case is closed!" Later, Lindsay tells Bo about Nora's engagement to Sam. Bo says he is happy for them and figures it was only a matter of time. Lindsay is feeling good, because she figures Nora finally is no longer a threat in her life. Bo tells Lindsay she hopes Asa keeps a low profile during the funeral and for the next few days. He doesn't want anymore problems between the Rappaports and Buchanans.

Jessica comes over to Asa's house to pick up Will for Grace's funeral. Will tells Asa he is only standing by him against Sam for Jess' sake. After Will and Jess leave together, Asa tells Max he thinks something intimate has happened between them and doesn't like it one bit. However, he is tired of the feuding between the families and just wants to keep the peace. And to prove it...Asa's going to Grace's funeral!

Thursday, November 11, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nancy Fox

Asa's Mansion

Max wants to know why Asa is going to Grace's funeral - has he abandoned his "all out vendetta against" the RappaDavidsons? As Asa explains he "has his reasons" and doesn't need Max to babysit him, Renee comes in and tells Asa he is "absolutely crazy" to think of going to the funeral. Asa wants to "pay his respects" but Renee isn't buying it, she thinks Asa has something planned. Asa storms out and Max can't offer Renee an explanation for Asa's actions, so she leaves also. That leaves Max and Skye alone and Skye wastes no time in telling Max that he is "one step closer to blowing getting the keys to the Buchanan counting house" because Jackie McNaughton can't get Ben to "put a hit" on Asa. This information infuriates Max and he threatens Skye's life if either Renee or Asa "get hurt." When Max encourages Skye to "quit wasting her time" on a guy who wants nothing to do with her and go out and find someone else, Skye seductively wonders if Max has "anyone in particular" in mind.

Llanview Police Department

John Sykes interrupts Bo and Lindsay to give Bo a file on Jackie McNaughton. Bo wants Jackie to have a "police escort" as long as he is in Llanview. Lindsay tells Bo that she doesn't think Sam will "do anything stupid" but Bo says that Sam "isn't the brother I'm worried about."

Rae comes by to have John escort her to Grace's funeral; she isn't sure she should be going since it only reminds her that "I didn't save her life." Sophia brings by a box of Rae's files and hints that she needs a new job. After she leaves, John comments that Rae has "almost civilized" Sophia; Rae asks him to "keep an eye" on her and he agrees but tells Rae that "there is no one else I'd do this for but you." John receives an emergency call so he can't go with Rae to the funeral but they arrange to meet for a "farewell dinner" later at The Palace.

The Millhouse

Joey and Kelly arrive to take Kevin to the funeral but he doesn't seem to be around. Finally, he comes downstairs, dressed but unshaven, and tells them he isn't going to go to the funeral. "I won't watch the woman I love be put in a hole in the ground...I'm not going to say goodbye." Kelly "understands probably better than anyone" but tells Kevin he can't change what happened and he has "no other choice than to go on." Kevin tells them he will drive himself to the funeral but after they leave he locks the door, takes off his jacket and tie and goes upstairs.


As people begin gathering for Grace's service, Sam informs Ben that there was "insufficient evidence" for any charges against Asa, but assures him that they would "find another way" to make Asa pay for Grace's death. When Will and Jessica arrive, Sam asks Will to "put aside their differences today for Grace" and Will agrees "for today, for Grace." When Kevin doesn't show up behind Kelly and Joey, Viki tries to call him and gets no answer. Asa arrives but stays in the background. Andrew then begins the service, not waiting for Kevin.

"It's never easy to say goodbye to someone we love...especially someone so young and so full of promise...Grace was a woman that was filled with enthusiasm, with energy, creativity, with intelligence, warmth, but above all with love...she was able to radiate that love despite having come through so much in such a short life...she wore her pain lightly, she sought joy in life and in moving forward...had met someone she fell deeply in love with, she was planning a wedding and then suddenly she is gone and our hearts cry out ‘why' and there seems to be no answer that will truly give us peace, so all we can do is cherish the time that we had with her and know that where she is now she is a beacon of love and she is surrounded by it...remember her for her joy, for her love and the words of her favorite poet, Emily Dickinson: ‘I cannot dance upon my toes, no man instructed me, but often times among my mind, a glee possesses me."

Harriet D. Foy sings "Amazing Grace" as the mourners lay roses on Grace's casket. Rae sees Daniel standing nearby and Viki tells her to go after him. Ben sees Asa and steps toward him but is intercepted by Bo and Sam who tell him that this is not the time or place to have a confrontation. Viki offers to talk to Asa and the others leave. Asa tells Viki that he came "to pay my respects, pure and simple." Viki reminds him of her warning that "this feud would end in disaster" and wants to know "when is it going to be enough?" Asa says he came for Kevin's sake: "I know he loved her...I wanted Kevin to know I never wanted the girl hurt...I wanted him to know I worry about him...this never should have happened, for his sake." Viki tells him that Kevin couldn't even come to the funeral because it was too hard for him and Asa walks silently to the casket and places a rose on top.

The Palace Bar

Blair is impatiently waiting for Max to arrive. Renee tells her that she "left him home with the nanny." Blair doesn't like the implications of that, but won't agree with Renee to "get her out of the house." Later, Blair has reached the end of her fuse and leaves The Palace saying that Max "had his chance."

John Sykes informs Sophia that he promised Rae he would "look after" her in Rae's absence which doesn't please Sophia too much. Sophia wants to know "what's wrong with" him that he doesn't realize that Rae treats him like more than the "friend" he professes to be but he won't take her bait so she leaves. Later, Rae comes to tell John that she needs to leave right now to follow Daniel from Grace's funeral to Pine Valley and he offers her a raincheck on their dinner. She promises him that she will be back and asks him to take care of Wally, Grace's dog, for her. " I will take him. What are friends for?" Awkwardly, they say goodbye. "So this is it...stay in touch...I will...stay under the speedlimit...I hope you find what you're looking for...I hope you do, too..." They hug, but do not kiss.

Asa's Mansion

Max is still trying to convince Skye that Ben isn't worth her effort. He tells her she is smart and beautiful and could have any one of "many men out there who would deserve you." Skye wants to know if Max is "propositioning" her but Max assures her he is an extremely faithful married man. Renee walks in on them "just talking" and wants to know why Skye is still living in the mansion. Taking a cue, Skye leaves. Renee asks Max if he is sleeping with Skye and he assures Renee that he is married to the woman he loves and that he doesn't owe Skye any money either. Renee demands that Max tell her then "what does she have on you that you can't get rid of her?"

Outside the living room, Skye phones and leaves a cryptic message for Ben: "I have what you need to bury Asa Buchanan."

Sam's House

At Sam's house after the funeral, Bo makes the rounds: he asks Viki if Ben has mentioned Jackie McNaughton and she tells him that Ben told Jackie to "get lost" which Bo is glad to hear; he asks Nora how Sam is doing and when she tells him "it's not the first time I've felt completely useless when the man I love is in grief" he advises her that being there for Sam may be all he needs and "if he needs more, he will let you know," which helps Nora; and he tells Lindsay that he is going to speak with Asa and will be back later to take her to dinner. Viki, reluctantly, must also leave for work; she is apprehensive about leaving Ben and tries to explain that Asa hadn't wanted to cause trouble by attending the funeral, that he just went there for Kevin, and she thinks he is "truly sorry" for what happened to Grace. But Ben vows that he "will never ever ever believe that" and storms out of Sam's house.

The Millhouse

Kevin has another vision of Grace. She tells him "it's going to be alright" but that she can't stay: "I have to leave you now...you won't see me again" and she disappears. Kevin begs her to come back: "I don't know what to do without you." Later, Kevin again begs Grace to show herself. He says he can "feel her" presence. The doorbell rings and when Kevin answers it, Asa is standing in the doorway.

Friday, November 5, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Tara Casey

At the diner, Carlotta and Dorian sit and discuss Grace's death. Dorian wants to do something to help Viki and her family, but Carlotta suggests that she let Viki and her family grieve. Dorian decides that Carlotta is right, but she says that there is someone else that could use her help, and she leaves.

Meanwhile, Asa has just arrived at Kevin's house. Kevin lets him in, and Asa says that he's going to do something that he has never done before. Asa says that he came over to say he was sorry. He loves Kevin, and he never meant for Grace to die. Asa tells Kevin that he told Viki he would make peace, and it should start with the two of them. Asa extends his hand to Kevin, but Kevin isn't ready to make peace, and he goes upstairs.

Later, Kevin goes downstairs, holding a liquor bottle. He discovers that Asa is still there. Asa tells Kevin that he wants to help, but Kevin believes that Asa has done plenty already. The doorbell rings, and it's Dorian. Dorian tells Kevin that she heard what happened to Grace, and she is very sorry. Asa is angered at Dorian's presence after what she did to Kevin's family. Dorian is upset that Asa is there, since he was the start of the whole problem. Kevin says that he doesn't want to see either one of them, and he leaves. Dorian hurries out, and Asa reluctantly follows. Once they are gone, Kevin answers the phone. It's Viki, and she's worried about him. Kevin tells her that he'll be fine.

Later, Asa and Dorian run into each other at the Palace. Dorian says that she doesn't intend to bother Asa. Asa tells Dorian that Kevin will come around because he is a Buchanan. Dorian says that she and Asa have something in common--both of them caused accidents with tragic results. Dorian has learned that you can't walk away from something like Megan's or Grace's death. Eventually you will be punished, in some way, for what you did.

At their apartment, Roseanne looks through the paper for a better apartment while Cristian makes hot drinks for them. He suggests that he paint some "heat" for them--the sun and palm trees on a tropical island. He looks through his supplies, and obviously can't find something he is looking for. Roseanne asks him what he's looking for. He tells her that he's just looking for some drawings he needs for school. Roseanne makes him sit down and says that they'll worry about the drawings later. Right now she wants to draw something for him. Cristian closes his eyes, and Roseanne draws a "word picture" for him of them living in a nice, safe, penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park. Cristian tells her that she paints a really good picture. Roseanne says that it doesn't have to be only a picture. They could move into a better place, eventually. The two decide that for now, there are other ways to keep warm. They kiss, and the phone rings.

Cristian answers it and hears Carlotta. Cristian is worried that something is wrong. Carlotta says that everything is fine, but she was just wondering if Cristian knows where they put the insurance policy on the diner. The storm caused some flooding in the basement, and the insurance company is insisting that they don't have flood insurance. Cristian says that he'll take care of it, and hangs up before Carlotta can make him change his mind. Cristian tells Rosie that they won't be cold much longer because they're going back to Llanview.

At Llanfair, Jessica goes through the mail on the table in the living room. She finds a thick envelope there addressed to her. She opens the envelope and finds pictures of her. Jess is confused, and we see that she is upset by these pictures, which she knows were drawn by Cristian. She tears up the envelope and throws it away, and picks up the papers. The doorbell rings then, and Jess leaves them to answer it. Will is at the door. He didn't think it was a good idea for him to be alone tonight. Jess agrees, and they hug. They start to kiss passionately, and Jessica suggests that they not do that right in the hallway. They decide to move to the carriage house. Jess goes upstairs to get her purse and coat. Will goes into the living room, where he discovers the pictures on the floor and the table. He is upset, and when Jess gets back, Will asks if she was looking at them. Jess says she had them out so she could throw them away. "But you didn't," Will says. He asks Jessica if he really was thinking of him when they slept together, or if she really was just sleeping with Cristian.

At the mansion, Renee asks Max to tell her what really is going on with Skye. Max denies the fact that anything is going on. Renee says that she's not stupid, and if Skye was making trouble for her son, she would help him. There is nothing Max could tell her that Renee wouldn't be able to forgive. Max says that he never intended for Renee to gert hurt. Renee says that every child has hurt their parents at some point. Besides, Renee feels that she hurt Max more than he's ever hurt her just by not being there for her son. Renee suggests that maybe Max should talk to Asa about this instead. Neither Asa nor Renee could stay angry at Max. Max decides that he will tell Renee the truth. "I'm not the person you think I am," he tells Renee. "I'm a liar and a schemer. I've done something so unthinkable, something that you will never be able to forgive."

Before he can say anymore, Bo interrupts, looking for Asa. Max gets upset because Bo doesn't leave Asa alone. Bo says that Max always defends Asa, no matter what the circumstances. Bo mentions Ester, and Max seems uncomfortable. Bo suggests that Max was relieved when Ester was out of the way because Ester then couldn't tell Asa something big. Bo decides to give Max the message that he was going to give to Asa: "Don't make any more trouble in the name of being a Buchanan." Bo wonders aloud about Ester and Skye, and what they know-- or, in Ester's case, knew. Bo tells Renee to tell Asa that he wants to talk to him, and he leaves. Renee asks Max once again to tell her what's going on. Max tells her that he is having an affair with Skye. Renee believes that he is lying. She screams at him to stop it. Renee tries to figure out the connection between Ester and Skye. Max explains that Ester saw him with Skye and threatened to tell Blair. Renee says that Max said what he did was unforgiveable-- and Renee certainly didn't see that as something unforgiveable. "The only thing that could possibly destroy my feelings for you would be if you weren't really my son," Renee says. As she realizes what's going on, she starts crying. "You are not really my son."

Meanwhile, Skye opens the door and discovers Ben there. He angrily says that he has a message for Asa. "Where is he?" demands Ben, who runs upstairs. Later, he goes into Skye's room. Skye asks him what he would do if he found Asa. Ben asks her if she really does have anything on Asa. Skye says that she found something out accidentally. She has what Ben needs to take away one of Asa's family members. Ben wants to know what she means, and Skye admits that it involves Max.

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